Cherry Springs

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brochure Cherry Springs - Visitor Map

Visitor Map of Cherry Springs State Park (SP) in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

CHERRY SPRINGS STATE PARK N S US Q U EHANNOC K ST AT E FOREST POTTER COUNTY 30 29 Begin one-way road e 10 ic st Ru Patterson y ilk M We s t ch an East Tent Only Carter Camp k Conrad 44 144 Tent Only Road 144 Ole Bull To R eno Milky Camper Check-In ADA Accessible est For ing ork s W Trail ing Spr retive rp Inte Ave. lvd. Way B ry r Che Nova Public Phone 44 To Carter Camp, 7.5 Mi. Water Light Shielding Berms Unpaved Walkway (Seasonally Lit) Trash Unpaved Road Wayside Exhibit One-way Road Amphitheater Gate Picnic Area Parking Unpaved Camp Site State Park No Hunting Sanitary Dump Station We s t B r anch Ro ad Path or Hiking Trail Restrooms Walk-in Camp Site 44 Ole on Ave. Overnight Astronomy Observation Field GPS DD: Lat. 41.663874 Long. -77.823236 50 200 0 50 0 Park Office c/o Lyman Run State Park 454 Lyman Run Road Galeton, PA 16922 814-435-1037 . Germania Rd . r Fo 144 Rd 100 200 Rd. sch Rau h Tent Only Germania Station . Rd a Branc Br Galeton un 5 Historic CCC Pavilion st 1 3 We Tent Only R d. 6 Lyman Run 44 8 Ave. on vili Pa Ave. ion Pavil Galaxy Ave. Ave. Orion s Ave. Cygnu 2 Run nR 16 4 an CHERRY SPRINGS 17 Tent Only 9 Tent Only 6 ym Crip p e W ay Bl d vd . re il Tra 44 West Pike oro llsb We To 18 y Valle den e 6 Sw t or L Tent Only Tent Only Tent Only 19 449 Denton Hill 7 Star Rev. 9/6/17 12 ui Historic Cherry Springs Tavern 13 11 q e Re nc Registration Kiosk Ca Fe ro 14 e g mp S US Q U EHANNOC K ST AT E FOREST und 15 Fe nc 20 25 Fe 21 22 23 ad 24 Ro 28 MAIN ENTRANCE e etiv rpr Inte To Conrad, 5.2 Mi. & Wharton, 15.2 Mi. Information Kiosk 1 27 ast 2 t res Fo E rk 3 44 26 Cherry Springs Working Fo Night Sky Public Viewing Area Billy Lew is Rd. 4 Visitor Parking (Turf) To Co ud er sp To Sweden Valley & US 6, 10.8 Mi. Coudersport, 14.8 Mi. vo To Galeton & US 6, 11.4 Mi. Wellsboro, 31.8 Mi. 150 METERS 400 911 Address 4639 Cherry Springs Road Coudersport, PA 16915 600 FEET

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