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Trail Guide for Seven Bends State Park (SP) in Virginia. Published by Virginia State Parks.

WELCOME TO SEVEN BENDS STATE PARK. PARKING – All vehicles must be parked in designated ar- To make your visit safe and more pleasant, we ask that you observe the following: eas. Lock valuables in your trunk and keep your vehicle locked when unattended. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Park in designated areas only. Please note there is a parking fee charged year-round at all Virginia State Parks. Self-pay parking information is available at the contact station. GROUP EVENTS – A Special Use Permit is required for all The park consists of multiple parcels surrounded by private property. Please be respectful of the privacy of our neighbors and stay on Virginia State Parks property at all times. barrier-free as possible. Universally accessible facilities are available throughout Virginia State Parks. Please check the park’s website for details. PRESERVE – Help preserve your park. Please don’t cut or mar any plants or trees. Collecting animal or plant life is allowed only for scientific purposes by permit from the Richmond headquarters. Don’t feed any wild animals. group events that involve amplified sound, catering, equipment rentals and vendor deliveries. PARK ACCESSIBILITY – We strive to make each park as EMERGENCY – For fire or medical emergencies, dial 911. For a law enforcement or critical maintenance issue, call 800-933-7275 and select the appropriate option. For more information, visit or contact the park office. ALCOHOL – State law permits alcohol use only in private INFORMATION – For more information on Virginia State areas or in areas designated on permits issued by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Parks or to make a cabin or campsite reservation, call 800-933-PARK or visit PETS – Pets are permitted in enclosed areas or on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Please clean up after your pet. Pets must be attended at all times. Pets are not allowed inside facilities; service dogs are not considered pets. The Customer Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is closed on all state holidays. DRONES AND OTHER AIRCRAFT – Drones, other unmanned aerial vehicles, including remote control aircraft, and aircraft in general may not be flown in state parks pursuant to 4VAC5-30-400. LITTER – Please help us keep the park clean by plac- ing litter and recyclables in the proper receptacles and recycle centers or carrying out your trash. The releasing of balloons is not allowed. Decorative balloons must be deflated and disposed of as trash. In an effort to reduce the impact on landfills, we encourage the use of Leave No Trace Principles including pack it in – pack it out. DIRECTIONS BETWEEN PARK ENTRANCES – General directions to drive from the S. Hollingsworth Rd. entrance to the Lupton Rd. entrance are as follows: Head north on S. Hollingsworth Rd./State Route 609 for 1.5 miles. Turn left on to E. Reservoir Rd./State Route 670. Drive for 0.6 miles and turn right onto S. Water Dr. Continue for 0.7 miles and turn right on Hollingsworth Rd. After 0.4 miles, continue straight onto Lupton Rd./State Route 667. After 0.2 miles, turn right to stay on Lupton Rd./ State Route 667 and continue for 0.7 miles until you reach the park. TRAIL INFORMATION DIFFICULTY SCALE grills, camp stoves or designated fire rings. Fires must be attended at all times and extinguished when left. We enforce all seasonal and emergency bans on open fires. EASY - From .5 to 1 mile; grades are short, typically fewer than 100 feet and less than 10 percent of the trail length; easily accomplished by all users, including the elderly and those with physical or mental disabilities, with little risk of injury or fatigue. POLLUTION – Help reduce pollution. Dump stations, MODERATE laundry sinks and slop sinks, where available, are for the proper disposal of wastewater. Please, no boat, RV or car washing. - From 1 to 5 miles; steepness and grade lengths vary; at least 60 percent of the length is fairly flat; healthy people can accomplish the trail with little risk of injury or fatigue. SWIMMING – There are no designated swimming areas in DIFFICULT FIRE – Help prevent wildfires. Fires must be confined to the park. FISHING – A Virginia freshwater fishing license is required. Seven Bends State Park TRAIL GUIDE VIRGINIA STATE PARKS ARE A TONIC FOR THE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. Museums, visitor centers and nearby historic sites make state parks cultural treasures. The recreational opportunities in state parks are endless and easy to see – from swimming and boating to horseshoes and hiking, there’s always something to do in a Virginia State Park. 2111 South Hollingsworth Road Woodstock, Virginia 22664 540-622-6840 - Trail length is greater than 5 miles; more than 70 percent of the trail is on a grade; experienced hikers only or groups of three to five people recommended; there is a risk of overexertion or injury to those not conditioned. WWW.VIRGINIASTATEPARKS.GOV 800-933-PARK 0.88 H,B Restroom Eagles Edge Trail Blue 0.65 H,B Gokotta Trail Green 0.8 H,B Pawpaw Hollow Trail Purple 0.96 H,B River Bend Rise Trail Red 1.61 H,B Stonecrop Ridge Trail Pink 1.08 H,B Talus Trail Yellow 0.52 H,B Lupton Road Gravel Rd. 1.33 S. Hollingsworth Rd. Gravel Rd. 0.4 rk T r ail Big h t Tr. Lu pt Preferred drop-off site R g 7 rth Fo rk S Lu pt rk he na on Sh e ser vo ir do ah 609 Riv er Sou th H ollin gsw orth Rd. Tra il er iv he na nd undary of t he S o Park B Fo rk No rth Chapman’s Landing 1 mi. upstream 0 . oa h Ri ve nan doa h Trail to National Forest Re nd Rd oa h ad Ro orth sw llin g Ho -81 To I Ed No 66 Fo B = Biking E = Equestrian A = Handicapped Accessible = Moderate = Difficult op cr rail e on T St idge R e s Eagle . rth Fork Shen No an Talus Trail Bas s on Ro ad Tra il Fo rk tta Go ko No rth Preferred pick-up site o ll o rT ra il r. wT Rd George Washington - Jefferson National Forest Pa of H aw wp rv oi rth ry B se wo da R i v er ise dR en Re il Tra un Bo the Sh ena n Pa doa h Ri ver H = Hiking = Easy gs r ve H,B llin Ri Dam 2 mi. downstream No public outlet 1.69 Ho rth Reservoir White 7 No Interpretation Reservoir Trail 66 Difficulty rS t. Orange Canoe Launch Usage Wa te Bass Bight Trail Picnic Area Milage u th 2111 South Hollingsworth Road Woodstock, Virginia 22664 540-622-6840 Parking Blaze So Seven Bends State Park Trails 0.25 0.5 1 Miles r

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