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Brochure of Kodachrome Basin State Park in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

Kodachrome Basin State Park Map and Guide Kodachrome Basin Geology Kodachrome Basin is a spectacle of towering sandstone chimneys, changing in color and shadow with the day’s mood - from red-tinged spires against a blue sky, to soft evening light settling over the desert. This color and contrast prompted the National Geographic Society in 1949, with consent to name park consentfrom fromKodak KodakFilm FilmCorporation, Corp., to name thethe park Kodachrome. The story of Kodachrome Basin began more than 180 million years ago. It is the story of the Earth itself, and of the constant changes that occur due to the forces of nature. Like the chapters in a book, each rock layer reveals a chapter in Kodachrome Basin’s history, telling of times when this desert land was covered by vast inland seas and raging rivers. It reveals times of great violence and upheaval and times of relative peace, and how the relentless power of wind and water shaped the landscape around us. Nearly 70 monolithic spires, ranging from six to 170 170 feet feet in in height, height,jut jutup upfrom fromthe thevalley valleyfloor floor or protrude from the sandstone. These natural towers stand like stone sentries overlooking the a backdrop that isthat sureistosure to the park, park creating and create a backdrop delight the senses and spark the imagination. The redrock and semi-desert climate make this state park attractive to visitors all year. You will have to reread this story many times because, unlike most stories, this one has no ending. It is being rewritten everyday by each drop of rain that falls and each gust of wind that blows. Kodachrome Basin can be reached by following Scenic Byway 12, an All American Road and one of the most spectacular drives in the West, to Cannonville, then south nine miles on a paved road. Geologic History Kodachrome Basin State Park is located on the Colorado Plateau, an uplifted region that covers much of the four corners area of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico Mexico,and and Colorado. Colorado. Within Within the park, park, the the exposed formations range from the middle Jurassic Period (180 million years ago) to the Cretaceous Period (95 million years ago). Carmel Formation: Deposits from an inland sea that existed 180 million years ago formed this layer. This is the oldest exposed formation in the park. The Carmel Formation is characterized by solid layers of the mineral gypsum, which forms white striations in the red colored cliffs in the lower elevations of the park. Entrada Formation: Lying just above the Carmel Formation is the red colored Entrada. The Entrada was formed from deposits that were laid down during the mid-to-late Jurassic Period, approximately 180 to 140 milllion years ago. Utah State Parks It is primarily composed of fine grained sandstone along with with gypsum, gypsum, shale, shale,quartz, quartz and and clay. clay. This This formation is one of the most scenic in the park due to its color. It also forms the ubiquitous “slickrock” of southern Utah. Most of the sedimentary pipes found within the park occur in this formation. Henrieville Sandstone: Deposited near the end of the Jurassic Period, the Henrieville Sandstone is white to tan in appearance. Deposits of Henrieville Sandstone are almost unnoticable in the main part of the park. However, Grosvenor Arch, located approximately 11 miles south of the park, was formed within this sandstone. Dakota and Tropic Shale Formations: These are the uppermost formations visible in the park. They were deposited approximately 95 million years ago when a vast seaway covered much of the interior of North America, including most of Utah. Sedimentary Pipes Nearby Activities The most distinctive features in the park are the large columns of sedimentary rock that rise from the basin floor. These are known as sedimentary pipes. Approximately 67 sedimentary pipes have been identified in Kodachrome Basin and in the area adjacent to the park. Geologists are unsure of the exact origin of the pipes, but several theories have been proposed that might explain their formation. In addition addition to to photography, photography, hiking, hiking, horseback horseback riding, and mountain mountain biking, visitors riding and visitors should should plan plan to visit Grand Staircase - Escalante National visit the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument. Monument. Grosvenor Grosvenor Arch, an intricate intricate double double arch arch located located 11 11miles milessoutheast southeastofof Kodachrome Basin, is one of of the the state’s state’smost most impressive arches. Also, Cottonwood Canyon Canyon and the the Paria Paria River area, south south of of Kodachrome Kodachrome Basin, offer offer unlimited unlimitedpossibilities possibilitiestotoexplore. explore. Evidence recorded in the rock layers within the park park indicate indicatethis thisarea areawas wasseismically seismically active throughout most of its geologic history. Earthquakes may have provided the force necessary to cause coarse, water-saturated sediments to scour pathways through the overlying rock layers. These pathways became filled with the coarse sediment and eventually re-cemented and became harder than the surrounding rock. Over time, erosion has removed the softer layers, revealing the pipes. A second theory explains the pipes as the remnants of ancient springs. The springs became choked with sediments, which eventually cemented together and became more erosion-resistant than the surrounding rock. The softer rock layers were eventually worn away by erosion, exposing the sedimentary pipes. Plants At an elevation of 5,800 feet, the lands of Kodachrome Basin are classified as semidesert in the upper Sonoran life zone. Plants must adapt to drought conditions and extreme temperatures. Medium-sized trees include pinyon pine and and Utah juniper. Common plants pinion pine are big sage, rabbit brush, single leaf ash, ephedra Ephedra (mormon (Mormon tea), tea), fremont Fremontholly, holly,and and buffalo berry. Flowering plants and grasses also thrive and include bee balm, Indian paintbrush, evening primrose, yellow flax, biscuit root, locoweed, Indian rice grass, corral grass, and and needle needleand andthread threadgrass. grass. Facilities Facilities Our facilities include 3 campgrounds with 62 sites total, 28 ofinclude those with power and water, and each Facilities 3 campgrounds (32 units site comes equipped with a picnic table, firepit, and 21 power units), restrooms, hot showers and views. Fresh water is also available and stunning sewage disposal station. Each campsite throughout the park along with firewood and a has a picnic table, cement pad, fire pit, and laundromat to fulfill your camping needs. The barbecue grill. One and largeOasis group area,Site withboth Basin Campground Group picnicrestrooms tables, fire pit,hot and barbecue grillsyou are have with showers to help great for group outings. Fresh water, firewood, relax in the evening and don't forget to check out andnewly laundromat are visitor avaliable. our renovated center/gift shop! Recently, a new theory proposes that the pipes were formed from water-saturated pockets buried under layers of other sediments over a period of several million years. Pressure from the overlying sediments forced the wet slurry upwards. The rising slurry scoured pathways through the overlying rock, eventually cementing into hard rock. Erosion stripped away the softer rock layers revealing the landscape you see today. Reservations Reservations No matter how they were formed, the pipes provide a landscape that is truly unique to Kodachrome Basin. Reservations are available for individual sites (with group-use (with or or without withoutpower), power), agroup -use campsite, campsite, and and 66 person personbunkhouses bunkhouseswhere where you must provide your own bedding. Individual reservations may be made a minimum of two days in advance of arrival date and up to four months in advance from park check-out date. Group-use reservations may be made up to 11 months in advance. To make aa reservation, reservation, call (800) To make (800) 322-3770 322-3770oror Wildlife Animals must must also also adapt adapt to tothis thisrather ratherharsh harsh environment. bobcat, include and grey fox are environment. Coyote, Larger animals mule commonly found andlion prey the black-tailed deer, and mountain oron cougar. Coyote, jack andand cotton grey prey squirrel, bobcat, greytailfoxrabbits, commonly on and chipmunk. Larger animals of the area include the black-tailed jack and cottontail rabbits, mule deer andand mountain lion or cougar. There grey squirrel, chipmunk. There are also are also kangaroo rats, mice, Sonoran whip kangaroo rats, mice, Sonoran whip snakes, snakes, gopher snakes, Great Basin andfaded midget gopher snakes, Great Basin and midget faded rattlesnakes, and fence and lizards. whip lizards. rattlesnakes, and fence and whip Several species of birds include common include the common raven, golden eagle, pinion pinyon jay, jay,scrub scrubjay, jay, rock wren, logger head shrike, shrike, titmouse, titmouse,and and chipping chipping sparrow. go to stateparks.utah.gov. Reservations are not required but are advised. Unreserved sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. User Fees User Fees Use fees are charged for day-use, camping, and Day-use and camping fees are charged. Extra extra vehicles. Extra vehicle fees will be charged for of 1 additional vehicle per site. Shower feeaislimit charged for one additional vehicle and dump allowed at fees site. apply to day-use visitors wanting to use those facilities. Services Services A laundromat is availiable at the park as well as showers, a dump station, and whichfor cananbe showers and dump station areWi-Fi availiable accessed the visitor center only. additionalat fee. Weather Have you you ever ever heard heard the the saying saying,“if “Ifyou youdon’t don’tlike like the the weather, weather, wait wait five five minutes minutes and it will change”? change?” Perhaps Perhaps nowhere nowhere is is this this truer truerthan thanininsouthern southern Utah. The weather here is very unpredictable unpredictable and and can can change change rapidly rapidlyand andwith withvery verylittle littlewarning. warning.Plan Planahead aheadand andbe beprepared preparedfor forinclement inclement weather at all times of the year. Spring: May, and and early June June can can be be very very pleasant pleasant times of the year at Kodachrome Spring: April, May, Kodachrome Basin. Basin. Daytime Daytime temperatures temperaturesare aregenerally generallywarm, warm,but but overnight temperatures throughout thethe season. temperatures can candrop dropinto intothe the20s. 20s.There Thereisisstill stillaachance chanceofofsnow snowininApril Apriland andblustery blusterywinds windsare area apossibility possibility throughout season. Summer: Late June, June,July, July,August, August,and andearly earlySeptember Septemberare arethe thehottest hottestmonths months at at the the park. Daytime highs are in the Summer: Late the 90s 90sto tonear near100 100degrees. degrees. Nighttime temperatures are perfect for sleeping and often drop into the 50s. Summer thunderstorms are a real threat this time of year and can produce heavy downpours, extreme winds, dangerous lightning, lightning and flash flooding. Fall: Fall: Warm late September September and and early early October October with with daytime daytime highs highsininthe the70s 70sand andovernight overnightlows lowsininthe the30s. 30s. Warm days days and and cool cool nights nights are are the norm in late By the middle of October, nights can get very cold. The first hints of winter are experienced in November as both daytime high temperatures and overnight lows begin to drop and snow becomes a possibility. Winter: Cold is the watchword through the winter months at the park. Daytime highs from December into March are often not much above the freezing point. Overnight lows can be well below zero. Heavy snow can occur at any time during this period, making travel and outdoor activities perilous, if not impossible. Visitor Center FREE Wi-Fi Access Come in for hard serve ice cream, cold drinks, coffee, and tea. We also offer a variety of hot foods and our store has plenty of apparel, stickers, books, magnets, and postcards in stock to fulfill your Kodachrome inspired souvenir needs. We are open daily year-round with hours subject to change. You can also rent games, climb our rockwall, and ask about our bike and disc golf rentals. Safety Weather: Weather: Summer temperatures can be extremely hot. Seek shade during the hottest part of the day and drink plenty of water…at water... atleast leastone onegallon gallonper perperson, person,per perday. day.Dress Dress appropriately appropriately (loose fitting, light colored cotton or lightweight, lightweight, breathable breathable synthetic clothing clothing is is best) best) and and wear wear sunscreen and a hat. Summer thunderstorms can bring frequent and extreme cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. Seek shelter anytime thunderstorms are in the area. These storms can produce large amounts of rain rain,which whichcan cancause causeflash flashflooding floodingininlow-lying low-lyingareas, areas,ininwashes washesand andcanyons, canyons,and andalong along streams. Damaging hail is also common from these storms. Temperatures during winter months can be extremely variable and weather conditions can change rapidly and without warning. Wear layers of clothing and equip yourself for extreme cold, wind, and precipitation. Animals: Rattlesnakes, scorpions, and poisonous spiders all inhabit this area. LOOK before putting your hands in or under vegetation, in rocky crevices, or in any other area where these animals animals might might seek seek shelter. shelter.Always Always carry a light light at at night night,and andwatch watchfor forsnakes snakesalong alongroadways, roadways, trails, and walking paths. Roads: Most dirt or or gravel gravel and and can can quickly quicklybecome becomeimpassable impassible due to to Most roads in this area are dirt rain or or snow. Make sure your vehicle is in in good repair repair and and that thatyou youhave have at atleast leastone onegood good spare tire tire and and aa reliable reliablejack jackbefore beforetraveling travelingon onbackcountry backcountryroads. roads.Take Takewater, water,food, food and and extra extra clothing clothing with with you. you. Check current road conditions at the park visitor center or at any BLM Visitor Center before traveling. Always leave a travel itinerary with a friend or family member when traveling in the backcountry. T Cell phones DO NOT Scan the QR code or visit parkspass.utah.gov to purchase your workday-use in this area! online. = MO PLEASE ENJOY YOUR VISIT AND PLEASE STAY SAFE! Camping at Kodachrome Basin Generator Hours - Noon to 4:00 p.m. ONLY RV Dump Station Restrooms Restrooms To visitor center Firewood N Water Water *sites accommodate 4 people ADA Campsite 63 Firewood Dish Wash Station 13 15 12 17 21 Double Site Oasis Group Site 61 19 B 22 16 11 9 29 31 ost 20 33 N 54 10 18 23 27 24 H Camp 62 14 *Each campsite can accomodate 2 tents. **Sites 2 and 22-34 have full hook-ups. To entrance gate and visitor center 53 60 6 A 8 4 Se 55 rv 26 7 2 28 ice Ro 59 ad 5 30 32 3 34 56 1 Basin Campground Park Guidelines Park Guidelines Please observe the following park regulations to ensure a safe and Please observe the following park pleasant visit. regulations to ensure a safe and pleasant- Camp visit.only in designated areas. Each Camping permit covers one vehicle and any attached recreational equipment. One extra vehicle is Each Camping - Camp only in designated areas. allowed per campsite for an additional fee. permit covers one vehicle and any attached recreational equipment. There is an extra fee for Keep exterior lighting at campsites to a minimum additional vehicles camping to help others enjoyorthe beautyequipment. of the night Only skys.one extra vehicle and up to eight people are allowed in a campsite. * Sites 1-34, 40-63, & bunkhouses are reservable. reservable. * Sites A and B are first-come, first-served and are available upfirst-come, to 14 nights.first-served and *Sites A and Bforare arealso available up to 14 nights. * We offer 2for backcountry campsites. Fires - Campfires may be built in specified areas only. Do not leave fires unattended. Use only water, 57 Bryce View Campground 58 Check-out is at noon not dirt or sand, to extinguish fires. Gathering firewood is prohibited. Fireworks - Unless authorized by the park manager, explosives, fireworks or firecrackers are prohibited in state parks. Pets - Pets must be on a maximum six-foot leash at all times. Service animals are the only animals admitted in park buildings. Do not leave pets unattended and please clean up after them. Plants and Animals - All plants, animals, animals, minerals, minerals and other natural features in state parks are protected. It is unlawful to remove, alter, or destroy them. Trash - Please dispose of trash properly. Receptaclesare arelocated locatedininthe thecampground campgroundand andatat Dumpsters the Oasis Oasis Group Groupsite. site.Please Pleasedodonot not burn trash the burn trash in in fire rings or grills. Vandalism - It is unlawful to mutilate or deface any natural or man-made structure. natural feature or constructed feature or structure. Please Please helpour keep ourbeautiful. parks beautiful. help keep parks Wastewater - It is unlawful to dump or drain wastewater from campers or trailers onto the ground or into lakes and streams. A disposal station is located on the east side of the campground. Vehicles - Vehicles and bicycles must stay on roadways or designated trails. Please, no bicycles on campground pathways. OHVs not registered as “street legal” must be kept on trailers while in the park. Quiet Hours - 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. quiet hours are strictly enforced. No unreasonable noise at anytime. Generator Generator Hours Hours - Noon to 4:00 p.m. only. Park Location: Nine miles southeast off of Highway 12. GPS: type in "Kodachrome Basin State Park" Operating Hours: The park is open year-round. 7 6 a.m. a.m.toto10 10p.m p.m. Address Inquiries To: Kodachrome Basin State Park P.O. Box 180069 Cannonville, UT 84718-0069 (435) 679-8562 or Utah State Parks and Recreation P.O. Box 146001 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6001 (801) 538-7220 stateparks.utah.gov For Reservations Call: (800) 322-3770 Utah State Parks Mission: To enhance enhance the byby preserving thequality qualityofoflifelife preserving and cultural, and and providing providingnatural, natural, cultural and recreational forfor thethe enjoyment, recreationalresources resources enjoyment, education, of of this andand education and andinspiration inspiration this future futuregenerations. generations. Information contained was accurate Information containedininthis thisbrochure brochure was accurate fees, hours, at the the time timeofofprinting. printing.Policies, Policies,facilities, facilities, fees, hours and regulations, regulations,etc., etc.,change changeas asmandated. mandated.For For updated information park. updated informationplease pleasecontact contactthe the park. Department of The Utah Department ofNatural NaturalResources Resourcesreceives receives federal aid onon thethe federal aid and andprohibits prohibitsdiscrimination discrimination basis of of race, race, color, color, sex, sex, age, age, national nationalorigin, origin or or disability. For disability. For information informationororcomplaints complaintsregarding regarding discrimination, contact discrimination, contactExecutive ExecutiveDirector, Director,Utah Utah Department of Department ofNatural NaturalResources, Resources,P.O. P.O.Box Box 145610, 145610, UT 84114-5610 84114-5610 or Salt Lake City, UT orEqual EqualEmployment Employment Opportunity Commission, Opportunity Commission,1801 1801L LStreet, Street,NW, NW, 20507-001. Washington DC 20507-001. Your park fees provide provide for for the the care, protection, and enhancement enhancement of this park. Your park protection and Check out our 18-hole disc golf course located next to the visitor center. Discs are available to rent or buy. Guided horse back rides are also available in the park. Call or stop by the corral to make a reservation. (435) 679-8100 ` Trail Descriptions Parade Trail:A scenic 1.5-mile (2.4km) trail that stays on the valley floor of TrailGrand Descriptions Kodachrome Basin. Users will be able to observe bird and plant life and explore two box c Grand Trail: A scenicEasy. 1.5-mile (2.4 trail that on the floor of anyonsParade along the trail. Difficulty: Open to:km) Hiking, and stays Biking. Kodachrome Basin. Users will be able to observe bird and plant life and explore two box Panorama Trail: 3 mile (4.85km) trail winding its way across the western side of the p canyons along the trail.ADifficulty: Easy. Open to: Hikers, horses, bicycles (Box canyons are ark. This trail allows users to view several sedimentary pipes and explore some interesting g open to foot travel only) eological features such as ""Secret Passage", Ballerina Spire, and "Mammoth Spire O verlook". Difficulty: Open to: Hiking and Biking Panorama Trail: Easy/Moderate. Winding its way across the western side of the park, this trail allows the user to view several sedimentary pipes and explore some interesting geological features Panorama Trail Extentions: such as “Cool Cave,” “Secret Passage,” and “The Hat Shop.” It can be done as either a 3-mile (4.85 km) or a 6-mile (9.7 km) loop. Difficulty: Easy/Moderate. Open to: Hikers, Panorama Point: A 1 mile (1.6km) round trip extention of the Panorama Trail that o horses, bicycles ffers breathtaking views of Kodachrome Basin and the Grand S Angel’s Palace Trail : Rising 150ft (46M) above the basin floor, Trail Regulations this Rules 1.5-mile and (2.4km) trail affords magnificent views of K Basin, Bryce Canyon, and theoff surrounding area. It's a 1. odachrome Hike only on designated trails. Hiking trail (shortcutting, n excellent trail for photographers. Difficulty: Easy/Moderate. O crosscutting, creating “social” trails) can damage fragile desert pen to: Hikers plant life and soils, and increase erosion and runoff. Nature Trail: Informational panels alongunstable this .5 mile 2. Rock faces within the park are extremely and( unsafe. 0.8km) hard surface trail will give the user an introduction Hiking, climbing, bouldering, or scrambling on rock faces tis o plants, animals, and geology of the area. Difficulty: Easy. O strictly prohibited. pen to: Hikers, ADA accessible. 3. No backcountry camping. Sentinel Trail: A 1.7 Mile (2.7km) loop that gives close a 4. ccess Pets must kept onSpire leashwhich at all you times. cleanentering up afterK to thebeSentinel canPlease see when your pet. Difficulty: Easy to Sentinel Spire, moderate to s odachrome. trenuous Open to: Hikers 5. All plantsafter. and animals within the park are protected by law. Do not pick or damage plants and never harass or harm wildlife. taircase National Monument. ising 150 feet (46 m) above the basin floor, this 1.5-mile (2.4 t views of Kodachrome Basin, Bryce Canyon and the surrounding Cool Cave Loop: This 2 mile (3.2km) extention of the Panorama Trail meanders a Trail Rules and Regulations long the valley floor taking you into a large alcove formation c 6. prepared stay safe.trails. KnowHiking your route, your physical 1.Be Hike only onand designated off trail, shortcutting, Nature Trail: alled Cool Cave named aptly for its cooler tempratures and it r limitations, and the weather forecast. Always carry plenty crosscutting, and creating "Social" trails can damage fragileof water. eallytoisthe "pretty cool"! give the user an introduction plants, animals, and geology found within Kodachrome desert plant life and soils, and increase erosions and runoff. Basin. Difficulty: Easy. Open to: Hikers, ADA accessible Shepherd's Loop:This is an additional 3 mile (4.85km) extension off of the Cool Cave L Please Stay On Trails 2. Backcountry camping available only in designated oop. Classified as strenuous for the elevation gain and loss t backcountry sites. hrougout the trail. This trail offers stunning views of Kodachrome B Shakespeare Arch (0.5 miles/0.8km), Moderate strenuous thereafter. Open to: Hikers asin as well as views oftoPowell Point, Bryce Canyon, and the G soils. It provides critical nutrients to plants, absorbs and holds 3. Pets must be kept on leash at all times. Please clean up after rand Staircase National Monument. There is a rappel option that o water, in preventing erosion. When mature, it appears as yourand pet aids and dispose of pet waste in dumpsters. ffers 3 separate rappels, the longest rappel being 105' with the l a lumpy black crust, but is nearly invisible in early stages. ast rappel dropping into Cool Cave. If you do not want to rappel, o Be prepared stay safe. Knowof your route, your physical One4.footprint canand destroy decades growth. ur return trail will complete the loop near Cool Cave. Shepherd's L limitation, and the weather forecast. Always carry plenty of water. oop is also the only trail in the park to offer backcountry camping w Please stay on designated trails. If you must walk elsewhere, stay ith 2 backcountry sites. on bare rock or walk in washes (dry stream channels). Please Stay On Trails Don’t trample the fragile crust.

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