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Anaho Island


brochure Anaho Island - Birds

Birds of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation at Anaho Island National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Nevada. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

A BIRDER’S CHECKLIST Birds of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation Field Checklist of the Birds of Pyramid Lake, NV This list contains 243 species (includes 5 hybrid species) which have been observed within the reservation boundaries. The list also provides 6 subspecies or identifiable morphs. The reservation is part of the Pacific Flyway and Anaho Island is a nesting refuge to the migratory American White Pelican. Data was supplied by through 22 years of effort by birders and volunteers of the Great Basin Bird Observatory, Lahontan Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, and the Tribe. Please submit all bird observations to W Sp Greater White-fronted Goose R R Snow Goose U U Canada Goose A Cackling Goose R Tundra Swan C U Wood Duck R R R R Gadwall A C U A R C U C Gadwall X Mallard (hybrid) Abundance American Wigeon C Mallard A A Abundant; widespread, usually easily found in appropriate habitat Mallard X Northern Pintail (hybrid) C Common; fairly easily found in appropriate habitat Blue-winged Teal U Uncommon; usually eventually found in appropriate habitat Cinnamon Teal R Rare; seldom, but somewhat regularly found in appropriate habitat Acc Accidental; only found in some years C C C C Acc C Acc U U R R Northern Shoveler U U C Northern Pintail U U C R C Green-winged Teal U Occurrence Canvasback C W Winter; December - February Redhead C C Ring-necked Duck U U Sp Spring; March - May Greater Scaup C Su Summer; June - August Lesser Scaup C F Fall; September – November X Birds you have seen during your visit C U Harlequin Duck Surf Scoter White-winged Scoter U C U C U Acc R R Acc R Black Scoter -1- F Geese, Swans, Ducks, and Mergansers _____________________________________________________________ 3/25/2013 Su Acc Bufflehead C C C Common Goldeneye C U U X W Barrow's Goldeneye Barrow's Goldeneye X Hooded Merganser (hybrid) Sp Su F X W Sp Su F Northern Harrier U U U U Sharp-shinned Hawk U R R R Cooper's Hawk U R U U Northern Goshawk R Acc Hooded Merganser R R Common Merganser U U Red-breasted Merganser R R R Bald Eagle Ruddy Duck C C A Red-shouldered Hawk U Upland Gamebirds Acc U R Acc R Swainson's Hawk California Quail A A Chukar U U U C Red-tailed Hawk C R Ferruginous Hawk R Rough-legged Hawk R Loons, Grebes, Cormorants, Pelicans and Egrets Rails, Coots, Plovers, Sandpipers, and Phalaropes C Virginia Rail U R C C C R Pacific Loon R Common Loon U Yellow-billed Loon R Pied-billed Grebe C U C American Coot Horned Grebe R R R Black-bellied Plover Red-necked Grebe R R R Snowy Plover Eared Grebe A C R A Semipalmated Plover Western Grebe C C A A Killdeer Clark's Grebe U C C C Black-necked Stilt Double-crested Cormorant U C C C American Avocet American White Pelican R C C U Spotted Sandpiper Great Blue Heron U U C C Solitary Sandpiper Acc Great Egret U U Greater Yellowlegs U Snowy Egret U R Willet R U Lesser Yellowlegs U Whimbrel R Long-billed Curlew R R R R U R R U R U Sora Black-crowned Night-Heron White-faced Ibis R Vultures and Raptors (except Falcons) Turkey Vulture C C U Marbled Godwit Osprey U U U Sanderling U U U Semipalmated Sandpiper Golden Eagle -2- C R U R R A C R R U A Acc R U U R R R U R C C U R C C U C U U C U R X W Sp Western Sandpiper Least Sandpiper U U Baird's Sandpiper Su F C C U R Pectoral Sandpiper Dunlin R X W Sp Su F Eurasian Collared-Dove U C U U C Mourning Dove U C C U R Barn Owl R R U U R Western Screech-Owl R R Short-eared Owl R R U U Short-billed Dowitcher R R Long-eared Owl R Long-billed Dowitcher U R Great Horned Owl R R Burrowing Owl R Common Nighthawk Swifts, Hummingbirds, Kingfishers and Woodpeckers Wilson's Snipe R Wilson's Phalarope R U R Red-necked Phalarope R U R Gulls, Terns, and Jaegers Sabine's Gull R Bonaparte's Gull R R U C C C Mew Gull R Ring-billed Gull C Western Gull R California Gull A C A A Herring Gull U R R U Thayer's Gull R Glaucous-winged Gull U Glaucous-winged Gull X Western Gull (hybrid) Acc Western x Glaucous-winged Gull (hybrid) Acc Caspian Tern R R C U R Common Tern U Acc R C U Parasitic Jaeger R Acc Acc Doves, Owls, and Nighthawks Rock Pigeon -3- R Black-chinned Hummingbird U Anna's Hummingbird Belted Kingfisher R C U U U R Williamson's Sapsucker R R R U R U U Lewis's Woodpecker R R Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Acc R R Red-naped Sapsucker Acc Downy Woodpecker U R Hairy Woodpecker R R Northern Flicker U U U C Red-shafted Flicker U U U C American Kestrel U C C C Merlin R Prairie Falcon U Falcons, Flycatchers, and Vireos Olive-sided Flycatcher C C White-throated Swift Red-breasted Sapsucker R Black Tern Long-tailed Jaeger R Rufous Hummingbird U Forster's Tern R R U U U R R R X W X Sp Su F R R R Cliff Swallow Willow Flycatcher R R Chickadees, Nuthatches and Allies, and Wrens Hammond's Flycatcher R R Mountain Chickadee R R R R Juniper Titmouse R R R Bushtit C Western Wood-Pewee Gray Flycatcher U Dusky Flycatcher Pacific-slope/Cordilleran Flycatcher (Western Flycatcher) R Say's Phoebe U R R C U U Ash-throated Flycatcher U U R Western Kingbird U C R Eastern Kingbird Acc Loggerhead Shrike U Northern Shrike R U U U R Cassin's Vireo R U U R U Western Scrub-Jay R Black-billed Magpie C R R C Clark's Nutcracker C C Acc American Crow U R R R Common Raven C C C C Horned Lark A A A A C C U R R Violet-green Swallow U U R Bank Swallow C C Barn Swallow C C Northern Rough-winged Swallow Tree Swallow -4- Acc F U R R U U U R R White-breasted Nuthatch R American Dipper R Brown Creeper R Rock Wren C C C C Canyon Wren R R R R House Wren U C U U R Marsh Wren R U U U Bewick's Wren C C U C U U U Thrushes and Allies, Pipits and Waxwings Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Jays and Allies, and Swallows Pinyon Jay Su Pacific Wren Plumbeous Vireo Warbling Vireo Sp Red-breasted Nuthatch R Black Phoebe W Golden-crowned Kinglet R Ruby-crowned Kinglet U Western Bluebird R Mountain Bluebird C U Townsend's Solitaire U R C R C R Swainson's Thrush R Hermit Thrush R American Robin C Varied Thrush R Northern Mockingbird R Sage Thrasher U R European Starling C American Pipit U R C U C R U R R C C C U X W Bohemian Waxwing R Cedar Waxwing U Sp Su F X W Harris's Sparrow R Warblers Sp Su F U U U R U Acc Song Sparrow U Lincoln's Sparrow R Northern Waterthrush Acc White-crowned Sparrow A Black-and-white Warbler Acc Golden-crowned Sparrow R Prothonotary Warbler Acc Dark-eyed Junco U C R R Orange-crowned Warbler U R C Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco U Nashville Warbler R R R Dark-eyed (Pink-sided) Junco R MacGillivray's Warbler R R Dark-eyed (Slate-colored) Junco R Common Yellowthroat R R Western Tanager U R Black-headed Grosbeak U U Black-headed Grosbeak U American Redstart Yellow Warbler U U Chestnut-sided Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler Acc Blue Grosbeak U A R A Lazuli Bunting Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warbler U A R A Blackbirds, Orioles and Finches Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler R C U U U R C C C Brown-headed Cowbird C C Bullock's Oriole C C Brewer's Blackbird U R C U Spotted Towhee U C Yellow-headed Blackbird R U U R Green-tailed Towhee R C Townsend's Warbler Towhees and Sparrows R C U U Cassin's Finch U R Chipping Sparrow U R R House Finch A A Brewer's Sparrow C U U Common Redpoll Vesper Sparrow Lark Sparrow R R U Black-throated Sparrow U R U Sage Sparrow U U U R Savannah Sparrow R U R U Fox Sparrow -5- R U C Western Meadowlark R U R R U R Red-winged Blackbird Black-throated Gray Warbler Wilson's Warbler A R C A R R Acc Pine Siskin U Lesser Goldfinch U C American Goldfinch U U R U House Sparrow C C C U U X

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