"Camas Creek along US Highway 395 near Dale, Oregon, United States. This stretch of the stream and highway lie within Ukiah–Dale Forest State Scenic Corridor, an Oregon state park." by Ian Poellet , by-sa/3.0

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Primitive Camping Brochure in Northeast Oregon. Published by Oregon State Parks and Recreation.

Catherine Creek State Park On Hwy 203, 8 miles SE of Union Minam State Recreation Area Just off Hwy 82, 15 miles NE of Elgin Ukiah-Dale Forest SSC On US 395, 3 miles SW of Ukiah Minam State Recreation Area Latitude: 45.621308 N Longitude: -117.724854 W Minam Campground Located on the banks of the  Wallowa River, Minam offers Minam Station a pristine environment for Day-use Area rafters and anglers. The park is  wa 2 miles north of Highway 82 Wallo below the confluence of the Minam and Wallowa rivers. Campground • 22 primitive sites with water available seasonally • Site #1 is ADA accessible Latitude: 45.125555 N Longitude: -118.970555 W Latitude: 45.34027 N Longitude: -118.238888 W Covered wagons on Exit 84 ver the Oregon Trail were e Ri 252 Rond e d n maneuvered down the hill Gra facing what is now Hilgard  Junction State Recreation 244 Area, a riverside park shaded by cottonwoods, willow trees, and ponderosa pine. Read about the adventures of the early settlers in the park’s Oregon Trail interpretive shelter. • 18 primitive sites with water nearby (1 ADA-accessible) • Paved parking at all sites (can accommodate self-contained RVs) • Restrooms with flush toilets • Firewood for sale • Grande Ronde River rafting access • Horseshoe pits • Oregon Trail interpretive shelter Red Bridge State Wayside 82 River Latitude: 45.324392 N Longitude: -118.25663 W Red Bridge State Wayside features another forested river setting upstream from Hilgard Junction. Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, and stands of cottonwoods make its 84 La Grande Grande Ronde River 244  Camas Creek winds through 14 miles of ponderosa pine, Douglasfir, and western larch forest before emptying into the North Fork of the John Day River at the southern edge of the Ukiah-Dale scenic corridor along U.S. 395. Both runs offer excellent trout, steelhead, and salmon fishing from late May through mid-summer. In the spring, Camas Creek entices rafters and kayakers; in the fall, the campground is a popular base for hunters. • 26 primitive sites with water nearby • Paved parking at all sites (can accommodate self-contained RVs) • Restrooms with flush toilets • Firewood for sale 395 N Fork John Day R. k On Hwy 244, 16 miles SW of La Grande Ukiah-Dale Forest State Scenic Corridor ee Red Bridge State Wayside Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area Cr Off I-84, 8 miles W of La Grande Minam River Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area With the scenic peaks of the La Grande Wallowa Mountains rising in the background, Catherine Ca the  203 Creek State Park offers a rin e Cr 84 refreshing, peaceful setting eek for fishing or just relaxing. In the past, the spot was used by Native Americans to harvest steelhead and huckleberries. Although salmon numbers declined over time due to bank erosion, today the fish are returning to the sparkling creek thanks to aggressive restoration efforts in the park. • 19 primitive sites with water nearby (#7 ADA-accessible) • Parking at all sites (can accommodate self-contained RVs) • Restrooms with flush toilets • Two picnic areas (reservable by calling 1-800-452-5687) • Firewood for sale • Horseshoe pits (in day-use area) • Three miles of hiking trails Minam Station Day-use Area • Visitor information • Seasonal camp host • Coinless pay phone • Vault toilets • River access and boat launch • Trails w Latitude: 45.152676 N Longitude: -117.743438 W day-use area a prime spot for picnicking, while the river flowing through the park makes it a scenic fishing retreat. Red Bridge is located about eight miles west of the junction of OR 244 and I-84. • 10 primitive walk-in tent sites with water nearby • 10 primitive sites that accommodate self-contained RVs • Firewood for sale • Restrooms with flush toilets • Horseshoe pits do Catherine Creek State Park • ADA accessible vault toilet • River access • Firewood for sale seasonally • Trails ea Rates are subject to change. Call 1-800-551-6949 or visit www.oregonstateparks.org for up-to-date information. The length of the season for each campground is dependent on the weather. 1-800-551-6949 oregonstateparks.org eek Camping Dates and Rates 63400-8901 (4/19) M ooking for an out-of-the-way camping destination? Try any of these riverside parks surrounded by National Forest land. Park Information: s C r L Support your parks by becoming a member of the Oregon State Parks Foundation. Free 12-month day-use parking permit with your membership. oregonstateparksfoundation.org. ma PR IMI T I VE C AMPING accommodate self-contained RVs. One water source usually serves several sites. Hard-surface parking may be available at some sites, or the sites may be arranged as walk-ins in a common area. All sites have picnic tables and fire rings. Some campgrounds may have modern restrooms, but none have showers. Ca Northeast Oregon What is primitive camping? Primitive campsites have no utility hookups, but most can Smoking in Oregon State Parks is allowed only in personal vehicles, RVs, campsites and portions of day use parks along state highways that are designated as safety rest areas by the Oregon Department of Transportation.  74 19 206 Dyer 218 John Day Fossil Beds National Monument 17 es) 16 as Cre ek  d( 8m i  nde (8 cam 244 Hilgard Junction 18 primitive sites All information or fees subject to change without notice. This brochure is available in alternative formats upon request. Call 1-800-551-6949. Oregon Relay for the hearing impaired: dial 711. miles) 244 Oregon Trail information center 4  Gran ge Brid 4 ) l es  p gr o un 8 La Gra 1 2 3 6 5 de Ro nde R iver Host 7 8 nd  R iv er Day-use area 5 Host 3  2 1  Red Bridge 10 camp pads 10 tent sites  9 e  6  52 Cam 10 7 244 14 12 Walk-in primitive tent camping 8 82 Exit 2 15 11 9 Day-use area   9 5,6,7 Tent sites (park 2,3,4 in adjacent lot) Back-in sites er Riv a w o Wall   6 2 Minam Station    10 Ro l 3 1   de r ai 24 21 8 iles) 27 2 miles  5  1 84 Oregon 30 Trail In terpret Pendle ton (44 iv miles) e Park (4 mil es)  Host 19 22 Prineville Reservoir mil h (3 11 13 15 de (8 m 26  26 17 an 9 La Gran ) i l es Unity Forest Clyde Holliday Kam Wah Chung 395 Smith Rock 19 23 18 20 Unity Lake 26 26 Gr T de ersi Riv Ochoco Lake 10  16 Bates 19 eek Catherine Cr 14 7 19 207 18 17 15 12 22 primitive sites  20  16 14 ng arki Dal 4m e (1 25 Minam Sumpter Valley Dredge Painted Hills  4 11 9 10 8 7 5  86 126 20 22 3 395 19 18 13 21 84 Ukiah-Dale  Forest 2 Catherine Creek  Host 1 12 13 nt p a Uki 27 primitive sites Clarno Palisades 207 Clarno Palisades  Ukiah-Dale Forest  Red Bridge 206 Minam  Hilgard Junction Emigrant Springs 244 Clarno • Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. • Bicycles are permitted on park roads, but must be ridden with the traffic flow. Riders younger than 16 must wear helmets. • Pets must be physically restrained at all times when not confined in a vehicle or tent. Leashes must be no longer than six feet. All waste must be properly removed. (See our “Pets in Parks” brochure for details.) Note: The season for each campground is dependent on the weather. 395 Cottonwood Canyon 197 • Campground quiet hours are between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. The Cove Palisades • Power for generator use is limited; please observe individual park regulations. Wallowa Lake 207 74 197 204 11 Hilderbrand 97 Unpaved trail 395 84 203 Union (9 miles) Hat Rock Red  Flush toilet  Non-flush toilet  Self registration  Information 19 primitive sites er eme pav Off-  Parking  Boat ramp  Picnic area pit  Horseshoe Paved trail Accessible facility Riv ia b Colum iles) (30 m e area Day-us ) e (½ mil 84 Ukiah (38 miles) Northeast Oregon Jo h n D a y R i v e r ® Catherine Creek 82 18 10 11 12 17 13 14 15 16

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