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Travel Guide for Heart of Appalachia in Southwest Virginia. Published by Virginia Tourism.

CRUISE PADDLE Hop on your motorcycle or roll the windows down for a drive through the Heart of Appalachia. With over a dozen scenic Appalachian Backroads to ride, you won’t find this kind of beauty anywhere else. Become a “Dragon Master” on the Back of the Dragon route, offering 32 miles of the most exciting and technical road you’ll ever drive. Or try Bootlegger’s Run, named for the bootlegging trade of the 1920s, with 145 miles of curvy backroads that will make you feel like a part of its history. Don’t miss a chance to spot Big Foot himself along the Woodbooger Drive near Norton! A five-mile gorge plunging to 1,650 feet makes Breaks Interstate Park the “Grand Canyon of the South.” With seven gorgeous overlooks, all visitors – no matter their mode of transportation, be it by bike, horseback or on the water – will find themselves exploring just like those who came before them, from indigenous tribes and farmers to lumberjacks and moonshiners. Get a bird’s eye by hopping aboard the Canyon Rim Zipline to careen across the mountaintops for this one-of-akind experience. Whitewater rafting, rock climbing, geocaching and more adventures await. The vibrant communities along the Clinch River can’t wait to show off their stunning beauty and small town hospitality. Start at Tazewell to explore historic architecture and mountain heritage before moving on to Cedar Bluff and its restored gristmill. Get a look at late 19th-century architecture in former coal boom town Richlands, now a cultural hub. Honaker, listed on the Virginia Register of Historic Places, allows you to pause for a home-style meal before heading back on the water. Cleveland offers a quiet space filled with natural treasures like waterfalls and rare plant species. Continue your river path to St. Paul, where you can pause your tubing trip to check out hiking trails, a riverside disc golf course or visit Bluebell Island. Finish off your journey in Dungannon, where you can slow things down while floating beneath sunny skies. LISTEN ZOOM No road trip is complete without the ultimate Southwest Virginia playlist. Relive music history at the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, where you’ll have a newfound appreciation for this historical family and their traditional mountain and folk music. Family-friendly Saturday night performances honor the first family of country music, where every instrument is acoustic and all guests are encouraged to dance the night away. Or, experience the Ralph Stanley Museum, where you’ll rediscover one of the most authentic voices of country music that ever lived. You’ll see memorabilia, including his beloved banjo and even a Grammy, and have an interactive experience that’ll take you back in time – and possibly have you singing the entire way home. Get your heart rate up on Spearhead Trails, with over 550 miles of trails on six systems that offer something for everyone no matter your travel preference or skill level. Looking for more adventure? Whether hiking, biking or kayaking, ATV riding, horseback riding or white-water rafting, you can get your adrenaline fix thanks to the region's state parks, one-of-a-kind natural wonders like Devils Bathtub and Burkes Garden, and breath-taking views from High Knob Tower. HEART OF APPALACHIA Breaks Interstate Park—Breaks 162 B I L LY BOW L I N G Nestled in the southwest corner of the state, the HEART OF APPALACHIA region is known for the rugged beauty of its landscapes, as well as its vibrant culture and people. Adventure abounds among roaring rivers and stunning vistas, while picturesque mountain towns draw you in with the sights, sounds and tastes of Appalachia. B R E A K S I N T E R S TAT E PA R K ( B R E A K S ) : C AT H Y A N D E R S O N / S P E A R H E A D T R A I L S ( S A I N T PA U L ) : S A M D E A N ZIP Spearhead Trails—Saint Paul VIRGINIA .ORG HEART OF APPALACHIA Little Stony Falls—Dungannon 16 3 q u O F F E R S A C C E S S F O R P E O P L E W H O A R E B L I N D O R H AV E L O W V I S I O N b c BUSES/GROUP S WELCOME $ P E T - F R I E N D LY FA C I L I T Y ADMISSION REQUIRED I Grundy 460 Clintwood Cedar Bluff 23 Jonesville 421 Ewing 58 Heart of Appalachia Visitor Information Center 3028 4th Avenue Market Sq., 276-762-0011; VA Visitors Information Center offering brochures, attractions and event information. bjI Jewell Valley Multi-Use Family Trail Whitewood Community, 276-244-1542; 30-miles ATV and mountain bike trail with breathtaking scenery and trailhead parking. Virginia’s Coal Heritage Trail/ Virginia Scenic Byway 3029 4th Avenue Market Sq., 276-762-0011; 325mile byway winding through mountains and valleys through coal camps. b APPALACHIA Appalachia Cultural Arts Center 402 West Main St., 276-565-3900; appalachiaculturalartscenter. Community arts activity center in restored early 1900s building. Derby Coal Camp Derby Rd., 276-523-1322; 1920s coal camp built by mining company. Louis E. Henegar Miners Memorial Park Callahan Ave., 276-565-3900; Public park dedicated to local mining in the community. BIG STONE GAP Big Stone Gap Visitor Center 300 Wood Ave. E, 276-5232303; Visitor information inside filming location for Big Stone Gap Movie. bI 164 PROVIDES DES CRIPTIONS BY A TRAINED AUDIO DES CRIBER Coeburn 19 Saint Paul Lebanon Dungannon Pocahontas Bluefield 19 460 Tazewell Pounding Mill Big Stone Gap Walking/Driving Tour 306 Wood Ave. E, 276-523-2303; Walking & driving tour of attractions, buildings, historical landmarks and Victorian-era homes. Bullitt Park 217 East 1st St. N, 276-523-4950; Historic park built by WPA program in 1930s. bj Harry W. Meador Coal Museum East 3rd St. & Shawnee Ave., 276-523-9209; Exhibits depicting history of coal mining lifestyles and regional culture. John Fox JR Museum 117 Shawnee Ave. E, 276-523-2303; Historic landmark home of “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” author. b June Tolliver House & Folk Art Center 522 Clinton Ave. E, 276-523-4707; Historic Victorian townhouse serves as a museum and craft shop. b Lonesome Pine School & Heritage Center 511 Clinton Ave., E, 276-523-1111; School memorabilia, photos and genealogical materials displayed in historic house. Miner’s Park 5th St. & Wood Ave., 276-523-4950; bigstonegap. com. Historic park honors the coal mining history of the area. Powell Valley Overlook Lt. Hobbs Way, 276-328-2321; Scenic overlook offering sweeping vistas of Powell Valley and High Knob. Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park VG 10 West First St. N, 800-933-7275; $b BLUEFIELD Visit Tazewell County 163 Walnut St., 276-322-1345; Promotes tourism and community development. Provides information on local attractions. I Sanders House 200 Sanders Ln., 276-322-4626; Historic house preserving aspects of the past. Tours and events. b Trailhead UTV Adventures 465 Miner’s Park Ln., 276-322-4626; Poloris RZR rentals for trail riding plus cabins, RV sites. CEDAR BLUFF Appalachian Arts Center 2157 Steelsburg Hwy., 276-596-9188; Exhibitions featuring works of over 180 local crafters & artisans. b POW MIA Memorial at Overlook Park U.S. Route 460, 276-964-4889; Hiking trail, picnic area. Shelter rentals for parties are available. bj CLEVELAND Cleveland Barrens Natural Area Preserve State Route 82, 276-676-5673; One of the top six biodiversity hotspots in the United States. CLINCHCO Clinchco Coal Miners’ Memorial Rt. 83, Town of Clinchco on Virginia’s Coal Heritage Trail, 276-926-6074; clinchcova. net. Lists miners killed in Dickenson County. b CLINTWOOD Breaks Interstate Park State Rt. 80, 7 miles from Haysi, 800-933-7275; $bjI Dickenson County Visitor’s Center, Tourism & Chamber of Commerce 194 Clintwood Main St., 276-926-6074; Tourism information, brochures, maps. Also visit bj Cumberland Mountain View Driving Tour Virginia’s Scenic Rt. 611, 276-865-4413; 19 miles of scenic views through the mountains Clintwood to Bartlick. bj Birch Knob Observation Tower 10 miles north of Clintwood, Rt. 611 to Birch Knob Rd., 276926-6074; 3,144 feet above sea level with a view of five states, clear day, six states. j Pine Mountain Trail Rt. 611, 276-926-4605; Scenic hiking/horseback riding trail following crest of Cumberland Mountains. bj Dr. Phipps Family Museum 194 Clintwood Main St., 276-926-6074; dickensonva. org. Displaying medical memorabilia from the Old Dickenson County Hospital. BREAKS Virginia Scenic Cranesnest River & Multi-use Trail Rt. 83, 2 miles from Clintwood, 276-926-6074; Hiking, biking, equestrian. Spearhead Trails 502 Front St. E, 276-807-7581; Worldclass outdoor adventure destination experiences; ATV, mountain-biking, hiking, equestrian, paddling. $bj Duffield Hiltons “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” Outdoor Drama 518 Clinton Ave. E, 276-5231235; trailofthelonesomepine. com. Virginia’s Official outdoor drama featuring folk music, feuding and romance. $b PROVIDES SIGN LANGUAGE COEBURN ALT 58 Interstate 101 Car & Visitor Center 519 Gilley Ave., 276-523-2060; An 1870 passenger car with original features; regional visitor center. W PROVIDES ASSISTIVE LISTENING SYSTEMS Dr. Ralph Stanley Museum and Traditional Mountain Music Center 249 Main St., 276-926-8550; Features the life and music of the legendary Bluegrass performer. $b ALT 58 58 s ADA-COMPLIANT Breaks Norton Big Stone Gap D P R O V I D E S P R I N T E D M AT E R I A L I N B R A I L L E P R O V I D E S A D E V I C E U S E D F O R C O M M U N I C AT I O N W I T H A N D B E T W E E N H E A R I N G I M PA I R E D Coeburn Train Depot 502 Front St. E, 276-395-3323; Restored train depot over 100 years old; VA LOVE photo-op. bj Falls of Little Stony Rt 72, From Coeburn toward Dungannon about 10 miles, 276-679-8370; activity/gwj/recreation. 2.8mile trail, 400 foot-deep and 1700 foot-wide gorge, two waterfalls, trout fishing. j Guest River Gorge State Rt. 72 from Coeburn to entrance of trail Swede Tunnel, 276-679-8370; recreation. 5.8-mile “rails to trail” recreation area that was formerly a Norfolk & Southern Rail coal haul line. Lay’s Hardware Center for the Arts 409 East Front St., 276-395-5160; Jam sessions, Friday night bluegrass and dancing. Art/craft classes/ exhibitions. b Lonesome Pine Raceway 10800 Norton-Coeburn Rd., 276-395-5001; Stock car racing on 3/8-mile oval track. NASCAR racing series. $b DANTE Dante Coal & Railroad Museum 30 Straight Hollow Rd., 276-495-1903; Exhibits of coal and railroad memorabilia related to the history of the coal mining community. bI DRYDEN Cave Springs Recreational Area Cave Springs Rd., 276-3464629; Camping, picnic area, natural swimming area, hiking. j DUFFIELD Wilderness Road Blockhouse 1420 Natural Tunnel Pkwy., 276940-2674; Gathering place for hundreds of pioneers and the last safe haven for those migrating toward Kentucky. b Natural Tunnel State Park 1420 Natural Tunnel Pkwy., 800-933-7275; $ DUNGANNON Bark Camp Lake & Recreation Area FS Rt. 551, 276-386-6521; Camping, fishing, picnicking and hiking. $bj Dungannon Depot 344 Phoenix St., 276-4672306; Early 1900s depot used today as a community center. Creation Kingdom Zoo 1692 Snowflake Rd., 276-479-1910; Breeding zoo for endangered species. Open mid-March to November 30th. $ GRUNDY Buchanan County Tourism Office 3019 Slate Creek Rd., 276-244-1542; Provides visitor information on area attractions, guides and brochures. Russell Fork Trail Kiwanis Park Rd., 276-8654413; trail/russell-fork. Multi-use trail for hiking, biking and horseback riding connecting the Town of Haysi to the Breaks Interstate Park. Virginia Scenic Russell Fork River Rt. 83, 276-853-9544; Rapids and pools offering class five/six whitewater. Releases 1st four weekends in October. HILTONS Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure Visitor Center 1124 Chipping Sparrow Rd., 276-244-1111; sgadventures. com. Offering attraction/ lodging information, ATV rentals, elk tours, archery tag, vending. bjI A.P. Carter Museum 3449 A.P. Carter Hwy., 276-594-0676; Recordings, photographs, books, instruments and memorabilia of the Carter family. $b Cumberland Gap National Historical Park US Hwy. 58, 606-248-2817; Nation’s largest national park preserves famous Daniel Boone Wilderness Road. bj Bull Creek Hiking/Biking Trail Rt. 601, Harman Community, 276-762-0011; attraction/bull-creek-trailgrundy. Hiking/biking rail-trail following Bull Creek tributary of Levisa Fork River. j Carter Family Fold 3449 A.P. Carter Hwy., 276-386-6054; Traditional music performed at Carter family homeplace on Saturday evenings. $b Gap Cave (aka Cudjo Cave) Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, US Hwy. 58, 606-248-2817; nps. gov/cuga. A majestic underground cathedral with glistening stalagmites and stalactites. bj Coal Canyon Multi-use Trail System 1810 Fairgrounds Cir., 276-807-7581; spearheadtrails. com. Multi-use 60-mile ATVMountain Biking-Hiking trails with breathtaking overlooks, elk viewing. $ Iron Furnace Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, US Hwy. 58, 606-248-2817; Used to make iron before and during the Civil War. Michael D. Young Hiking/ Biking Trail 1350 Slate Creek Rd., 276-935-5436; michael-d-young-hikingbiking-trail. Beautiful 3.3-mile rugged mountain biking and hiking trail; beautiful views. j EWING Cowan Mill Located off of Hwy 58, Rt. 698/Indian Creek Rd., 276-346-4629; Historic gristmill built in 1890. Must see photo op. White Rocks US Hwy 58, 276-346-4629; Hike to massive rocks served as a landmark for early pioneers. Wilderness Road State Park US Hwy 58, 8051 Wilderness Rd., 800-933-7275; bj Wilderness Road Trail US Hwy. 58, 8051 Wilderness Rd. (mid-trail), 276-445-3065; wilderness-road. Follow the path of Daniel Boone’s legendary Wilderness Road. FT. BLACKMORE Mann Farms 11005 Veterans Memorial Pkwy., 276-995-1000; facebook. com/pages/mann-farms. A Certified Virginia Century Farm known for their strawberries. j GATE CITY Scott County Tourism 190 Beech St., Suite 201, 276-386-6521; Carter Fold, Natural Tunnel State Park, Crooked Road, festivals, re-enactments. Poplar Gap Park & Fairgrounds Rt. 604/Poplar Creek Rd., 276-762-0011; attraction/poplar-gap-park. Fairgrounds, horse-ring, baseball & football field, picnic shelters, playground, walking path. bjI Southern Gap Raceway 6391 Poplar Creek Rd., 276-935-5725; Family racing entertainment with events scheduled seasonally. HAYSI Haysi’s Ridgeview Multi-use Trail System Rt. 732, 276-807-7581; Connecting with Coal Canyon ATV Trail offering 200 miles of trails for ATV, Mountain biking and hiking. $ John W. Flannagan Dam & Reservoir 192 White Water Rd., 276-926-6074; Whitewater releases in October. Fishing, boating, picnics, hiking, handicapped equipped fishing pier. bj HONAKER Honaker Heritage Museum 5738 Redbud Way, 276-873-4333; Showcasing photos/memorabilia linked to town’s heritage/history. By appointment. Laurel Bed Lake/Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area Route 747, 276-676-5673; laurel-bed-lake. Elevations from 1,600’ to 4,700’, 330-acre man-made lake; fishing, boating. $ JONESVILLE Lee County Tourism Office 33640 Main St., 276-346-7766; Lee County, where Virginia begins - the first great gateway to the west. bj Bates Family Farm LLC 319 Vanderveter Rd., 276-346-3203; facebook. com/batesfamilyfamllc. Handmade goat milk soaps/ lotion, produce, eggs, milk, Nubian goats, tours. Channels Natural Area Preserve State Route 80 at Raven Ridge Rd., 276-676-5673; Contains the Great Channels of Virginia, 721 acres atop Clinch Mountain, altitude over 4,000 feet. Flag Rock Recreation Area Flag Rock Rd., 276-679-0754; Scenic overlook, mountain biking, hiking trails and more. Only know “Woodbooger” sanctuary. bj Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve State Route 721, 276-6765673; Lush greenery, spectacular cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls on the scenic Clinch River. George Washington and Jefferson National Forest Trails Ranger Station, 1700 Park Ave. SW, 276-679-8370; Multiple trail systems with varying lengths and intensities. bj Trans-America Bike Route State Route 80/76 Bicentennial bike route, 276619-1817; experiencerussell. com. Route 80 from I-81 Exit 24 to Breaks Interstate Park - The Great 80 “80 Curves of Challenge.” NICKELSVILLE Bush Mill 1154 Twin Springs Rd., 423-863-7311; A restored operational mill built between 1896 and 1897. Punkin Patch Farm 984 Cowans Creek Rd., 276-479-3228; pages/01punkinman. Growing fall decor & pumpkins for 20 years; petting zoo. bj NORTON Wise County & City of Norton Chamber of Commerce 765 Park Ave., 276-679-0961; Promoting tourism, economic development and the quality of life. I Central Drive-In 5113 Kent Junction Rd., 276-679-3761; Historic drive-in theater founded in 1952. Country Cabin II 6034 Kent Junction Rd., 276-679-3541; listings/TheArts/CountryCabinIIAppalachianTraditionsVillage/. Traditional Bluegrass music by local and regional musicians every Saturday. $b High Knob Observation Tower Rt. 619, 276-328-2321; At an elevation of 4,200 feet, the High Knob summit offers panoramic views of five states from the observation tower. bjI High Knob Recreation Area Forest Rd. 238, 276-679-8370; recarea/?recid=73755. Built in the 1930s. Amenities include a 13-site campground, small lake, and hiking trails. Norton Reservoir State Rt. 619, 276-679-0754; 9.8-acre upper reservoir is a statestocked trout water. Park Avenue Theater 722 Park Ave., 276-328-4917; Historic early 1900s 200-seat theater. Vintage movies and performing arts center. bI PENNINGTON GAP Pennington Gap Visitor Center 610 Old Zion Rd., 276-298-5177; Regional attraction/lodging, event information near Stone Mountain Multi-use trails trailhead. bjI Appalachian African-American Cultural & Community Development Center 265 North Leona St., 276-546-5144; attractions. Books/Photos depicting African-American life in Appalachia. Tours by appointment. Cumberland Bowl Park 842 Park St., 276-346-1151. Visit the beautiful Veteran Memorial Wall located inside the park. KEOKEE Lake Keokee Rt. 606 Keokee Rd., 276-679-8370; activity/gwj/recreation. A 92acre lake for fishing, boating, picnic facilities. LEBANON Russell County Tourism 137 Highland Dr., 276-889-8000; Promoting tourism, attractions, economic development and quality of life. bI UTV Rentals TRAILHEADADVENTURES.NET VIRGINIA .ORG 165 HEART OF APPALACHIA HEART OF APPALACHIA g VG M E E T S E N V I R O N M E N TA L S TA N D A R D S O F T H E V I R G I N I A G R E E N P R O G R A M q u O F F E R S A C C E S S F O R P E O P L E W H O A R E B L I N D O R H AV E L O W V I S I O N c BUSES/GROUP S WELCOME P E T - F R I E N D LY FA C I L I T Y $ D ADMISSION REQUIRED I W PROVIDES DES CRIPTIONS BY A TRAINED AUDIO DES CRIBER s PROVIDES SIGN LANGUAGE PROVIDES ASSISTIVE LISTENING SYSTEMS ADA-COMPLIANT Stone Face Rock US 421 N, 276-546-1177; Folklore says that the face was carved by Cherokee Indians. bj Stone Mountain Multi-Use Trail System 100 Fairground Rd., 276-807-7581; 30-mile challenging trails for ATVs, mountain biking, hiking; nine stunning overlooks. $ POCAHONTAS Pocahontas Cemetery Route 102, 276-945-9522. Features graves of over 114 coal miners killed in an explosion in 1884. Phillips Creek Recreational Area State Rt. 671, 276-328-2321; Beach area, hiking trail and picnic shelters on Pound Reservoir. bj ST. CHARLES Coal Miners Memorial Wall St. Charles Rd., 276546-1177; Remembering those who were lost providing for their families. bj ST. PAUL Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine & Museum Rt. 659, 215 Shop Hollow Rd., 276-945-2134; pocahontasva. org. First exhibition coal mine in the U.S. and the only designated as a National Historic Landmark. $b POUND Heart of Appalachia Tourist Information Center 3028 4th Ave. Market Sq., 276-762-0011; State certified Visitor’s Information Center & meeting space. bj A.R. Matthews Park 16620 Riverside Dr., 276-762-5297; Clinch river access/launch, tennis, basketball, baseball, Blue Bell Island hiking trail. bjI Appalachian Backroads 3028 4th Ave. Market Sq., 276-762-0011; Motorcycle and auto routes covering hundreds of miles of curvy scenic roads. Heart of Appalachia Bike Route and Scenic Drive 3028 4th Ave. Market Sq., 276-762-0011; 128 miles with 40 miles of side trails, back road driving and biking adventure from Tazewell to Guest River Gorge. Mountain Heritage Museum 16542 Russell St., 276-7627500; attraction/mountain-heritagemuseum-st-paul. Coal mining, logging, railroading, farming, Civil War, Native American artifacts. b Mountain View Multi-use Trail System 3rd Ave, 276-807-7581; 100-mile scenic trail system for ATVs, mountain Bikes and hiking. $ Mountain View Trails ATV Rentals 3025 Fourth Ave., 276-738-3040; mountainviewtrailsatvrentals. com. Polaris ATV rentals, two and four seaters, Spearhead Trails. j Oxbow Lake 16345 Bush Dr., 276-762-5297; Fishing lake for non-motorized boats, boat ramp. Bike/hike trails, picnicking. bj The Oceanfront Inn bjI St. Paul Railroad Museum 16646 Russell St., 276-762-5297; Built in the 1890s, features St. Paul art and artifacts. Saturdays 10am-noon and by appointment. Sanctuary Realty at Sandbridge Historic Crab Orchard Museum & Pioneer Park 3663 Crab Orchard Rd., 276-988-6755; Region’s comprehensive cultural heritage museum. Year-round pioneering experience. $bI Sugar Hill & Clinch River Trails 16345 Bush Dr., 276-762-5297; Hiking trails along scenic Clinch River with rare birds. Great canoeing. j TAZEWELL Colonial Houses 844-474-2968 • Authentic 18th century homes in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area. Griffin Hotel 844-474-2968 • Serene retreat walking distance from Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area. Kingsmill Resort & Golf 800-832-5665 • Golf, marina, hiking trails, bike rental, tennis, spa. Williamsburg Inn Tazewell County Chamber of Commerce 135 Railroad Ave., 276-988-5091; Promotes local businesses. Information on local attractions. bI Williamsburg Woodlands Country Inn & Suites Abingdon te ol Fr ie Pe t- do O ut do In nd Po ol or Po or W sC e es Fr e Fit n Fr e i- F i en in rk Pa e Br e Fr e te r t g as kf ea sC es sin Bu ly R W es t a ith u i n ra n a tO M ile nSi r te e en ttl VG Ib Meadowbrook Farm Bed & Breakfast 757-371-5896 • Lovely bed & breakfast nestled on a scenic 30-acre farm. The Pinner House (circa 1895) 757-539-8969 • Breathtaking property offering elegance and a touch of whimsy. b 863-370-7454 • Lovely restored historic mansion - now a bed and breakfast. 72 P P P P P P 700 King’s Hwy., Suffolk 23432 P 231 Pinner St., Suffolk 23434 P P 276-285-5040 • Boutique hotel, spa, music venue, restaurant and roof-top bar. The place to play. Ib 276-492-1041 • Five cozy cabins accommodating 1-24 people on the Laurel River adjacent to Creeper Trail and AT. b Virginia Creeper Lodge P P P b VG 932 Laskin Rd. #300, Virginia Beach 23451 VG 757-425-8200 • Oceanfront balcony, suites, hot breakfast, laundry, indoor heated pool. Ib 2015 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach 23451 P 72 72 P P P P P P P P P P P P P P 72 302 Francis St. E, Williamsburg 23185 5, 45 P 302 Francis St. E, Williamsburg 23185 5, 45 P 1010 Kingsmill Rd., Williamsburg 23185 45 136 East Francis St., Williamsburg 23185 ly R W es t a ith u i n ra n a tO M ile nSi -F rie nd Po ol Po or Pe t do or ut O do In sC Fr e e es Fit n Fr e ol r te en in rk Pa e Br e Fr e W i- F i g as kf ea sC es sin Bu 581 Sandbridge Rd., Virginia Beach 23456 t te e en ttl Pa hu tS on or Ad P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P 5, 45 P P P P P P P P 310 South England St., Williamsburg 23185 5, 45 P P P P P P P P 105 Visitor Center Dr., Williamsburg 23185 5, 45 P P P P P P P P 940 East Main St., Abingdon 24210 153 P P P P P 134 Park St., Abingdon 24210 153 P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P 833 State St., Bristol 24201 127 Imboden St., Damascus 24236 155 P P P P 215 West Imboden St., Damascus 24236 155 P P P P 702 Beaver Dam Ave., Damascus 24236 155 P P P P 2000 Busted Rock Rd., Meadows of Dan 24120 46, 156 P P 68 1st St. NW, Pulaski 24301 158 VG 276-475-3745 • Converted gristmill with modern amenities. Event center, seasonal restaurant on-site. Adjacent to Creeper Trail, AT, Laurel Creek, waterfall. P 72 P The Sessions Hotel Damascus Old Mill Inn 204 Bank St., Suffolk 23434 757-428-4441 • Furnished beach cottages & condos-North End, Croatan, resort. Book online. 166 VG 276-628-8433 • Two Suites, private baths, theatre, hike/bike, shop, dine within two blocks. 276-451-8516 • 6 rooms, large kitchen, large deck with fire pit, overlooking Laurel River, Creeper Trail and AT. b Primland Resort The Truitt House (circa 1909) Comfort Inn & Suites Virginia Beach Oceanfront 777 Waterside Dr., Norfolk 23510 3700 Sandpiper Rd., Virginia Beach 23456 P SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA BLUE RIDGE HIGHLANDS Damascus Cabins 757-622-6664 • Newly renovated waterfront hotel downtown - club level. Walk to attractions. Atkinson Realty VG 844-474-2968 • Spacious rooms, on-site dining, fitness, and complimentary continental breakfast. Park Street Guest House C OA S TA L V I R G I N I A Sheraton Norfolk Waterside VG 844-474-2968 • A relaxing retreat, in our newly renovated rooms just steps away from the heart of the historic area. Ib 276-676-2829 • Spacious rooms, close to the Barter Theatre and Virginia Creeper Trail. # ge Pa hu tS on Ad or rp Ai e LODGING GUIDE P VG Williamsburg Lodge, Autograph Collection Camp Bethel 9050 Camp Bethel Rd., 800-359-4049; Offering 165 wooded acres, lake, climbing wall and camping. Authentic hewn log building. Back of the Dragon Route 16, 276-988-5726; Scenic 32-mile driving trail between Tazewell and Marion Virginia. j Ib 844-474-2968 • Iconic Five-Star, Five Diamond luxury, 20 culinary outlets, spa and fitness center, 45 holes of golf. Ib Wise Lake Reservoir 5545 Browning Ln./Rt. 646 off Coeburn Mountain Rd., 276-679-0961; Stocked fishing, boat ramp, hiking and picnic facilities available. 73 VG 757-426-6262; 800-933-4800 • Hundreds of homes and condos to choose from...pools, theater rooms, hot tubs, pet friendly, ocean and bay views. I Wise County Tourism 206 East Main St., 276-328-2321; Regional business, activities, attractions, lodging, events information in historic location. 2901 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach 23451 VG Sandbridge Beach - Sandbridge Realty WISE Lincolnshire AquaPark 3119 Riverside Dr., 276-988-5404; Exciting water playground at Lincolnshire Park. $bI Ib 757-457-0050; 866-933-4801 • Luxury oceanfront vacation condos with three pools and state-of-the-art amenities. Linens provided. I Sandy Head Ostrich Farm 128 Stowers Dr., 276-988-9090; pages/sandy-head-ostrich. Features ratites (ostrich and emus), birds and llamas. $ Wetlands Estonoa Learning Center 3126 Deacon Dr./4th Ave., 276-762-5151; wetlandsestonoa. com. 1/4 mile walking/birding trail, wetlands habitat and environmental ed. center for the Clinch River watershed. VG 757-422-0445, 888-826-2326 • Boardwalk and beach access, 100% non-smoking, packages available. rp LODGING GUIDE r ge # Cavitts Creek Park and Lake Witten 750 Recreation Dr., 276-988-7250; 300-acre recreation area. Hiking, fishing, picnic shelter, camping and cabins. Ai Spearhead Trails/Mountain View OHV Trails 3028 4th Avenue Market Sq., 276-220-9875; Trailhead in St. Paul. Over 100 miles maintained scenic OHV/ATV trials. or Civil War Monument & Red Fox Trail to Killing Rock Top of Jenkins Mountain, take old Rt. 23 and follow trail signs, 276-328-2321; Red Fox was legendary badman immortalized in plays, storytelling. j VIRGINIA MAIN STREET COMMUNITY Dickenson Bundy Log House and Old Courthouse 24071 US Hwy 58A, Castlewood, 276-889-8000. Restored 1769 log house, craft shop and old courthouse tours. b e North Fork of Pound Lake & Reservoir Rt. 630/Old North Fork Rd., 276-796-5775; attraction/north-fork-ofpound-reservoir. Camping, picnic facilities, fishing, boat launch ramp. bj Se Lee Theatre 41676 West Morgan Ave., 276-546-4000; Historic venue for arts, entertainment, local events, education and movies. b te or b P R O V I D E S P R I N T E D M AT E R I A L I N B R A I L L E P R O V I D E S A D E V I C E U S E D F O R C O M M U N I C AT I O N W I T H A N D B E T W E E N H E A R I N G I M PA I R E D Se HEART OF APPALACHIA g VG M E E T S E N V I R O N M E N TA L S TA N D A R D S O F T H E V I R G I N I A G R E E N P R O G R A M 276-222-3800 • Golf, spa, biking, horseback trail rides, bird hunting, sporting clays, fly fishing, kayaking. b Jackson Park Inn 540-509-5164 • Air conditioning, wake-up calls, daily housekeeping, flat-screen TV, microwave, mini-fridge, mountain views. Ib The Bolling Wilson Hotel 276-223-2333 • Wytheville’s only boutique hotel with rooftop terrace, restaurant and mountain views. Ib 170 East Main St., Wytheville 24382 P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P VIRGINIA .ORG 167 b BUSES/GROUP S WELCOME I ADA-COMPLIANT 434-374-2866 • Historic charm, fireplaces, cottages, jacuzzis, tavern, patio dining, room servi

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