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Trail Guide for Fairy Stone State Park (SP) in Virginia. Published by Virginia State Parks.

PARKING - All vehicles must be parked in designated areas. Lock valuables in your trunk and keep your vehicle locked when unattended. side of the park. It has about 12 miles of trails intended for multi-use: hiking, biking and horseback riding. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Park in designated areas only. Please note there is a parking fee charged year-round at all Virginia State Parks. Self-pay parking information is available at the contact station. GROUP EVENTS - A special Use Permit is required for all group events that involve amplified sound, catering, equipment rentals and vendor deliveries. IRON MINE TRAIL PRESERVE – Help preserve your park. Please don’t cut or barrier-free as possible. Universally accessible facilities are available throughout Virginia State Parks. WELCOME TO FAIRY STONE STATE PARK. To make your visit safe and more pleasant, we ask that you observe the following: mar any plants or trees. Collecting animal or plant life is allowed only for scientific purposes by permit from the Richmond headquarters. Don’t feed any wild animals. ALCOHOL - State law permits alcohol use only in private areas (inside your cabin or camping unit) or in areas designated on permits issued by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. PETS - Pets are permitted in enclosed areas or on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Please clean up after your pet. Pets must be attended at all times. DRONES AND OTHER AIRCRAFT - Drones, other unmanned aerial vehicles, including remote control aircraft, and aircraft in general may not be flown in state parks pursuant to 4VAC5-30-400. LITTER - Please help us keep the park clean by placing litter and recyclables in the proper receptacles and recycle centers or carrying out your trash. The releasing of balloons is not allowed. Decorative balloons must be deflated and disposed of as trash. FIRE - Help prevent wildfires. Fires must be confined to grills, camp stoves or designated fire rings. Fires must be attended at all times and extinguished when left. Firewood is generally available for purchase at the park. Campers and guests may collect only downed and dead firewood. We enforce all seasonal and emergency bans on open fires. POLLUTION - Help reduce pollution. Dump stations, laundry sinks and slop sinks, where available, are for the disposal of wastewater. No boat, RV or car washing. SWIMMING - Guarded lake-swimming is generally available for a fee at the designated swimming beach during scheduled hours between the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. The weather and other issues beyond our control may reduce the availability of guarded swimming. Outside of scheduled hours, guests may swim at the designated beach within marked areas at their own risk. Swimming anywhere else in the park at any time is prohibited. FISHING - A Virginia freshwater fishing license is required. Licenses and permits are available at the camp store and wherever Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries licenses are sold. PARK ACCESSIBILITY - We strive to make each park as EMERGENCY - Emergency phone numbers are posted at contact stations and other places in the park. For more information, visit www.virginiastateparks.gov or contact the park office. INFORMATION - For more information on Virginia State Parks or to make a cabin or campsite reservation, call 800-933-PARK or visit www.virginiastateparks.gov. The Customer Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is closed on all state holidays. STUART’S KNOB TRAIL SYSTEM - This trail provides access to the Upper and Lower Stuart’s Knob Trail loops and has a spur trail to an abandoned iron mine. UPPER STUART’S KNOB TRAIL - This steep loop trail offers a stunning view of Fairy Stone Lake. LOWER STUART’S KNOB TRAIL - About midway on this trail is an overlook with a southern view of Bull Mountain. - This trail encircles the base of Stuart’s Knob and passes through secluded woods where remains of abandoned iron mining are visible. Virginia State Parks Fairy Stone State Park WHISKEY RUN TRAIL LITTLE MOUNTAIN FALLS TRAIL SYSTEM OAK-HICKORY TRAIL - There are fairly steep portions on this loop trail that pass through a hardwood forest and meanders along a small stream some of the way. BEACH TRAIL PARK CONTACTS Park Office: 276-930-2424 After Hours Ranger: 276-693-3358 Emergency: 911 TRAIL INFORMATION DIFFICULTY SCALE EASY - From .5 to 1 mile; grades are short, typically fewer than 100 feet and less than 10 percent of the trail length; easily accomplished by all users, including the elderly and those with physical or mental disabilities, with little risk of injury or fatigue. MODERATE - From 1 to 5 miles; steepness and grade lengths vary; at least 60 percent of the length is fairly flat; healthy people can accomplish the trail with little risk of injury or fatigue. DIFFICULT - Trail length is greater than 5 miles; more than 70 percent of the trail is on a grade; experienced hikers only or groups of three to five people recommended; there is a risk of overexertion or injury to those not conditioned. FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY, PLEASE FOLLOW TRAIL ETIQUETTE ON MULTI-USE TRAILS IN THE PARK. HIKERS YIELD TO HORSES. BIKERS YIELD TO HORSES AND HIKERS. The park has two trail systems. The Stuart’s Knob system has about 4 miles of trails accessible on the north side of the lake near the boat launch. These are designated for hiking only and range in difficulty from moderate to hard. The Little Mountain system is on the recreational - This trail connects the main campground to the beach area. It borders the paved road just past the upper beach parking lot and can be accessed from the main campground or the trailhead across from the amphitheater parking lot. TRAIL GUIDE LAKESHORE TRAIL - This wooded trail around Fairy Stone Lake offers views of the lake and leads to the earthen dam where the lake spills into Philpott Lake. This multiuse trail shares a common right-of-way with Turkey Ridge Trail. TURKEY RIDGE TRAIL - This wooded trail shares a common right-of-way with the Lakeshore Trail. LITTLE MOUNTAIN FALLS TRAIL - This trail climbs a steep incline to two overlooks near the halfway point. The trail meanders beside a small stream that cascades into Little Mountain Falls as the trail takes a sudden 20-foot drop. MOUNTAIN VIEW TRAIL - This steep and winding paved road trail passes through hardwood forest and connects with Goose Point Road. Running parallel to Little Mountain Falls Trail part of the way, its smooth surface is ideal for bicyclists up for a challenge. HORSE CAMP TRAIL - This winding trail crosses several streams and connects the equestrian campground to the Mountain View Trail. STAUROLITE HUNT SITE - The park is named after six-sided, cross-shaped stones called fairy stones by the locals. The rich vein where these curiosities erode to the surface is popular and is on park property behind Fairystone Pitstop on Route 57, a few miles east of the park’s main entrance. A trail to the left of the station leads there. VIRGINIA STATE PARKS ARE A TONIC FOR THE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. Museums, visitor centers and nearby historic sites make state parks cultural treasures. The recreational opportunities in state parks are endless and easy to see – from swimming and boating to horseshoes and hiking, there’s always something to do in a Virginia State Park. 967 Fairystone Lake Drive Stuart, Virginia 24171 276-930-2424 fairystone@dcr.virginia.gov WWW.VIRGINIASTATEPARKS.GOV 800-933-PARK Fairy Stone Lake e idg e Overlook ch a Park Office 623 Be Iron Mine Trail 1.05 mi. Horse Trailer Parking Point of Interest Upper Stuart's Knob Trail 0.73 mi. Fayerdale Hall Conference Center Whiskey Run Trail 1.49 mi. Oa Visitor Center Waterfall Mileage Beach Iron Mine Lake Shore Little Mountain Falls Lower Stuart’s Knob Mountain View Oak Hickory Turkey Ridge Upper Stuart’s Knob Whiskey Run Horse Camp Trail White Yellow Yellow Orange Red N/A N/A Blue Orange Blue Red 0.74 1.05 0.81 3.29 0.24 2.05 1.10 2.08 0.73 1.49 1.54 H = Hiking B = Biking E = Equestrian = Moderate = Difficult Usage H H H, B, E H, B, E H H, B H H, B, E H H H, B, E Difficulty Gate ake Dr i. Horse Camp Trail 1.54 mi. Fairy S Blaze i tone L Yurts Trail ra ic k ory T ive Lower Stuart's Knob Trail 0.24 mi. Wildflowers kH 822 Mount ain . l1 .1 m i Swimming = Easy Little M oun tai n i. .29 m il 3 Tra lls 5m Fa 2 .0 rail wT Vie Stable Tra il 4 mi. 0.7 Parking Goose 717 .0 Fishing Pier oad 8 er Fay Fayerdale Hall i. m eD dal il 2 Tra riv Equestrian Campground Point R Campground e yR y dar Cabins Tu r k d oa eR oun Boat Launch 1 Miles g id Br Ampitheater 0 Lake Shore Trail 0.81 mi. n io kB P ar Accessible Un Fairy Stone State Park Fairy Stone Hunt Site 346 Fairystone Pitstop 57 Fairy S 57 tone P ark HW Y 2.7 mi. west to Fairy Stone Lake Drive

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