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Brochure about the BLM Back Country Byway System. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

BLM Back Country Byways There are four types of Back Country Byways: Type 1: Roads that can accommodate normal touring cars. These roads are paved or have an all weather surface and have grades that are negotiable by a normal touring car. These roads are usually narrow, slow speed, secondary roads. Red Gulch/Alkali Back Country Byway, WY Type 2: Roads which require high-clearance type vehicles. These roads are usually not paved but may have some type of surfacing. Grades, curves and road surfaces are such that they can be negotiated with a two wheel drive high clearance vehicle without undue difficulty. Garnet Back Country Byway, MT Type 3: Roads which require 4-wheel drive vehicles or other specialized vehicles such as dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), etc. These roads are usually not surfaced. However, the There’s a byway for you or contact local BLM offices to learn about individual Back Country Byways. Alaska State Office, Anchorage, AK, (907) 271-5960 Arizona State Office, Phoenix, AZ, (602) 417-9200 California State Office, Sacramento, CA, (916) 978-4400 Colorado State Office, Lakewood, CO, (303) 239-3600 Eastern States Office, Springfield, VA, (703) 440-1600 Idaho State Office, Boise, ID, (208) 373-4000 Montana State Office, Billings, MT, (406) 896-5000 Nevada State Office, Reno, NV, (775) 861-6400 New Mexico State Office, Santa Fe, NM, (505) 438-7400 Oregon State Office, Portland, OR, (503) 808-6002 Utah State Office, Salt Lake City, UT, (801) 539-4133 Wyoming State Office, Cheyenne, WY, (307) 775-6256 Visit for information about how the Bureau of Land Management administers public lands. Gold Belt Tour Back Country Byway, CO Rediscover the splendor of the West’s public lands by traveling the adventurous routes of the Bureau of Land Management’s Back Country Byways. As a unique part of the National Scenic Byways Program, Back Country Byways can lead you on less-traveled roads through alpine meadows and soaring mountains to sagebrush prairie and saguaro cactus desert. Choose a route to explore whether driving an air-conditioned car, four-wheel drive or dirt bike. Remember—Safety First. Be prepared. Check weather and road conditions before departing. Carry appropriate equipment for back country conditions and always be prepared for weather changes and emergencies. Back Country Byways Visit roads are maintained for safety and resource protection purposes. They have grades, tread surfaces and other characteristics that will require specialized vehicles to negotiate. Type 4: Trails that are managed to accommodate dirt bike, mountain bike, snowmobile or ATV use. They are usually single track trails. BLM Back Country Byways System Big Sky, MT Type I Garnet Range, MT Type IV Nestucca River, OR Type I Quartzville Road, OR; Type I South Fork-Alsea River, OR Type I Lower Crooked River, OR; Type I Cow Creek Road, OR; Type I Grave Creek to Marial, OR Type I Missouri Breaks, MT Type II Lower Deschutes River, OR Type I Snake River-Mormon Basin, OR Types I, II Lewis and Clark, ID; Type I South Fork John Day River, OR Big Sheep Creek, MT Type I Type I Red Gulch/Alkali Road, WY Christmas Valley, OR Type II Owyhee Uplands, ID; Type I Types I, II Diamond Loop, OR; Type I Lakeview to Steens Mountain, OR; Types I, II Steens Mountain, OR Types I, II City of Rocks, ID; Type I Galice to Hellgate, OR Type I Barrel Springs, CA, NV; Type II Buckhorn, CA, NV; Type II California Trail, NV Type I Lovelock Cave, NV Type I Fort Churchill to Wellington, NV Type II Saline Valley, CA Type II Owen Valley-Death Valley, CA; Type II Seminoe to Alcova, WY Types I, II, III Transcontinental Railroad, UT; Type II Silver Island Mountain, UT Type II Pony Express Trail, UT Type II Nine Mile Canyon, UT Type I Wild Horse Canyon, CA Type I Gold Belt Tour, CO Type III Bull Creek Pass, UT Type III Smithsonian Butte, UT Type I Chimney Peak, CA Type II South Big Horn/Red Wall, WY Type II Mt. Wilson, NV Type II Lunar Crater, NV Type II Alpine Loop Back Country Byway, CO Alpine Loop, CO; Type III Gold Butte, NV; Type II Bitter Springs, NV; Type II Red Rock Canyon, NV Type I Old Route 66-Oatman Road, AZ; Type I Parker Dam Road, AZ, CA Type I Harquahala Mountain, AZ Type III Los Caminos Antiguos, CC Type I Wild Rivers, NM Type I Please take care of yourself and the environment Chain of Craters, NM Type II · Check weather and road conditions ahead of time Quebradas, NM Type II Bradshaw Trail, CA; Type III Lake Valley, NM Type I Black Hills, AZ Type II Steens Mountain Back Country Byway, OR · Bring area-specific maps and route descriptions · Carry plenty of water Guadalupe, NM Type I · Bring adequate fuel · Carry a spare tire, jack, tools, shovel, blanket, etc. · Remember that signing and fencing are for your safety BLM Back Country Byway BLM Administered Land Interstate 0 50 100 200 300 400 Miles * The National Landscape Conservation System continues to grow as special areas are designated. Visit BLM's website periodically for updated information: N · Tread Lightly on the land For travel tips visit

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