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Visitor Guide to the State Parks at the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Published by Oregon State Parks.

Plan your trip Oregon State Parks Gorge parks: 503-695-2261 | Info line: 800-551-6949 Columbia River Gorge Oregon Department of Transportation Columbia River Gorge Visitors Association Troutdale Historical Society and Barn Exhibit Hall 732 E. Historic Columbia River Highway Troutdale, OR 97060 503-661-2164 | Friends of Vista House 503-695-2230 | Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway Friends of the Columbia Gorge Travel Oregon Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum 5000 Discovery Drive | The Dalles, OR 97058 541-296-8600 | Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area USDA Forest Service | Hood River, Oregon 541-308-1700 | All information or fees subject to change without notice. This brochure is available in alternative formats upon request. Call 1-800-551-6949. Oregon Relay for the hearing impaired: dial 711. 63400-8542 (12/18) Visitor Guide W elcome to the state parks of the Columbia River Gorge, your gateway to exploring the trails and waterfalls of this designated National Scenic Area that spans 73 miles from Troutdale to The Dalles. Hiking, cycling, windsurfing, camping, fishing, picnicking, photography and disc golf­— you can do all this and more. Whether you spend the afternoon or a week here, you’ll soon discover why residents set aside this land to be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. Latourell Falls TROUTDALE TO DODSON Gorgeous views, stunning waterfalls The first 18 miles of the Historic Columbia River Highway from Troutdale to Dodson boast iconic panoramic views of the wide, majestic Columbia River that give way to a lush, mossy forest and spectacular waterfalls. Bring your camera, a picnic and your hiking shoes as you explore the following state parks along the way. The same view that attracts visitors from around the globe inspired the visionaries of the Historic Columbia River Highway. The landmark’s namesake Historic Columbia River Highway Route organization, (bikes on road) the Portland Women’s Forum, was active in preserving Historic Highway State Trail (no motorized vehicles) the natural beauty along the Gorge and donated the Columbiasee River land to the Historic state. Come forHighway yourself why this is one Future Historic Highway State of the most popular viewpoints for Trail photographing Vista House. More than 4 million people visit the west Gorge each year. Consider carpooling, taking a shuttle, or leaving early to avoid congestion at trailheads. 0 Shuttle information: 2 3 miles       Notice the stone guard walls and graceful arches that are typical of the highway’s exquisite craftsmanship as you wind up to Vista in Route 1918 (bikes as aon road) HistoricHouse, Columbiacompleted River Highway clifftop rest stop,Historic observatory and memorial to Oregon Highway State Trail (no motorized vehicles) pioneers. The graceful octagonal stone structure towers Historic Columbia River Highway 693 feet above the Columbia River and is listed on the Future Historic Highway State Trail National Register of Historic Places. 0 Historic Columbia River Highway (bicycles on road) 1 2 3 miles  Eagle Creek fire trail closure. Other facilities may be open. Dalton Point Rooster Rock State Park    14 EXIT 29 Sandy River Delta EXIT 17 EXIT 28 EXIT 25 EXIT 18 Troutdale EXIT 22   Sandy River Delta EXIT 17 EXIT 18 US Forest Service site 84 Dabney SRA 5 Bridal Veil  Falls SSV  Lewis & Clark SRS i ve r NE 202 Ave 1 2 Vista House at Crown Point State Scenic Corridor  Sandy R Gresham Fairview Trail NE181 Ave 1 Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint  Plan your Trip  Waterfall  ADA accessible  Camping  Restrooms  Non-flush toilet 14  Parking  Parking fee  Picnic area  Fishing  Boat ramp  Swimming  Hiking  Beach access  Interpretive display Disc golf  NE Halsey St 14  Wildlife viewing  Paddling  Wind sports  Scenic viewpoint unction Stop e Dr  Marina Way Kayaking tour, Rooster Rock State Park Rooster Rock State Park 30 14   1 Portland  Women’s Forum SSV  Dalton P   2 3 Guy W. Talbot  4 Shepperd’s Vista House    Dell SNAEXIT 29 Crown Point SSC at  State Park    EXIT 28  EXIT 25 5 Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint  WASH Vista House includes historical displays, as well as a gift shop and espresso bar that are managed by the nonprofit Friends of Vista House. The landmark is open daily in the summer, with limited hours in the winter, weather permitting. Windy days are not uncommon; gusts can reach 100 mph during storms. This pleasant picnic destination features two hiking trails, including a 1.4-mile round-trip route to the base of Bridal Veil Falls. A half-mile interpretive loop features magnificent views of rock formations and the Columbia River. Ca 14 Skamania Lodge Conference Center/ U.S. Forest Service Information Center Colum Stevenson W Rd Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Cascade Locks Marine Park 30 nta ge 30 Fro Herman Cr  International Mountain Bike Trail Cemetery Trailhead  EXIT 44 (eastbound exit) Bonneville Dam Ruckel Creek Falls Bridge of the Gods Trailhead and Cascade Locks  North New growth flourishes a year after the fire along the Bonneville EXITElowah 40 trail to Falls. EXIT 41 (eastbound only) Eagle Creek Recreation Area  30 k Wahkeena Falls  Angel’s Rest Trailhead  R EXIT 35 Dodson Know Before You Go k 30 m bia r ive er Cree lu EXIT 31 EXIT 30 (eastbound only) ree 14 n Ta n Co eC   Trailhead The 2017 Eagle Creek fire — started in September by a firework just west of  Cascade Locks — closed about 100 miles of trails and recreation areas in Oregon, from Troutdale to Cascade Locks. Many have since opened; others may not open for months or longer. gl (Eastbound access only from I-84) Ea Gorge Fire Recovery Toothrock 84 Benson SRA Oneonta Horsetail Falls Gorge Ainsworth State Park       Multnomah Falls  Before you head out to the west Gorge, check the following websites: Closures are posted at Hiking and volunteer opportunities are posted at Follow Gorge Stewardship and Trails Resilience on Facebook Help us spread the word Reforestation takes time, but burned landscapes left to regrow naturally are some of the richest and rarest in the Pacific Northwest. Help the forest thrive: stay on trails to avoid damaging seedlings and spreading seeds from your boots. Trails may be closed due to risk of falling trees and rock slides. For your safety, do not enter closed areas. n ree k Bridge of the Gods ne st La Fore t. Pa S a N Wa rm a Cascade Locks  b EXIT 47 He 3 Guy W. Talbot State Park  Follow a short trail from the parking area to 249-foot Latourell Falls. Continue along the 2-mile loop to feel  Waterfall the mist from Upper Latourell Falls. Hike to another camping  Overnight more secluded picnic area on the north side of the  Restrooms historic highway.  Parking Natural    Area 4 Shepperd's Dell State   Fee required      short trail leads to a two-tier waterfall and features  PicnicAarea Shepperd's   of the 1914 Dell Bridge—as much of ADAviews accessible   themselves.  a landmark as the falls DODSON TO MOSIER Ride or walk the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail Bonneville Segment The 6.5segment extends from  6 John B. Yeon State 7 Cascade Locks Trailhead Scenic Corridor to  at Bridge of the Gods. This section includes stunning views of the Columbia River and several waterfalls. Where motorists on old U.S. Highway 30 once cruised, hikers and cyclists can now leisurely enjoy the view from the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. The trail comprises three disconnected paved paths along stretches of the historic highway, providing a combined 19-plus miles of thrilling scenery. Viento to Wyeth Segment A 2-mile paved section can be accessed from 8 Starvation Creek State Park and  9 Viento State  Park. This section extends west to Lindsey Creek, passing three waterfalls along the way. Twin Tunnels Segment Further east, this 5-mile segment connects Hood River and Mosier, with trailheads at either end. It features views of the river below and a walk or ride through the carefully restored Mosier Twin Tunnels. The two tunnels were filled with rock when I-84 opened, but fortunately survived. Stop by the Twin Tunnels Visitor 10 Mark O. Hatfield West Trailhead for Station at  more about the highway’s history. Hop on the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail at the Cascade Locks Trailhead at the Bridge of the Gods. EXIT 47 14 (westbound only) EXIT 51 84 Rd Wyeth Bench Rd rm a n Cre e k   k Trailhead   ree 6 John B. Yeon SSC  Dodson Eagle Creek Recreation Area eC  2090 ft. Historic Columbia River Highway Route (bikes on r Historic Columbia River Highway (bicycles on road) Historic Highway State (no motorized vehicles) Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail Trail (pedestrians and bicycles only) River Future HistoricHistoric ColumbiaColumbia River Highway StateHighway Trail Eagle Creek fire trail closure. Other facilities may be open. Future Historic Highway State Trail gl EXIT 37 (westbound only)  X Shellrock Mtn  Ea Toothrock Trailhead  7 Cascade Locks Trailhead  EXIT 44 EXIT 41  Herman Creek Cascade Locks  EXIT 40 Fro He Cascade Locks Marine Park Bonneville Dam nta ge 30 30 Wyeth Trailhead 0 1 2 3 miles The Final Connection With a 3-mile section between Wyeth State Park and Lindsey Creek set to open in summer 2019, only a few miles will await reconnection between Viento State Park and Hood River. One of the final hurdles will be a new bridge and tunnel at Mitchell Point, a formidable mountain that abuts the Interstate. Designs for the crossing are underway. Photo Once the segments are complete, visitors will be able to cycle from Troutdale to The Dalles entirely along the historic highway and state trail without needing to ride alongside fast-moving traffic on the shoulder of I-84. Stay updated at Ride or walk the Twin Tunnels section of the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. Koberg Beach State Recreation SRS EXIT 63 EXIT 64 EXIT 62 Cascade Av 8 Starvation Creek  Trailhead    Waterfall  ADA accessible  Camping  Restrooms  Non-flush toilet  Parking  Parking fee  Picnic area  Fishing  Wind sports Post Canyon Recreation Area 9 Viento  State Park    Boat ramp  Swimming  Hiking  Beach access  Interpretive display  Wildlife viewing  Paddling  Scenic viewpoint US Forest Service site 30 iver  EXIT 55 (eastbound only) EXIT 65 Hood River dR Mitchell Point Overlook EXIT 56 e Hoo EXIT 58 (eastbound only)   35 EXIT 69 10 Senator  Mark O. Hatfield West Trailhead and Twin Tunnels Visitor Station    Mosier Mosier Twin Tunnels Senator Mark O. Hatfield East Trailhead   MOSIER TO THE DALLES Enjoy the east Gorge At Mosier, visitors can drive the historic highway to The Dalles. Take exit 76 and follow the route east through the quaint town of Mosier—famous for its sweet cherries and their fragrant springtime 11 Memaloose Overlook, stop to blossoms. At  look down at the traditional Native American burial grounds on Memaloose Island. 12 Rowena Crest, part Continue climbing up to  13 Mayer State Park, for stunning Gorge of  views rivaling those of Crown Point. Each spring, the Rowena Plateau bursts into bloom with native balsamroot and other wildflowers. Access     lupine,   hiking trails in and around the adjacent Tom McCall Nature Preserve. While in The Dalles, visit   the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Wasco   County Museum   to learn about the cataclysmic volcanoes,  raging  floods and 10,000 years of cultural history that shaped the Gorge. Wildflowers make a colorful show each spring at Rowena Crest. XIT 65  ADA accessible 0  Camping  Restrooms  Non-flush toilet eld d and Parking  Parking fee  Picnic area  Fishing  Boat ramp  Swimming  Hiking  Beach access  Interpretive display  Wildlife viewing  Paddling  Wind sports  Scenic viewpoint EXIT 73 EXIT 69 (West) EXIT 76 Mosier Tom McCall Nature Preserve  11 Memaloose  11 Memaloose  State Park Overlook  0   14 (East) 30 12 Rowena  Crest Overlook  84 13 Mayer State Park     Historic Columbia River Highway Route (bikes on road)  Waterfall Columbia Gorge Historic Highway State Trail (no motorized vehicles) Discovery Center  Overnight camping Historic Columbia River Highway Route (bikes on road) & Museum Historic Columbia River Highway  Restrooms Future Historic Highway State Trail  Parking  Fee required  Picnic area 1 2 3 miles ADA accessible The Dalles        CAMPING AND DAY-USE PARKS Relax between adventures at these state campgrounds Reserve one day to nine months in advance at or call 800-452-5687. Ainsworth State Park, 22 miles east of Troutdale on the Historic Columbia River Highway (I-84 exit #35). Forested campground near popular waterfalls and hiking trails. RV sites, walk-in tent sites and a hiker/biker camp. Open mid-March to October. Viento State Park, 8 miles west of Hood River (I-84 exit #56). Well-shaded campsites on both sides of I-84 with access to Columbia River for water sports. Close to several Gorge trailheads and windsurfing. RV and tent sites. Open mid-April to October. Memaloose State Park, 11 miles west of The Dalles (I-84 exit #76). Accessible only to westbound I-84 traffic. Park overlooks the river and its namesake island. There is no river access from the park. RV and tent sites. Open mid-March to October. Rooster Rock State Park, 25 miles east of Portland (I-84 exit #25). With a front-row view of the Columbia River, this day-use park beckons picnickers, windsurfers and sunbathers. A sandy beach includes a Rooster Rock, Mayer and separate clothing-optional section. Two 9-hole disc golf Viento state parks are popular for water sports. courses suit beginners and expert players alike. A 3-mile hiking trail features views of the river. Reservable picnic shelters. Benson State Recreation Area, 30 miles east of Portland (I-84 eastbound access only, exit #30). Features two lakes for fishing and paddling, a disc golf course, and a reservable kitchen shelter. For Forest Service campgrounds, go to Mayer State Park, 10 miles west of The Dalles on (I-84 exit #76). Another popular park for water sports, Mayer also offers picnicking and stunning views from the upper portion of the park at Rowena Crest Overlook and the adjacent Tom McCall Nature Preserve. Play for the day Day-use fees Famed gusty winds propel windsurfers and kite boarders on the Columbia River. Calmer waters invite paddle boarding and kayaking. Visit the following state parks for the water sports, or stop for a picnic and a game of disc golf while enjoying the river views. Reserve picnic shelters at 800-452-5687. Some parks require a day-use parking permit. Look for this symbol  on the map. Purchase daily permits at the park; annual permits are sold online at and at major state park offices and from local merchants. State park camping receipts serve as a day-use parking permit for all the days you are registered. Dabney State Recreation Site, 4 miles southeast of Troutdale on the Sandy River (I-84 exit #18). Popular for swimming, picnicking, rafting, fishing, and playing disc golf on a challenging 18-hole course. Reservable picnic shelter. No pets permitted. No alcohol allowed below Stark Street Bridge. Camping at Memaloose State Park

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