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Campground Brochure and Map of Cove Palisades State Park (SP) in Oregon. Published by Oregon State Parks and Recreation.

Park Information: one day to nine months in advance by calling 1-800-452-5687 or visiting If your reservation is for today call 541-546-3412. Otherwise, call 1-800-452-5687. 1-800-551-6949 The Cove Palisades State Park offers two campgrounds and Enjoy Year-Round Cabin Comforts Shaped by Fire and Water The Cove Palisades State Park Universal Access Riv er Crooked River Day-use Area  Upper Deschutes Day-use Area i u s Riv e r Marina/cabin area  Lower Deschutes Day-use Area Metol Madras Lake Billy Chinook Metolius 26 97 Park entrance Culver To Prineville  Deschutes River Campground Crooked River Campground r Group camp ve Smoking in Oregon State Parks is allowed only in personal vehicles, RVs, campsites and portions of day use parks along state highways that are designated as safety rest areas by the Oregon Department of Transportation. iu s Round Butte Dam 97 Ri Rates are subject to change. You can get up-to-date information by calling 1-800-551-6949 or visiting ol Met Lake Billy Chinook 26 d Latitude: 44.54648 N Longitude: -121.250542 W The Cove Palisades ke Camping Rates The Cove Palisades has three day-use areas, one on the Crooked River arm of the reservoir and two on the Deschutes River. Each has a boat ramp, courtesy dock, sandy beaches, picnic sites, and a restroom. Upper Deschutes Day-use Area has a reservable picnic pavilion. Day-use parking permits are required. Your camping receipt serves as a daily permit for each of the days you are registered. Purchase a daily permit from a fee machine at the park. Annual and 24-month permits are also sold online at, at major park offices and at some merchants near the park. oo Campsites A44, B38, E14, E39, E44, and E70 are accessible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Day-use Amenities To Warm Springs Cr Off US 97, 15 miles SW of Madras 7300 Jordan Road, Culver, OR 97734 541-546-3412 • • • • • • • Support your parks by becoming a member of the Oregon State Parks Foundation. Free 12-month day-use parking permit with your membership. Hiking: The park offers over 10 miles of trails, from short connecting trails to the seven-mile Tam-a-lau Trail. (NOTE: Please stay on established trails. Rattlesnakes inhabit the area; be alert.) er • • • (12 pull-through) 91 tent sites with water nearby Paved parking, picnic table, and fire ring at all sites 3 group tent camping areas (one RV per area, no hookups) Flush toilets and hot showers Firewood for sale Camp store 21 reservable boat moorages Fish cleaning station Outdoor amphitheater Fenced, off-leash pet exercise area Ancient area inhabitants carved mysterious symbols into a massive boulder called the “Crooked River Petroglyph.” It lies near the group camp below a formation called Ship Rock. Boating: The marina has boat moorage as well as boats and houseboats for rent. It also has a store and a restaurant. Season runs Memorial Day to Labor Day. Call 541-546-9999. Riv • 82 full-hookup sites with sewer, electricity, and water Named “The Cove” by the original homesteader, the word “Palisades” refers to the tall column-like formations in the basalt rimrocks. Lake Billy Chinook was formed by the construction of Round Butte Dam in 1964. tes (Open mid-May to mid-September) See The Cove's Recreation Guide for more information Fishing: Lake Billy Chinook is home to kokanee salmon, small and large mouth bass, and a number of trout species, especially bull trout. The Crooked River and Upper Deschutes River Day-use Areas are open year-round. chu Deschutes Campground So Much to do Des (Open mid-February to mid-December) • 88 electrical sites with water • RV dump station • Boat trailer parking lot • Paved parking, picnic table, and fire ring at all sites • Flush toilets and hot showers • Firewood for sale • Outdoor amphitheater • Fenced, off-leash pet exercise area Viewpoint Road Crooked River Campground 63400-8861 (4/19) Geologists say that 10–12 million years ago, alternating layers of stream sediments, volcanic debris, and basaltic lava flows from the Cascade Range were deposited into a huge basin in this area. Named “The Deschutes Formation,” these exposed layers of material were capped by lava flows from Cascade volcanoes three million years ago. This cap, known as “The Rimrock Basalt,” is visible throughout the park high atop the cliffs. Subsequent periods of water erosion and volcanic activity formed today's dramatic canyons and vertical cliffs. r Cr oo ke d Ri ve opportunities for year-round recreation amidst a scenic high desert canyon reservoir in central Oregon. The Cove has three deluxe cabins available to rent. The three-room cabins sleep five and feature bathrooms, showers, and beds with vinyl-covered mattresses. They also have microwaves, gas barbecues, and refrigerators as well as covered porches that overlook the lake. The parking pad length at each cabin is 30 feet. Cabin 3 is pet friendly. Reserve early; cabins book quickly. s R iv er CAMPGROUND Need to cancel your reservation? Follow these guidelines: D es ch u te The Cove Palisades Reserve early! Reserve campsites and cabins Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint To Redmond, Bend Smith Rock State Park Terrebonne To Wetland Nature Trail Loop The Cove Palisades i Crooked R iver R ®  dump  RVstation Crooked River Campground Park E1 host (48) r mT  a il  Information   an d SW Jor E66 (38) ad Ro E64 (40)  E61 (45)  E60 (47) C5 C7 (39) (41) C4 (35) Park host Basketball hoop To group camping area, marina/restaurant, cabins, Crooked River Campground, and day-use area Maximum vehicle length for each cabin is 30 feet To Petroglyph Rock and group camp   A25 (44) A23 (52) A22 (33) A20 (44) A19 (53) A17 (53)   A21 (63) A14 (55) A18 (52) To Lower Deschutes River day-use boat ramp/courtesy docks, boat moorage, swimming, and picnic areas A45 (58) A46 (45) A16 (45) A15 (34) A41 (45) A43 (54) A44 (50) A42 (53) A40 (58)  A9 (52) A12 (53) A13 (47) A11 (50) A7 (56) C39 (40) A34 (50) A35 (41) A33 (49) C11 (41) C13 (30) C12 (52) E49 (47) C15 (37) C14 (47) C37 (69) C17 (69) C33 (37) C36 (29)  Fish cleaning A37(52)   Store   A2 A4 A39 (55) A8 (49) (52) A6 (54) Hiking trails to day-use area and lake (54) A5 (57) A1 (35) A3 (44) Park host Registration E39 (51) E27 (52) E29 (50)  Amphitheater C22 (40) C23 (34)  B68 B69 B12 B14 B74 B8 B11 B7 B9 B13 B16 B18 B21 B24 SW B59 B58 Road To Upper Deschutes River day-use boat ramp, swimming, and picnic areas   B57 B56 B75 B89 B91 B92 B45 B93 B44  B85 B81 B35 B33 B34 B42 B41 B84 B37 B40 B83 B39 B38 B32 B46 Park host B43 B82 B31 B90 B48 T B79  B51 B88 B80 B28 B49 B47 B52  B77 Interp park host B78 B50 B53 B54 B86 B30 B55 B87 B27 B23 B26 All information or fees subject to change without notice. This brochure is available in alternative formats upon request. Call 1-800-551-6949. Oregon Relay for the hearing impaired: dial 711. B60  B25 B29 n Jorda B61 B76 B17 B19 B20 B22 B65 B63 B71 B73 B72 B15 B62 B67 B70 B10 B3 B64 B66 B5 Tetherball Check-in after 4 p.m., Check-out by 1 p.m. C28 (32) B2 Volleyball • Pets must be physically restrained at all times when not confined in a vehicle or tent. Leashes must be no longer than six feet. All waste must be properly removed. (See our “Pets in Parks” brochure for details.) C24 (43) B4 V T • Bicycles are permitted on park roads, but must be ridden with the traffic flow. Riders younger than 16 must wear helmets. Interp park host C20 (31) B6  Parking • All paths and trails in the campground, as well as the areas around park buildings and the amphitheater, are open to foot traffic only. E35 (45) V T C30 (38) Trails • A maximum of six people and one extra vehicle are allowed per site. NOTE: Parking for one vehicle is included in the campsite rate; a second vehicle is subject to an extra vehicle fee per night. No overflow parking is available for a third vehicle. E33 (47) E37 (49)  Boat ramp  Horseshoe pit  Pet exercise area • Campground quiet hours are between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. E31 (48) E32 (39) E34 (39) C26 (36) B1 cabin  Deluxe Accessible  camping/facility  Hot showers  Restroom E26 (48) E30 (39) E36 (40) E38 (40) E41 (49)  C25 (54) C27 (49) C32 (43) E43 (47) E25 (52) E22 (39) E24 (39) E28 (37) E90 (47) E40 (40) C21 (48) C31 (53) C29 (60) C34 (37) C19 (35) E23 (52)   E88 (37) E45 (47) C16 C18 (48) (46)   C38 (40) C35 (40) E51 (47) E86 (50) E42 (39) E47 (47) E21 (50) E20 E84 (39) (49) E91 (41) Park host A36 (51) A10 (47) C8 C6 (39) (42) C41 (42) C40 C1 Park (37) (35) host A31 (57) A38 (50) C10 (36) C9 (35) C2 (68) A32 (57) A29 (55) A26 (56) A27 (50) A24 (54) C3 (35) A30 (54) E53 (37) E55 (50) E57 (48) E59 (49) Deschutes Campground A28 (47) E52 (36) E54 (39) E56 (40) E58 (33) E83 (38) E87 (40) E89 (41) E44 (40) E46 (40) E48 (39) E50 (38) E19 (50) E18 (48) E16 (40) E14 (39)    E81 (46) E82 (37) E62 (40) E63 (42)  E80 (40) E17 (47) E85 (41) E79 (49) B89 Tent site  E15 (49) E12 (39) E77 (50) E78 (40)   E13 (50) E10 (39) E75 (46) E74 (37) E76 (40) E68 (39) E65 (41) E11 (50) E8 (40) E6 (38) V E70 (40) E67 (38) To Viewpoint Road (½ mile), Culver (4 miles), Madras (13 miles) E4 (37) E9 (49) E72 (45) E71 (41) E69 (40) To marina/restaurant, cabins, day-use area, and Deschutes Campground E7 (50) E5 (49) E2 (37) Park E73 host (43) Registration  E3 (50)  Laundry facilities  Firewood  Garbage bin  Recycling center  Picnic area  Playground  Swimming C22 Full-hookup site (40) (site length in feet) E41 Electric site (49) (site length in feet) B36  ` Trail Tam-a-lau Hiking trails to day-use area and lake

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