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Arch Canyon


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Brochure of Arch Canyon in the Bears Ears National Monument (NM) in Utah. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

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Arch Canyon Arch Canyon is a twelve-mile long box canyon located in the Bears Ears National Monument. Most of the canyon is on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), but the top five miles of the canyon are managed by the Manti-La Sal National Forest. The portion of the canyon located on Forest Service Lands are located in the Arch Canyon Roadless Area and are closed to motorized travel. What You Can Do to Protect the Bears Ears National Monument: Stay on Designated Routes Driving off road can impact sites Leave All Artifacts Where You Find Them Don’t take or add to “Display Rocks” Don’t Touch Rock Writing or Add Your Own Arch Canyon is accessed from State Route 95 approximately one mile west of Comb Ridge. A BLM sign on SR 95 marks the turn. The mouth of the canyon is 2.5 miles north of the turn off SR 95. Most visitors will park at the trail register located at the mouth of the canyon and walk from this point, but those with capable offhighway vehicles (OHVs) may continue on the trail for approximately 8 miles. Driving The OHV trail though the canyon is initially an old Jeep road. This rugged trail winds it’s way up the canyon, crossing the creek frequently. Fourwheel-drive and high clearance are required to drive this portion of the trail. The trail is often impassable due to flooding. The road ends at the Forest Service boundary at the confluence of Arch and Texas Canyons. Steer Clear of Walls Structures can be easily damaged Arch Canyon Bears Ears National Monument GPS Reveals Too Much Remove location data for online photos Don’t Bust the Crust Stay on existing trails $ Pay Your Fees Your small fee supports protecting this area Know Where Pets are Allowed Pets are never allowed in archeological sites Enjoy Archaeology without Ropes Using climbing gear to access sites is illegal Camp and Eat Away from Archaeology Go to the Bathroom Away from Sites Pack out all toilet paper It is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations as they may be different inside and outside the Monument. For maps, trip planning information, and rules, regulations, and recreation permits, contact the BLM at (435) 587-1510. To Report an Emergency Call 911 Travelers may be stuck for hours or even days after severe flood events. Always check the weather before heading in! Cell phone service is unreliable in this area - you may need to walk or drive out to a high point. Map & Guide W 1 2 2 3 Nor nch nt Butts nt previously-disturbed sites and do not create new sites. Fork Poi camping is allowed in the canyon bottoms. Please use th Ra i Po walls to explore on foot or horseback. Dispersed Typically water is available year-round. Water must be Whisk treated before consumption. ers Draw T e Bear Ears x a s Arch Canyon is recommended as a two to three Knoll lk tts approximately 15 miles of canyon bottoms and cliff 5 Km Mi Bu The Arch Canyon and Texas Flat Canyon area offers 4 Canyon 0 0.5 1 3 Miles h 0.5 as Hiking and Camping 0 Seeps Canyon confluence of Texas and Arch Canyons, and additional Arch Canyon Overlook time to explore the canyon tributaries. ch Ar day hike, which allows for a half a day to hike to the L it National tl e B a u Ch ee s Monument ll x Te ie as Please sign the visitor registration box located at the Spring an d Ra isi ns M mouth of Arch Canyon. e es a b Dr aw h Was 95 Butler Wash Interpretive Trail Wash on Class D Roads ATV Trail Fo rk Bears Ears National Monument BLM Wilderness Study Area (WSA) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Private Fish Creek State Institutional TrustWSA Lands Canyon Administration (SITLA) United States Forest Service (USFS) Cave Towers Interpretive Site Butler Ridge South Fork Mule Canyon Tanks ny resources on our public lands. North Fork Mule Canyon Ca shared responsibility to respect and protect cultural BYW AY Mule Canyon Interpretive Site Arch Canyon Interpretive Site g these places with proper care and respect. It is our State Routes Class B Roads rk n s features as well as archeological sites. Please visit North Campground Toilet Fee Station Fo yo e tribes place values on plants, water, and geological Trailhead Heritage Site Scenic View ket Pic for cultural, ceremonial, or religious reasons. Modern Legend Ca n Spring l i value for modern Native Americans who may visit them SC EN IC l In addition to being protected by law, these places hold IE NT S u archeological sites and culturally important places. e a Ears National Monument, you will likely notice other AN C rth B As you explore Arch Canyon and other areas in Bears Salvation Knoll THE M ul Do example of Pueblo architecture and rock writing. OF No b Com mile past the mouth of Arch Canyon, is an impressive IL at The Arch Canyon Interpretive Site, located about 1/2 TRA Spring Fl Cultural Sites C om Mule C anyo n W ilder ness Study A rea Comb Wash Campground Black

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