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Lake Billy Chinook Boater’s Guide

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Lake Billy Chinook Boater’s Guide with Map for Cove Palisades State Park (SP) in Oregon. Published by Oregon State Parks and Recreation.

Lake Billy Chinook The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon Monty Campground Access and moorage prohibited 10 541-546-3412 The Cove Palisades Marina & Resort 541-549-7700 Boat-in campground Portable toilet required Big Canyon Juniper Canyon The Island National Natural Landmark Store, fuel, permits Perry South Campground 541-553-2001 Oregon State Marine Board Boat Oregon Map: 503-378-8587 •• Boaters must operate at slow no wake within 200' of a boat ramp, marina or moorage that has capacity for 6 or more vessels and within 300 feet of swim areas. rd te s 0 0.5 1 miles D ADA Accessible Day-use area d (63400-8015 (3/18) •• Mooring to the shoreline or safety booms is prohibited Information: To Culver Crooked River Campground Deschutes Campground  •• Boating prohibited in the area enclosed by the safety boom upstream from Round Butte Dam. All information or fees subject to change without notice. This brochure is available in alternative formats upon request. Call 1-800-551-6949. Oregon Relay for the hearing impaired: dial 711. SW Jordan Rd ordan R To SW Geneva Rd SW J To Three Rivers Recreation Area, Perry South Campground, Monty Campground •• Beaching, anchoring, mooring and camping are restricted on the Crooked River and Deschutes River arms, on Chinook Island, and along the North Shore of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Printed on recycled paper. SW Peck Rd an R d SW Graham Rd SW Forest Park Rd •• 10 mph speed limit restrictions on the Metolius, Crooked and Deschutes rivers. SW Jo Boating Waterway Regulations Flush toilet April–Oct Vault toilet year-round ADA kayak launch Flush toilet May–Oct Flush toilet May–Oct Vault toilet year-round ADA kayak launch 10 MPH iver 541-475-6520 Crooked River R Jefferson County Marine Patrol Store, cafe, fuel, rentals, pumpout station View Dr Mt Lower Deschutes Upper Deschutes ro ok ed Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Natural Resources Branch 541-325-5333 503-464-8515 Three Rivers Marina R i ver Portland General Electric Round Butte Office Parks and Recreation BLM Beach SW Crooked River National Grasslands 541-475-9272 or 541-416-6640 u U.S. Forest Service Sisters Ranger District Moorage permitted 7am–9 pm, April–Oct r ve Ri The Cove Palisades Resort and Marina 541-546-9999 reservations 1-877-546-7171 reek t C e e r St Chinook Island Box Canyon Lake Billy Chinook Boater’s Guide To Madras Round Butte Dam es ch The Cove Palisades State Park Call 911 s iu tol Me MPH Emergencies SW Belmont Ln Round Butte Overlook Park C 10 MPH Fuel Store Houseboat buoy 9 on Crooked arm 6 on Deschutes arm No moorage within 200ft of shoreline Camping Picnic area Restroom Boat ramp The Cove Palisades State Park boundary Floating restroom Fishing 10 miles per hour zone T hree rivers converge to form the vast aquatic playground known as Lake Billy Chinook. Created when Portland General Electric (PGE) completed the Round Butte Dam in 1964, this 4,000-acre high desert reservoir lies in a canyon at the confluence of the Crooked, Deschutes, and Metolius rivers near Culver and Madras. The lake is framed by towering rock cliffs, sculpted over millions of years by volcanic activity and the erosive force of water. A juniper woodlands and shrub-steppe surround the lake, providing homes for animals such as mule deer, coyote, black-tailed jackrabbit and cougars. From the top of the canyon, the snow-capped peaks of the Cascades Range anchor an enormous sky to the rugged desert landscape that sprawls in the distance. Lake Billy Chinook is indeed a spectacular—and humbling—setting for any type of water recreation. The name Billy Chinook honors a local chief and tribal member of the Wasco Nation who was a guide for American explorers in the 1840s and a sergeant for the U.S. Army Indian Scouts in 1866. Boat rentals and supplies Stay safe near dams The Cove Palisades Resort & Marina on the Crooked River arm rents houseboats for overnight stays, motorized and nonmotorized boats, water toys, boat moorages and supplies. The marina also includes a café and store that sells fuel and ice. or 877-546-7171. Reservoirs provide excellent places for fishing, boating, and camping; they also present potential risks. Boater education card Stop aquatic hitchhikers Operators of powerboats greater than 10 HP and youth ages 12–15 operating any sized powerboat are required to have a boater education card. Children younger than 12 may not operate a powerboat in Oregon. Boat renters do not need a card, but must complete the watercraft rental safety checklist. What to bring •• Personal flotation device (lifejacket) for each person aboard. All children 12 and younger must wear a properly fitted US Coast Guard-approved life jacket while on a boat that is underway. •• Sound device (whistle, bell or compressed air horn audible for ½ mile). •• Navigation lights (use between sunset and sunrise when underway or anchored). Keep our waterways clean •• Use shore-side restrooms and the three floating restrooms. •• Use pumpout facilities if your boat has holding tanks. •• Use dump stations to empty portable toilets and gray water. •• It is illegal to discharge sewage and graywater into the reservoir. The Island National Natural Landmark The Crooked and Deschutes River arms of the reservoir straddle a large, ovalshaped land mass known as The Island. This nationally recognized research area is one of the last remaining ungrazed and unaltered ecosystems of its type in the United States. It is closed to all use except research and education. For a printable safety sheet on the hazards and safety measures for recreation near hydroelectric projects, visit Not native, invasive aquatic plants and animals push out native species and create unhealthy waterways. Boaters can help prevent introduction of invasive species by cleaning and drying boating equipment between uses. The state of Oregon requires owners of motorboats and sailboats 12 feet and longer to register their boats and display the registration decal. An Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) fee is added into the cost of registration, and displaying a current decal on your boat demonstrates compliance with AIS rules. Manually-powered boats 10 feet and longer —including paddle boards, rafts, drift boats, kayaks and canoes—must carry an AIS Permit, available at Rental facilities provide AIS permits and a safety checklist with all boat rentals. Fishing Anglers enjoy Lake Billy Chinook’s varied catch that includes wild kokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon), small and largemouth bass, and rainbow and brown trout. Crawfishing is also popular, and the lake is especially well-known as the only place in Oregon where bull trout thrive and can be harvested. An Oregon fishing license is required to fish anywhere on the lake. Fishing on the Metolius arm is open March 1–Oct. 31 and requires a tribal angling permit. The Crooked and Deschutes arms of the lake are open year-round. •• Current fishing regulations: •• Tribal angling permits: •• Tribal permits and one-day fishing licenses are also sold at the Cove Palisades Resort & Marina and at local stores. Bringing back salmon and steelhead For more than 40 years, Round Butte Dam significantly altered the natural ecosystem, cutting off the native salmon and steelhead populations in the Upper Deschutes and changing water temperatures in the Lower Deschutes. Today, PGE and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs are working to bring native fish and natural temperatures back, using the best science available and the latest technology. Fisheries technicians transport migrating fish around the dam so they can once again travel the 200 miles to the ocean and back to spawn naturally in the stream where they hatched. Look closely at the canyon walls, and you’ll see they’re composed of colorful layers of rock. The layers reveal epochs of geologic events—volcanic ash and lava from volcanoes in the Cascades; sand and sediment from shifting streams and forceful floods. These layers accumulated from 7.5 to 4.5 million years ago, gradually creating the massive rocks known collectively as the Deschutes Formation. Younger basalt lava flowed over the already ancient rock and hardened into columns, called palisades. The Metolius, Deschutes, and Crooked Rivers cut through the layers, exposing the awe-inspiring canyons that define Lake Billy Chinook.

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