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Park brochure for Evansburg State Park in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

A Pennsylvania Recreational Guide for Evansburg State Park Evansburg State Park Evansburg State Park is in southcentral Montgomery County between Norristown and Collegeville. Evansburg offers a significant area of green space and relative solitude in an urbanized area. Its main natural feature, Skippack Creek, has dissected the area into ridges and valleys. The first European settlers were Mennonite farmers who powered their industries with the water of Skippack Creek. Mill remnants, mill buildings, and houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth century dot the park landscape and serve as reminders of early American life. Today, the park is a patchwork quilt of cropland, meadows, old fields, and mature woodlands that attract day use visitors from the Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas. People come to the open play fields, picnic areas, trails, golf course, and the relatively tranquil, natural environs. Directions From Collegeville, take the Germantown Pike east. Turn left onto Skippack Creek Road and continue to May Hall Road. From Philadelphia, take the Germantown Pike west. Turn right onto Skippack Creek Road and continue to May Hall Road. Recreational Opportunities Park visitors may enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities throughout the year. Public use areas are open daily from sunrise to sunset. Park only in designated areas. FISHING: Skippack Creek has spring trout fishing and warmwater fishing throughout the year. The creek is stocked with brown and rainbow trout from pre-season to Memorial Day. Warmwater fish are smallmouth bass, catfish, sucker, carp, panfish, and eel. An ADA accessible fishing pier is located in the picnic area off Cedar Lane. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulations and laws apply. HIKING: 6 miles of trails Most portions of the trails are easy walking with some sections of moderate difficulty. Tell us about your hike at: www.explorepatrails.com MOUNTAIN BIKING: 5 miles of trails A five-mile mountain bike trail at the southern end of the park can be accessed at the trailhead on Fern Avenue. Bicycles are prohibited on all hiking and equestrian trails within the park. Bicycles are permitted on paved roads that are open to vehicle traffic. Remember that the rules of the road also apply to bicycles. For More Information Contact: Evansburg State Park 851 May Hall Road Collegeville, PA 19426-1202 610-409-1150 email: evansburgsp@pa.gov GPS DD: Lat. 40.20071 Long. -75.40374 An Equal Opportunity Employer ORGANIZED GROUP TENTING: The group tenting area is in a clearing in the forested Oaks Picnic Area and is open from April to mid-October. Up to five people may occupy each of the 18 sites. There are picnic tables, fire rings, and flush toilets, but no showers. Qualified adult and youth groups may use this area. Reservations are required. Call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS for reservations. Information and Reservations Make online reservations at: www.visitPAparks.com or call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757), 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday. www.visitPAparks.com Printed on recycled paper visitPAparks 2018 PICNICKING: Over 150 picnic tables, many charcoal grills, and modern restrooms are located throughout the park. The Oaks and Pines picnic areas are on May Hall Road. The Meadows Picnic Area is off Cedar Lane in the southern portion of the park. Visitors can enjoy a quiet setting along the Skippack Creek, or engage in family games like badminton, horseshoes, and Frisbee. History Friedt Visitor Center This historic, 1700s-era farmhouse now interprets the lifestyles of the German Mennonite families who owned the home for 190 years. Outside, the root cellar, well, and herb and sensory gardens add to the eighteenth-century atmosphere. An exhibit room in the house is devoted to the natural history and the house also provides an area for visitors to watch songbirds and other wildlife. Contact the park office to schedule a visit to the center. PICNIC PAVILIONS: Pavilion A holds 60 people and Pavilion B holds 200. Both may be reserved up to 11 months in advance for a fee. If not reserved, the picnic pavilions are free on a first-come, first-served basis. Call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757) for reservations. CRICKET FIELD: A regulation cricket field can be accessed from Skippack Creek Road. HORSEBACK RIDING: 15 miles of trails Fifteen miles of trails are available for horseback riding throughout the park. Riders can also use the right-side berm of public roads. A trailhead parking lot for horse trailers is located on Skippack Creek Road. Wildlife Watching Evansburg State Park’s woodlands are a combination of northern and southern hardwood species in various stages of growth. This blending results in a remarkably wide variety of trees, wildflowers, habitats, and wildlife. Early morning and evening hours are the best time to see deer, rabbits, and other wildlife. Please obey park regulations to protect park resources. Poison Ivy CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: Most trails are recommended for cross-country skiing. HUNTING AND FIREARMS: Over 1,000 acres are open to hunting, trapping, and the training of dogs during established seasons. Common game species are deer, rabbit, and squirrel. Evansburg lies within a special regulation area for deer hunting. For information on the rules and regulations that apply to this area, refer to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s “Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations.” Be alert for the 150-yard safety zone surrounding occupied buildings and for other signs posting areas closed to hunting. Hunting woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, is prohibited. Dog training is only permitted from the day following Labor Day through March 31 in designated hunting areas. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations apply. Contact the park office for ADA accessible hunting information. Use extreme caution with firearms at all times. Other visitors use the park during hunting seasons. Firearms and archery equipment used for hunting may be uncased and ready for use only in authorized hunting areas during hunting seasons. In areas not open to hunting or during non-hunting seasons, firearms and archery equipment shall be kept in the owner’s vehicle or enclosed trailer. Exceptions include: law enforcement officers and individuals with a valid Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms are authorized to carry a firearm concealed on their person while they are within a state park. GOLF: The picturesque, eighteen-hole, par 71 Skippack Golf Course includes a clubhouse and is open to the public. www.skippackgolfclub.com Poison ivy is common at Evansburg State Park. Every part of poison ivy can irritate your skin. The best way to prevent getting poison ivy is to know what it looks like and avoid it. Poison ivy occurs in three forms: vine, shrub, and creeping groundcover. The best way to identify poison ivy is that each leaf stem has three leaflets. “Leaves of three, let it be.” The leaf can have a smooth or a ragged edge, may be light green or dark green, and is sometimes shiny. Poison ivy has flower clusters and berry clusters that start out green then turn white when ripe. Poison ivy vine is difficult to identify when it is small, but older vines are covered in brown rootlets that look like hair. Nearby Attractions Information on nearby attractions is available from the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board. www.valleyforge.org The area surrounding Evansburg State Park is rich in tourist attractions. A lucky traveler may happen upon a country auction or visit one of the many antique shops located in this rich, historic belt. Nearby attractions include: downhill skiing at Spring Mount, the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, Valley Forge National Historic Park, and the quaint Skippack Village. Evansburg Point Park is a 35.6-acre Lower Providence Township park that offers a lighted multipurpose game field, a multipurpose practice field, restrooms, and a nature area. In 1684, when William Penn purchased the portion of his American Province that is now Evansburg State Park, the inhabitants were the Unami people of the Lenape Tribe. Shortly thereafter, the area was settled according to the plan of Penn’s “Holy Experiment.” The area developed rapidly. By 1714, the Skippack Pike was constructed to provide access to the Philadelphia market. An eight-arch stone bridge spanning the Skippack Creek on the Germantown Pike was constructed in 1792. It is the oldest bridge in continuous, heavy use in the nation. The Skippack Valley remained an agrarian economy through the early part of the twentieth century. Following World War II, the pace of change quickened. Prior to acquisition of park lands, the rural charm of the area was in danger because much of the countryside was being threatened by urbanization. Background studies were critical to planning for Evansburg State Park. The earliest of these was the Tri-State Commission Regional Open Space Plan which identified the site in 1933. In 1962, the State Planning Board identified Evansburg as an area to be acquired under the “Project 70” plan. In the late 1960s, the “Project 70 Land Acquisition and Borrowing Act” provided the funding for acquisition of the 3,349 acres which is now Evansburg State Park. In 1975, plans for the first phase of development were approved. Project 500 (Land and Water Conservation Fund) provided the monies necessary to develop the park’s major recreation area that officially opened for public use on June 28, 1979. Today, Evansburg State Park preserves a significant area of unspoiled, natural beauty in Montgomery County and serves as a buffer between highly developed areas. As the surrounding communities grow and expand, the park will continue to provide a place for outdoor recreation, education, and solitude. Access for People with Disabilities This symbol indicates facilities and activities that are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible for people with disabilities. This publication text is available in alternative formats. If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit. ADA accessible picnic tables, parking spaces, and sanitary facilities have been designated in the main day use area at May Hall Road.  In an Emergency Call 911 and contact a park employee. Directions to the nearest hospital are posted on bulletin boards and at the park office. NEAREST HOSPITAL Einstein Medical Center Montgomery 559 West Germantown Pike East Norriton, PA 19403 1-800-346-7834 Meetin gho us e Rd. 18 0 240 160 Hedr ic Rd. k c k Cree k i ppa Sk 160 0 20 Ha ll Trail Stum p R d Hal . l Green ad Ro H il l 0 250 METERS 1,000 FT ack Skipp Rd. k Cree Trai l Sk Ra Sebastian’s Riding Academy ill 160 r ate W Lo op Tra il 180 0 20 Stre . Rd 1,000 0 14 0 Road ll Ha 250 M Creek et e eb K ri M ay Tr 160 ce ill M 18 0 180 Lesher Rd. l ai ks 400 200 ck pa p i 220 200 Rd. 180 120 200 220 Oa To Norristown, 6.0 Mi. 380 ll i lM h ack Cr. L oop Skipp ack Cre p p i k S ek 200 l be . Rd Pines A 180 . Rd 360 n Pik e To Jeffersonville, 3.4 Mi. Norristown, 6.0 Mi. e . Rd To White Marsh, 10.1 Mi. d. Hall R y a M ll w K ri h urc zC nt We n ompso Th S 73 0 . Rd Roa d 16 ENLARGEMENT Mi Old Baptist Road rs 200 180 Hall d oa 18 1600 p 260 200 ad Ro ad Ro Cre ek R oa d R iver C r ee k en 0 0 0 de om 280 220 An Pe rk i e Pik d tar Bus 0 22 20 Rd. 14 160 0 ack d Roa 18 Rd. 10 0 0 280 Mill 120 d 26 260 260 320 340 Roa ad Ro l Sch 240 24 t 300 l ibe ick pp K ra Overlook Kre dr He Sk i ad Ro 240 280 e. Av . Rd Rev. 12/03/18 380 er oss ler twi De d. R Road eet Str 360 Road 220 B . Rd 260 320 340 Road r 200 N ter Wa . 440 200 22 e Pik 360 380 400 420 Ker 0 300 e ng Gra . Rd ge 280 0 24 240 ad R id 400 on R d ati 300 Vis it 260 Lo o p 20 to an rm Ge 240 260 300 320 340 220 Ro 220 e ng Gra ll 200 200 220 200 220 280 Cedars 160 180 200 Hill Road 140 Forestry Ave. Office Mi e Lan 180 t ee Str r 0 rn Fe e. Av 0 20 Maintenance Area Official Use ONLY 16 140 180 240 Skippack Golf Course Green 160 Cre ek 160 d a Ced . Lewis Rd Lewis Rd . Eight Arch Bridge 140 0 16 0 140 160 0 18 0 20 0 14 ter Wa Cricket Field d Roa k C ree 120 k ay Roa 0 16 M 0 16 0 22 z R o ad Lesher Skip pa c l Funkite Cemetery m 180 Mil Keyser Mill kippack ack Creek ipp 120 Sk Meadows l i a r T 200 180 Rd. Equestrian Trail Head burg ans v E el Lev 180 St u d Roa 200 nd Pike EVANSBURG d 200 Rd. yla Wa e Pik e 18 200 Road 220 0 18 200 0 0 d 180 240 d Ridg eys ssk Cro 220 EVANSBURG POINT PARK Main Park Area Ro urg nsb 22 Old Rd. Fo ot Forty 160 Roa d 260 220 R Road 220 ill See Enlargement ad Roa an tow n 0 10 Roa M Ande rs n e rm 200 urg nsb a Ev MAIN PARK ENTRANCE 0 22 Eva Roa Road 240 o ps Multi-use Trail: Hiking and as Designated Lin To US 422, 1.7 Mi. Phoenixville, 5.6 Mi. CONTOURS ARE ON 20 FT. INTERVALS 180 160 18 200 0 200 0 18 260 om Th St . Evansburg Point Park (Operated by Lower Providence Township) Paved Trail Ard 23 mo DELAWARE Wayne Paoli tz Kra State Park Hunting Hiking Trail 30 . Rd State Park No Hunting Fishing Pier 76 re Gate Playground ip n Mai Ge Collegeville Ro a d Parking Horse Trailers King of Prussia 476 Exton r be Ko Parking Unpaved 240 276 202 76 220 Norristown 23 Tpk. PA P d Ol . Ave Parking Paved 113 73 ty For an First Aid Norristown Farm e ixvill oen Ph 29 wn llm Parking ADA Accessible anto 202 ike Visitor Center Water nsh Tow st Ea 29 Germ CHESTER Self-guiding Trail Picnic Pavilion Collegeville 23 Modern Restrooms Picnicking d R oa 363 SKIPPACK To I-476, 2.1 Mi. Kulpsville, 2.2 Mi. t Foo . Rd Public Phone EVANSBURG Collegeville 724 S 73 Ha Cross-country Skiing Recommended Organized Group Tenting COLLEGEVILLE To Souderton, 9.9 Mi. R e tor oad in e ip L Mountain Biking 422 . . Ext N.E To US 422, 4.8 Mi. To Pottstown, 12.1 Mi. Blue Symbols Mean ADA Acessible own Pottst 113 . Tpk 29 Horseback Riding La n 476 MONTGOMERY 113 Schwenksville ale sd To Phoenixville, 6.3 Mi. Park Office To Schwenksville, 4.3 Mi. Souderton 63 29 73 PA MONTGOMERY COUNTY 113 Yerkes N 663 100 n sh Tow EVANSBURG STATE PARK N 100 0 100 200 300 METERS 140 500 160 0 500 1,000 FEET

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