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brochure Moraine - Mileage Chart

North Country Trail Mileage Chart and Map of Moraine State Park (SP) in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

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Rd Maye r d Ro he rR d Reichert Rd nder R Un n Str amed ee t Alex a W. Liberty Rd. 528 Trailhead SPE CT Mor aine RD State Park Burton Dr PRO I 79 Pfeifer Rd Mo St rain Pa at e rk e Rd I 79 I 79 PER R HWY Y McCon nells Mill Rd Myer s Ln Mount Hope Furnace Rd Mount Hope Furnace Rd d R ou k H d ello Ln Rd Barkley Alexander Ridge Rd. Lake Arthur CA NEW STL ER D LE ST RD Nye Rd Cap St af fR Rd d Davis Rd Staff Rd. CA Arm str Rd o n g d d y de Lin ion R d R rtin Ma tR S.R. 8 W NE Magee R Co ver t Un CA NE ST W LE RD Steighner Ln d Old Stone House Snyder Rd Davis Hollow Cabin S.R. 422 Bridge nn St am re e et d NE CAS W TLE R D Legend North Country Trail Streams DKB 2/15/2012 D EW R N LE T AS Covered Bridge Eckert Bridge Mt. Union Rd. Burnside Rd Breakneck Bridge Rd Rd d ame Unn reet St inz d He p R m Ca Trail Sign Burnside Rd Link Rd. Trail Shelters McDanels Rd. Cheeseman Rd U Walnut Flats Sign Mountvil le d Camelot Rd. C rdt Alpha Pass I 79 I 79 nha Leo n L Driveway John son R 9 I7 Kildoo Rd Hiking Bridge Hells Hollow Trailhead d Rd Br Eck idg ert e Rd n Shady L er d nt R Ce rch u Ch w Fre Rd iew i rv Fa R ol ho c S Rim Rd lls ne rt on ke d cC Ec R M ill ge M rid B d Watters Rd a Sh rR ffe McConnells Mill Rd Wilso n PE H RR CA NEW W Y STLE Y RD North Shore Drive rR oe h R n Mou I 79 Camelot Rd d ame Unn eet Str Unnamed Street 9 I7 9 I7 d W Liberty R Mount Union Rd Drak e Ln w Sa Rd l Mil Lake Unnamed Street Map Directions: The number located on the chart at the intersection between the two locations (indicated by dots on trail) is the distance in miles between the two locations. Please note the chart works from either starting location. Dickey Rd North Country Trail Mileage T a m a Chart rack Distance Markers/Landmarks 0 0.5 1 2 Miles North American Datum 1983 Lambert Conformal Conic PA South

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