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Brochure of Glendo State Park (SP) at Glendo Reservoir on the North Platte River in Wyoming. Published by Wyoming State Parks.

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History Park Fees Glendo State Park is found in one of Wyoming’s most historic areas. Spanish Diggings, suggesting a large area of aboriginal activity, lie just a few miles east of the reservoir. Daily Use Fees must be paid for each day per vehicle. Annual daily use permits may also be purchased. Overnight Camping Fees must be paid each day, per vehicle. Annual camping permits are also available. Tipi rings and a variety of cultural artifacts from the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Oglala and Brule Sioux tribes can still be found at Glendo State Park and the surrounding area. Remember though, removing artifacts is unlawful. Glendo Dam construction began in 1954. The dam was completed in 1957 and the power plant in 1958. The dam is an earth fill structure 2,096 feet long and 167 feet high. Camping • Red Hills and Waters Point—Camping areas have some shade trees and close access to the lake with a rock and gravel shoreline and protected bay for tying boats. Grounds are not very level and sites are exposed to the wind. Approximately 45 sites. • Reno Cove—Boat launching area with limited camping area and few shade trees. Close access to lake with rock and mud shoreline. Protected bay for tying boats. Grounds are not level and sites are exposed to wind. Approximately 30 sites. • Custer Cover, Soldier Rock and Colter Bay— Camping areas with shade trees and close access to lake with mud and rock shoreline. Protected bay for tying boats. Some level sites with fair protection from the wind. Approximately 40 sites. • Whiskey Gulch and Sagebrush—Large camping areas along the south side of a large bay with good access to shoreline of mud and gravel. Shade trees and lots of grass. Level sites with Annual permits are available at all the parks and sites as well as various selling agents around the state. Permits can also be bought from the convenience of your own home by calling 1-877-WYO-PARK, or at good wind protection and some protected areas for tying boats. Approximately 100 sites. • Two Moon—Our largest and best camping area with many pine trees for shade and wind protection. Located on a bluff overlooking the lake with no access to the shoreline by foot. Most sites are leveled with paved roads through the area. Approximately 200 sites; 23 are reservable. • Sandy Beach—A large area with many trees above the high waterline and approximately 2 miles of sandy beach for swimming, waterskiing, etc. Vehicles prohibited from shoreline. Area includes many designated campsites, as well as a day-use and tent camping beach area. No protection for tying boats. Area is exposed to wind. • Elk Horn—Boat launching area with limited camping spaces with some shade trees. Close access to lake with mud shoreline. The boat ramp is a short season ramp normally unusable in early July because of receding water levels. Approximately 20 sites. • Reservable Shelters—Available for an additional fee. Contact park office for more information. WYOMING STATE PARKS, HISTORIC SITES & TRAILS Glendo State Park Park Rules • Obey signs, traffic barriers and speed limits • Motorized vehicles shall be operated only on roads, trails or areas designated for such use. A valid driver’s license or learner’s permit is required. • Use of firearms and fireworks is prohibited. • Camping in designated camping sites is restricted to one camping unit (tent, travel trailer or motor vehicle designed for camping) plus two licensed vehicles (car or boat, RV trailer) plus a maximum of 10 people (immediate family members, kids, grandparents, etc. of permit holder) may exceed this number. • Camping is permitted for a maximum of 14 consecutive days. Valid camping permits are required. • Quiet shall be maintained in all camping areas from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. • All pets must be kept on a leash • Fires are permitted in provided fireplaces/grills and must be extinguished before leaving. • Glass containers must be used in vehicles or camping structures. • Fishing and boating are permitted subject to the regulations of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission • No fishing within 20 yards of any boat ramp/dock or designated beach area • Park dumpsters are for park refuse only – litter and trash must be disposed of in provided containers. • A complete list of rules and regulations is available at the Park office. Glendo State Park is best known for its excellent boating opportunities, with plenty of areas for water-skiing and fishing. Glendo State Park is administered by the Division of State Parks and Historic Sites, Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Muddy Bay Nature Trail Muddy Bay ad Ro Burnt Wagon n nyo Broken Arrow Indian Point a dC Re ow ad Me le da Sandy Beach Campground Goose Islands ADA Boat ramp 25 Dam Elk Horn Area Group Picnic Shelter Park Headquarters Picnic Area Playground Restrooms Trailer Sanitary Station Viewing area Visitor Information No-vehicle area Public access Railroad Gravel road PHONE NUMBERS EMERGENCY ..................................................... 911 Park Headquarters ........................... (307) 735-4433 Goose Bay Narrows Bluff Red Hills Campground Airport Entrance Station Two Moon Campground Reno Cabin Area Reno Cove Campground Glendo Dam Nature Trail (private cabins) 87 26 Custer Cove Campground Soldier Rock Area Colter Bay Area Town of Glendo (Exit 311) 25 Whiskey Entrance Station Mule Hill Area Custer Cover Whiskey Gulch Whiskey Gulch Campground Glendo Power Plant (USBR) E TT LA y P se TH VER uern R I NO R to G oir) les serv i m e (15 R Sagebrush Campground Whiskey Gulch Boat Ramp nd tla e ea enn Wh ey to Ch les to mi iles 32 3 m 10 Paved road Glendo State Park Waters Point Bennett Hill Drinking Water Phone Hytrek Draw Glendo Reservoir Camping ad Ro nC tto Pa k ree Shelter Point Campground Park Headquarters & Ranger Station Marina

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