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Dutch Hollow Trails at Wasatch Mountain State Park in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

Trail Etiquette n PLAN AHEAD Check out rules and regulations for the area. Take a map and plan your trip before you go. Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Prepare for all types of weather. Take plenty of water and sunscreen. Bikers Address inquires to: Wear a helmet. Wasatch Mountain State Park PO Box 10 Midway, UT 84049-0010 (435) 654-1791 (Visitor Center) Ride in the middle of the trail to prevent widening. Yield and use caution when approaching stock animals. Do not make sudden movements or loud noises, which may startle the animals. n BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER TRAIL USERS Yield to hikers, other bikers, and equestrians, and any users traveling uphill. Always be in control of your bike. Be courteous and yield to other trail users. Respect Wildlife When encountering equestrians, step to the downhill side of the trail. Avoid making sudden movements or loud noises. n STAY ON THE TRAIL Stay on designated trails. Do not cut switchbacks. n DISPOSE OF WASTE PROPERLY Pack it in, pack it out. Please use the restroom at the trailhead. n LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND Leave all rocks, plants, and other natural objects undisturbed. Do not remove or damage historical structures and artifacts. Equestrians Use certified, weed-free hay to prevent the spread of noxious weeds and exotic plant species. Remove or scatter manure and excess hay. Stay on trails and travel in single file to minimize impact. Avoid riding horses on muddy trails. Deep holes lead to erosion. Enjoy and observe wildlife from a distance. Never follow, approach, or feed wildlife. Keep pets on a leash and under control at all times to avoid conflicts with animals and other trail users. Utah State Parks and Recreation PO Box 146001 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6001 (801) 538-7220 stateparks.utah.gov Wasatch Mountain State Park Dutch Hollow Trails Utah State Parks mission . . . To enhance the quality of life by preserving and providing natural, cultural and recreational resources for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations. Rules at a Glance This trail is shared by hikers, bikers, and equestrians. Please be aware of following regulations to ensure everyone’s visit is pleasant: Dutch Hollow Road is open to street legal vehicles. Off-highway vehicles, ATVs and dirtbikes are not allowed in the canyon. Hunting is allowed. Refer to proclamation for more information. The canyon is open to day-use only. Overnight camping is prohibited. No fires. Please keep dogs leashed and in control at all times. Please stay on designated trails. Adopt-A-Trail Contact Wasatch Mountain State Park Visitor Center if interested in helping to maintain these trails. Printed on recycled paper. Utah State Parks Dutch Hollow Trails n ENCHANTED FOREST Distance - 1.1 mile section Difficulty - Most difficult. Trail is not recommended for horses due to narrowness of the trail and height restrictions. Part shade. Symbols suggest recommended users. Trails are open to all users. Difficulty rating system is based on mountain biking. n GOBBLERS GULCH n SAGE Distance - 1 mile section Difficulty - More difficult. Trail follows gully to park boundary. Steep climb. Part shade. Distance - 2 miles Difficulty - Easy for hiking, more difficult for mountain bikes. Single track, some technical sections. Some shade. n DUTCH CANYON ROAD Distance - 4 miles Difficulty - Easy. Wide, rocky, dirt road with gradual climb through canyon. Some shade. n DUTCHMAN WAY Distance - 1.5 miles Difficulty - Easy. Sandy sections make travel difficult for mountain bikes. Very little shade. n AQUEDUCT Distance - 1 mile section Difficulty - More difficult. Single track trail follows ledge. Very little shade. n COTTONTAIL LOOP Distance - 1.5-mile loop Difficulty - Easy. Some technical sections. No single track. Offers views of the valley. Some shade. n BURNT RIDGE Distance - .5 mile Difficulty - More difficult. Access trail via Cottontail or Sage loops. Trail follows ridge and overlooks Heber and Jordanelle valleys. n INTERLAKEN Upper Lower Distance - 1 mile one-way Difficulty - More difficult. Technical trail, single track with bridges near Interlaken Estates. Trail ends on private property. n DONKEY RIDGE Distance - 1.5 miles one-way Difficulty - More difficult. Trail accesses Donkey Ridge near Interlaken. Trail ends on private property. Little shade. Connects to Dutchman Way Trail. n HEBER VALLEY OVERLOOK Distance - 1 mile Difficulty - Easy. Trail overlooks the Provo River, Heber Valley and Midway Valley, with great views of Timpanogos. Education panel located .5 miles from start of loop. Luge n 1000 TURNS Distance - 1.5 mile section Difficulty - Easy to more difficult. First section follows contour trail, then has a smaller section of technical turns. Some shade. This trail is not recommended for horses due to trail size and height restrictions. n THE BONEYARD Distance - 1 mile section. Difficulty - Most difficult. Named Boneyard for obvious reasons, this trail has very steep sections. Visitors are warned to use extreme caution on this trail. n THE BARREL Distance - .5 mile Difficulty - Most difficult. Trail follows a steep drainage down and intersects Cottontail Loop. Downhill traffic only. Very technical, experts only.

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