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brochure Factory Butte - Brochure and Map

Brochure and Map of Factory Butte Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) and its Off-Highway Vehicle area (OHV) in the BLM Richfield Field Office area in Utah. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

In May 2019, the Bureau of Land Management announced increased access and off- highway vehicle opportunities (OHV) within the Factory Butte SRMA near Hanksville, Utah. By implementing the Richfield Field Office Resource Management Plan decision for the Factory Butte SRMA, BLM seeks to maintain motorized access to the area while enhancing protection of threatened cacti. The RMP delineates designated areas and routes for OHV use so that damage to cactus can be minimized. Motorized Recreation In October 2008, this area was designated as the Factory Butte SRMA. Three OHV open areas (Swing Arm City, Factory Butte, Caineville Cove) are available for motorized cross-country use, totaling around 8,000 acres. All other motorized use in the area is restricted to designated routes. Motorized use within the Factory Butte SMRA is dependent on rider compliance. Stay within Open Areas or on Designated Routes to maintain your access. Camping There are no developed camping facilities within the Factory Butte SRMA. Feel free to camp wherever your truck stops within the OHV open areas. Dispersed camping is allowed in well-established camp areas within 150 feet of designated routes outside the open areas. There is a vault toilet facility for visitors on Factory Bench Road on the east side of Swing Arm City. Protected Species Driving off designated trails and/or in closed areas can damage or destroy protected plant species. It is a violation of the Endangered Species Act (16 USC 1538) to remove and reduce, to possess, or maliciously damage or destroy any Federally listed endangered plant species from areas under Federal jurisdiction. Persons found to be in violation of the Endangered Species Act are subject to a maximum fine of $50,000 and up to a year in prison. Don't let your decision be a bad one - Keep it Legal Keep it Fun! Kiosks There are several kiosks within Factory Butte SRMA. Please refer to these kiosks for current information on riding and volunteering information. Please Ride Safely Too often emergency personnel are called upon to assist injured riders. Please do not exceed your riding abilities or the capabilities of your machine. Dial 911. Cellular phone service is available in several locations on Factory Bench Road and in Hanksville, Utah. Ambulance and EMT services respond from Hanksville. The nearest emergency medical facility is located in Bicknell, Utah at the Wayne County Community Health Center, 128 South 300 West, 435-425-3744. Ready to Ride! Factory Butte Riders have a range of motorized recreation opportunities, from challenging terrain to easy-riding scenic loops and cross country play areas. You can do your part to protect natural resources and ensure Factory Butte remains open to OHV’s in the future by riding within the open area. Get involved As off-highway vehicle use continues to grow in Utah, BLM is looking ahead to determine what actions can be taken now to ensure that much loved landscapes like Factory Butte can remain open to users in the future. Factory Butte SRMA has unique recreational values and BLM plans to provide services and amenities based on user needs and to protect resources. Let us know your opinions on the types of facilities needed at Factory Butte. It is up to all visitors of the Factory Butte SRMA to ride by the rules and stay on designated routes when riding outside the open area. Doing your part will ensure your access to the Factory Butte Area in the future. If you have questions, comments, or would like to know more about opportunities to help improve the area, contact: Bureau of Land Management Color Country District Richfield Field Office Henry Mountains Field Station 380 South 100 West Hanksville, Utah 84734 435-542-3461 Richfield Field Office 150 East 900 North Richfield, Utah 84701 435-896-1500 Keep up to date with our web site: https://www.blm.gov/ Download the map: https://on.doi.gov/2X1xIaO Richfield Field Office Henry Mountains Field Station 380 South 100 West Hanksville, Utah 84734 435-542-3461 BLM BLM Welcome to Factory Butte Special Recreation Management Area Swing Arm City OHV Open Area This 2,600 acre open area offers some popular, high adrenalin hill-climbs for both beginners and experienced riders and is the most easily accessible open area within Factory Butte Special Recreation Management Area. Factory Butte OHV Open Area This 5,300 acre open area provides wide open long distance riding opportunities. Access is from the Factory Bench Road on the eastern boundary of the open area. Though the area is completely open to motorized cross-country travel, there have been some trails developed and frequently used by visitors. Try finding your way around the Butte. Caineville Cove OHV Open Area About 100 acres is open right behind the Motel. Use here is primarily for low-adrenalin youth riding and warming up your bike in preparation for traveling to Swing Arm City or Factory Butte to ride for the day. All travel outside the designated open areas is either limited to designated routes or closed to motorized use. Ride by the Rules Travel and recreate with minimum impact Respect the environment and the rights of others Educate yourself, plan and prepare before you go Allow for future use of the outdoors, by leaving it better than you found it Discover the rewards of responsible recreation

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