Buck Prairie Winter Recreation

brochure Cascade-Siskiyou - Buck Prairie Winter Recreation

Brochure and Map of the Buck Prairie Winter Trails System at Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (NM) in Oregon. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Snowshoe enthusiasts are welcome at Buck Prairie. Please stay to the right or the left of the cross country ski tracks. Walking directly in the tracks creates difficult conditions for skiers. SHArED UsE Many miles of snowmobile (shared-use) trails are available just east of the Buck Prairie Ski Area as identified in the area map. Many of these shared use trails access the non-motorized (ski and snowshoe trails) Buck Prairie system and are heavily used by skiers and snowshoers. These are shared trails. Please yield to non-motorized activities. Fido’s Run is a fun out and back with a short loop near the end of the trail. The trail is fairly flat except for a short downhill or uphill portion of the loop section, depending on which way you go on this loop section of the trail. Beginners may wish to stay to the left when the trail splits and tackle this loop portion of the trail going uphill. ICE’s EsCApE: EAsY Beginning at the Buck Prairie – Fido’s Trailhead, Ice’s Escape is named after a legendary white German Sheppard that would “head for the hills” as soon as the car door was opened. Ice’s Escape allows skiers, snowshoers, and their dogs to “head for the hills” and access Fido’s Run and Homers Hide Away from the Buck Prairie 2– Fido’s Trailhead. TABlE MTN: DIffICUlT From Buck Prairie Trailhead, in combination with Natasha’s Web, the Table Mtn. trail provides experienced skiers with a scenic 9.6 mile loop. The trail leaves Natasha’s Web in a meadow and enters the forest. At the trail’s high point, skiers enter a clearing with a view of Mt. Ashland. From this clearing, skiers descend a steep, narrow section of trail. Trail markers lead skiers to a shared use (both motorized and non-motorized) trail (Table Mountain Loop). Turn left and follow the road back to the trailhead. RYAN’s TrAIl: EAsY A lost trail crew out working on the Table Mtn. Loop trail resulted in this trail. It is a short cut for those looking to take a little length off of their excursion on the Table Mtn. Loop or another opportunity for those looking for additional ski trails. SOUTHErN OrEGON NOrDIC ClUB Southern Oregon Nordic Club (SONC) is the Bureau of Land Management’s non-profit private partner in management of the Buck Prairie Winter Trails System. As a club SONC provides hundreds of hours of volunteer trail maintenance per year and provides grooming of many trails within the Buck Prairie system. SONC organizes ski trips for skiers of all abilities and disciplines (Classic, Telemark, and Skate Skiing). Ski lessons for beginners are also available from the SONC. More information is available at DOGs Dogs are not allowed on many of the Buck Prairie Ski Trails originating from the Buck Prairie Trailhead. Dogs can create unsatisfactory ski conditions by post holing ski tracks and by defecating in and around the trails, making it difficult to ski. Dogs are allowed on shared use trails and non-motorized trails originating from the Buck Prairie-Fido’s Trailhead. G etting T here SNOWsHOEs FIDO’s RUN: MODErATE From Buck Prairie Trailhead follow Natasha’s Web to where the road splits near the restroom, just past the restroom take a left. This trail is steep in a few sections. Four trail heads offer access to the Buck Prairie Trail System. Dead Indian Memorial Highway and Highway 66 are both plowed by Jackson County. East Hyatt Lake Rd from Highway 66 to the Hyatt Lake campground is plowed on a more infrequent basis. Dress in layers, this will allow you to add or remove layers throughout the day in response to weather and internal temperature changes. Wear several layers of lightweight, warm clothing (quick drying, not cotton) underneath a water-repellent, breathable outer layer. This will allow you to add or remove layers throughout the day in response to weather and internal temperature changes. Avoid bulky coats or parkas as they restrict movement and are generally too warm for aerobic activity. Remember to protect yourself from the sun; light reflecting off the snow can be intense. Wear protective sunscreen and bring sunglasses. Homer’s Hide Away offers the ability to complete a loop trail with your best “animal” friend. The trail is named for a long time Park Rangers best buddy who recently passed away. Like Homer himself known for his zeal for adventure, this trail passes along the edge of a forested area and stream plus an open meadow, assuring you of your own adventure. Access is from Buck Prairie 2 – Fido’s Trailhead. FAWN HOllOW LOOp: MODErATE/DIffICUlT When skiers approach one another from opposite directions, the skier going uphill should yield to the faster moving skier traveling downhill. BUCK PrAIrIE 2– FIDO’s TrAIlHEAD Fido’s Run Trailhead offers a dog friendly alternative to the trails originating from the Buck Prairie Trailhead. Bring man’s best friend along on your next winter adventure. Over 3 miles of winter trails are available for use with your dog. To reach these dog friendly trails continue past the Buck Prairie TH 2 ¾ miles (NE) on Dead Indian to Buck Prairie 2 – Fido’s Run Trailhead. TABlE MOUNTAIN WINTEr PlAY ArEA TrAIlHEAD From the Table Mountain Winter Play Area the Buck Prairie System is accessed by a shared use (open to both motorized and nonmotorized) trails originating in the sledding hill parking area. Look for a small kiosk in the southeastern portion of the parking area with a locator map showing where the trails are located. From Interstate 5, take the south Ashland exit #14. Take Highway 66 for approximately 17 miles until you reach the Green Springs Inn. Turn left onto East Hyatt Lake Rd. Continue on East Hyatt Lake Rd for approximately 5 miles until you reach Table Mountain Rd (39-3E-3) on your left, you will also see a sign for the Table Mountain Winter Play Area. Tubing Hill at Table Mountain B uck P rairie W inter T rails S ystem BLM WHAT TO WEAr HOmEr’s HIDE AWAY: MODErATE Medford District • Winter First Aid Kit • Extra Food and Water • Extra clothing, including a wool or synthetic sweater, hat, gloves and a rain jacket • Flashlight or headlamp with good batteries • Plastic whistle • Emergency reflective blanket • GPS locator device ( Spot™ GPS locator or similar device) D og F riendly T rails LOCAl SErVICEs Plan for changing weather conditions and the unexpected. Always let someone else know where you are going and your expected return time. Cell phone coverage is limited in much of the Buck Prairie area. Consider including the following in a small day pack. Peabody’s Wayback offers experienced skiers an alternative return to the Buck Prairie Trailhead. The trail begins just before the end of Bullwinkle’s Run. This steep trail makes several sharp switchbacks through trees and is not suitable for beginner Green Springs Inn BE PrEpArED View into Rogue Valley from ski trail overlook LOCAl SKI AND SNOWsHOE RENTAls K now B efore Y ou G o Hyatt Lake Campground Trailhead is located at the entrance to the BLM Hyatt Lake Campground. From here the Buck Prairie System is accessed by shared use (open to both motorized and non-motorized) trails originating from the campground. From Interstate 5, take the south Ashland exit #14. Take Highway 66 for approximately 17 miles until you reach the Green Springs Inn. Turn left onto East Hyatt Lake Rd. Continue on East Hyatt Lake Rd for approximately 3 miles until you reach the entrance to the Hyatt Lake Campground on your right. A plowed parking area at the campground entrance is unmarked. Offers food, hot chocolate, bar, cabin, and inn rentals during the winter months. PEABODY’s WAYBACK: DIffICUlT HYATT LAKE CAmpGrOUND TrAIlHEAD Kokopelli River Center 2475 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 201-7694 Leave Natasha’s Web trail and continue past the junction with Bullwinkle’s Run. This short trail ends in a large meadow. At the lower end of the meadow, skiers may either continue on the Table Mountain Loop or return on Natasha’s Web. 11470 Greensprings HWY 66 Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 890-6430 ROCKY’s FlIGHT: MODErATE Buck Prairie Trailhead is the most popular trail head for accessing the winter trails system. From Interstate 5, take the south Ashland exit #14. Take Highway 66 for approximately .5 miles to the Dead Indian Memorial Highway. Turn left on Dead Indian and follow it to the summit at mile post 13. The parking area is on the right. Do not park in the chain up area across the road from the SnoPark. SnoPark Permits are required. If the parking area is full, consider continuing 2 ¾ miles (NE) further on Dead Indian to Buck Prairie – Fido’s Trailhead. Campers Cove Natasha’s Web trail enters a meadow at the end of the upper road. Bullwinkle’s Run cuts across an opening to the right and enters the forest. This short trail ends at a scenic overlook with views of the Rogue Valley. BUCK PrAIrIE TrAIlHEAD Ashland Outdoor Store 37 N. Third Street. Ashland OR 97520 (541) 488-1202 BUllWINKlE’s RUN: EAsY Many other trails connecting the Buck Prairie System to Hyatt Lake and Camper’s Cove are shared use trails (motorized and non-motorized use). The Buck Divide Trail connects with the Hyatt trail to connect Hyatt Lake Campground to the Buck Prairie Ski trail system. Following the Dam Trail from the Hyatt Lake campground can also connect you with Campers Cove and eventually the Buck Prairie Ski trail system. Cabin rentals, bar, food, and a general store during the winter months. Beginning at the Buck Prairie snopark, the first mile of Natasha’s Web provides access to all ski trails and is excellent for learning. When the road splits, near the restroom, stay to the right and follow the road uphill. You can access additional trails or continue to follow Natasha’s Web through a large meadow eventually returning skiers to the Buck Prairie Trailhead on the lower road. Beginners may want to continue straight when the road splits near the restroom and then return the same way. Ashland Mountain Supply 31 N. Main St. Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 488-2749 The Buck Prairie trail system offers miles of interconnected trails on the ridges just west of Howard Prairie, Hyatt Lake and northwest of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. On clear days, skiers and snowshoers can enjoy views of the Rogue Valley and Siskiyou Mountains to the west, the Cascade Mountains to the east, Mt. McLaughlin to the north, and Mt. Shasta to the south. NATAsHA’s WEB: EAsY/MODErATE O ther T rails 7900 Hyatt Prairie Rd. Ashland, OR 97520 www. SYsTEm DEsCrIpTION S ki T rails Black Bird 1810 W. Main Street, Medford, OR 97504 (541) 779-5431 B uck P rairie W inter T rails S ystem 42°16’ 42°15’ 122°31’ 18 5 00 0 1 Kilometer 122°30’ 5000 1 Mile De a d BLM In d 38-3E-29 5000 ia 17 n 20 M 38-3E-2 0 3 8- 1.1 em o ria 450 0 0.3 21 3E 0.2 -3 550 0 yback Wa 3 83E 1.5 l 122°29’ 5000 50 00 B ul -2 0.8 Natasha’s 45 00 50 00 lw 0.3 0.5 E-29.5 38-3 -21.1 E ay 21 16 BLM High w 0.3 Ice's 0.4 Escape le 122°28’ 3 9 E-1 -3 Fidos Run 0.6 38 0 450 15 22 34 122°27’ -33 38-3 E P Hyatt Tra il 50 irie 122°26’ 14 5000 35 2 26 Rd 0 P 00 0. 39- 7 .2 E-5 550 0 39 40-3E-3 0.5 E asts id -3E 42°16’ BLM Ro a d .1 3E-11 39- 42°15’ 42°14’ 42°13’ 42°12’ T39S-R03E T38S-R03E BLM e bl .3 E-5 -3 38-3E-32 - BLM 11 .2 -11 -3E 39 .5 1 G ul ch -11 1. E-1 39-3 3E 0.7 39-3E-9 .1 39-3E-11 per's Cam e Monument 39-3E-8.3 1. 2 1.2 e Con n ct m 55 00 Hya tt il Tra . Pr Rd 122°26’ 23 BLM 14 National d oo W BLM Howard Prairie Lake 23 Prairie 00 50 Easy Trail 5000 Moderate Trail Difficult Trail Trailhead Parking Viewpoint 0 500 Dogs Allowed Snowmobiles Allowed Restrooms BLM Land Ownership Private 2.0 0. 5 3 2.5 t ake – L Cascade – Siskiyou il 39 - Tr a .3 1.1 W ild ca t Pra Private Property is shown in a lighter shade. Please respect the rights of private property owners by remaining on trails at all times. 38-3E-34.2 27 3 BLM E-3 10 1 -19 -3E 4. Sled 3 8-3 r cto ne Tubing Hill Connector 38 BLM BLM 5000 383E -33 .1 op 1.6 Lo 00 55 BLM Mountain ri e r ai Buck P Ta b Allowed 28 0.8 33 4 Table Mountain Winter Play Area n 15 500 -3 0.5 38-3E-21.3 1 3E-2 38- Homer's Hideaway 383E 0.6 0.7 1.2 3E-2 Dogs 38- 38 -3E -33 .6 0 38-3E-19 550 38 .4 -33 3E 8- -3 E - 9 . 2 0.7 io 39-3E-16 l Trai l ai 39-3E -16 .1 BLM Trai l 9 21.4 3E8- 00 55 -32 -3E 38 Web 0.3 4 39 0.6 Natasha's View 0.3 1 -29. 38-3E Fawn Hollow Loop 32 393 39 Buck Prairie 2 Fido's Run Buck Prairie Nordic Trail System 0 contour interval is 50 feet Latitude & Longitue coordinates North 5000 383 E20. 2 .1 0.6 Pe a b od y’s 29 0.6 Run 9.6 9.3 E-2 l e ’s 38 -3 in k Rocky’s Flight 38-3E -32.2 38-3E-32.1 M 5 5.1 9 9.4 Cove 16 0.7 Hyatt Lake Campground 22 5000 0 BLM 19 -2 0 Buck Prairie Snopark 38 -3 E 1. 0 55 00 Boris’ Bluff BLM Ryan' s C on 600 0 3 9-3 E- Mo u n ta in Cam p er's 1.5 Da 34 393E - 6037 Henry Mtn Table Mtn 6056 0 Ro ad BLM 21 3E- Peabody's Lookout BLM Mr. Big’s Lookout -7.1 Ta 6000 8 500 3 .5 rie 00 50 3.2 30 31 6 3E Natasha Fatale's Vantage Point 9- 5500 17 BLM 20 - 33. 3 -3 E 38-3E-3 Tr a il 38-3E-32.3 38 -3E -32 -3 0.3 ain nt 2.8 To Ashland 42°14' 42°13 T38S-R03E T39S-R03E 42°12’ 50 00 7 Snowmobiles allowed 1.6 mi Buck Prairie Loop 1.2 mi Camper's Connection 1.2 mi Dam Trail 1.6 mi Eastside Trail 5 2.5 mi Hyatt–Lake of the000Woods 8.4 mi Table Mountain Sled Trail 0.7 mi Tubing Hill Connector 1.1 mi Wildcat Gulch Trails 00 38-3E-23.2 00 42°10’ 42°11’ 55 00 39-3E -21 55 Mileage between tics 122°27’ s -3 122°28’ th e of 00 Snowmobiles prohibited 0.6 mi Bullwinkle’s Run 1.5 mi Camper's Cove 1.7 mi Fawn0Hollow Loop 0 45 1.1 mi Fido’s Run 1.6 mi Homer's Hideaway 0.4 mi Ice's Escape 3.0 mi Natasha’s Web 1.0 mi Peabody’s Wayback 0.5 mi Rocky’s Flight 0.5 mi Ryan's Connector 2.7 mi Table Mountain Trail 2.0 122°29’ To Hwy 66 39-3E-11 t at Hy voir ser Re Hy at 50 38- tt 00 0.8 2.7 60 122°30’ E H yatt Rd ya H -3E 39 0.5 Tr Da m 0 38 39-3E - 55 0 3 P ra i 9.3 e Sled 550 39-3E-5.5 att Hy 42°11’ 13 42°10’ 24 122°31’ 3E- Littl le Ta b ou 0.2 393E5. 39- 450 4000 3E7.2

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