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Birds at Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (NM) in Oregon. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Bird Checklist BLM Cascade-Siskiyou Pileated Woodpecker Welcome Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (CSNM) was set aside on June 9, 2000, in recognition of its remarkable setting and biologic diversity. The Monument is situated where the Klamath, Siskiyou, and Cascade Mountain ranges converge, setting the stage for a diverse range of plant and animal habitat. The Monument CASCADE contains five distinct ecoregions identified in the SISKIYOU proclamation: grassland and shrubland (including National Monument unusual rosaceous chaparral), Garry and California oak woodlands, juniper scablands, mixed conifer and white fir forests, and wet meadows and riparian forests. In addition, there are areas of old-growth forest which provide required habitat for several species. The mixing of diverse habitats in such close proximity creates an exciting opportunity to observe a wide range of flora and fauna. The CSNM is home to approximately 200 bird species, either as permanent habitat or migratory shelter, including eight species considered “Special Status Species” by the BLM. Family/Common Name Habitat FAMILY GAVIIDAE – Loons Pacific Loon Common Loon Lakes Lakes Ra LC M M FAMILY PODICIPEDIDAE – Grebes Pied-billed Grebe Lakes Eared Grebe Lakes Western Grebe Lakes Clark’s Grebe Lakes C Ra Ra Ra M,S (Br) M M M FAMILY PELICANIDAE – Pelicans American White Pelican - SSS LC M,S FAMILY PHALACROCORACIDAE – Cormorants Double-crested Cormorant Lakes C M,S, Br FAMILY ARDEIDAE – Bitterns and Herons Great Blue Heron Lakes, wetlands Great Egret Lakes, wetlands Green Heron Lakes, creeks C LC LC M,S M M,S (Br) FAMILY ANATIDAE – Swans, Geese, and Ducks Tundra Swan Lakes Greater White-fronted Goose Lakes Ross’s Goose Lakes Snow Goose Lakes Cackling Goose Lakes, wetlands Canada Goose Lakes, wetlands Wood Duck Lakes, creeks Mallard Lakes, creeks Northern Pintail Lakes Gadwall Lakes American Wigeon Lakes Northern Shoveler Lakes Blue-winged Teal Lakes Cinnamon Teal Lakes Green-winged Teal Lakes Lesser Scaup Lakes Greater Scaup Lakes Ring-necked Duck Lakes Canvasback Lakes Redhead Lakes Common Goldeneye Lakes Barrow’s Goldeneye Lakes Bufflehead - SSS Lakes Common Merganser Lakes, creeks Ruddy Duck Lakes Hooded Merganser Lakes, creeks LC LC Ra Ra LC C LC C Ra C C C Ra LC C LC LC C LC LC LC LC C C LC LC M M M M M,S M,S, Br M,S, Br M,S, Br M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M,S, Br M M, S? FAMILY CATHARTIDAE – Vultures Turkey Vulture C M, S (Br) FAMILY ACCIPITRIDAE – Hawks and Eagles Northern Harrier Lakes, creeks Cooper’s Hawk Conifers for nesting Sharp-shinned Hawk Conifers for nesting Northern Goshawk Old-growth conifers Red-shouldered Hawk Riparian forests Red-tailed Hawk Widespread Rough-legged Hawk Grassland, open woodland Osprey Lakes, creeks Golden Eagle Open country for hunting Bald Eagle - SSS Lakes, creeks LC LC LC LC Ra C LC C LC LC M R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) M R, Br M M, S, Br R (Br) M, S, Br FAMILY FALCONIDAE – Falcons American Kestrel Oak woodland Prairie Falcon Cliffs for nesting Merlin Any forest type as migrant Peregrine Falcon - SSS cliffs for nesting C LC LC LC R, Br M,S? M M, S, Br Lakes Widespread Abundance Occurrence Family/Common Name Habitat Abundance Occurrence FAMILY PHASIANIDAE – Grouse, Partridges, and Turkeys Ruffed Grouse Mixed hardwoods, conifers Sooty Grouse Conifers Wild Turkey Oaks LC LC LC R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) FAMILY ODONTOPHORIDAE – Quail Mountain Quail Montane chaparral California Quail Oak, chaparral LC LC R, (Br) R, (Br) FAMILY RALLIDAE – Rails and Coots American Coot Lakes C M, S? Wet meadows, lake margins LC M, S? C M, S, (Br) FAMILY GRUIDAE – Cranes Sandhill Crane FAMILY CHARADRIIDAE – Plovers Killdeer Lakeshores, creeks, rocky flats FAMILY SCOLOPACIDAE – Sandpipers, Phallaropes, and Allies Greater Yellowlegs Lakeshores, creeks LC Lesser Yellowlegs Lakeshores, creeks LC Spotted Sandpiper Lakeshores, creeks LC Dunlin Mudflats LC Western Sandpiper Mudflats LC Least Sandpiper Mudflats LC Pectoral Sandpiper Mudflats LC Long-billed Dowitcher Mudflats Ra Wilson’s Snipe Wet meadows, grassy riparian LC Wilson’s Phalarope Lakes, shores LC M M M, S, Br M M M M M M, S? M FAMILY LARIDAE – Gulls and Terns Ring-billed Gull California Gull Caspian Tern Common Tern Forster’s Tern LC Ra LC LC LC M, S M, S M M M FAMILY COLUMBIDAE – Pigeons and Doves Rock Pigeon Nests in human structures Band-tailed Pigeon Mixed conifer, hardwoods Mourning Dove Short grass, rocky flats, ranches C LC C R, Br M, S R, (Br) FAMILY TYTONIDAE – Barn Owls Barn Owl Nests in human structures LC R, Br FAMILY STRIGIDAE – Typical Owls Flammulated Owl Ponderosa Western Screech-Owl Oaks, riparian, mixed forest Great Horned Owl Widespread Northern Spotted Owl - SSS Old-growth conifers Barred Owl Conifers Northern Pygmy-Owl Oaks, conifers Northern Saw-whet Owl Thick conifer and mixed forest Great Gray Owl High Elevation, Meadows Ra LC LC LC LC LC LC LC M,S? R, Br R, Br R, Br R, (Br) R, (Br) R?, (Br) R, Br FAMILY CAPRIMULGIDAE – Goatsuckers Common Nighthawk Rocky flats, dry forest clearings Common Poorwill Rocky flats, hillsides LC LC S, (Br) S, (Br) Lakes Lakes Lakes Lakes Lakes ABBREVIATION KEY Abundance: C = common LC = less common Ra = rare Occurrence: M = spring and/or fall migrant S = summer resident W = winter resident R = year-round resident Br = confirmed to breed in CSNM (Br) = may breed in CSNM SSS = Special Status Species ? = Probable Family/Common Name Habitat Abundance Occurrence Family/Common Name Habitat Abundance Occurrence FAMILY HIRUNDINIDAE – Swallows Tree Swallow Breeds near lakes and creeks Violet-green Swallow Breeds on cliffs Northern Rough-winged Swallow Breeds in banks Barn Swallow Nests on human structures Cliff Swallow Nests on human structures R, Br FAMILY PARULIDAE – Wood-Warblers Orange-crowned Warbler Riparian, oaks, brushy forest Nashville Warbler Chaparral, brushy forest Yellow Warbler Riparian Townsend’s Warbler Conifers as migrant Hermit Warbler Conifers Black-throated Gray Warbler Oaks, brushy forest Yellow-rumped Warbler Conifers MacGillivray’s Warbler Riparian, brushy wet meadows Common Yellowthroat Marsh, wet meadows Wilson’s Warbler Riparian, brushy forest Yellow-breasted Chat Riparian C C C LC C LC C LC LC C LC M,S, (Br) M,S, (Br) M, S, Br M M, S, (Br) M, S, (Br) R, Br M, S, (Br) M, S, (Br) M,S? M, S? FAMILY THRAUPIDAE – Tanagers Western Tanager Riparian, mixed forest C M, S, (Br) FAMILY CARDINALIDAE – Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Buntings Lazuli Bunting Brush, oaks, chaparral LC Black-headed Grosbeak Riparian, mixed forest C M, S, Br M, S, (Br) FAMILY EMBERIZIDAE – Emberizine Sparrows and Allies California Towhee Oak, chaparral Spotted Towhee Widespread, brushy areas Green-tailed Towhee Montane chaparral Chipping Sparrow Widespread Vesper Sparrow - SSS Grassland Lark Sparrow Grassland, sagebrush Savannah Sparrow Grassland, wet meadows Fox Sparrow Brushy areas Song Sparrow Riparian, wet brushy areas Lincoln’s Sparrow Riparian, wet meadows Dark-eyed Junco Conifers, mixed forest to nest White-crowned Sparrow Brushy areas Golden-crowned Sparrow Brushy areas LC C LC C LC LC C C C LC C LC C R, (Br) R, (Br) M, S, (Br) M, S, Br M,S, (Br) M, S, (Br) R, (Br) M, W R, (Br) R, Br R, Br M, W M,W FAMILY ICTERIDAE – Blackbirds Bullock’s Oriole Riparian, oaks Western Meadowlark - SSS Grasslands Red-winged Blackbird Marshy riparian, wet meadows Brown-headed Cowbird Barns, corrals Brewer’s Blackbird Widespread C C C C LC S, Br R, (Br) R, Br R, Br R, Br M FAMILY FRINGILLIDAE – Finches Gray-crowned Rosy Finch Alpine vagrant Red Crossbill Conifers Evening Grosbeak Conifers House Finch Widespread, nests on buildings Purple Finch Conifers, mixed woodland Cassin’s Finch High-elevation conifers Lesser Goldfinch Riparian, oaks American Goldfinch Riparian, oaks Pine Siskin Conifers Ra Ra LC C C LC C C LC W R, (Br) R, ? R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) FAMILY PASSERIDAE – Old World Sparrows House Sparrow Buildings, barns C R, Br R, (Br) FAMILY APODIDAE – Swifts Vaux’s Swift C M, S (Br) FAMILY TROCHILIDAE – Hummingbirds Black-chinned Hummingbird Oaks, drier riparian Ra Anna’s Hummingbird Low-elevation chaparral C Calliope Hummingbird High-elevation conifers, meadows LC Rufous Hummingbird Widespread C S? R, (Br) M,S, (Br) M, S, (Br) FAMILY PICIDAE – Woodpeckers Northern Flicker Widespread Acorn Woodpecker Oaks Lewis’s Woodpecker - SSS Oaks Downy Woodpecker Riparian hardwoods Hairy Woodpecker Widespread White-headed Woodpecker - SSS Open pine and fir forest Pileated Woodpecker Old-growth conifers Williamson’s Sapsucker High-elevation conifers Red-naped Sapsucker Widespread, conifers for breeding Red-breasted Sapsucker Widespread, conifers for breeding FAMILY PARIDAE – Chickadees and Titmice Oak Titmouse Oaks C Black-capped Chickadee Riparian hardwoods C Mountain Chickadee High-elevation, especially true firs C Chestnut-backed Chickadee Mid-elevation Douglas-firs LC R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) R, Br R, Br M, W R, (Br) R, Br R? R, (Br) M, W M, W? R, Br FAMILY AEGITHALIDAE – Bushtit Bushtit Chaparral, oaks, riparian LC R, (Br) FAMILY SITTIDAE – Nuthatches White-breasted Nuthatch Oaks, riparian hardwoods Red-breasted Nuthatch Conifers Pygmy Nuthatch Ponderosa C C Ra R, (Br) R, Br R? FAMILY CERTHIIDAE – Brown Creeper Brown Creeper Conifers, favors old-growth LC R, (Br) FAMILY TROGLODYTIDAE – Wrens Bewick’s Wren Oak, chaparral House Wren Buildings, clearcuts Winter Wren Old-growth, riparian Rock Wren Cliffs, talus slopes Canyon Wren Cliffs, canyons LC LC LC LC LC R, (Br) M,S, (Br) R, (Br) R, (Br) R?, (Br) FAMILY CINCLIIDAE – Dippers American Dipper Fast-flowing creeks LC R, (Br) FAMILY TIMALIDAE – Wrentit Wrentit Chaparral, riparian LC R, (Br) FAMILY RAGULIDAE – Kinglets Golden-crowned Kinglet Conifers Ruby-crowned Kinglet Riparian, widespread as migrant LC C R, (Br) M,W FAMILY SYLVIIDAE – Gnatcatchers Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Oaks, chaparral LC S, (Br) FAMILY TURDIDAE – Thrushes Mountain Bluebird Mountain meadows Western Bluebird Oaks Townsend’s Solitaire Conifers, junipers Varied Thrush Moist conifer forest for nesting American Robin Widespread Swainson’s Thrush Riparian, moist old-growth Hermit Thrush Conifer understory LC C LC LC C LC LC R, Br R, Br R, (Br) M, S? R, Br M, S? R, (Br) FAMILY MOTOCILLIDAE – Wagtails and Pipits American Pipit Alpine, bare ground Ra FAMILY BOMBYCILLIDAE – Waxwings Cedar Waxwing Riparian, mixed forest C C C C LC LC LC LC LC R C FAMILY TYRANNIDAE – Tyrant Flycatchers Olive-sided Flycatcher Old-growth conifers Western Wood-Pewee Widespread Willow Flycatcher Riparian Dusky Flycatcher Dry brushy forests Hammond’s Flycatcher Conifers Gray Flycatcher Sagebrush Pacific-slope Flycatcher Mixed forest near water Say’s Phoebe Grassland, sagebrush Western Kingbird Oak woodland, grassland Ash-throated Flycatcher Oak woodland LC C LC LC LC Ra C LC C LC M,S (Br) S, Br S, Br S, (Br) S, (Br) S? S, (Br) M,W S, (Br) S, (Br) FAMILY VIREONIDAE – Vireos Hutton’s Vireo Oaks Cassin’s Vireo Mixed forest and conifers Warbling Vireo Riparian LC LC LC S, (Br) S, (Br) S, (Br) FAMILY CORVIDAE – Jays, Crows, Ravens, and Magpies Steller’s Jay Conifers Western Scrub-Jay Oaks Gray Jay High-elevation conifers Clark’s Nutcracker High elevation Black-billed Magpie Juniper, pines, oaks American Crow Low-elevation, farms Common Raven Widespread C C LC Ra Ra C C R, Br R, Br R, (Br) M R? R?, (Br) R, (Br) FAMILY ALAUDIDAE – Larks Horned Lark Bare ground, alpine, grassland Ra M? Bureau of Land Management Medford District Office • 3040 Biddle Road • Medford, Oregon 97504 541-618-2200 Sources for this bulletin courtesy of Trail, P. PhD, (2002, 2006), Birds of the CSNM; Massey & Vroman, (2003), Guide to Birds of the Rogue Valley; and Rogue Valley Audubon Society, Birds of Jackson County Oregon. Abundance Occurrence C LC Old-growth for nesting Habitat FAMILY STURNIDAE – Starlings European Starling Widespread, farms and buildings FAMILY ALCEDINIDAE – Kingfishers Belted Kingfisher Creeks, rivers C C LC C C Family/Common Name M, S, Br M, S, (Br) M, S?, (Br) M, S, Br M,S, Br

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