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Junior Ranger Activity Guide for Deer Creek State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

rhfs aeffiU boolr belo$ Eo= d#" # Do vou want to be a Junior Park Range r? -this is what you needto do: lf you are 5-8 years old, complete six activities in th is book. lf you are 9 years or older, complete the entire booklet. After completing the required activities, turn it in to a park staff member. AII Junior Rangers urill receivea Junior Ranqer eadqeand ceritficate! For more information contact a park staff member or call (435) 654-0171. THIS TO USE $UIDE BECOIIIE AJUNIORRANOER Checkoff the activitiesyouhavecompleted: o W h a t c a n I d o a t D e e rC r e e kS t a t e P a r k ? D F i s h o f D e e rC r e e k D D i s c o v eD r e o rC r e e k W h o U s e st h e W a t e r ? Stargazing t o D e e rC r o e kB o a t i n gL aws I I r I I o B o a t i n gS a f e t y o WildlifeatDeerCreek o Litter Patrol o JuniorRanger Responsibilities L ,4L r{-E *. - i-{ hlhat can do at Deer Creek State Park? BT PNI KRRAPGEERS RrocKEczrouGWca FYRLCDESSaFDUaF MB X D R A U N E S RUEAWNMBUCKAVWD R F U G D L G F N E F I P M T K C A H WS GI WF S R U R H N T a AT O P B R MBARPAAEOaXU swr FASASATFGBVBTPD ARTLBWMCWACEHHO E H U L WR A A H E J S S E A T Y WI B I L L D E t Y R E NAC R NGE F I X F S A C I N C R D K E L V R WA Lr Z I vGTaoFNNPMUN BIRDWATCHING SUNBATHE BOAT SWIM CAMP WINDSURF FISH BARBEQUE PICNIC WAKEBOARD RELAX WATERSKI @wW %ry nn1ffcffrrfl Unscramble the lettersto findoutthefishname,Usethe pictures andcluesaboveeachfisnnameto helpyou. . Hardyfish . Goldenbrownwithyellowunderparts o Coveredwithspots RNBWOROTUT . Yellowish in color o Darkverticalbars . Finscontainspines HPERC o Silverywitha stripof redor pinkalongits side o Eatsvariousbugsandinsects N B I A R W OT O T U R o Hasa smallbluntlypointedmouth o Hastwofinson its back . Darkverticalbands A M L S L H O U M TS A S B Use your eyes, ears, nose and touchl For this octivity spend some time ot t h e b e o c h . B u t d o n ' t g o o fo n e l M q k e s u r e y o u t o k e a p o r e n t l Whot onimols or signs of onimqls do you see? How mony birds do you hear? Whot do you smelf? Fish, water, motorboqts. Whot cofors do you see? Find o rock by the loke. Describe its shope. Whot is the weother like todoy (cloudy, rindy, roiny, hot, cold)? How will th e weother af f ect your visit, the onimols, or birds? Other Observotions: /rl I - fi 'T - ^itrt tt "s ^- .{t /* q* !r- T * ril {, ,* ^ri t{t { .fi rI ^t * ? Y{hG mrr lht v{ettF. Ac ross 3. This onimol cuts down trees with their teeth. 5. like powerboit. 6. People use binoculors to wotch thes e snimols in 7. 8. the woter, trees, ond in the air. A smells good ond is beoutif ul. People plont o ____ to moke shsde. D own 1. Fowns ore boby 2. Fishliveinthelokeond gF drive boots on the 4. r"-;:-Thisonimol soys,"MOO.' 5. 6. This person driv es s troctor. I A pufls woterskiiers. !rre. rvJ-r tfr vv. , k l^-$rl t Do you know what a constellation the s ky. is? A constellotio n is o pottern of stors in Mojor or the Great Beor. It The Big D iP Per is port of o conste llotion colled Urso shoped like o cuP with o long hondle. 1,. Gonnect the dots {-8 on the next Page to see the Big Dipper! is North 5tor. The sto rs #6 ond # 7 on the Big Dipper point to the 2. Draw a daslred line from 7 to 9. the North Stor's real nome is Poloris? stor #g is the North stor. Did you know thot night, but poloris is locoted in the northern sky. All the other stors move during the poloris stoys in the some spot. potaris is the end of the hondle lPolarist above It' 3. Gircle Potaris and write Beor constellotion. The Little D iPPer is Port of the Urso Minor or Little DiPPerl 4. Gonnect the dots 9''l 6 to see the Little stors in the northern sky' If you sre comPing of Deer Creek, try to f ind these t Connectthe tlots! I t I 130 t o I t 1 t t I O Big Dipper * o t * I t 4 o I o r7 5r a I LittleBipper 15' I I 11 fi'12 a r3 t '10 r9 O O t I t 1{, t I I o r2 I t tE t I o t m0 UW frw$e .:+:&r tH,. is a list Leatn to boat safely!! Berow aa-rtl' aa of some Deer Creek boating laws and rules. After you read each law, draw a line to the matching picture. If the people in the picture are breaking that law, put an X through the picture. * When someone is being pulled by a boat or PWC (ietski), there must be a driver and an observer. The observer must be 8 years old or older and needs to p^y ^ttention to the person behind the boat. $7hen the person behind the b oat falls or is in the water, the observer holds up an o t^nge flag. This helps other boats know th^t ^ person is nearby in the watef . + Buoys are like traffrc signs on the water. Most buoys at Deer Creek show ^re^s that have speed limits. When boats and PWCr (jetski) are inside the speed limit buoys, they are required to go 5 The other buoys near the dam show mph or slower. ^n ^rea that is off limits to boats and people. + NO DOGS allowed on boats, beaches, or in the watef . + All boats and P\)fCs (ietski) ^re required to be at least 150 ft ^way ftom other boats and PS7Ct (i"tski) when the drivet is going faster than 5 mph. (Stay ^way from other boats when operating faster than 5 -ph!!!) ,* Everyone 12 years old or younger must wear a tife iacket at all times when they are on a boat, raft, canoe, PWC (jetski), or anything that is being used to float across the water. Boatlng $afety Fishing ond boating con be fun, but remember sof ety comes first. Decode the following secret words to see whot you should toke yo u when you go near wot er . with t-t-[ft t-T-r-t]-n L I E FT A J C E K 27 m NNsEUCERS 25 242 I t2 l3 2621 l4l7 I LE5N56AU55 392210 RELIEELNT cErNrs tflTf\f W t-T-[T-n t-T-n F I S T Rb I A K T ] 51820 TI-N T4H 7 tT-tr-fft RINDEF 6 TT]-Tlofl m I 2 3 4 5 6 7 t9 I l-B-lET-T-l [f]-T]-fe 22 23 24 22 25 26 27 0 10 Il l2 13 1415 16 ll 17 16 tS 1l l0 20 2l Vvifdfife nt Deer Creek Deer Creek is o ve?y speciol ploce. Mony different pfonts ond onimols live here. They use the trees, gross ond follen fogs for shelter ond sometimes food. They need the woter to drink. See how mony of these onimols you con f ind during your stoy. Put o check on the line if you sow it, heord it, or sow where it I ives. Mouse Skunk _;::.'0", R sow Home _ It-:'hh Duck - Sow ft _ Heard f t _ S a w H om e P or c u p i n e _ Sow ft _ Heard f t _ 5 o w H om e R o c c oo n _ Sow ft - Heard f t _ 5 o w H om e Nest 5ow ft Heard It S o w H om e Deer _ Sow ft _ Heord f t _ 5 o w H om e Snoke _ Sow ft _ Heond f t _ Sow Home Elk - Sow ft _ Heard f t _ S o w H om e C hi p m u n k - Sow ft _ Heord f t _ 5 o w H om e Fish _ Sow ft _ Heard f t _ 5 o w H om e Bot _ Sow ft _ Heard f t _ Sow Home S g u ir r e I _ Sow ft _ Heord f t _ 5ow Home Fox _ Sow ft -Heordft; _ 5ow Home -Sowrt - Heordrt _ So w H o m e I 1 MT d -'' >q LITERMTROL Garbageor litter can make animalsvery sick. SaveFlipperfrom the garbageby helping him find his way through the mazeto cleanwater! START ,l'Jll' -& tr'; t. :l,rt-/a , a-:..1r --> .--.1 Rememberto alwaysclean up a[teryourselfand leavenothing behind! :al--= \ unior [n Ets nsihiliti Junior Rongers help pork stof f protect the pork. Tofk to your porents obout the following responsibilities of o Junior Ronger ond hove them sign the bottom of th is page. I f o J u n i o r R o n ge r s e e s a m e o d o w o f w i l d f l o w e r s , w o u l d t h e y p t c k t h e m ? Yes No w hv? Do Junior Rongers drop trash on hiking trails? Yes No w hv? Would o Junior Ronger leove hot cools in the f ire pit bef o?e going to bed? Yes No w hv? Do Junior Rongers go swimming or hiking olone? Yes No whv? D o J u n i o r R o n qe r s f e e d t h e w i l d l i f e ? Yes No w hv? Would o Junior Ronger stop to pick up litter Yes No w hv? in the pork2 Porent 5 ignotu re : prom ise to do my best to olwcys toke core I ot the plonts ond on imols. I promise to neve? litter. I will o lwoys be sofe when swimming or booting. 5 ignotu re -- -rDa-rt - I otl gratulatiorls! II Ctrng R 4iN I I faztr@ztb-rit ffi tr t I I I I v'Drt -\D This ce certificate is to certify that has complet, eted the Junior Ranger program atDDeer Creek State Park. ) l- F <D - (-.D I I I I

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