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Newspaper Rock


brochure Newspaper Rock - Brochure

Brochure of Newspaper Rock in the Bears Ears National Monument (NM) in Utah. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Newspaper Rock What You Can Do to Protect the Bears Ears National Monument: Perched just above the banks of Indian Creek at the eastern edge of the Bears Ears National Leave All Artifacts Where You Find Them Don’t take or add to “Display Rocks” Monument, a large flat rock panel tucked Don’t Touch Rock Writing or Add Your Own under a small overhang preserves the stories Steer Clear of Walls Structures can be easily damaged of people who lived in and passed through this area for the past five centuries. Long GPS Reveals Too Much Remove location data for online photos recognized as a special place to multiple cultures, Newspaper Rock was among the first Places in this region. This spectacular panel is Monticello, Utah. It is a trip to remember! Getting There o get to Newspaper Rock, take State Route 211 12.5 miles west from the intersection with US $ Pay Your Fees Your small fee supports protecting this area Know Where Pets are Allowed Pets are never allowed in archeological sites Enjoy Archaeology without Ropes Using climbing gear to access sites is illegal Camp and Eat Away from Archaeology Highway 95. The site is located on the north Stay on Designated Routes side of the road, just after you drop down the Driving off-road can damage sites switchbacks into Indian Creek. Use caution in Go to the Bathroom Away from Sites Pack out all toilet paper this area and watch for pedestrians crossing the paved road. The site is partially accessible, with paved sidewalks and curb cuts leading to toilets and the access point for the panel. The short gravel Bears Ears National Monument Don’t Bust the Crust Stay on existing trails sites listed on the National Register of Historic an easy 30 minute drive on paved roads from Newspaper Rock Petroglyph Panel It is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations, as they may be different inside and outside the Bears Ears National Monument. For maps, trip planning information, and rules, regulations, and recreation permits, contact the BLM at (435) 587-1510. path leading to the panel has a slight grade. To Report an Emergency Call 911 Cell phone service is unreliable in this area - you may need to walk or drive out to a high point. Map & Guide Images on the Rock The images at Newspaper Rock include animal pelts, will reveal numerous image of feet with six toes. Paw and foot prints are in evidence throughout the panel and many animals are represented, including deer, elk, Study Area b with elaborate head decorations. Close examination Indian Creek Wilderness Moa figures riding horses, and broad-shouldered figures Needles Overlook Indian Creek Falls Group Site Canyonlands Visitor Center Hamburger Rock Campground bison, and bighorn sheep. One of the images appears to be a rider shooting an arrow at an elk or deer. Superbowl Campground & Group Site Windwhistle Campground Creek Pasture Campground & Group Site The figures at Newspaper Rock are petroglyphs, meaning that they are images carved or pecked into Canyonlands 191 the surface of the rock. Desert varnish, the dark color staining the sandstone throughout the region, provided to share their stories and document their identities. National Park As you explore Newspaper Rock and other areas a Visit with Respect N ee ee d d ll ee ss D D ii ss tt rr ii cc tt N in Bears Ears National Monument, you will likely encounter many archeological sites and culturally important places. In addition to being protected by law, Butler Wash these places hold value for modern Native Americans Study Area Wilderness who may visit them for cultural, ceremonial, or religious reasons. Modern tribes place values on plants, water, and geological features as well as archeological sites. Please visit these places with proper care and respect. It is our shared responsibility to respect and protect cultural resources on our public lands. Heritage Site Campground Group Campsite Parking Area Scenic Viewpoint State Routes Maintained Roads W Bri il d d g er er ne J ss ac St k M ud es a y Ar e a high-contrast canvas for the residents of this region Donnely Canyon Newspaper 211 Rock Manti - La Sal National Forest Bears Ears National Monument BLM Wilderness Study Area (WSA) North Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Park Service (NPS) Private State Institutional Trust Lands Administration United States Forest Service (USFS) 491 Monticello

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