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Hunting Information for Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Wyoming. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service This goose, designed by J.N. โ€œDingโ€ Darling, is the symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Hunting Information Welcome Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in the Bear River Valley of southwestern Wyoming. This 6,466-acre Refuge was established in 1993 to preserve and protect wetland habitat for migratory and resident bird species, including trumpeter swan, redhead and other dabbling ducks, white-faced ibis, long-billed curlew, sandhill crane, and greater sage grouse. Cokeville Meadows NWR is one of over 560 refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System - a network of lands set aside specifically for wildlife. Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Refuge System is a living heritage, preserving wildlife and habitat for people today and for generations to come. Hunting is permitted on this Refuge in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Additional special Refuge regulations are necessary to protect wildlife and habitat as well as provide a safe experience for hunters and Refuge staff. Please familiarize yourself with the following information to help ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. Special Refuge Regulations Hunting is permitted at Cokeville Meadows NWR for white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, red fox, raccoon, striped skunk, geese, ducks, coots, mergansers, snipe, Virginia rail, sora rail, sandhill crane, mourning dove, blue grouse, ruffed grouse, chuckar partridge, gray partridge, cottontail rabbit, snowshoe hare, and squirrels (red, gray, and fox) in accordance with State regulations (http://wgfd.wyo. gov/web2011/hunting-1000179.aspx) and subject to the additional regulations listed below. Hunting any other wildlife species on the Refuge is prohibited. Red fox, raccoon, and striped skunk may be hunted on the Refuge by licensed migratory bird, big game, or upland/small game hunters from September 1st until the end of the last open big game, upland bird, or small game season. Harvested red fox, raccoon, or striped skunk must be taken into possession and removed from the Refuge. Hours Hunters may enter the Refuge 1 hour before legal sunrise and must exit the Refuge by 1 hour after legal sunset. Legal sunrise and sunset times can be found in the Wyoming Game and Fish Hunting Regulations ( imgs/QRDocs/REGULATIONS_CH14_ EMER2013.pdf or at Access Hunters must park in a Designated Hunter Parking Area as shown on the map on the reverse side of this sheet and/or identified by signs on the ground. Also, hunters must access and exit the hunting areas only via a Designated Hunter Parking Area. Dropping off or picking up hunters anywhere other than a Designated Hunter Parking Area is not allowed. Closed Areas Areas closed to migratory bird hunting or closed to all hunting are shown on the map located on the reverse side of this sheet. Signs are also posted on the Refuge to indicate areas that are either closed to all hunting or closed to migratory bird hunting. Non-toxic Shot You may only possess approved nontoxic shot while hunting with a shotgun on the Refuge. Firearms Persons possessing, transporting, or carrying firearms on National Wildlife Refuge System lands must comply with all provisions of State and local law. Persons may only use (discharge) firearms in accordance with refuge regulations (50 CFR 27.42 and specific refuge regulations in 50 CFR Part 32). Blinds Only portable blinds or blinds constructed from dead and downed wood may be used. Cutting of standing live or dead vegetation and digging pit blinds are prohibited. You may not drill or drive nails into trees. All blinds must be removed from the Refuge daily. Personal Gear You must remove all decoys, shell casings, portable and temporary blinds, tree stands, and other personal property from the Refuge at the end of each day. Game Retrieval Hunters may not enter closed areas to retrieve game unless authorized by Refuge staff or a State Game Warden. Permission must be obtained from private landowners before attempting to retrieve game on private land. Dogs Dogs must be leashed and/or under the direct control of a handler. The use of dogs to find and retrieve legally harvested migratory game birds is allowed and encouraged. Dogs may not be used to chase red fox, raccoon, striped skunk, or any other species not specifically allowed. Game Carts and Riding or Pack Animals Riding and/or pack animal use is limited to game retrieval on the Refuge. Game carts can be used for game retrieval or hauling decoys. Alcoholic Beverages Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages while hunting on the Refuge is prohibited. Accessibility Information Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs and activities of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is available to all individuals regardless of physical or mental ability. Dial 711 for a free connection to the State relay service for TTY and voice calls to and from the speech and hearing impaired. For more information or to address accessibility needs, please contact the Refuge staff at 307/ 875 2187 or the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Equal Opportunity, 1849 C Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20240. Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge 21616 U.S. Highway 30 Cokeville WY 83114 307 / 279 2800 307 / 279 2805 fax For State relay service TTY / Voice: 711 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service For Refuge Information 1 800 / 344 WILD August 2016 To pursuing hunting capturing taking or killing of migratory birds. By order of the SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR Title 50 Code of Federal Regulations Section 32.4 30 89 207 15 84 Bear River MBR Ogden 80 30 Montpelier Preston IDAHO UTAH Bear 89 Logan Lake NWR Cokeville Meadows NWR Kemmerer 189 Evanston Seedskadee NWR 80 Green River WYOMING UTAH 191 Salt Lake City

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