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brochure Shoshone - Map and Brochure

Map and Brochure of Shoshone Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Trails in the BLM Battle Mountain District area in Nevada. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

NEED TO KNOW Be Alert. There are many species of wildlife in the Shoshone. Watch for wild horses, deer, rabbits, raptors, rodents, snakes and other desert creatures. This is their home seven days a week and you are a visitor. Keep your noise down and stay on designated trails. Domestic cattle and sheep also use the Shoshone Range seasonally. The Shoshone OHV Trail System is remote and visitors should be equipped to be self-sufficient. Riders should wear appropriate safety gear, ride carefully and never ride alone. Cellular phone coverage is spotty, but generally there is reception on Hwy 305 and on high ridges with an open view to the north. For emergencies, call 9-1-1. Less than 50” in Width USDA-Forest Service Standard Shoshone OHV Trail System Spark Arrestors Silencer (96db or less) Working Brakes Headlights and Taillights Helmets Recommended RULES AND REGULATIONS No Riding under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs Fireworks Prohibited Watch for Wildlife Large groups and commercial events may require a permit. Check Regulations for Campfires, Smoking, BBQs and Off-Road Use. Camping is allowed at the Redrock OHV Trailhead. Dispersed camping is allowed throughout the Shoshone. Developed camping is provided at the Mill Creek Recreation Site six miles north of Redrock. These sites do not have potable water. Campfires are permitted. Fires must be built in a non-combustible fire ring, in a cleared area. Keep them small and do not leave a fire unattended. High winds and dry conditions can fuel a wildfire even at unlikely times of the year. For more information, please contact: Mount Lewis Field Office (775) 635-4000 Mount Lewis Field Office Be Aware of 2-way Traffic Approximately 45 miles of maintained OHV routes for vehicles less than 50 inches wide. The trail system is open all year, however snow and mud inhibit access during the winter and wet seasons. For optimal conditions and to minimize disturbance of wildlife, use is recommended from July 1st through November 30th. All trails are two-way. Some of the trails are tight and narrow and are maintained in a manner that provides a primitive trail experience. Thus, there are numerous sharp corners and other riders or Open to Motorcycles, UTVs and ATVs that meet the following requirments: BLM recreationalists should be anticipated around every turn. Do not ride in the dust of other riders and use hand signals when encountering other riders to indicate the number of riders behind you. Ride within your skills, but remember that excessive speed can threaten the safety of others. There are steep slopes and the trails can be slippery when wet. Please ride defensively and responsibly. Signs Signs are located along trails and at junctions on either fiberglass markers or 4”x4” posts. Restroom TWO-WAY Information Kiosk TRAILS MO DIF RE FIC UL Parking ST SIE T EA Mill Creek Road 0 .5 + LEGEND 1 5 11 Trail Number & Difficultly Rating More Difficult Trail (8.7 Miles) 8 0.3 Most Difficult Trail (2.0 Miles) Junction Marker Junction Warning Warning Sign Unpaved Road, Used As Trail Rated under ideal conditions and based on difficulty relative to the surrounding trails. 0.5 Mileage Between Junctions 0 0.5 0 EASIEST 3.2 1.7 11 6 1 0.2 0.3 1 3.0 0.2 1.5 3 1.4 5 4 5 1 2.0 0.7 200 Meters 12 SHOSHONE OHV TRAIL SYSTEM LOCATION AREA Winnemucca 80 Getting There: 0.7 3.1 2 0.4 0.4 S.R. 305 3 Miles 13 13 ck dro Re This site developed in partnership with Great Basin Institute. 2.0 7 Learner’s Loop 0.2 10 6 1000 Meters MOST DIFFICULT Redrock Trailhead 0 2.4 1 Mile 500 2.1 9 0.6 MORE DIFFICULT 0.5 7 Junction Difficulty Ratings 2.3 1.7 1 Unpaved Road 0.4 11 9 2.4 Trail Marker 8 0.5 Easiest Trail (26.1 Miles) Ro ad 2.1 From Battle Mountain travel south 26 miles on S.R. 305, turn east onto Red Rock Road (gravel). Proceed 3 miles to Red Rock Trailhead. Reno 305 Battle Mountain Shoshone OHV Area 50 Carson City 100 MILES

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