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Butterflies of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Texas. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Butterflies and Dragonflies of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Butterflies and dragonflies can be found at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge throughout the year. They are most abundant during the summer months. The amount of water available also plays a role in the numbers found, especially dragonflies. Butterflies have been scientifically collected in such numbers that we can predict the abundance of the various species at the Refuge. We are only just beginning to document the species of dragonflies, thus this list only represents dragonflies collected on the Refuge. Butterflies Common Scientific Name Giant White Ganyra josephina Falcate Orangetip Anthocharis midea Clouded Sulphur Colias philodice Orange Sulphur Colias eurytheme Southern Dogface Colias cesonia Sleepy Orange Note Eurema nicippe Dainty Sulphur Please remember that collecting Nathalis iole butterflies and dragonflies is not allowed Little Yellow on the Refuge. If you should find an Eurema lisa unlisted or “rare” species, contact the Mimosa Yellow Refuge staff and provide a description. Eurema nise We welcome any additions visitors may Cloudless Sulphur provide to enhance the accuracy of Phoebis sennae these lists. Large Orange Sulphur Phoebis agarithe Abundance Symbols Apricot Sulphur A - Abundant S - Stray Phoebis argante U - Uncommon C - Common Lyside Sulphur R - Rare M - Migrant Kricogonia lyside Statira Sulphur Butterflies Phoebis statira Common Abundance White Angled-Sulphur Scientific Name Anteos clorinde Swallowtails Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Papilio glaucus Pipevine Swallowtail Battus philenor Spicebush Swallowtail Papilio troilus Black Swallowtail Papilio polyxenes Palamedes Swallowtail Papilio palamedes Polydamas Swallowtail Battus polydamas Giant Swallowtail Papilio cresphontes Whites and Sulphurs Cabbage White Pieris rapae Checkered White Pontia protodice Great Southern White Ascia monuste S A S U A S A R C A Hairstreaks Gray Hairstreak Strymon melinus Oak Hairstreak Satyrium favonius Soapberry Hairstreak Phaeostrymon alcestis Red-Banded Hairstreak Calycopis cecrops Dusky-Blue Groundstreak Calycopis isobeon Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak Strymon columella Blues Marine Blue Leptotes marina Western Pygmy-Blue Brephidium exile Ceraunus Blue Hemiargus ceraunus Reakirt’s Blue Hemiargus isola Abundance R U S C C C C A S A A S U S S A R C S A U R A A C Butterflies Common Scientific Name Abundance Metalmarks Rounded Metalmark Calephelis perditalis Longwings and Fritillaries Gulf Fritillary Agraulis vanillae Julia Heliconian Dryas julia Variegated Firtillary Euptoieta claudia Crescents, Checkerspots and Patches Pearl Crescent Phyciodes tharos Phaon Crescent Phyciodes phaon Elada Checkerspot Texola elada Bordered Patch Chlosyne lacinia Typical Brushfoots Question Mark Polygonia interrogationis Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta American Lady Vanessa virginiensis Painted Lady Vanessa cardui Common Buckeye Junonia coenia Mangrove Buckeye Junonia evarete “Dark” Tropical Buckeye Junonia genoveva nigrosuffusa White Peacock Anartia jatrophae Viceroy Limenitis archippus Common Mestra Mestra amymone Goatweed Leafwing Anaea andria Hackberry Emperor Asterocampa celtis Empress Leilia Asterocampa leilia Tawny Emperor Asterocampa clyton U C S A C A R C U C A U A S A C C C U C U C Butterflies Common Scientific Name Typical Brushfoots, continued American Snout Libytheana carinenta Monarch Danaus plexippus Queen Danaus gilippus Satyrs Carolina Satyr Hermeuptychia sosybius Gemmed Satyr Cyllopsis gemma Cloudywings Northern Cloudywing Thorybes palides Spread-wing Skippers Long-Tailed Skipper Urbanus proteus Dorantes Longtail Urbanus dorantes White-Striped Longtail Chioides catillus Sickle-Winged Skipper Achylodes thraso Horace’s Duskywing Erynnis horatius Funereal Duskywing Erynnis funeralis Mournful Duskywing Erynnis tristis Wild Indigo Duskywing Erynnis baptisiae False Duskywing Gesta gesta Common Checkered-Skipper Pyrgus communis Tropical Checkerd-Skipper Pyrgus oileus Desert Checkered-Skipper Pyrgus philetas Laviana White-Skipper Heliopetes laviana Turk’s Cap White-Skipper Heliopetes macaira Common Sootywing Pholisora catullus Grass Skipper Fiery Skipper Hylephila phyleus Sachem Atalopedes campestris Whirlabout Polites vibex Least Skipper Ancyloxypha numitor Abundance Butterflies Common Scientific Name C Orange Skipperling Copaeodes aurantiaca Southern Skipperling Copaeodes minima Clouded Skipper Lerema accius Fawn-spotted Skipper Cymaenes odilia Julia’s Skipper Nastra julia Southern Broken-Dash Wallengrenia otho Dun Skipper Euphyes vestris Celia’s Roadside-Skipper Amblyscirtes celia Nysa Roadside-Skipper Amblyscirtes nysa Eufala Skipper Lerodea eufala Ocola Skipper Panoquina ocola Salt Marsh Skipper Panoquina panoquin Obscure Skipper Panoquina panoquinoides Brazilian Skipper Calpodes ethlius A Dragonflies A-R M C C U U U U C C U R C A C R C U C A C C U Abundance U C A S U U C C C R U U C R Common Name Scientific Name Darners Common Green Darner Anax junius Clubtails Sulphur-Tipped Clubtail Comphus militaris Broad-Striped Forceptail Aphylla angustifolia Skimmers Golden-Winger Skimmer Libellula auripennis Needham’s Skimmer Libellula needhami Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum Little Blue Dragonlet Erythrodiplax berenice Seaside Dragonlet Erythrodiplax minuscula Dragonflies Common Name Scientific Name Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis Eastern Pondhawk Erythemis simplicicollis Wandering Glider Pantala flavenscens Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata Carolina Saddlebags Tramea carolina Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta Striped Saddlebags Tramea calverti Hyacinth Glider Miathyria marcella Marl Pennant Macrodiplax balteata Red-Tailed Pennant Brachymesia furcata Four-Spotted Pennant Brachymesia gravida Halloween Pennant Celithemis eponina Banded Pennant Celithemis fasciata Butterfly Reference Brock, James P. and Kaufman, Kenn, 2003; Butterflies of North America Dragonfly Reference Dunkle, Sidney W., 2000. Dragonflies Through Binoculars A Field Guide to Dragonflies of North America. Oxford University Press. For Further Information Aransas National Wildlife Refuge P.O. Box 100 Austwell, TX 77950 361/286-3559 361/286-3722 FAX 1 800/735-2989 Texas State Relay Service aransas/ March 2008

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