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Ten Falls and South Falls Trails

brochure Silver Falls - Ten Falls and South Falls Trails
Starting point: k S i lv e r C r e e k r o F rth Stone Circle N 1.0 a R ple rk S il v e r Cr e ek 1.3 idge Trail Fo North Falls Trailhead 0.9 Steep Twin Falls 1.0 Cany on Nature play area Trail Rim T ra 214 North Falls 1.1 il Stairs 0.3 Upper North Falls North Falls viewpoint Perimeter Trail no waterfalls Rim Trail Reminders Bike Park office path 0.5 214 To Salem 25 miles ■■  Pets are allowed on many trails at Silver Falls; however, on the Canyon Trail sections pets are not permitted. See reverse for more information. Accessible facility ■■  The Trail of Ten Falls is steep in sections and is mainly unpaved. It is not suitable Accessible facility for strollers. Pay station Non-flush toilet ■■  Stay on the trail. Taking shortcuts causes erosion and harms plants and wildlife. Pay station ■■  Take only pictures; leave only footprints. Information Pack out all trash. Day-use parking fees $ Parking at Silver Falls is $5 per vehicle. Pay stations are at most trailheads. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at most pay stations or please bring exact change. Parking is free with a current campground receipt. North Falls trailhead limited parking Winter Falls trailhead 0.9 South Falls Lodge & Café free Wi-Fi A 1/4 mile trail with 78 stairs leads behind North Falls through a large cavernous cutout. Return to the parking lot and take a short, flat trail to Upper North Falls. Twin Falls Tr ail 0.5 Bike p ath South Falls Day-use Area Stone Circle North Falls and Upper North Falls (1.8 mile) To Silverton 15 miles 0.5 Winter Falls Consisting of the Canyon Trail and Rim Trail, the entire Trail of Ten Falls loop takes you above, behind and around 10 stunning waterfalls. South Falls The moderate hike includes 800 feet of elevation gain on mostly unpaved trails. Begin this loop at any of the four trailheads. South Falls Nature Store Starting point: Win ter Trail 1.0 Middle North Falls Lower South Falls uth Tra Trail of Ten Falls (7.2 miles) North Falls day-use and group camp 0.4 M So il Double Falls Drake Falls Stairs y on Can Pass seven waterfalls via the Canyon and Winter trails, including two-tiered Double Falls and the spectacular Middle North Falls that features a separate trail behind it. After passing Winter Falls, the Rim Trail leads back to the Stone Circle. Lower North Falls 0.3 This popular route begins with a view of South Falls from above and descends to a cave behind the 177-foot falls. For a 1-mile loop, return via the scenic bridge at the base of South Falls. For the full 2.6-miles, continue to Lower South Falls. Turn right on Maple Ridge Trail and climb 400 feet back to the South Falls Day-use Area. Winter Falls Loop (5 miles) rail Canyon T o Maple Ridge Loop (2.6 miles) Silver Falls State Park Trail of Ten Falls Campground, overnight facilities and alternative trailheads ■■  No restrooms on any Waterfall trails. Please use the 1.2 restrooms at the parking areas. Scenic viewpoint ■■  Bring plenty of water, proper footwear and basic first aid. Trailhead 20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385 | Park: 503-873-8681 | Reservations: 800-452-5687 | | Trails (pets allowed) Non-flush toilet Trails (pets allowed)Information Waterfall Trails (no pets) Scenic viewpoint Bike Path (paved) Trailhead Distance between diamonds in miles Caution 0 Trails (no pets) Bike Path (paved) 1.2 Distance between diamonds in miles Caution ¼ ½ mile Hiking with pets Bike Path (4 miles) This is the only section of the Trail of Ten Falls that allows dogs on leashes. It parallels the road and includes views of North Falls. Continue to upper North Falls, the only waterfall you can hike to with pets. This mostly paved, 4-mile loop with rolling hills parallels the Rim Trail and passes the day-use area and campground. No waterfalls on this route. Backcountry Trails (35 miles) Additional wooded trails for dogs, trail runners, mountain bikers and horses can be accessed from the Howard Creek parking area. See Silver Falls Trail Guide for information. South Falls Day-use Area lic us road r pub Fire not f o Maple Rid ge Trail S out Can yon Trail hF ork Sil ve r Cr eek e For the safety of both pets and hikers, pets are not permitted on the Canyon, Twin, Maple Ridge, and Winter trails. Dogs are allowed on leashes (max 6') on the Rim Trail, Bike Path and 35 miles of backcountry trails. An off-leash pet exercise area is located in the South Falls Day-use Area. Rim Trail (5.3 miles out-and-back) F Bike path Stone shelter A A South Falls Rim Trail South Falls Nature Store Stone Circle C South Falls Lodge & Café Fire road E not for pub To Silverton 15 miles B Bollard lic use 214 Volleyball Horseshoe pits Accessible facility Bikes allowed Waterfall Pets allowed 6’ leash Restroom No pets Pay station No bikes Picnic shelter No horses Picnic area Trailhead Parking Trails (pets allowed) Playgound Trails (no pets) Information Bike Path (paved) Free Wi-Fi Gate Off-leash pet area not fenced D Swimming area no lifeguard To campground All information or fees subject to change without notice. This brochure is available in alternative formats upon request. Call 1-800-551-6949. Oregon Relay for the hearing impaired: dial 711. Park office, campground, overnight facilities and alternate trailheads To Salem 25 miles 63400-9839 (6/17)

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