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Hunting Information for Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Wyoming. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge Hunting The Blue Goose is a symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System, a network of lands and waters managed for the beneft of wildlife and people. Welcome Welcome to Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The 1,992-acre refuge is located in the southern part of the Laramie Plains in Wyoming. The Refuge has fve small lakes, mixed-grass uplands, wetland habitats, and is surrounded by mountains. The lakes provide welcome resting and feeding areas for migrating waterfowl, especially in the springtime. General Information Hunting is permitted on this Refuge in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Additional Refuge-specifc regulations are necessary to protect wildlife and habitat, as well as provide a safe experience for hunters and other visitors. Please familiarize yourself with the following information to help ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. Hunting access is walk-in only. Vehicles Parking is allowed only in designated parking areas, and is limited to the number of spaces provided. Motor vehicles are permitted on Refuge roads only (see map). Vehicles are not allowed on roads marked “Authorized Vehicles Only” or on roads closed by gates. Prohibited Activities • Camping and fres. • Fishing and watercraft. • Off-road vehicles. • Cleaning of birds on the Refuge. • Littering, including spent shells. • Possession of frearms while retrieving birds in a “Closed to Hunting” area. • Collecting or removing artifacts, historic items, shed antlers, and other natural objects. • Cutting, gathering, manipulating, or bringing in any vegetation to create a blind. Hunting Regulations Table Hunting is in accordance with State regulations. In addition, Refuge-specifc regulations must be followed and are listed in the table below. Hunt Type Season Dates Hunt Areas Other Regulations White-tailed deer Nov 1 – Dec 31 See map Hunter access is allowed 1 hour before legal sunrise until 1 hour after legal sunset. Cottontail rabbit Nov 1 – Mar 1 See map Hunting access is walk-in only. Chukar partridge, grey partridge Nov 1 – Jan 31 See map Non-toxic shot required for all shotgun hunting, EXCEPT for turkey hunting. Sharptailed Grouse, wild turkey Nov 1 – Dec 31 See map Portable blinds cannot be left unattended or overnight. Pheasant 1st Saturday in November – Dec 31 See map Firearms Persons possessing, transporting, or carrying frearms on National Wildlife Refuge System lands must comply with all provisions of State and local law. Persons may only use (discharge) frearms in accordance with refuge regulations (50 CFR 27.42 and specifc refuge regulations in 50 CFR Part 32.) Hunting Regulations Hunting is permitted in accordance with Federal regulations governing public use on National Wildlife Refuges as set forth in Title 50 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Hunting is allowed on the Refuge in accordance with State regulations and the Refuge-specifc regulations in this brochure. See the Hunting Regulations Table for regulations by species. The Refuge hosts the Wyoming Youth Waterfowl Weekend each year, open to all youth hunters according to State regulations. Hunters must remove all personal trash, including spent shells. Dogs are to be restrained except while engaged in hunting activity. Accessibility Equal opportunity to participate in and beneft from programs and activities of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is available to all individuals regardless of physical or mental ability. For more information, please contact the U.S. Department of the Interior, Offce of Equal Opportunity, Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge c/o Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge 953 Jackson County Road 32 Walden, CO 80408 970-723-8202 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service For Refuge Information 1-800-344-WILD August 2020 Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge Refuge boundary Road Trail Open to upland and big game hunting Open for WY Youth Waterfowl Hunting Weekend Closed to hunting Linked symbols designate accessible features Parking Wildlife observation deck Hunting blind Creighton Lake Lake George Hutton Lakes Road Rush Lake Hoge Lake San d Cr eek Ro ad Hutton Lake Not to scale 80 Laramie 80 287 0 Miles Kilometers 1 1 Cr ee k 0 Sa nd Hutton Lake NWR Ro ad 230 Hours Hunters may enter the Refuge 1 hour before legal sunrise and must exit the Refuge by 1 hour after legal sunset. Legal sunrise and sunset times can be found in the Wyoming Game and Fish Hunting Regulations. Resident Game The Refuge is open to hunting resident game species per the State of Wyoming Hunting Regulations and Refuge-specifc regulations. Species include chukar partridge, cottontail rabbit, grey partridge, pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse, turkey, and white-tailed deer. Refuge boundary sign — area behind these signs are Refuge lands. Closed area sign — all public entry prohibited. No hunting is allowed in the area behind these signs.

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