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Brochure of Hillman State Park (SP) in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

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Hillman State Park State Game Lands 432 This 3,654-acre undeveloped park, also known as State Game Lands 432, consists of rolling terrain dominated by deciduous and coniferous forests, shrubs, grassy fields, and steep slopes. There are no facilities or restrooms in the park. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) work in partnership to manage this state park for public access and outdoor recreation. The PGC is responsible for administration and operation of the park. Directions Hillman State Park is located in northwestern Washington County. Access the park from the east and west from Route 22 and from the north and south from Route 18. Recreational Opportunities HUNTING AND FIREARMS: Over 3,000 acres are open to hunting, trapping, and the training of dogs during established seasons. Common game species are deer, wild turkey, pheasant, and squirrel. Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) rules and regulations apply. More Information Pennsylvania Game Commission Southwest Region Office 4820 Route 711 Bolivar, PA 15923 724-238-9523 pgc-swregion@pa.gov Hillman State Park c/o Raccoon Creek State Park Hookstown, PA 15050-9416 724-899-2200 email: raccooncreeksp@pa.gov GPS DD: Lat. 40.458741 Long. –80.406129 An Equal Opportunity Employer www.pgc.pa.gov www.visitPAparks.com TRAILS: 34.2 miles All trails are open to horses, mountain biking, and hiking, and are blazed red. Please note the PGC maintains some access roadways through habitat management areas. These roadways may not be open to horses and biking. Read all posted signage. Trails are closed to bicycles and horses during fall and spring big game seasons, except Sundays. Please contact the PGC or Raccoon Creek State Park for specific dates as they change yearly. MULTI-USE TRAILS: Trail difficulty ratings are based on hiking use. Abby’s Trail: 1.9 miles, more difficult Airport West Trail: 2.7 miles, more difficult Airport South Trail: 1.4 miles, easiest Colt Trail: 1.4 miles, easiest Figure 8 Trail: 3.3 miles, more difficult Gelding Trail: 0.8 mile, easiest Haul Trail: 1.8 miles, easiest facebook.com/PennsylvaniaGameCommission facebook.com/visitPAparks Meadow Trail: 1.8 miles, easiest Miller Airport Trail: 0.7 mile, more difficult Old Mare Trail: 1.1 miles, easiest Pitch Pine Trail: 1.1 miles, easiest Rouse Trail: 3.0 miles, most difficult 8/2019 Short ‘n’ Sweet Trail: 1.5 miles, easiest Sprocket Trail: 3.5 miles, more difficult Stallion Trail: 1.7 miles, easiest Switchback Trail: 3.0 miles, more difficult Van Gorder Trail: 1.4 miles, more difficult Vista Trail: 0.1 mile, more difficult Wetland Trail: 2.1 miles, easiest History James F. Hillman, president of Harmon Creek Coal Corporation, donated 3,654 acres of land to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for outdoor recreational purposes in 1969. At that time, the donation was the largest single land gift for a state park in the country. Before opening to the public, the former coal mining site underwent extensive reclamation to restore habitat and address abandoned mine drainage issues. From 1970 through 1977, work included filling, grading, erosion control, soil treatment with fly ash, and additional plantings. For more information on Hillman State Park, please visit www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/ FindAPark/HillmanStatePark/Pages/default.aspx. Radio-Controlled Flying The K. Leroy Irvis Radio Control Model Airport is operated and maintained by the Greater Pittsburgh Aero Radio Control Society. All users must have an FCC license, maintain and display a current AMA membership, and preregister with Raccoon Creek State Park to utilize the facility. Contact the state park office at 724-899-2200 for more information and to preregister. Access for People with Disabilities If you need an accommodation to participate in park program due to a disability, please contact the park. This publication text is available in alternative formats. Contact the PGC Southwest Regional Office for ADA accessible hunting information at 724-238-9523.  In an Emergency Call 911. NEAREST HOSPITAL Weirton Medical Center 601 Colliers Way Weirton, WV 26062 304-797-7600 Tr. Frankfort ow Dilloe ad Run Tr. Me d Roa Dillo K. Leroy Irvis Radio Control Model Airport d Roa Road N sh Run Bru WEST VIRGINIA nv il le. or t 168 ingp 18 151 n Rac co 6 151 Aliquippa 980 576 Clinton Exit 4 To M BUS Exit 50 on a 65 51 Sewickley 376 Imperial n Ru 22 30 978 Exit 57 ALLEGHENY PITTSBURGH INT’L. ARPT. Exit 376 1/ 53 30 Exit 2 22 Road Hill Exit 6 Exit 48 Exit 45 376 Big ger To Beav er; I-7 G a rd en Rd. To Monaca 18 Gre e BEAVER . Clinton Frankfo r t R d . Rd Pik e ad HILLMAN / SGL 432 Old Steubenville Airp Burgettstown d lan or t We Tr. ir We To Tr. Vista Tr. H a ul to n, W S V; Ro 18 n Va to n c t Swi c h b a Five Bigger t Poin s Tr. Exte Ha Tr. rder Go ul Ro ad r e rd am Kr ad y nn 22 H , Washing WASHINGTON Florence ,O To I-7 0 Ro o Coraopolis, I-79 79 T To I- e ub e Frankfort Springs 168 Raccoon Creek Hanover K e ndall Rd. 30 Hookstown H S hip p ,O ol BEAVER CO. WASHINGTON CO. Dilloe Ru n d Covered Bridge nsio n Gel d ing Tr. Go . Rd Sprock et Tr. lt Co Roa d Pur y er b St eu Su ler ut h Pitch P in Bigger Tr. Airpo r t t eet Sw . 8 Tr r. eT Krame r m Ca pb ell Ro t Ro ad Rev. 7/31/19 ad BAVINGTON Old er rt st Old Airport Parking Lot Tr. HILLMAN STATE PARK / State Game Lands 432 l Hau Lane Tr. Hill Fig ur e 1000 METERS 22 Pi ke Riv by’s Ab Va n ad Ro Rou se Knowlton 500 4000 FEET O hi o d Tr. Sharon e Pik 0 Tr. 2000 en vil le ca Tr. We tlan Tr. k Tr. Run Tr. o Clinto n Tr. M LEGEND Muti-use: Equestrian, Hiking, Mountain Biking Gate Unpaved Road Wet land Mi l Ai ar e Ro ad Brush nville Steube 500 0 ek Paved Road We t ille r MA ir p ort s int Po Old 2000 k R d. C re Parking Unpaved No Equestrian Trailers Parking Equestrian Trailers State Park Hunting i lle r Route to K. Leroy Irvis R. C. Model Airport M e Fiv FLORENCE A ir p ek oon Cre To Raccark State P Maxwell Rd. 18 Rd. lle nvi ub e Ste e Pik 18 POINT PLEASANT u rg h Pitts b 7 9, Raccoon To Burgettstown le To I- ul P ar on n ad STATE GAME LANDS 117 Bab Ra cc oo Ru n Ha Creek ad gs Ho Tr. k d Ro er Kings Creek Rd. O ld 22 Star Lake To Burgettstown Tr. Old Cr ee Roa Cr Racc eek oon Kr am So To Ea st Liv er po Rd. i ngton Ba v Short ‘n ’ ock e Sp r Ro Sta llion ort rp Creek Rd.

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