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Deer Creek State Park a state park in north western Wasatch County, Utah, United States, featuring large Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir. The park is located near the town of Charleston in the southeast corner of the Heber Valley.



Official Utah Highway Map. Published by the Utah Department of Transportation.Utah State - Highway Map

Official Utah Highway Map. Published by the Utah Department of Transportation.


Brochure of Deer Creek State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.Deer Creek - Brochure

Brochure of Deer Creek State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

Trails Map of Deer Creek Trail at Deer Creek State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.Deer Creek - Trail Map

Trails Map of Deer Creek Trail at Deer Creek State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

Junior Ranger Activity Guide for Deer Creek State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.Deer Creek - Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Activity Guide for Deer Creek State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

Utah State Parks Field Guide. Published by Utah State Parks.Utah State Parks - Field Guide

Utah State Parks Field Guide. Published by Utah State Parks.

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Deer Creek SP Deer Creek State Park a state park in north western Wasatch County, Utah, United States, featuring large Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir. The park is located near the town of Charleston in the southeast corner of the Heber Valley.
Your park fees provide for the care, protection and enhancement of this park. Deer Creek Trail D eer Creek Trail is a non-motorized trail along the western hillside of Deer Creek, above the reservoir. The trail is designed for biking, equestrian use and hiking. The trail provides access to the western shore for walk-in anglers. Trailheads are located at Soldier Hollow and the Deer Creek Dam. Boating W ith 2,965 acres of water and predictable canyon winds, Deer Creek is a water sports haven. Vessel operators are responsible for understanding and obeying all boating laws and rules. For a complete copy of Utah’s Boating Laws and Rules call: (801) 538-BOAT or (801) 538-2628 Operating Hours Summer: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Winter: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Open year-round with no holiday closures. Deer Creek State Park Park Location: Deer Creek is 10 miles south of Heber on Highway 189. Fishing L arge quantities of stocked fish and naturally growing fish populations make Deer Creek Reservoir one of Utah’s finest year-round fisheries. Deer Creek offers five species of sport fish including: rainbow and brown trout, large and smallmouth bass, walleye and yellow perch. Jigging or trolling are among the most successful ways to catch fish at Deer Creek. From shore, try using worms or PowerBait. Anglers are responsible for obeying and understanding all fishing rules and laws, which can be found in a current Utah Fishing Guidebook. Concession Services D eer Creek Island Resort, the park concession, offers boat rentals, wakeboarding clinics, store, restaurant and catering services. (435) 654-2155 Address Inquiries To: Deer Creek State Park P.O. Box 257 Midway, UT 84049 (435) 654-0171 or Utah State Parks and Recreation P.O. Box 146001 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6001 (801) 538-7220, (877) UT-PARKS For Reservations Call: (801) 322-3770 or toll-free (800) 322-3770 Utah State Parks Mission: To enhance the quality of life by preserving and providing natural, cultural and recreational resources for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations. Information contained in this brochure was accurate at the time of printing. Policies, facilities, fees, hours and regulations, etc., change as mandated. For updated information please contact the park. The Utah Department of Natural Resources receives federal aid and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin or disability. For information or complaints regarding discrimination, contact Executive Director, Utah Department of Natural Resources, P.O. Box 145610, Salt Lake City, UT 841145610 or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1801 L Street, NW, Washington DC 20507-001 Printed on recycled paper 1/09 ##M Utah State Parks Park Guidelines D Please observe the following park regulations to ensure everyone’s visit is pleasant. Day-Use Facilities and includes a large pavilion with picnic tables and charcoal grills. Island Day-Use Area provides covered picnic areas with charcoal grills, modern restrooms, water, vault toilets, boat ramp and loading docks. A group day-use pavilion is available by reservation, Provo River Area (below the dam) is for day-use only and offers access to the Provo River. There are no facilities. Lifejackets must be worn at all times when floating on the Provo River. Charleston Day-Use Area has a gravel boat ramp, vault toilets and picnic area. Camping History of Deer Creek D ll campgrounds have modern restrooms with showers. Reservations for camping are always recommended. Chokecherry Campground has 40 campsites for RVs with full hookups and tents. Each site has a picnic table, charcoal grill and firepit. A sewage disposal station is available near the park entrance station. Great Horned Owl Campground has 23 primitive campsites for RVs and tents, no hookups. Group camping is available at the Wallsburg Group Area by reservation only. This site includes three large pavilions with picnic tables, firepits and charcoal grills. Deer Creek State Park Day-Use Area Boat Ramp Campground Parking Decker Bay r se ir vo Island Beach Day-Use Area Rainbow Bay Area Rainbow Bay Great Horned Owl Campground Parking m Da ue to water shortages along the Wasatch Front, the Bureau of Reclamation began construction of Deer Creek Reservoir in 1938 and finished in 1955. Initially, water sports were prohibited on the reservoir and it was used primarily for water storage and fishing. In 1971, Deer Creek State Park was created and evolved into a water sports mecca for northern Utah. A Chalet Foot Path To Heber Rainbow Bay Day-Use Area offers covered picnic areas with charcoal grills and vault toilets. There is no water available. The group day-use area is available by reservation only and has a large pavilion with picnic tables, charcoal grill, modern restrooms, and water. Re M ain Park Area day-use facilities have shaded pavilions, picnic tables, charcoal grills and modern
on ny Deer Creek Dam Trailhead ÈI ! A 7.5 mi. es tri a n 7 mi. On | MOUNTAIN PROPERTY u Eq NTA NTN'L FOREST WASATCH PRIVATE ly a ¿ Ca * I CASCADE SPRINGS ROAD STATE PARK | 6.5 mi. 6 mi. | y ! | 5.5 mi. 5 mi. | * I Deer Creek State Park _ ^ Heb er V a lley p n 4.5 mi. | Hi st or ic Ra ilr p n oa d 4 mi. | | 3.5 mi. DECKER BAY 89 Soldier Hollow f² ! _ ^ | U.S .1 3 mi. | 2.5 mi. * I | 1.5 mi. | 2 mi. 1 mi. | He b er V Deer Creek Trail Equestrian Trail Only alle y c tori His Rai lro | 0 mi. ad A I * I ÈI ! A Tate Lane Heber Valley Railroad I Parking A US Forest Service 0.25 0.5 Miles 1 y ! S.R. 113 CHARLESTON Boat Launch n Campground p U. S. 18 Heber City 9 TOWN y ! Midway City & Wasatch Mountain S.P. Visitors Center 2400 S. 0 I * Horse Parking Restroom ¿ Utah State Parks ¿ È ! E Intermittent Stream Perennial Stream Wallsburg | ISLAND BEACH DAY USE Non-Motorized Trails Charleston Town SOLDIER HOLLOW Trailhead 1/2 mi. ¿ y RAINBOW BAY ! ¿ vo ro Sundance Provo / Orem |
rhfs aeffiU boolr belo$ Eo= d#" # Do vou want to be a Junior Park Range r? -this is what you needto do: lf you are 5-8 years old, complete six activities in th is book. lf you are 9 years or older, complete the entire booklet. After completing the required activities, turn it in to a park staff member. AII Junior Rangers urill receivea Junior Ranqer eadqeand ceritficate! For more information contact a park staff member or call (435) 654-0171. THIS TO USE $UIDE BECOIIIE AJUNIORRANOER Checkoff the activitiesyouhavecompleted: o W h a t c a n I d o a t D e e rC r e e kS t a t e P a r k ? D F i s h o f D e e rC r e e k D D i s c o v eD r e o rC r e e k W h o U s e st h e W a t e r ? Stargazing t o D e e rC r o e kB o a t i n gL aws I I r I I o B o a t i n gS a f e t y o WildlifeatDeerCreek o Litter Patrol o JuniorRanger Responsibilities L ,4L r{-E *. - i-{ hlhat can do at Deer Creek State Park? BT PNI KRRAPGEERS RrocKEczrouGWca FYRLCDESSaFDUaF MB X D R A U N E S RUEAWNMBUCKAVWD R F U G D L G F N E F I P M T K C A H WS GI WF S R U R H N T a AT O P B R MBARPAAEOaXU swr FASASATFGBVBTPD ARTLBWMCWACEHHO E H U L WR A A H E J S S E A T Y WI B I L L D E t Y R E NAC R NGE F I X F S A C I N C R D K E L V R WA Lr Z I vGTaoFNNPMUN BIRDWATCHING SUNBATHE BOAT SWIM CAMP WINDSURF FISH BARBEQUE PICNIC WAKEBOARD RELAX WATERSKI @wW %ry nn1ffcffrrfl Unscramble the lettersto findoutthefishname,Usethe pictures andcluesaboveeachfisnnameto helpyou. . Hardyfish . Goldenbrownwithyellowunderparts o Coveredwithspots RNBWOROTUT . Yellowish in color o Darkverticalbars . Finscontainspines HPERC o Silverywitha stripof redor pinkalongits side o Eatsvariousbugsandinsects N B I A R W OT O T U R o Hasa smallbluntlypointedmouth o Hastwofinson its back . Darkverticalbands A M L S L H O U M TS A S B Use your eyes, ears, nose and touchl For this octivity spend some time ot t h e b e o c h . B u t d o n ' t g o o fo n e l M q k e s u r e y o u t o k e a p o r e n t l Whot onimols or signs of onimqls do you see? How mony birds do you hear? Whot do you smelf? Fish, water, motorboqts. Whot cofors do you see? Find o rock by the loke. Describe its shope. Whot is the weother like todoy (cloudy, rindy, roiny, hot, cold)? How will th e weother af f ect your visit, the onimols, or birds? Other Observotions: /rl I - fi 'T - ^itrt tt "s ^- .{t /* q* !r- T * ril {, ,* ^ri t{t { .fi rI ^t * ? Y{hG mrr lht v{ettF. Ac ross 3. This onimol cuts down trees with their teeth. 5. like powerboit. 6. People use binoculors to wotch thes e snimols in 7. 8. the woter, trees, ond in the air. A smells good ond is beoutif ul. People plont o ____ to moke shsde. D own 1. Fowns ore boby 2. Fishliveinthelokeond gF drive boots on the 4. r"-;:-Thisonimol soys,"MOO.' 5. 6. This person driv es s troctor. I A pufls woterskiiers. !rre. rvJ-r tfr vv. , k l^-$rl t Do you know what a constellation the s ky. is? A constellotio n is o pottern of stors in Mojor or the Great Beor. It The Big D iP Per is port of o conste llotion colled Urso shoped like o cuP with o long hondle. 1,. Gonnect the dots {-8 on the next Page to see the Big Dipper! is North 5tor. The sto rs #6 ond # 7 on the Big Dipper point to the 2. Draw a daslred line from 7 to 9. the North Stor's real nome is Poloris? stor #g is the North stor. Did you know thot night, but poloris is locoted in the northern sky. All the other stors move during the poloris stoys in the some spot. potaris is the end of the hondle lPolarist above It' 3. Gircle Potaris and write Beor constellotion. The Little D iPPer is Port of the Urso Minor or Little DiPPerl 4. Gonnect the dots 9''l 6 to see the Little stors in the northern sky' If you sre comPing of Deer Creek, try to f ind these t Connectthe tlots! I t I 130 t o I t 1 t t I O Big Dipper * o t * I t 4 o I o r7 5r a I LittleBipper 15' I I 11 fi'12 a r3 t '10 r9 O O t I t 1{, t I I o r2 I t tE t I o t m0 UW frw$e .:+:&r tH,. is a list Leatn to boat safely!! Berow aa-rtl' aa of some Deer Creek boating laws and rules. After you read each law, draw a line to the matching picture. If the people in the picture are breaking that law, put an X through the picture. * When someone is being pulled by a boat or PWC (ietski), there must be a driver and an observer. The observer must be 8 years old or older and needs to p^y ^ttention to the person behind the boat. $7hen the person behind the b oat falls or is in the water, the observer holds up an o t^nge flag. This helps other boats know th^t ^ person is nearby in the watef . + Buoys are like traffrc signs on the water. Most buoys at Deer Creek show ^re^s that have speed limits. When boats and PWCr (jetski) are inside the speed limit buoys, they are required to go 5 The other buoys near the dam show mph or slower. ^n ^rea that is off limits to boats and people. + NO DOGS allowed on boats, beache
Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, DC 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko® image © 1999–2022. © 2022 GEICO. 22_837135332 02/22 The Utah Department of Natural Resources receives federal aid and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, or disability. For information or complaints regarding discrimination, contact: Executive Director, Utah Department of Natural Resources, P.O. Box 145610, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5610 or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1801 L Street, NW, Washington DC 20507-001. • STACK THE STATES ($) – A fun geography game about the 50 states • STAR WALK – Reveals all the amazing stars, planets, and constellations above when you point your phone to the sky • LOCALEATS – Finds the best independentlyowned restaurants across the U.S. • AROUND ME – Identifies nearest amenities to you such as banks/ATMs, hospitals, markets, hotels, coffee shops, etc. • ROADSIDE AMERICA ($) – Discover lots of quirky roadside attractions to take fun photos with • GASBUDDY – Searches for the best gas prices in your vicinity • ROADTRIPPERS – Helps you plan your perfect road trip, with information on eateries, attractions, scenic spots, and more TRAVEL SMARTER WITH THESE APPS Limitations apply. See for more details. GEICO & affiliates. Washington, DC 20076 © 2022 GEICO. Utah State Parks Local Office 1-800-865-4846 Information contained in this brochure was accurate at the time of printing. Policies, facilities, fees, hours and regulations, etc. change as mandated. For updated information, please contact the park or visit our website at Photos: Utah State Parks Your park fees provide for the care, protection, and enhancement of state parks. To enhance the quality of life by preserving and providing natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. Our Mission 801-322-3770 or toll-free 800-322-3770 For reservations call: Utah Division of State Parks Administrative Office 1594 W. North Temple, Suite 116 P.O. Box 146001 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6001 801-538-7220 Contact There’s a lot to discover under the wide open sky, and finding adventure is half the fun when you travel by RV. Before you hit the road, visit for a free insurance quote and to enroll in Emergency Roadside Service. o Road Trip Tips GEICO covered the costs associated with the mailing and production of this guide. q Wheel blocks q Levelers q Motor oil /fluids q Tire pressure gauge MOTOR & VEHICLE q Insurance coverage q Gloves: work & disposable q Tool kit q Flashlight q Collapsible shovel q Bungee cords q Rope q Duct tape q Super glue q WD-40 q Pocket knife q Fire extinguisher q Tarp GENERAL q RV owner’s manual q Warranty documents MISCELLANEOUS q Hose kits q Bucket q Water pressure valve q Tank cleaner HOLDING TANKS q Power/extension cord q Portable generator q 20, 30, 50 amp adapters q Voltmeter q Spare fuses q Electrical tape & wire q Spare batteries q Battery charger q Jumper cables ELECTRICAL & BATTERY RV Maintenance & Safety Checklist STATEPARKS.UTAH.GOV Field Guide Utah State Parks Plan your trip Utah State Parks are open every day except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For individual park hours visit our website Utah State Park Locations Reservations Secure a campsite, pavilion, group area, or boat slip in advance by calling 800-322-3770 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or visit 84 Cache Logan Golden Spike 23 N.H.S. Box Elder Wasatch-Cashe N.F. Brigham City G re at 45 Weber l Sa Reservations are always recommended. Individual campsite reservations may be made up to four months in advance and no fewer than two days before desired arrival date. Up to three individual campsite reservations per customer are permitted at most state parks. t L Park Passes ak 2 e 80 84 3 # Randolph Rich 27 9 8 40 Coalville 34 21 State Parks State Capitol Cities Rivers Lakes Manila Summit 25 Ashley N.F. 38 33 Dinosaur N.M. Wasatch-Cashe N.F. Vernal 7 13 Wasatch Orem 41 Duchesne Uinta N.F. Nephi iv Uintah Ashley N.F. Price Carbon 22 Manti Castle Dale 19 Grand Green River Arches N.P. 16 Capitol Reef N.P. 29 Loa 6 Hanksville Wayne Canyonlands N.P. 11 Co er Manti-La Sal N.F. lo Monticello 10 Garfield Cedar Breaks N.M. Boulder 26 Natural Bridges N.R.A. Blanding Arches N.P. Bryce Canyon N.P. 32 Flaming Gorge N.R.A. Daggett Duchesne 44 Heber City 42 Uinta N.F. Provo Utah 15 Juab Manti-La Sal N.F. 46 30 Fish Lake N.F. 28 Gunnison Sanpete 39 Millard Emery Manti-La Sal N.F. Fillmore 43 70 Rich
Utah T R AV E L G U I D E 225 miles to Boise 230 miles to Yellowstone Sawtooth National Forest 155 miles to Grand Teton GARDEN CIT Y 15 84 Bear Lake 89 LOGAN R ANDOLPH GOLDEN SPIKE NTL. HISTORIC PARK 30 15 39 BRIGHAM CIT Y Cache National Forest OGDEN Great Salt Lake 400 miles to Reno 84 EVANSTON FLAMING GORGE NTL. REC. AREA 150 80 SALT LAKE CITY 191 80 WENDOVER 215 K AMA S PARK CIT Y Uinta National Forest TOOELE Wasatch National Forest TIMPANOGOS CAVE NTL. MONUMENT Utah Lake 36 DINOSAUR NTL. MONUMENT VERNAL HEBER CIT Y 35 191 40 PROVO 40 300 miles to Denver ive r DUCHESNE Wasatch National Forest 89 Ashley National Forest Manti-La Sal National Forest Gr Uinta National Forest ee nR 191 6 PRICE 31 6 15 Fishlake National Forest 12 miles to Great Basin 50 JURASSIC NTL. MONUMENT MANTI 28 C A STLE DALE 6 10 257 FILLMORE 70 RICHFIELD GREEN RIVER 70 ARCHES NATIONAL PARK 24 Fishlake National Forest 24 30 miles to Grand Junction 191 128 MOAB 21 CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK 15 89 62 BEAVER Manti-La Sal National Forest 24 CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK TORREY 95 89 CEDAR CIT Y PANGUITCH 276 ESC AL ANTE 12 CEDAR BREAKS NTL. MONUMENT Dixie National Forest MONTICELLO 491 Manti-La Sal National Forest NATURAL BRIDGES NTL. MONUMENT BL ANDING GLEN CANYON NTL. REC. AREA BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK ZION NATIONAL PARK 9 95 K ANAB 180 miles to Grand Canyon To request a free Official Utah Highway Map, please contact the Utah Department of Transportation at 801-965-4000 or the Utah Office of Tourism at 801-538-1900 89 GRAND STAIRCASE– ESCALANTE NTL. MONUMENT Lake Powell 55 miles to Mesa Verde HOVENWEEP NTL. MONUMENT BEARS 261 EARS NTL. MONUMENT BLUFF SPRINGDALE ST. GEORGE 110 miles to Las Vegas ve r Ri Dixie National Forest Dixie National Forest PAROWAN 191 12 Co lo ra do 130 MONUMENT VALLEY National Forest MEXIC AN HAT 162 Four Corners Area FOUR CORNERS MONUMENT National Park State Park TRAVEL GUIDE CONTENTS FOREVER MIGHTY® PAGE 2 Forever Mighty means preparing for the outdoors and traveling mindfully. Use these resources to help you plan and prepare for your visit. THE BUCKET LIST PAGE 4 Ride with bison, raft the West’s best whitewater, rappel down slot canyons, then hook a trophy trout — and your vacation is just getting started. Fulfill — or create — your Utah Bucket List with these nine unforgettable adventures. GETTING HERE & AROUND PAGE 10 Getting to Utah is easy, and with a little know-how, getting around is also a breeze. Traveling in Utah means falling in love with Utah. SALT LAKE CITY & THE WASATCH FRONT PAGE 12 You think you know Salt Lake? Immerse yourself in the experiences that truly define this vibrant city and the greater Wasatch Front. DINING GUIDE 3 4 5 6 7 PAGE 16 Get to know the sophisticated culinary side of Utah with help from a renowned dining critic. This roundup is a mere stepping off point of can’t-miss eateries from Salt Lake City and around the state. THE GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH ® PAGE 24 Zip up your coat, then point your skis or board down your choice of nearly 1,000 runs at 14 ski resorts. Repeat. This is your guide to getting here, getting around and making the most of winter on your Utah ski vacation. TOP RATED UTAH PAGE 30 Travelers to Utah love their experiences so much they can’t resist sharing them with the world. Here are several top attractions trending on TripAdvisor that deserve a spot on your vacation itinerary. PARKS & OUTDOORS PAGE 36 Your adventure starts with The Mighty 5 national parks. It continues with multiple national monuments, recreation areas and state parks plus vast stretches of national forest and open lands filling the space between them. ® SCENIC BYWAYS PAGE 50 The lure of the open road is strong in Utah. No matter where you drive here, there’s a scenic way to get where you’re going. These seven scenic byways will fill your eyes with Utah’s iconic visual splendor. HERITAGE & ARTS PAGE 56 Utah has a variety of art and history destinations, as well as a vibrant art, theater, film, festival and music scene. Utah’s pioneer and indigenous heritage is the foundation, and our uniquely contemporary offerings include a thriving Olympic spirit, inspiring earth art and rural artist communities. BEFORE YOU GO & RESOURCES PAGE 64 Traveling to Utah is an adventure. It helps to come prepared, always with a little knowledge, sometimes with gear and supplies. Here are a few tips to help you start planning and packing for Utah. Join us in keeping Utah FOREVER MIGHTY ® Utah welcomes all adventurers who care for people and place. As you travel through Utah, we ask you to: BE PREPARED FOR THE OUTDOORS BE MINDFUL OF THE PLACES YOU VISIT Forever Mighty means knowing how to Leave No Trace in the outdoors, support local EXVLQHVVHVWUDYHOVDIHO\LQUHPRWHDUHDVQRWRYHUFURZGGHVWLQDWLRQVDQGLQŴXHQFH for good on social media. TRAVEL TIP #1: TRAVEL TI
Utah is the place where prehistory intersects with the enduring spirit of the Old West. Wild, adventure-rich places cradle vibrant urban centers. With interstates and airplanes, the world can feel pretty small. On Utah’s designated scenic byways, the world feels grand; its horizons seem infinite. As you drive through Utah, you’ll inevitably encounter many of the state’s scenic byways. In total, Utah’s distinct topography provides the surface for 27 scenic byways, which add up to hundreds of miles of vivid travel experiences wherein the road trip is as memorable as the destination. Utah’s All-American Road: Scenic Byway 12 headlines the network of top roads thanks to landscapes and heritage unlike anywhere else in the nation. All of Utah’s scenic byways are explorative journeys filled with trailheads, scenic overlooks, museums, local flavors and vibrant communities where you can stop for the night or hook up your RV. Not sure where to start? In the following pages, you’ll discover monumental upheavals of exposed rock strata among multiple national and state parks along the All-American Road (pg. 4); dense concentrations of fossils along Dinosaur Diamond (pg. 8); and the blazing red cliffs and deep blue waters of Flaming Gorge–Uintas (pg. 12) — and that’s just in the first three highlighted byways. Your journey continues down two dozen additional byways, arranged north to south. Best of all, these byways access an outdoor adventureland you can hike, fish, bike, raft, climb and explore from sunup to sundown — then stay up to welcome the return of the Milky Way. But get some sleep. There’s more road ahead. Vicki Varela Managing Director, Utah Office of Tourism, Film and Global Branding 2 Bear Lake GARDEN CITY 15 84 1 LOGAN 30 16 BRIGHAM CITY 3 15 5 OGDEN Great Salt Lake 80 84 4 Flaming Gorge MANILA ANTELOPE ISLAND STATE PARK SALT LAKE CITY 80 WENDOVER 150 11 191 PARK CITY 6 196 DINOSAUR NTL. MONUMENT VERNAL 7 TOOELE 8 35 40 PROVO Utah Lake 9 DUCHESNE 40 TIMPANOGOS CAVE NTL. MONUMENT 12 191 6 ' ,, ' ' , .. ... - ,. r - ...- .... 89 96 Ri v er 10 6 Gr e en PRICE 31 15 6 89 28 191 MANTI CASTLE DALE 50 6 100 GREEN RIVER 10 FILLMORE 257 70 70 RICHFIELD ARCHES NATIONAL PARK 24 24 13 16 GOBLIN VALLEY STATE PARK 25 MOAB 313 15 89 15 LOA 62 BEAVER CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK 17 14 24 HANKSVILLE CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK TORREY 95 18 23 89 24 191 211 Co lo ra do 130 12 ve r 20 Ri 21 BOULDER PAROWAN CEDAR CITY 21 15 27 95 276 22 ZION NATIONAL PARK 59 89 NATURAL BRIDGES NTL. MONUMENT BLANDING 95 BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK 9 ST. GEORGE 12 19 26 SNOW CANYON STATE PARK ESCALANTE 143 20 MONTICELLO PANGUITCH HOVENWEEP NTL. MONUMENT 25 276 GRAND STAIRCASE–ESCALANTE NATIONAL MONUMENT 261 BLUFF 163 491 SPRINGDALE KANAB MEXICAN HAT 89 Lake Powell MONUMENT VALLEY 191 FOUR CORNERS MONUMENT 160 ~ National Forest ~ National Park/Monument • City Paved Road Unpaved Road = Interstate -------- 1. Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway 2. Bear Lake Scenic Byway 3. Ogden River Scenic Byway 4. Great Salt Lake Legacy Parkway 5. Mirror Lake Scenic Byway 6. Big Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway 7. Little Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway 8. Provo Canyon Scenic Byway 9. Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway 10. Energy Loop: Huntington & Eccles Canyon Ntl. Scenic Byway 11. Flaming Gorge–Uintas National Scenic Byway 12. Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway–Ntl. Scenic Byway 13. Dead Horse Mesa Scenic Byway 14. Potash–Lower Colorado River Scenic Byway --- ----- 15. Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway 16. Fish Lake Scenic Byway 17. Capitol Reef Country Scenic Byway 18. Scenic Byway 12 All-American Road 19. Utah’s Patchwork Parkway National Scenic Byway 20. Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway 21. Markagunt High Plateau Scenic Byway 22. Mount Carmel Scenic Byway 23. Bicentennial Highway 24. Indian Creek Scenic Byway 25. Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway 26. Kolob Fingers Road Scenic Byway 27. Zion Park Scenic Byway GUIDE CONTENTS HIGHLIGHTS DINOSAUR DIAMOND PREHISTORIC HIGHWAY NATIONAL SCENIC BY WAY PAGE 08 ALL-AMERICAN ROAD: SCENIC BYWAY 12 PAGE 04 Thor’s Hammer, Bryce Canyon National Park | Larry Price Look for the Geocaching logo throughout this guide to see how many caches are placed on or near each byway Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum, Vernal | Mark Osler FLAMING GORGE – UINTAS NATIONAL SCENIC BY WAY PAGE 12 Flaming Gorge | Dan Ransom ~I Explore more road trips and itineraries at .__ ________ 02 __J The Hogsback, All-American Highway: Scenic Byway 12 | Michael Kunde NORTH TO SOUTH LOGAN CANYON TO OGDEN RIVER SCENIC BY WAY LOOP 16 GREAT SALT LAKE LEGACY PARKWAY SCENIC BY WAY 20 MIRROR LAKE SCENIC BY WAY 21 BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON SCENIC BY WAY 22 LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON SCENIC BY WAY 23 PROVO RIVER SCENIC BY WAY 24 NEBO LOOP

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