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Southwest Desert Campsites

brochure Wilderness - Southwest Desert Campsites

This map is given to overnight hikers that have a permit for camping in the Southwest Desert part of Zion. It is useful to have a map that helps locate the campsites. It may also be useful for day trips. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

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Southwest Desert Campsites National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Zion National Park April 2009 it h Campsites are assigned when obtaining a backcountry permit. See back for campsite descriptions. Co a lp a sW s Site # Max # 1. . . . . . .6 2. . . . . . .6 3. . . . . . .6 4. . . . . . .6 5. . . . . . .6 6. . . . . .12 5 Coalpits Spring 4 2 lpi ts W a sh Spring Intermittent Stream 1 Chinle Trail Co a 3 State Route 9 Park Boundary Scoggins Wash Stock Trail h Virgin River ns W as Zion National its Wa s h 6 Sc gi og Co a lp Park H e ub r Wash C h in l e Tra il To Virgin To Springdale & park entrance See trailhead description on back Rockville Vir gin R 0 0.5 1 2 Miles ive r The National Park Service does not assume responsibility for information accuracy, precision, or completeness of data as displayed on this map. QTrailhead & Campsite DescriptionsÆ Æ Q Chinle Trailhead Location The trailhead is located of Anasazi Way on a plateau above Springdale and Rockville. Drive west from the park on State Route 9 through Springdale. Turn right onto Anasazi Way, which heads uphill on steep switchbacks. Approximately 500 feet up the road is the first side road on your right. Follow this short road to the parking area and the trailhead. Land between the trailhead parking and park boundary is private; please stay on the designated trail. 1. Temple View Campsite Temple View is just off the Chinle Trail to the south on a small ridge. As the name implies, it has great views of the West Temple and also of Kinesava and Scoggins wash. 2. Scoggins Wash Campsite A short walk off the Chinle trail down a wash to the south will lead you to this site. This site has a great slickrock area that overlooks Scoggins Wash. 3. Yucca Campsite Yucca is located on a nice sandy area just south of the Chinle trail. It sits slightly up on a knoll and is surrounded by desert vegetation. 4. Coal Pits Ridge Campsite This site is located on a ridge just above Coal Pits Wash on the Chinle Trail. It sits among several boulders and has great views, and is only a short walk to Coal Pits Wash where water is available. 5. Coal Pit Wash Campsite This site is located at the junction of Dalton Wash and Coal Pits Wash. It is located on a sandy area surrounded by dark lava rock to the north of the wash. This site is a good location for further explorations, with the junction of the Chinle trail nearby. Water can also be found here. 6. Junction Campsite This site is located at the junction of Scoggins and Coal Pits Wash. It is located on a sandy bench to the west of the drainage with great views of the surrounding mesas. Coalpits Spring Located in an area downstream of the Chinle Trail junction, this spring is on the canyon wall to the west under an overhang. It can become dry in some years so check with Backcountry when making plans. Location: N 37°12'54.0", W 113°04'44.5" Map Datum: WGS 84

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