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Brochure of Curt Gowdy State Park (SP) in Wyoming. Published by Wyoming State Parks.

WYOPARKS.STATE.WY.US WYOPARKS.STATE.WY.US PARK FEES & PERMITS The daily use fee is $6 per Wyoming resident vehicle, or $9 per non-resident vehicle, and is required to enter and use park areas and facilities. An annual daily use permit is available. The camping fee is $15 per Wyoming resident vehicle or $25 per non-resident vehicle (includes daily use fee). An annual camping permit is also available for Wyoming residents. THINGS TO DO AND SEE PARK RULES • • • • • • • Park dumpsters are for park use only. Litter must be disposed of in provided containers. Keep motorized vehicles on designated roads and trails. A valid driver’s license is required. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Firearms and fireworks are not allowed. Obey posted signs, traffic barriers and speed limits. No glass containers Camping in designated camping sites is restricted to one camping unit (tent, travel trailer or motor vehicle designed for camping) plus two licensed vehicles (car, boat or RV trailer) plus a maximum of 10 people (immediate family members, kids, grandparents, etc. of permit holder) may exceed this number. Nestled between Laramie and Cheyenne, you’ll discover three reservoirs, endless recreation and unforgettable experiences. Wildlife and opportunities for recreation abound at Curt Gowdy State Park and its three reservoirs. Aside from excellent hiking, this majestic state park offers opportunities for mountain biking, boating and fishing, as well as an equestrian area. Enjoy abundant wildflower, and wildlife viewing and other special attractions you won’t want to miss. Mountain Biking: Biking enthusiasts flock to Curt Gowdy for its IMBA Epic-rated 19.2mile loop track. Travelling through stunning mountain and reservoir scenery, the track is popular for technical rock riding. A total of 35 miles of trails to ride and enjoy Bird Watching: The park is a prime area for bird watchers. Beginning in late April and early May, migrating birds stop and rest up in the park, offering bird watchers the chance to see many non-native birds, such as vibrant Mountain Bluebirds. For a complete listing of park rules, visit park headquarters. Archery: Visitors to Curt Gowdy enjoy one of the area’s larger outdoor archery ranges, which meets National Field Archer Association standards. No fee is charged for its use, but archers are encouraged to call ahead. Curt Gowdy State Park is administered by the Division of State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails; Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. 3/16 Cultural Events: Curt Gowdy’s amphitheater often hosts weddings, musical concerts and other cultural activities. LOCATION Conveniently located near the major intersection of I-80 and I-25, Curt Gowdy is located halfway between Cheyenne and Laramie. SPECIAL EVENTS Start in May thru September with the Gowdy Grinder Bike Race, Summer Outdoor Slam, Triathlon , National 3-D Archery Tournament, Nature Conservancy Walk/Run race, Stone Temple Bike Race. The historic and beautiful Hynds Lodge can be reserved for special events, May-October 1. The lodge complex features a covered porch, large kitchen, dining area, recreational and sleeping accommodations and a hiking trail. For reservations, call park headquarters: (307) 632-7946. HISTORY Named after the well-known sportscaster Curt Gowdy, the park was established in 1971 through a lease agreement with the City of Cheyenne and the Boy Scouts. This region was a favored camping area for many Native Americans, including the Comanche, Pawnee, Crow and Shoshone during their search for bison. The arrival of the Union Pacific construction crews in the 1860s caused the Native American presence to steadily diminish. Hynds Lodge* To Upper North Crow Reservoir ↑ (see detail below) * Camp Jack Camp Jack Road ←2 from P4 miles to L ark H eadquaramie arters ADA Amphitheater Archery Range Boat ramp Camping Dam Park Maintenance Camp Russell** 210 Aspen Grove Visitor Center/ Park Headquarters Silver Crown Happy Jack Campground Federal Bay North Causeway rings Granite Srvpoir Rese Archery Range Fishing Granite Point Group Picnic Shelter Interpretive Trail South Causeway Park Headquarters Picnic Area Upper Sherman Hills South Causeway Tent Area Playground Restrooms Pole Mountain Trail Trailer Sanitary Station Twin Bays * Pre-registration required. Call Park Headquarters. ** May be reserved by groups. (See info on reverse side.) Call Park Headquarters. Volin TrailHead & Parking P Parking No-vehicle area P Public access Railroad Paved road Two-Track Road P P Upper North Crow Reservoir PHONE NUMBERS EMERGENCY ..................................................... 911 Non-Emergency Law Enforcement Issues..........................1-800-442-2767 Game & Fish .................................... 1-800-842-1934 Park Headquarters ..................................... 632-7946 Sherman Hills** Visitor Information Gravel road 1264 Granite Springs Road Elevation: 7430’ Lat: 41°, 11.112’ N Long: 105°, 14.636’ W Stage 2 Water Viewing area P CURT GOWDY STATE PARK Fee booth Granite Dam Overlook Drinking Water Equestrian Area 24 to mile fromCheyes He Pa nne adq rk uar ters → 210 Hecla Point (Camping permits) P 210 Happy Jack Road Tumbleweeds Campground Twin Lakes Creek Re Crys se tal rvo ir P Crystal Dam Overlook Monte Cristo ← To Buford Fee booth

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