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Airstrip Guidelines for Big Bend Ranch State Park (SP) in Texas. Published by Texas Parks & Wildlife.

CODE OF CONDUCT Each pilot is an ambassador to the non-flying public. A few rogue pilots can destroy the public trust and set efforts backwards for years. Please do your part by practicing these few rules. We want to insure access for general aviation for the years to come. This information applies to all aircraft, including helicopters. Pilots will abide by all state and federal regulations regarding the use of aircraft. Big Bend Ranch State Park is Texas’ largest state park, at over 300,000 acres. The park is in an area so remote and rugged that it has been called El Despoblado, or “The Uninhabited.” In spite of that name, this awe-inspiring region boasts a rich human history and offers outdoor recreation for the truly adventurous. The park features rugged mountains, steep canyons, amazing views, unparalleled night skies, and solitude in a high desert setting. BBRSP is located in the northern Chihuahuan Desert. Summers are hot, winters are mild, not much rain falls, and the scenery is magnificent. The landscape varies from river lowlands to deep canyons, from high plateaus to steep-sided mountains. The elevation ranges from about 2,300 feet along the Rio Grande up to 5,135 feet at Oso Mountain. Geologic changes born of water and fire and taking place over millions of years created this dramatic terrain. Big Bend Ranch State Park Airstrip, 3T9, is open to the public and serves as an access point to the interior of this rugged state park. Park staff have worked to make this access possible and to further improve the airstrip. The future of continued public use depends greatly on the pilot community’s behavior when using this airfield. It is recommended that you call (432) 358-4444 prior to arrival. Staff can transport you from the airstrip to the Sauceda Ranger Station, but arrangements must be made in advance. Reservations for camping or the other accommodations available at the park should be made through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Central Reservation Center at (512) 389-8919. • Act with all possible courtesy to those on the ground who are hiking, biking, horseback riding or observing wildlife, by maintaining reasonable distance and altitude. • Know wildlife refuge boundaries as well as seasonal areas of wildlife congregation to avoid inadvertent low level over-flights. • Avoid putting potential stress on wildlife with low level flights and excessive noise. Pilots will practice good wilderness and backcountry flying ethics. • Keep the noise signature of the aircraft to a safe minimum. • Practice “leave no trace” camping. Fly it in, fly it out. • Avoid very early morning departures unless safety of flight demands a deviation. • Be courteous to other users in the area and adjacent landowners. MAILING: HCR 67 Box 33 • Marfa, TX 79843 PHYSICAL: 1900 Sauceda Ranch Road • Presidio, TX 79845 (432) 358-4444 • fax (432) 358-4679 © 2014 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department PWD BR P4501-152P (4/14) In accordance with Texas State Depository Law, this publication is available at the Texas State Publications Clearinghouse and/or Texas Depository Libraries. TPWD receives federal assistance from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal agencies and is subject to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and state anti-discrimination laws which prohibit discrimination the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. If you believe that you have been discriminated against in any TPWD program, activity or facility, or need more information, please contact Civil Rights Coordinator for Public Access, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Mail Stop: MBSP-4020, Arlington, VA 22203. 3T9 Airstrip Guidelines B I G B E N D R A N C H S TAT E P A R K HAZARDS • • • • • • Mountainous terrain surrounds the area High winds are common High density altitude Wildlife on or near the RWY Brush and vegetation on either side of RWY edge High terrain is present just south of the 08 threshold. • High straight-line and crosswinds and up and downdrafts typical of mountainous terrain AIRPORT INFORMATION Elevation: TPA: Length: CTAF: 4,250 ft 5,300 ft 5,500 ft 122.9 Runway 08 / 26 5500 ft x 80 ft Hard surface, left pattern, no ILS No glideslope, no REIL, no markings Parking of aircraft should be done on the ramp located on the west end of the runway; pilots need to bring their own tie-downs. PRS’s AWOS (118.0) is the closest weather information, but conditions can vary greatly from PRS to 3T9. WINDSOCK 26 08 SAUCEDA RANGER STATION HIGH TERRAIN AREA AIRPORTS WITH FUEL FEES Presidio (PRS) Lat/Long: 29-38-03.1650N / 104-21-41.3800W 29-38.052750N / 104-21.689667W 29.6342125 / -104.3614944 The normal state park entrance and camping fees apply to airfield visits. Payment is made at the Sauceda Ranger Station located approximately one mile west of the airstrip. Entrance fees are $5 per person during the peak season (November through April) and $3 per person during the off-season (May through October) for day visits. Camping is $8 per night for a primitive camping site. Other accommodations are available; please visit our website for a full list of possibilities. Marfa (MRF) Lat/Long: 30-22-16.0000N / 104-01-03.1000W 30-22.266667N / 104-01.051667W 30.3711111 / -104.0175278 Alpine (E38) Lat/Long: 30-23-03.2000N / 103-41-00.9000W 30-23.053333N / 103-41.015000W 30.3842222 / -103.6835833 EMERGENCY CONTACTS Sauceda Ranger Station (432) 358-4444 Presidio County Sheriff’s Office (432) 729-4308 Be advised that cell phone coverage is unreliable in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

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