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Eastern Shore of Virginia


brochure Eastern Shore of Virginia - Hunting

Hunting at Eastern Shore of Virginia (NWR) in Virginia. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Archery and Firearms Hunt Map 2020 - 2021 Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge 600 13 Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 600 Visitor Center P 4 Zones 1 through 4 open for archery and shotgun with buckshot only Zone 5 Archery only for both hunting seasons P Refuge Headquarters 1 g ke apea Ches P s e a s a P P 5 2 Bay Road I 3 To l l Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Hunting Zones i r g i n i n s i d e a N V Wise Point n s e r m a F i s h t I n l e Legend Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel 0 0 1 Kilometer 1/2 Mile Residential Area Refuge Boundary Walking Trail Roads Closed Area Visitor Center Refuge Headquarters Boat Ramp Refuge Facilities P Parking White-tailed Deer Hunt Dates • October 3, 2020 - January 2, 2021 • No hunting on Sundays • No hunting during Freedom Hunters Dates: October 29-31, 2020 & December 10-12, 2020 Hunt Hours In accordance with state law. Refuge main gate opens at 5:00 am. Bag Limits White-tailed Deer: In accordance with state law. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (15.2 meters) of the center line of any road, whether improved or unimproved, or paved trail. You must park your vehicle in designated areas (See map). You must sign in before entering the hunt zones and sign out upon leaving the zone. We allow the use of portable tree stands, but stands must be removed daily. We prohibit deer drives. We define “drive” as four or more persons involved in the act of chasing, pursuing, disturbing, or otherwise directing deer so as to make the animal more susceptible to harvest. Hunt zone boundaries are delineated by white posts signs, fences, and flagging. We prohibit nocked arrows outside of the designated hunting areas. The taking of wildlife other than white-tailed deer is prohibited. 9. Types of Available Hunts All First Come, First Served Hunters With Disabilities Please contact the hunt coordinator for additional information at 757/336 6122 x2308. 1. Archery Season October 3, 2020 - January 2, 2021 • All Zones: Archery Only 2. Firearms Season (Shotgun) November 28, 2020 - December 5, 2020 • Zone 1-4: Shotgun/Archery • Zone 5: Archery Only General Regulations We allow hunting of white-tailed deer in designated areas of the refuge in accordance with State law subject to the following federal regulations: 1. 2. 3. We allow holders of a refuge hunt permit to access areas of the refuge typically closed to the non-hunting public. All occupants of a vehicle or hunt party must possess a refuge hunt permit and be actively engaged in hunting. We allow an exception for those persons aiding a disabled person who possesses a valid state-issued Commonwealth of Virginia Disabled Resident Lifetime License or Commonwealth of Virginia Resident Disabled Veteran’s Lifetime License. No hunting within 100 feet (30.5 meters) of any building. You may not hunt, discharge a weapon, or nock an arrow or crossbow bolt within 50 feet Hunt Orientation For more information about this hunt see the online Hunt Orientation: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Eastern_Shore_ of_Virginia/visit/hunting.html Permits PRINT, SIGN BELOW AND RETAIN A COPY OF THIS BROCHURE, WHICH SERVES AS YOUR HUNT PERMIT IN THE FIELD. This permit must be displayed on your vehicle dashboard. You do not need to submit a copy to the refuge. By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and understand the refuge hunt regulations and agree to abide by the regulations governing hunting on the refuge. ________________________________________________ Hunter Name - Printed ________________________________________________ Hunter Signature ________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name Printed (Required for hunters less than 16 years old) ________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge 5003 Hallet Circle Cape Charles, VA 23310 757/331 2760 www.fws.gov/refuge/Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia Federal Relay Service for the deaf and hard-of-hearing 1 800/ 877 8339 TDD/ 1 800/828 1140 voice. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 1 800 344 WILD http://www.fws.gov August 2020

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