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Birds of Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Texas. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Birds of Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge Birding at Muleshoe NWR This list contains 320 species which have been observed on the refuge since its establishment in 1935. Species are presented in taxonomic order based on the 7th edition (1998) A.O.U. checklist and and its 58th supplement through 2018. So grab your book, binoculars and a pencil, and as you spot birds during your tour of the refuge, check them off on this list. If you should find an unlisted, or “rare” species, please let us know at Refuge Headquarters. We will appreciate your help in updating our records. Seasons Sp Spring—period of spring migration from mid-February to early June S Summer—June to August F Fall—period of fall migration from mid-July to November W Winter—December to February Abundance C Common; suitable habitat is available; not be missed during appropriate season. U Uncommon; present, but in moderate numbers; not seen on every visit. O Occasional; present, only a few times per season; also includes those species that do not occur each year, while in some years may be fairly common. R Rare; observed only every 1 to 5 years; records are sporadic and few. X Accidental; Has been seen only once/ twice. * Nests locally Italics =Federal Threatened or Endangered ___Snow Goose ___Ross’s Goose ___Greater White-fr. Goose ___Canada Goose ___Tundra Swan ___Wood Duck ___Blue-winged Teal* ___Cinnamon Teal ___Northern Shoveler* ___Gadwall ___American Wigeon ___Mallard* ___Northern Pintail ___Green-winged Teal ___Canvasback ___Redhead ___Ring-necked Duck ___Greater Scaup Sp S F W O O X R U R R U R U U C C C C U U O R R U R U U C C C C U U O R R R R O R R R R R ___Lesser Scaup ___Surf Scoter ___White-winged Scoter ___Long-tailed Duck ___Bufflehead ___Common Goldeneye ___Hooded Merganser ___Common Merganser ___Red-breasted Merganser ___Ruddy Duck* O X R U R R U U C C C C R R R X Sp S U R ___Northern Bobwhite* ___Scaled Quail* C C C C C C C C ___Ring-necked Pheasant* ___Lesser Prairie-Chicken U U R R U U R R New World Quail U R F W U R X X X X U R X X X X X X X X U R X U Pheasants, Grouse, and Turkeys Grebes Symbols used are defined as follows: Common Name Ducks, Geese, and Swans Common Name ___Pied-billed Grebe* ___Horned Grebe ___Eared Grebe ___Western Grebe U U R U R U U R R U R X ___Eurasian Collared-Dove ___White-winged Dove ___Mourning Dove* C C X X C C C C X C C ___Yellow-billed Cuckoo* ___Greater Roadrunner* R R U O R U U ___Lesser Nighthawk ___Common Nighthawk* X C C U ___Black-ch. Hummingbird R R R X O O X X X O O Pigeons and Doves Cuckoos and Roadrunners Goatsuckers Hummingbirds Rails and Coots ___Yellow Rail ___Black Rail ___Sora ___American Coot* Cranes ___Sandhill Crane ___Whooping Crane C C C R ___Black-necked Stilt* ___American Avocet* O O C C O U ___Black-bellied Plover ___Snowy Plover* ___Semipalmated Plover ___Killdeer* ___Mountain Plover R C C R C C X R C R C O X Stilts and Avocets Plovers Sandpipers and Phalaropes ___Upland Sandpiper ___Long-billed Curlew ___Marbled Godwit ___Ruddy Turnstone ___Stilt Sandpiper ___Sanderling ___Dunlin ___Baird’s Sandpiper ___Least Sandpiper ___White-rum. Sandpiper ___Pectoral Sandpiper ___Semipalmated Sandpiper ___Western Sandpiper ___Long-billed Dowitcher R O X X O X X U U X O R O U U X U U U U U U R R X X O X X U U R U U U Ferringous hawks. © Christena Stephens Common Name ___Wilson’s Snipe ___Spotted Sandpiper ___Solitary Sandpiper ___Lesser Yellowlegs ___Willet ___Greater Yellowlegs ___Wilson’s Phalarope ___Red-necked Phalarope ___Red Phalarope Gulls and Terns ___Bonaparte’s Gull ___Franklin’s Gull ___Ring-billed Gull ___Herring Gull ___Least Tern ___Black Tern ___Common Tern ___Forster’s Tern Pelicans Sp S F W R U R U U R U U U R X R U R U R U U X X X O O R X X O O R O X O O O R R X O R O ___American White Pelican X ___American Bittern ___Great Blue Heron ___Great Egret ___Snowy Egret ___Little Blue Heron ___Cattle Egret ___Green Heron ___Black-cr. Night-Heron* ___Yellow-cr. Night-Heron X U U X R R X X X O O X X U U X R X X X O X ___White-faced Ibis C U C ___Turkey Vulture U U O ___Osprey ___Mississippi Kite ___Bald Eagle ___Northern Harrier* ___Sharp-shinned Hawk ___Cooper’s Hawk ___Northern Goshawk ___Swainson’s Hawk* ___Red-tailed Hawk ___Rough-legged Hawk ___Ferruginous Hawk* ___Golden Eagle X C C C O U C R U X X R C U U X C C U C U ___Barn Owl* R R R R Herons and Bitterns Ibises American Vultures Hawks, Kites, and Eagles Barn Owls R C O U U R C O R C U C U Common Name Typical Owls Sp S F W ___Great Horned Owl* ___Burrowing Owl* ___Long-eared Owl ___Short-eared Owl C C U C R R C C U R ___Belted Kingfisher R R R ___Lewis’ Woodpecker ___Red-headed Woodpecker ___Golden-fr. Woodpecker ___Red-bellied Woodpecker ___Yellow-bellied Sapsucker ___Red-naped Sapsucker ___Ladder-ba. Woodpecker* ___Downy Woodpecker ___Hairy Woodpecker ___Northern Flicker X R R X R R X C C R X R R X C X X C ___American Kestrel* ___Merlin ___Peregrine Falcon ___Prairie Falcon C O R R R O R C C R R R O R Kingfishers Woodpeckers Falcons Tyrant Flycatchers C C R R X R R C X X C ___Olive-sided Flycatcher ___Western Wood-Pewee ___Eastern Wood-Pewee ___Empidonax spp. ___Willow Flycatcher ___Least Flycatcher ___Gray Flycatcher ___Eastern Phoebe ___Say’s Phoebe* ___Vermilion Flycatcher ___Ash-throated Flycatcher* ___Great Crested Flycatcher ___Cassin’s Kingbird ___Western Kingbird* ___Eastern Kingbird ___Scissor-tailed Flycatcher* U R U R X U R ___Loggerhead Shrike* ___Northern Shrike C C C C X ___Bell’s Vireo ___Blue-headed Vireo ___Plumbeous Vireo ___Warbling Vireo ___Red-eyed Vireo X O X X X X R O X X X ___Blue Jay ___Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay ___American Crow ___Chihuahuan Raven* ___Common Raven X X R R O X X X X R R R R X ___Horned Lark* C C C C ___Tree Swallow ___Violet-green Swallow ___No. Rough-wing. Swallow ___Bank Swallow ___Cliff Swallow ___Barn Swallow* O X O R U U O Shrikes Vireos Crows and Jays Larks Swallows Chickadees and Titmice ___Mountain Chickadee ___Black-crested Titmouse Verdins ___Verdin Bushtits R U X O X X C R O O C X U U X X O O U U U U Common Name Creepers Wrens U U R R ___Blue-gray Gnatcatcher R R ___Golden-crowned Kinglet ___Ruby-crowned Kinglet X U X U R ___Eastern Bluebird* ___Western Bluebird ___Mountain Bluebird ___Townsend’s Solitaire ___Swainson’s Thrush ___Hermit Thrush ___American Robin R R X R R X O U R X R R X O U ___Gray Catbird ___Curve-billed Thrasher* ___Brown Thrasher* ___Crissal Thrasher ___Sage Thrasher ___Northern Mockingbird* X U U R R X R C C X U U R R X R R C U ___European Starling R R R R ___Cedar Waxwing U R R Starlings Waxwings Silky-Flycatchers ___Phainopepla Old World Sparrows X X ___Red-breasted Nuthatch ___White-breasted Nuthatch X X R X R R X C C ___American Pipit ___Sprague’s Pipit O X O R R X ___Evening Grosbeak ___House Finch ___Pine Siskin ___Lesser Goldfinch ___American Goldfinch U O O X O Pipits Finches X X U O O R O R ___Lapland Longspur ___Chestnut-col. Longspur ___Smith’s Longspur ___McCown’s Longspur X U U X X U U X U U ___Green-tailed Towhee ___Spotted Towhee ___Rufous-cr. Sparrow* ___Canyon Towhee* ___Cassin’s Sparrow* ___American Tree Sparrow ___Chipping Sparrow O O O O U U C C O O O U U C ___Clay-colored Sparrow ___Brewer’s Sparrow ___Field Sparrow ___Vesper Sparrow ___Lark Sparrow* ___Black-throated Sparrow ___Sagebrush Sparrow ___Lark Bunting* ___Savannah Sparrow ___Grasshopper Sparrow ___Baird’s Sparrow ___LeConte’s Sparrow ___Fox Sparrow ___Song Sparrow ___Lincoln’s Sparrow ___Swamp Sparrow ___White-throated Sparrow ___Harris’ Sparrow ___White-crowned Sparrow ___Golden-crowned Sparrow ___Dark-eyed Junco Yellow-breasted Chat X O R U R C X Sp S C R X C C X X C C O X Blackbirds ___Yellow-headed Blackbird ___Eastern Meadowlark* ___Western Meadowlark* ___Orchard Oriole* ___Bullock’s Oriole* ___Baltimore Oriole ___Red-winged Blackbird* ___Brown-headed Cowbird* ___Rusty Blackbird ___Brewer’s Blackbird ___Common Grackle C X C O X C R X C X C ___Yellow-breasted Chat Wood-Warblers C C New World Sparrows X X U R O U U ___House Sparrow Longspurs X X X U U O U X U R R R Mockingbirds and Thrashers O R U U F W ___Rock Wren* ___House Wren ___Marsh Wren ___Carolina Wren ___Bewick’s Wren* ___Cactus Wren* Thrushes X X U X U Sp S ___Brown Creeper Kinglets R R R U X X Bullock’s oriole. © Christena Stephens Gnatcatchers ___Bushtit Nuthatches Common Name X U U C U C X C O U C O C C O U R ___Worm-eating Warbler ___Northern Waterthrush ___Black-and-white Warbler ___Tennessee Warbler ___Orange-crowned Warbler ___Nashville Warbler ___Virginia’s Warbler ___MacGillivray’s Warbler ___Mourning Warbler ___Common Yellowthroat ___Hooded Warbler ___American Redstart ___Northern Parula ___Blackburnian Warbler ___Yellow Warbler ___Blackpoll Warbler ___Black-thr. Blue Warbler ___Yellow-rumped Warbler ___Prairie Warbler ___Black-thr. Gray Warbler ___Townsend’s Warbler ___Hermit Warbler ___Black-thr. Green Warbler ___Wilson’s Warbler U X X X X X C ___Summer Tanager ___Western Tanager ___Northern Cardinal ___Pyrrhuloxia ___Rose-breasted Grosbeak ___Black-headed Grosbeak ___Blue Grosbeak* ___Lazuli Bunting ___Indigo Bunting ___Painted Bunting ___Dickcissel X X R R R X R U C X X O O X X R O R X O X R X R X X C X X X F W C R X R C U C X X X X C U C O X X X X X R R C C R R R R X R X R C C X C C X U R U U C C C X C O X U U O X U X X R X U R R X R R R X X C X C R X R X C Tanagers, Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Allies R R R R R X R U X X January 2018

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