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Trail Guide for First Landing State Park (SP) in Virginia. Published by Virginia State Parks.

To make your visit safe and pleasant, we ask that you observe the following: mar any plants or trees. Collecting animal or plant life is allowed only for scientific purposes by permit from the Richmond headquarters. Don’t feed any wild animals. BALD CYPRESS - 1.8 miles, red blaze, .The trail is one of the park’s more popular hiking treks and features boardwalk scenic swamp overviews. It starts at the Trail Center and intersects many other trails as it winds in an oblong shape through bald cypress swamps. The numbered and lettered posts along this trail correspond to a self-guided tour booklet available in the Trail Center for 50 cents. ALCOHOL - State law permits alcohol use only in private CAPE HENRY Take only pictures, leave only footprints. PRESERVE - Help preserve your park. Please don’t cut or areas (inside your cabin or camping unit) or in areas designated on permits issued by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. PETS - Pets are permitted in enclosed areas or on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Please clean up after your pet. Pets may not be left unattended at any time. LITTER - Please help us keep the park clean by placing litter and recyclables in the proper receptacles and recycle centers or carrying out your trash. CAMPING - Camping is allowed only in designated campgrounds and only after following the proper checkin procedure described in the Reservation and Fees Guide available at the park office. FISHING - Where fishing is permitted, a Virginia saltwater fishing license is required. PARKING - Park only in designated areas. TRAIL SAFETY - Come prepared to hike or bike. Hike with a buddy, dress for the weather and stay hydrated. Hikers should be cautious of bikers. EMERGENCY - In case of emergency, call 911. For nonemergency assistance, phone numbers are posted at contact stations and other locations throughout the park. INFORMATION - For more information on Virginia State Parks or to make a cabin or campsite reservation, call 800-933-PARK (7275) or visit www.virginiastateparks. gov. The Customer Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is closed on all state holidays. TRAIL INFORMATION DIFFICULTY SCALE EASY - From .5 to 1 mile; grades are short, typically fewer than 100 feet and less than 10 percent of the trail length; easily accomplished by all users, including the elderly and those with physical or mental disabilities, with little risk of injury or fatigue. MODERATE - From 1 to 5 miles; steepness and grade lengths vary; at least 60 percent of the length is fairly flat; healthy people can accomplish the trail with little risk of injury or fatigue. - 6.1 miles, dark green blaze, . One of the most popular trails, it is a favorite of hikers and bikers so hikers should be aware of bicycles and stay to the right. This trail is wide, flat and easily accessible. It stretches from the park boundary near the picnic area to the 64th Street Narrows. The long stretch of trail from the Trail Center to 64th Street boasts dense forests and occasional swamps. Once users round the corner at 64th Street, they are afforded peaceful views along Lake Susan Constant as well as of expansive salt marshes. FOX RUN - 0.3 miles, yellow blaze, .This trail has one trailhead along Cypress Swamp Drive and another connecting with Long Creek Trail. Users may also hop onto Fox Run from the Bald Cypress Trail by going up a few steps where they meet. The terrain is mostly flat; the ground is packed sand and dirt with small patches of beach-like sandy areas. Trail users often see and hear snakes, reptiles, and woodpeckers and other birds. HIGH DUNE - 0.3 miles, light yellow blaze, . The highest point of this short trail is a great spot to see and hear woodpeckers. The trail goes over and through an ancient dune ridge. KINGFISHER OSMANTHUS - 2.5 miles, blue blaze, .Those wanting a secluded trail for hiking or running often pick Osmanthus Trail, which loops off of Bald Cypress Trail. It has a few boardwalks over swamps and small gradual hills. OSPREY - 1.3 miles, light green blaze, .This trail is an offshoot of Long Creek Trail, which continues along the water and veers inland. Many trail users start on this trail shortly after entering Long Creek Trail from 64th Street and follow it until it reconnects to Long Creek Trail. By doing so, users enjoy a nice loop through a few different habitats in the southern section of the park. Along the trail, users may watch Osprey fish in Broad Bay. WHITE HILL LAKE - 1.4 miles, moderate, gold blaze, . This fairly flat and wide trail connects Long Creek and Cape Henry trails. White Hill Lake Trail and the area where it intersects Long Creek Trail is a prime area for bird watching. Osprey, egrets and herons are often seen and heard from it. COMMON ANIMALS OF THE TRAILS The more quietly you hike, the more likely you are to see animals. Please respect all animals and plants in the park. It’s their home. SKINKS, LIZARDS AND SALAMANDERS - Skittering up trees and along fence posts, skinks and lizards can be spotted, especially eastern fence lizards and five-lined skinks (juvenile five-line skinks have a bright blue tail that fades with age). TOADS AND FROGS - Toads may often be seen hopping out of the way on the sides of trails. Frogs are often seen in the swamps. - 0.6 miles, white blaze, . This short trail connects Long Creek and Cape Henry trails. In the summer, be prepared by using bug spray. The path is mostly level packed ground, though it gets sandier near Long Creek. BIRDS - Herons, egrets, woodpeckers, osprey and owls are LIVE OAK SQUIRRELS - If you hear a mysterious scratching - 0.4 miles, purple blaze, . The trail passes through the trail and beach sides of the park, cutting across Shore Drive. This trail connects the beach parking lot and campgrounds with all the other trails via the Cape Henry Trail. Watch for bikers. LONG CREEK - 4 miles, orange blaze, .This sandy trail hugs the edge of Broad Bay and Long Creek. Its terrain is a bit of everything. It’s mostly packed sand with small slopes that grow to larger hills as it nears branching into Osprey Trail. Starting at the trailhead along Cypress Swamp Road, it has beautiful views of the Long Creek and small beach areas. Then, just past White Hill Lake, it opens to picturesque marshy areas. From there the trail veers from Osprey Trail to more inland wooded surroundings. It is common to see small marsh crabs scurrying on this trail. This hike is generally warmer than others when the sun is out. a few of the types of birds often spotted or heard along the trails. sound, look up and around. You may be interrupting a squirrel’s lunch. TURTLES - Freshwater turtles are often seen lounging and sunbathing on logs in the swamps. Some of the most commonly seen species around the park are red-eared sliders, mud turtles, painted turtles and box turtles. Terrapins can be found in brackish water. Virginia State Parks First Landing State Park Virginia Beach, Virginia TRAIL GUIDE VIRGINIA STATE PARKS ARE A TONIC FOR THE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. Museums, visitor centers and nearby historic sites make state parks cultural treasures. The recreational opportunities in state parks are endless and easy to see – from swimming and boating to horseshoes and hiking, there’s always something to do in a Virginia State Park. SNAKES - Red-bellied water snakes are plentiful. Rat snakes, black racers, king snakes, milk snakes and other non-venomous snakes also may be seen along the trails. The venomous copperhead and cottonmouth may also be occasionally seen. WWW.VIRGINIASTATEPARKS.GOV 800-933-PARK First Landing State Park ak i. eO Liv il 0.4 m Tra 757- 412-2300 2500 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23451 TC ¬ « 343 O s m a nt h u Bald Cypress Trail 1.8 mi. Long Creek Trail 4 mi. sT r a i l 2. 60 5m Sh or i. High Dune Trail 0.3 mi. eD r Fox Run Trail 0.3 mi. g Ki n fish er Trai l 0 . 6 mi . Ca p Wh Park Office / Contact Station Information Station Hi ll L ake White Hill Lake Trail Center Trai l en r y Tra 1. 4 m i l 6.1 mi . i. Park TC ite eH Cabins Boun Parking dary Boat Launch Restrooms Bald Cypress Cape Henry Fox Run High Dune Blaze Mileage Usage Red 1.8 H Dk. Green 6.1 H, B Yellow 0.3 H Lt. Yellow 0.3 H Kingfisher White 0.6 H Live Oak Purple 0.4 H, B Long Creek Orange 4 H Osmanthus Blue 2.5 H Lt. Green 1.3 H Gold 1.4 H Osprey White Hill Lake H = Hiking B = Biking = Easy = Moderate Difficulty Broad Bay pr ey Tra il ng 1 .6 Cr mi ee . kT ra il 4 m e venu tic A Trail 1 Miles Lo Atlan 0 Os i. 64th C ap eH en ry Trail 6.1 mi. 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