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Brochure about the Western Snowy Plover at the Oregon Coast. Published by Oregon State Parks.

W e know that Oregon’s 362 miles of shoreline and beaches are a magnet for happy dogs and their people. Dogs are welcome at (almost) all times and places on Oregon’s beaches. But please keep in mind that all dogs, even well-behaved ones, can be a threat to birds and wildlife. Some beaches are part of protected nesting grounds of the western snowy plover. During its spring and summer nesting season (March 15-Sept. 15), certain recreation activities may be restricted or prohibited. The Bird The western snowy plover is a tiny shorebird that lives and breeds along some west coast beaches from Washington to southern California. It is a threatened species under the federal government’s Endangered Species Act (ESA). Plovers nest in dry open sand, in tiny, shallow scrapes that are very well camouflaged. Not only are nests easy to miss (or step on), but the bird will abandon its eggs if repeatedly disturbed by activities it considers a threat—activities we may see as harmless, like walking a dog, throwing a ball and flying a kite. For more info, go to bit.ly/wsplover The Law Oregon State Parks is legally responsible for managing recreation on Oregon’s ocean shore. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) oversees the ESA and thus the status of the western snowy plover. What is a management area? Management areas are stretches of beach that are either known to be occupied by breeding plovers, or places where their presence is significant and the habitat attractive. Not all management areas have recreation restrictions. What does this mean for beachgoers? It means that visitors need to watch for special signs or fences during nesting season and follow the rules. Generally, where plovers are nesting, dogs, vehicles, bicycles, camping and fires are prohibited. Pedestrians and equestrians need to stay on wet sand. Potential nesting areas may call for dogs to be leashed and driving to be curtailed. Beach Behavior We Love • Walk around birds instead of through their flocks. • Leash your dogs before they chase birds. • Respect restricted areas set aside for endangered or nesting species. • Stay away from birds and marine mammals that look sick or unable to get away from humans. Western Snowy Plover North Coast Beaches Places to Play with your Dog • Always clean up after your dog. • Always keep your dog on a leash or under voice control. Watch for restrictions during nesting season March 15- Sept. 15 Oregon Parks and Recreation Department 725 Summer St. NE, Suite C Salem OR 97301 All information or fees subject to change without notice. This brochure is available in alternative formats upon request. Call 1-800-551-6949. Oregon Relay for the hearing impaired: dial 711. 63400-9879 (4/18) “MIKE” MICHAEL L. BAIRD, FLICKR.BAIRDPHOTOS.COM Oswald West State Park Plover Management Areas Western Snowy 1 Columbia River Fort Stevens Watch for Seasonal Restrictions State Park Neahkahnie-Manzanita During nesting season, March 15 - Sept. 15 Warrenton State Park Columbia River AstoriaFort Stevens Astoria State Park Warrenton 2. Nehalem Spit 1. Clatsop Spit 30 Nehalem Garey St. Rd . Manzanita Lot C Neca me y Ci t y 202 Clatsop Spit Gearhart Lot D Gearhart Seaside Nehalem Bay Lot B Nehalem Bay State Park Seaside Ecola State Park State Park 26 d. yR Jett Ecola Trestle Bay 26 Wheeler Cannon Military Museum and Batteries Lot A 53 Cannon 26 Beach Beach rm Bu d. aR NehalemFort Stevens Bay State Park 104 Hammond Oswald West Battery Russel Garibaldi Manhattan Beach State Recreation Site State Park Manzanita Manzanita 53 Bay 4. SouthNehalem Sandlake State Park State Natural Area at Whalen Island Rockaway Beach Rockaway Beach 101B 3 Rockaway Beach Cape Meares Tillamook Bay Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint 6 Rd Sa n an .N Rd Twin Rocks State Park Cape Lookout State Park Cape Lookout State Park To Pacific City Oregon State Parks – leashes required Oregon Coast Trail Road NOTE: Restricted areas not to scale. Some restrictions may be lifted early; watch for signs. Plover management area (March 15 - Sept. 15) Leashes required Leash optional, Cape Kiwanda with voice control State Natural Area No dogs, kites, bikes, vehicles, camping or fires. Pacific Pedestrians, equestrians: stayCity on wet sand. Garibaldi Tillamook 6 e Sitka Sedge Tillamook State Scenic Viewpoint . 104S State Natural Area W Tillamook Bay ak ce Bayo To Tillamook Bayocean Spit dl Rockaway Bay Beach City 2 Warrenton Clay Myers Sandlake Bayocean Spit Estuary Tillamook Bay 53 Nehalem Bay State Park e Rd Barview da r Ire Pete d. le R Ridg 3. Bayocean Spit Oswald West State Park 4 Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area Pacific City

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