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Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Junior Ranger

brochure Coral Pink Sand Dunes - Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Activity Guide for Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (SP) in Utah. Published by Utah State Parks.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park Junior Ranger Activity Guide Utah State Parks Things to remember while visiting Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park: Don’t feed the animals. Be kind to all visitors using the dunes. Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Don’t put your hands or feet under rocks - snakes and scorpions live there. Please keep your pet on a leash. Have fun and play in the sand! Hey Kids! Do you want to become a Junior Ranger? It’s Easy! There are 2 ways to become a Coral Pink Sand Dunes Junior Ranger. The first way is: if you are between ages 3-7 complete at least 3 activities in this book. If you are between ages 8-12 complete at least 6 activities. It is okay to ask your parents for help. Next, collect a small bag of litter while you are walking around the sand dunes. Litter from your car does not count. Trash bags are available at the Ranger Station. When you have finished the activities and collected the litter, give your book to a ranger so they can sign it. The second way to become a Junior Ranger is to attend a ranger program. Bring this booklet to the program and have the ranger sign it after the program. The A-MAZE-ing Sand Dunes The loose sand at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is easily moved by the wind and shaped into different kinds of dunes. See if you can get from the Parabolic Dune to the Star Dune. But you must first pass through the transverse dunes, wind ripples, and barchan dunes. START Transverse Dunes Parabolic Dunes Wind Ripples FINISH Barchan Dunes Star Dunes Track Match Most of the animals at Coral Pink Sand Dunes are nocturnal. This means they are mostly active at night and you may not see them. Their footprints are evidence of their presence. Can you match the tracks with the animal that made it? raven a. lizard b. rabbit c. tiger beetle d. Crosswor Write the names of these animals in the boxes they belong: hawk mule deer jack rabbit lizard cougar coyote E O K T rd Puzzle yellow jacket chipmunk beetle scorpion bat rattlesnake toad T E Z Y Dot - to - Dot This small creature can only be found at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. It is an endangered species. Connect the dots to find out what it is, then write the name below. T I R E ET OHV Safety The Rules OHV riding at Coral Pink Sand Dunes is fun! But remember Safety First! You must follow the rules and wear safety gear while you ride. While riding, stay 10 feet away from plants and 100 feet away from people on foot. All riders must have an orange whip flag on their vehicle. If you’re under 16 years old, you must take a safety class before you ride an OHV. If you’re under 8 years old, you’ll have to wait until you’re older. Safety Gear Can you find the 7 safety items in this picture? Helmet 2 Goggles 3 Long Sleeve Shirt 4 Lights on the OHV 1 5 6 7 Boots Whip Flag Gloves Plant Walk Take a walk on the nature trail that starts at the top of the boardwalk. Compare the plants you see with the ones listed here and check the box when you find a match! Yucca American Indians used this plant to make baskets and footwear. Gambel Oak These trees protect wildlife, giving animals shelter and food. Big Sagebrush This is a common plant eaten by many different animals. Mormon Tea The stems and leaves of this plant were used by American Indians and early pioneers as a medicinal drink. Pinion Pine The cones on this tree contain pine nuts. Mules Ear This plant emits a strong scent. Generally, animals do not eat this plant. Desert Scene Coloring Page ni or Rang Congratulations! This certifies that er Ut Park Ranger Signature Date S t a t e Pa As a Junior Ranger, you are now expected to uphold the high standards of Junior Rangers everywhere and do your part to keep Utah’s state parks clean, safe and friendly. has completed the Coral Pink Sand Dunes Junior Ranger Program. ah s rk Ju

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