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Equestrian Trailhead

brochure Beacon Rock - Equestrian Trailhead
Beacon Rock State Park Equestrian Trailhead Popular Hikes West Hardy (multi-use) 5.64 miles, out and back, moderate, 1123’ Hardy Ridge Loop (hiker only) Via West Hardy,Hardy Ridge, East Hardy Trails 7.31 miles, difficult, 1800’ gain Bridge Trail Loop (multi-use) Via East Hardy, Bridge,and Upper Hardy Trails 7.04 miles, moderate, 1004’ gain The Saddle (multi-use) 7.0 miles, out and back, moderate, 1320’ gain Hamilton Mountain Summit (hiker only) 8.7 miles, out and back, difficult, 1658’ gain Trails open 8AM-Dusk The Equestrian trailhead is the only multiuse (equestrian, bicycle, hiker) access point for the park and the trailhead for Hardy Ridge. It is also a great place to start your hike for Hamilton Mountain on a busy weekend day, as there is usually parking available. Head up the moderate, multiuse double track meandering through mature second growth. After a varied climb reach the first trail junction at 1.22 miles. The following are directions to the most popular routes: West Hardy: Go left on West Hardy Trail to head up towards Hardy Ridge. A mile and a quarter up enjoy westerly views, at a little over a mile and half the trail intersects with Hardy Ridge Trail (hiker only), the turn around point for equestrian and bicycles. Hardy Ridge Loop (hiker only): Follow directions above for West Hardy. Hikers continue up Hardy Ridge Trail ascending the recently rerouted switchbacks to the spine of the ridge at 2580’ in two thirds of a mile. Enjoy panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge. The ridge is abound with wildflowers in spring and early summer. DeHardy Ridge. scend eastward reaching East Hardy Trail (double track) in a little over a half mile. Continue on East Hardy Trail passing an intersection with Bridge Trail at .82 miles, in another .78 miles reach another four way junction with the Equestrian Trail. Go right on Equestrian Trail to return to trailhead in 1.8 miles. Bridge Trail Loop: Go straight following the Equestrian Trail, in .57 miles reach the intersection with East Hardy and Loop Trail. Turn left onto East Hardy Trail, in .78 miles reach Bridge Trail. Turn right and meander through a young forest, with keen eyes look for charred evidence left from the massive Yacolt Burn of 1902. Cross the bridge over Hardy Creek and reach the junction with Upper Hardy Trail in .76 miles. Turn right on Upper Hardy Trail reach the Equestrian Trail in .75 miles, passing Don’s Cuttoff Trail (hiker only) and a backcountry vault toilet along the way. Go right on the Equestrian Trail returning to trailhead in just over 2.5 miles. The Saddle: Go straight following the Equestrian Trail, in .57 miles reach the intersection with East Hardy and Loop Trail, keep straight. The trail descends then crosses over Hardy Creek at .65 miles, this is also the intersection with Hardy Creek Trail (hiker only). Stop here to enjoy a snack at the picnic table. The trail ascends almost immediately crossing an intersection with Upper Hardy Trail, stay to the right here. Steadily climb nearly a mile passing the junction with Don’s Cutoff Trail (hiker only) reaching The Saddle at 2100.’ The views here are spectacular and expansive of the Columbia River Gorge, Bonneville Dam, surrounding Cascade Mountains, Beacon Rock, Table Mountain, and Hardy Ridge. The Saddle is the terminus of the Equestrian Trail, intersecting with Upper Hardy Trails and the Hamilton Mountain Trail (hiker only). Explore the nested Upper Hardy Trails to the north or retrace your steps back to the trailhead. Equestrian, bicycle, foot traffic only Backcountry camping prohibited Looking south from The Saddle at Hamilton Mountain. Hamilton Mountain Summit (hiker only): Follow directions above for The Saddle. From The Saddle go south on the Hamilton Mountain Trail. The mostly open trail reaches the 2438’ summit of Hamilton Mountain in .8 miles.

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