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Map of Cabins at Black Moshannon State Park (SP) in Pennsylvania. Published by Pennsylvania State Parks.

on . nn Rd 504 va . ve r Rd. ke non La Blac To Julian, US 222 k M West Si 504 nno osha ad n Ro /6 6 6 /2/ 0/2/ /2/6 2/6 /6 11 1 9 8/ 7/2 LEGEND (Cabin Number/Rooms/Capacity) Environmental Learning Center 15/2/6 Modern Cabin Picnic Pavilion 21/1/5 Deluxe Cottage 1/1/4 de Ro ad To Boat Area No. 2 N e Bea oshan k M Rd. ide We s t S Lak Rd Blac Park Office /2 12 /4 4 6/1 5/1/ 4/1/4 1/4 1/4 3/ /4 2/ 1/1 Blueberry Cottage 21/1/5 Cranberry Cottage 22/1/5 Rustic Cabin (Cabin Number/Rooms/Capacity) Food Concession (Cabin Number/Rooms/Capacity) Beach ADA Accessible Boat Launch Wash House/Shower House/ Restrooms Boat Rental Restrooms Parking Paved Drinking Fountain Parking Unpaved Firewood Supply (When Available) Path or Trail Playground GPS DD: Lat. 40.91321 Long. -78.06620 16/2/6 15/2/6 19/2/6 200 Rev. 3/17 Cabin 14 Restroom 14/2/6 0 200 400 FEET Make online reservations at or call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757). Bedroom Bath Kitchen S ene 17/2/6 ca Tra i l 13/2/6 18/2/6 To Park Office no To Unionville 504 To Cabins 504 sa Beach Boat Area No.2 To Cabin 20 Ca To Philipsburg, US 322 ov a sha C an BLACK MOSHANNON STATE PARK Mo Park Office 4216 Beaver Road Philipsburg, PA 16866 814-342-5960 20/3/8 as ck N Bla BLACK MOSHANNON STATE PARK CABINS Bedroom “Great” Room “Cathedral”-Type Ceiling 2-bedroom Modern Cabin Floor Plan Rustic Cabin: Cabins 1 – 12, & 14 The rustic cabins are log cabins with wood flooring. They were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Cabins 1-6 are one room cabins that sleep four with two sets of twin-size bunk beds. In cabins 7-12 and 14, the sleeping area and dining area are separate. The sleeping area sleeps six with one set of twin-size bunk beds and one set of double-size bunk beds. Each cabin is furnished with a table and chairs, electric stove, microwave, and refrigerator. The cabins have electric lights and outlets and are heated by a wood-burning stove. (Wood is usually provided in the spring and fall seasons for rustic cabins but is not always guaranteed). Rustic cabins have no sinks or running water. Campers use a centrally located modern washhouse with hot showers, sinks, and flush toilets. Rustic Cabins are open from mid-April through midDecember except Cabin 14, which is open year round Things to bring: Sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.; all cooking and serving utensils; all eating utensils; toaster and coffeepot; toiletries; containers to carry water; dishpan for doing dishes; an ax or hatchet to split wood for wood burning stove; dry kindling and newspaper to start a fire. Modern Cabin: Cabins 13, 15 – 19 & Cabin 20 Things to bring: Sheets, blankets, pillows, etc; all cooking utensils; all eating utensils; toaster; toiletries; wood, kindling and newspaper to use in the outside fire ring or the wood burning stove in cabins 13 and 20. Deluxe Cottages: Cranberry 22 & Blueberry 21 The deluxe camping cottages are two-room cottages built log cabin style with wood floors. The kitchen area of each cottage is furnished with a table and chairs, electric stove top, microwave oven, and refrigerator. The sleeping area sleeps 5 and has one double bunk with a twin-sized bunk on top and a set of twin-sized bunks. The deluxe cottages have electric heat, lights, ceiling fans, and outlets. They do not have sinks or running water. Campers use a centrally located modern wash house with hot/cold running water, sinks, showers, and flush toilets. There is also a dishwashing station and laundry facilities. Black Moshannon State Park Cabins and Deluxe Camping Cottages Deluxe cottages are open from mid-April through midDecember. Things to bring: Sheets, blankets or sleeping bags, pillows, etc; all cooking utensils coffee pot, toaster, serving utensils; all eating utensils; toiletries; container to carry water; dishpan(s) for doing dishes; wood, kindling, and newspaper or fire starter to use the outside fire ring. The modern cabins are like a home away from home. The floors are covered with carpeting and tile flooring. Cabins 1519 sleep six. There is a living room with couch and chairs, end tables, and lamps; two bedrooms-one with a full sized bed, the other with two sets of twin-size bunks; and a kitchen area with an electric stove, refrigerator, a sink with hot/cold running water, and microwave oven. The bathroom has a shower, flush toilet, and a sink. The cabins are equipped with electric lights, outlets, and electric heat. Outside each cabin is a picnic table and a fire ring with a grill attachment. Small Rustic Cabin Cabin #13 was once a rustic cabin that has been converted to a modern. In addition to the amenities listed for cabins 1519, it has a woodstove insert and an outdoor charcoal grill. It also sleeps six; but has a queen size bed in one room, and two sets of twin size bunks in the other. Cabin #20 was at one time the Black Moshannon Ski Lodge and is our most popular cabin. The cabin sleeps 8, has two levels, and is equipped with wheelchair lift on the connecting staircase. The upper level has a bathroom (a flush toilet, a sink with hot/cold running water, and a shower) and three bedrooms; one has a double-size bed, one has a set of twinsize bunk beds, and one has two sets of twin-size bunk beds. The bottom level is the living quarters. The living room has couches and chairs, end tables, lamps and a glass front wood burning stove (wood is not provided). The full sized kitchen is equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, table and chairs. Modern Cabins are open year round. Cranberry Cottage #22 To reserve a cabin or a deluxe camping cottage call our tollfree number 888-727-2757 or visit our website at Cabins and deluxe camping cottages may be reserved up to 11 months in advance. C6000_BLMO_MP_0058 Modern Cabin 7/17 Please pick up our rates brochure for prices on cabins and camping cottages.

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