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Brochure of East Canyon State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

Your park fees provide for the care, protection and enhancement of this park. Park Location: The park is located 35 miles northeast From Morgan. it is 12 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. on Highway 66. Operating Hours: The park is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. year-round. No holiday closures. Address Inquiries To: East Canyon State Park 5535 South Highway 66 Morgan. UT 84050-9694 (801) 829-6866 or Utah State Parks and Recreation P.O. Box 146001 Salt Lake City. UT 84114-6001 (801) 538-7220. (877) UT-PARKS stateparks.utah.gov For Reservations Cali: (800) 322-3770 Utah State Parks Mission: To enhance the quality of life by preserving natural. cultural enjoyment. and recreational education resources and inspiration and providing for the of this and future generations. Information contained in this brochure was accurate at the time of printing. Policies. facilities, fees. hours and regulations, etc., change as mandated. For updated information please contact the park. The Utah Department of Natural Resources receives federal aid and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age. national origin or disability. For information or complaints regarding discrimination, contact Executive Director, Utah Department of Natural Resources. P.O.Box 145610. Salt Lake City. UT 841145610 or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 1801 L Street. NW. Washington OC 20507-001 o Printed on recycled paper 05/09 30M STATE PARK z isitors enjoy a variety of sports on the 684-acre East Canyon Reservoir. Recreational V z ce 1&1 ming, and fishing for trout, small mouth bass, crappie and crawfish are only a few possibilities. Day-use camping and ice fishing. East Canyon State Park also manages Mormon Flats. This area offers a four-mile trail perfect for hiking, biking u = boating, swim- shelters for picnicking are located at both the north and south ends of the lake. Winter activities include ~ ••• Things to Do and wildlife viewing or snowshoeing and cross-country skiing during winter. View remnants of Fort Wells, a stronghold built by the Mormons to protect themselves against Johnston's Army in 1857. E ast Canyon State Park is a hidden treasure in Morgan County. Nestled among rolling hills and aspen trees, East Canyon is a perfect destination located close to the Wasatch Front. C Boat Ramp History of East Canyon ~ Campground l£il Restrooms , Ii E ast Canyon State Park protects an amazing piece of Utah history, a section of the original Mormon Pioneer Trail. Created by the Donner/Reed party on their way to California in 1846, the trail runs from Henefer, Utah through the park, into Mormon Flats and up Big Mountain. In 1847, Brigham Young followed the same trail with the first company of Mormon pioneer settlers to Plants and Animals t an elevation of 5,700 feet, East Canyon A State Park is part of the Upper Sonoran Life Zone. Vegetation surrounding the reservoir The park provides a home for a variety of wildlife. Mule deer are the most common, but elk and consists of sage grass, shrubs, willow, red clover, moose also frequent the area. Bobcats, coyotes, red fox, badgers, porcupines, rabbits and beavers In 1896 the first dam at East Canyon was constructed, with two more dams garrison meadow foxtail and canary grass. are also sighted frequently. Many species of birds built over the next 50 years. The current Mountain slopes are covered predominantly with sagebrush, juniper and scrub oak. This is inter- the Salt Lake Valley. dam holds 52,000 acre-feet of water used for irrigation. East Canyon State Park was established in 1967. are routinely spotted and include: great horned mixed with blue bunch wheat grass, basin wild rye, rabbit brush and mountain snowberry. owls, grebes, mud swallows, bald and golden eagles, osprey, sage grouse, chukars and loons. Yurts or those who enjoy camping, but don't have a tent or RV,East Canyon features four yurts. These iarge circular tents are made of vinyl-iined canvas sitting atop a wooden floor and deck. All yurts have electricity, heat and are fully furnished to sleep up to six people. Firepits are not inciuded. Children under sixteen must be supervised by an adult. Yurts are available year-round, by reservation only, and a two-night minimum stay is required. F Camping amping is offered in the popular Dixie Creek Campground. Located on the north end of the reservoir, the campground offers 33 sites with either full or partial hookups and modern restrooms with showers. On the south end, primitive Big Rock Campground has 21 sheltered sites and is a favorite location for those seeking a more rustic experience. C Larger groups can enjoy the park's three primitive group sites at River's Edge, located on the south end of the iake, and Large Spring and Mormon Flats located four miles south of the reservoir. Group sites accommodate 50 to 75 people and are 'y"il"hlp. t;>vreservation only. Facilities P ark facilities include 21 picnic areas, two campgrounds, three group campgrounds, two group day-use pavilions and 40 dry storage units. Modern restrooms are available on the north end of the park during the summer season. Showers are available to campers staying in Dixie Creek Campground. Water is turned off for winter from approximately October 15 to April 15. Concession Service T he East Canyon Marina offers boat rentals, personal watercraft. ski boats, food services/ grill and a convenience store. For information regarding conCession services and to make watercraft reservations, call (801) 829-4988. Park Guidelines Please observe the following park regulations to ensure everyone's visit is pleasant. Camping - Camp only in designated areas. Each permit covers one vehicle and up to eight people and two tents per campsite. An extra vehicle fee is charged for additional vehicles. minerals, and other natural features in state parks are protected. It is unlawful to remove, alter, or destroy them. Speed limit - The speed limit within all park Fires - Campfires may be built in developed areas is 15 m.p.h. firepits only. The day-use area provides grills. Collecting firewood in the park is prohibited. Wastewater Fireworks - Fireworks of any kind are prohibited. - It is unlawful to dump or drain water from campers or trailers onto the ground. A sanitary disposal station is provided for registered campers. Pets - Pets are allowed, but must be on a maximum six-foot leash. Service animals are the only animals admitted in park buildings. For safety and courtesy, please keep pets under control and clean up after them. Quiet hours - 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Vandalism - It is unlawful to mutilate or deface any natural or constructed feature or structure. Please help keep our park beautiful. Off-highway vehicles - Off-highway vehicles are not permitted at East Canyon State Park. During winter, snowmobiles are allowed onto the ice via the boat launch only. Accidents - Please report accidents or suspi- cious activities to a ranger. Permits - A Special Use Permit is required for Firearms - The use of firearms, traps or other devices capable of launching a projectile is prohibited unless the weapon or device is 1) unloaded and packed away to prevent its use, 2) being used by authorized enforcement officers in the performance of official duties. Parking - Park only in designated areas. Plants and animals - All plants, animals, all special events and commercial or professional filming and photography.

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