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Cross-Country Ski Area Map and Brochure of Laurel Ridge State Park (SP) in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

• Always purchase a trail pass from the concessionaire; if closed, no pass is required. • Obey all signs and posted warnings. • Stay on marked trails. • Always carry and use a trail system map. • You must remain in control and proceed in such a manner that you can stop or avoid other people or objects. • If skiing alone, ensure that others know your whereabouts. • In case of emergencies, please contact the concession at 724-455-7303 or call 911. • Choose trails appropriate to your ability and fitness. • Grooming vehicles may be on the trail – use caution. • Give downhill skiers the right of way. the Ridge • Fill in your divots and sitz-marks. • Help maintain the integrity of the ski tracks by not skiing over them. The 13,625-acre Laurel Ridge mouth of the Potomac River and the Allegheny State Park stretches along Laurel Highlands. To explore other trails in the Mountain from the picturesque network, visit • When a skier behind calls out “track,” move to the right and allow them to pass. to the Conemaugh Gorge near Many people visit for the exceptional scenery. Spring • When stopping, step off the trail to leave room for other skiers to pass. Johnstown. This large park spans wildflowers dot the forest floor in early April, followed by a Cambria, Fayette, Somerset and vibrant green forest as leaf-out begins in late April. Mountain Youghiogheny River at Ohiopyle Westmoreland counties. The main feature of the park is the laurel blooms in June and rhododendron blooms in late June 70-mile Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT). The trail traverses and early July. Visit the park in mid-October and witness fall state parks, state forests, state game lands, other public lands color in all its glory. Winter is spectacular when the park is and private lands, providing day-hiking and semi-wilderness covered in a deep blanket of snow and the occasional great backpacking experiences with overnight Adirondack-style horned owl calls through the moon-lit forest. The cross-country facilities. The LHHT was a catalyst for establishment of the ski area at Laurel Ridge provides one of the finest Nordic skiing Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, a network between the experiences in the Mid-Atlantic region. Cross-Country Ski Area Laurel Ridge State Park photo courtesy of John Weld cross-country code Laurel Ridge State Park • Do not block intersections and avoid stopping in the middle of hills or where you are not visible to other skiers. • Do not walk in the set tracks or on groomed trails and keep to the right. • Dogs are ONLY allowed on the Orange Trail and must be under control at all times. Bag and remove all waste. • Carry in, carry out – Leave No Trace. • Return to your vehicle by sunset. Concession building closes at 5:00 P.M., and warming hut closes at sunset. photo courtesy of John Weld 2200 225 0 rl Ea 00 2250 50 50 ll 24 N e Ans 00 23 27 50 24 23 00 d Roa LH 50 27 27 26 00 00 24 50 25 50 2600 Green Yellow 2200 50 0 Purple 245 2400 230 0 2550 50 Orange 2500 Yellow (Ungroomed) 22 0 265 2700 Caution Hill He LH HT 2350 LHHT Connector Trail nry 26 Black Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT) 1 2700 00 HT 50 27 27 Blue 26 ad 50 25 26 Red 00 Ro 0 0 25 Intersection 1 n ow Br Nordic Ski Concession Vista SCALE 50 22 Trail Shelter Rte 653 State Park 1 Mile John 50 0 26 0.5 1 Kilometer 50 0 0.5 25 2350 2500 230 00 0 Road Warming Hut 26 24 00 00 26 2450 2700 2650 0 N 250 Maintenance Area 653 FAY ET ME TE C O. RS ET CO . 00 27 Trail Head Parking LH 6 2 HT Forbes State Forest SO 2750 Seven Springs Ski Area 1 50 25 2700 LAUREL RIDGE 5 3 240 0 653 285 STATE PARK 0 2350 50 22 10 230 0 S.G.L. 111 225 4 5 Forbes State Forest 0 2550 0 2600 250 0 4 220 9 LH HT 6 2150 3 8 245 0 2650 50 27 2 00 27 2600 2550 2450 11 20 50 22 00 24 7 50 00 1 25 250 0 24 50 Cross-Country Fun Trail Descriptions Purple Trail: A gentle 1.0 kilometer trail, groomed for skating and classical striding, ideal for beginners. Blue Trail: A relatively easy 1.7 kilometer trail ideal for skating or classical striding. Red Trail: Just over 5.0 kilometers long, the Red Trail is groomed for skating or classical striding. Orange Trail: 10.6 kilometers with a cutoff to create a loop of 7.0 kilometers. This dog friendly trail is groomed for skating and classical striding. Skiers are reminded to bag and remove all pet waste. Green Trails: These trails generally connect sections of the Red Trail. Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Yellow Trails: Classical striding trails and not groomed as wide or as often as other trails. 5.3 kilometers offer a backcountry experience. Yellow Trails with blue blazes are not groomed. Black Trail: This oneway, 0.4 kilometer trail is designed for advanced skiers. photo courtesy of John Weld A cross-country ski touring concession adjacent to the PA 653 parking lot provides access to over 20 miles of trails. The concession grooms surfaces for classic and freestyle skiing. Trail passes, rental skis and snowshoes are available from the concession. Snowshoers are highly encouraged to explore the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. For current trail conditions and fee information, please call 724-455-7303. The Pennsylvania Cross-Country Skier’s Association (PACCSA) is a volunteer organization dedicated to the development of the sport of cross country skiing in Pennsylvania and the tri-state region. A web cam sponsored by PACCSA also provides current trail conditions:

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