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Hunting, Boating, Fishing Regulations of Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Nevada. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge 93 NORTH MARSH UNIT NO BOATING, NO HUNTING YEAR ROUND NO FISHING OCT. 1 - FEB. 1 STATE HIGHWAY HIKING TRAIL UPPER LAKE UNIT VISITOR ACCESS ROAD NO HUNTING YEAR ROUND NO BOATING OCT. 1 - FEB. 1 PUBLIC HUNTING AREA REFUGE HEADQUARTERS CLOSED AREA CAMPGROUND HEADQUARTERS UNIT RESTROOMS NO HUNTING YEAR ROUND REFUGE BOUNDARY UNIT BOUNDARY MIDDLE MARSH UNIT Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge P.O. Box 510 Alamo, NV 89001 775/725 3417 National Wildlife Refuge Information: 1 800/344 WILD Nevada Relay Center Voice 1 800/362 688 TTY 1 800/362 6868 This publication will be made available in an alternative format upon request. Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs and activities of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is available to all individuals regardless of physical or mental disability. To request accommodation, please contact Pahranagat Main Desk 775/725 3417 EXT 100 PUBLIC HUNTING AREA COTTONWOOD SPRINGS All requests must be made at least one week in advance. NO HUNTING October 2020 LOWER LAKE UNIT PUBLIC HUNTING AREA MAYNARD LAKE UNIT PUBLIC HUNTING AREA 93 RABBIT & QUAIL ONLY U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge Hunting, Boating, & Fishing Regulations Hunting SEASON Hunting is permitted, by shotgun only, on designated days in designated areas of the refuge, subject to all applicable state and federal regulations. SPECIES Hunting of geese, ducks, coots, moorhens and snipe is permitted on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, during the regular state season (with the exception of opening weekend of waterfowl season, when hunting is allowed on Sunday). Hunting of swans is prohibited. Use caution when hunting white geese. Dove hunting is permitted daily during the month of September. Staring October 1, dove hunting is allowed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Quail and rabbit hunting is permitted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, during the regular state season. Hunting of jackrabbits is permitted only during the state cottontail season. Only quail and rabbit hunting is permitted on the Maynard Lake Unit, which is closed to hunting of all other species. Big game hunting is not allowed. All other wildlife, including coyotes and crows, are protected. FIREARMS Possession of firearms is permitted in accordance with state and federal laws. Target shooting is prohibited. Discharging firearms is only permitted during authorized hunting activities. From October 1 through February 1, hunters are restricted to no more than 25 shotshells while in the field (public hunting area)--see map. Know your target. Study bird identification guides before the hunting season. Learn field marks of male and females during breeding and eclipse plumage, as well as when sitting or flying. Be certain of the species before you shoot. NON-TOXIC SHOT You may only possess approved non-toxic shot while in the field. Lead shot is prohibited. BLINDS & PERSONAL PROPERTY Temporary blinds are permitted. All decoys, portable blinds, and other personal property must be removed from the refuge daily and temporary blinds must be dismantled at the close of each day. PETS Pets must be leashed at all times except when used in association with a legal hunt in designated areas. Use of dogs is encouraged to reduce crippling losses. However, dogs must be supervised and controlled by their owners at all times. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES The possession or use of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited. HELPFUL HUNTING TIPS The refuge covers a variety of habitats including rough uneven terrain, deep waters, marshes and dense stands of vegetation. Hunting difficulty varies by area, and hunters should examine their own abilities and limitations before using the refuge. Hunters should hunt with a partner and consult the refuge manager for suggestions to hunt the area safely. Respect the rights of others and the resources of the refuge. Hikers or bird watchers may also be in the field during hunting seasons. Be aware of who is in the area before shooting. Please report acts of vandalism, poaching, littering or other violations to the Refuge Manager. Boating Fishing SEASON Only non-motorized boats or boats with electric motors are permitted in designated areas of the refuge during designated dates. Watercraft must be in compliance with all applicable state and federal rules. LICENSES State fishing regulations are applicable. Licenses required for ages 12 and above. For more information contact or call 702/486-5127. SPECIES The most common fishes found in refuge waters are carp, largemouth bass, green sunfish and catfish. Upper Lake offers the best fishing opportunities. Boating is permitted on Upper Lake, Middle Marsh, and Lower Lake from February 1 through September 30. The refuge is closed to all boating from October 1 to February 1 except for waterfowl hunt purposes in the designated hunting area during open days of the waterfowl hunt season. Upper Lake is completely closed to boating from October 1 to February 1. The use of boats, rubber rafts, or other flotation devices is not permitted on the North Marsh at any time. SEASON Fishing is permitted year-round in designated areas of the refuge, subject to all applicable State, Federal, and Refuge regulations. North Marsh is closed to fishing from October 1 to February 1. General Regulations Refuge visitors are responsible for knowing State and Federal regulations. Laws are reviewed and changed each year. State laws can be obtained from the Nevada Division of Wildlife or from stores which sell hunting & fishing licenses. LAUNCHING Trailer launching is not permitted. To prevent the spread of invasive species, only car-top watercraft are permitted. VEHICLES All motorized vehicles are restricted to designated roads only (see map) and must be properly licensed and street legal as required by state law. Operation of ATVs (4-wheelers, dirt bikes, etc.) is prohibited. Visitors are asked to use existing parking lots. Shooting from or across any refuge road is prohibited. LIFE JACKETS State law requires a wearable Personal Flotation Device on board for each person. Also, all boat passengers under twelve years old must wear a life jacket while in a boat that is underway. LITTERING Please put your trash in the dumpster located on Upper Pahranagat Lake road or pack out trash with you when you leave the refuge. Spent shotgun shells are litter.

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