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brochure Zion - Birds

Brochure of Birds at Zion National Park (NP) in Utah. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

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W W Herons, Ibises, & Storks o American bittern o great blue heron o great egret o snowy egret o cattle egret o green heron o black-crowned night heron o white-faced ibis o wood stork x u r u r r r u - r r x x u x r r r r r - u r - W W W W W W W W W Vultures o turkey vulture* o California condor* u r c u u u x r A EP Swans, Geese, & Ducks o tundra swan o snow goose o Canada goose o wood duck o green-winged teal* o mallard* r r u u c r c r r u c c x u u u c W W W W W W 1 r r u u c r r x c r u u c r u r x u u u c r x c r u u c r u r W W D EPR EPR E R R R DE R A DP D DEP DER PR A DE Pheasants, Grouse, Turkey, & Quail o ring-necked pheasant* r o dusky grouse* u o wild turkey* c o Gambel’s quail* u r u c u r u c u r u c u D E ER DR Rails & Cranes o Virginia rail* o sora* o American coot* o sandhill crane r r u 2 r r r - r r u - r r c x W W W W r u x x x u - W W W DW D W u r r u u x r x u u x x u u r r x u x - x x r x u u u x x x u r r - r u - W W W W W W W W W W W W W W RW W W W Gulls & Terns o Franklin’s gull o Bonaparte’s gull o ring-billed gull o California gull o herring gull o Caspian tern o Forster’s tern o black tern r x u u x x r - x x x r r x x x - r x - W W W W W W W W Pigeons & Doves o rock pigeon o band-tailed pigeon* o white-winged dove o mourning dove* o inca dove o Eurasian collared-dove r x x c x c r u c x c r x r x c r DR E R r A x R c DRW Cuckoos & Roadrunners o yellow-billed cuckoo o greater roadrunner u r u r u u 3 R D Owls o barn owl o fammulated owl* o western screech-owl* o great horned owl* o northern pygmy-owl* o Mexican spotted owl* o long-eared owl o short-eared owl o northern saw-whet owl r r u u u u x s r r u u u u x s r r u u u u s r PR - EP u ER u A u EPR u E - DP P s ER Goatsuckers o lesser nighthawk o common nighthawk o common poorwill* o Mexican whip-poor-will u u r r u u - u u - - D A DEP R Swifts o black swift o Vaux’s swift o white-throated swift* r x c c r x c r R R A Hummingbirds o broad-billed hummingbird o blue-throated hummingbird o magnifcent hummingbird o black-chinned hummingbird* o Costa’s hummingbird* o Anna’s hummingbird o calliope hummingbird o broad-tailed hummingbird* o rufous hummingbird x c u x r u - x x c r x u r x c r u u - R R R A D DR ER E ER Kingfshers o belted kingfsher* u u u u RW Woodpeckers o Lewis’ woodpecker o acorn woodpecker o red-naped sapsucker* o Williamson’s sapsucker o ladder-backed woodpecker o downy woodpecker o hairy woodpecker* o three-toed woodpecker o northern ficker* x x c r u c u r u r u c u r c r r u c u r s r r u c x c E E EPR EP DR EPR EPR P EPR Flycatchers o olive-sided fycatcher* o western wood-pewee* o willow fycatcher* o Hammond’s fycatcher o dusky fycatcher* u u r r u u c r u u u r u - E ER R ER EPR 4 Habitat r r u c r r x r x c r u c u r x u - Winter - r r u u c r r x r c r u u c u r r u x u Fall r - Osprey, Eagles, Hawks, & Falcons o osprey o bald eagle o northern harrier o sharp-shinned hawk* o cooper’s hawk* o northern goshawk* o common black-hawk o red-shouldered hawk o broad-winged hawk o Swainson’s hawk o zone-tailed hawk o red-tailed hawk* o ferruginous hawk o rough-legged hawk o golden eagle* o American kestrel* o merlin o peregrine falcon* o prairie falcon Shorebirds o black-bellied plover o snowy plover o semipalmated plover o killdeer* o mountain plover o black-necked stilt o American avocet o greater yellowlegs o lesser yellowlegs o solitary sandpiper o willet o wandering tattler o spotted sandpiper* o long-billed curlew o marbled godwit o sanderling o western sandpiper o least sandpiper o Baird’s sandpiper o pectoral sandpiper o long-billed dowitcher o common snipe o Wilson’s phalarope o red-necked phalarope o red phalarope Summer x W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Spring x r u r u u u u u r u u x x u u r r u Habitat Pelicans & Cormorants o American white pelican o double-crested cormorant u r c u u u u u c u x u u u u u Winter W W W W W W r u r r - Fall u r u - u u c u u u u u c u u u u u u Summer Habitat r u r c r - o northern pintail* o blue-winged teal o cinnamon teal o northern shoveler o gadwall o American wigeon o canvasback o redhead o ring-necked duck o lesser scaup o long-tailed duck o surf scoter o white-winged scoter o common goldeneye o bufehead o common merganser* o red-breasted merganser o ruddy duck Spring Winter r - Habitat Fall r u x c r x Winter Summer Loons & Grebes o common loon o pied-billed grebe o horned grebe o eared grebe o western grebe o Clark’s grebe Fall Spring This checklist contains 290 bird species. Summer Abundance c Common: seen most days in correct season and habitat. u Uncommon: seen in low numbers in correct season and habitat. r Rare: no more than a few sightings per year. s Sporadic: may be numerous some years and absent in others. x Accidental: reported but not well documented. Species not known to occur in this season or no available data. * breeds in Zion Spring Habitats D Desert sagebrush and blackbrush areas, canyon bottoms E Evergreen woodlands P Pinyon-juniper woodlands R Riparian woodlands W On or near water areas A Birds may be seen in almost any habitat type u u c R RW W Kinglets & Gnatcatchers o golden-crowned kinglet o ruby-crowned kinglet o blue-gray gnatcatcher* r c c r c c r u c r EP EP DP Thrushes o western bluebird* o mountain bluebird* o Townsend’s solitaire* o Swainson’s thrush o hermit thrush* o American robin* o varied thrush c u c r u c x u u u c c - c u c x u c - u DER u DE u EP E u ER c A R Mockingbirds & Thrashers o gray catbird o northern mockingbird* o sage thrasher o brown thrasher o crissal thrasher r x x x u - x x x x r x - R DP D R DR c c u r x r c c c u r c c c u r r c x P c EPR c PR u P r E x DP r PR c A Starlings o European starling* c c c c DR Larks o horned lark r - r u D Swallows o tree swallow* o violet-green swallow* o n. rough-winged swallow* o bank swallow o clif swallow* o barn swallow c c c r u r c c u u - r c r u r - EW A RW RW DW DW Chickadees, Titmice, & Bushtits o black-capped chickadee* o mountain chickadee* o juniper titmouse* o verdin o bushtit* c c c c c c c c c c c x c c EPR c EPR c P x D c DEP Nuthatches & Creepers o red-breasted nuthatch* o white-breasted nuthatch* o pygmy nuthatch* o brown creeper* r u u u u u u r r u u u r E u EP u E u DEP Wrens & Dippers o rock wren* o canyon wren* o Bewick’s wren* o house wren* c c c c c c c c c c c r u c c r DP RP DP R Pipits, Waxwings, & Phainopepla o American pipit o Bohemian waxwing o cedar waxwing o phainopepla* u u r u u u r u D s R u R - DPR Warblers o orange-crowned warbler* o Nashville warbler o Virginia’s warbler* o Lucy’s warbler* o yellow warbler* o yellow-rumped warbler* o black-throated gray warbler* o Townsend’s warbler o hermit warbler o Grace’s warbler* o black-and-white warbler o American redstart o ovenbird o northern waterthrush o MacGillivray’s warbler o common yellowthroat* o hooded warbler o Wilson’s warbler o painted redstart* o yellow-breasted chat* u r c c c c c c x x x r u u u r u u c c c u c x c x x u r r u r u c c u x r x x r x r x x ER R - EPR R R u ER P E R E R R R R - DRE R E x R - PR R Tanagers o summer tanager* o western tanager* u c u c r c - 6 R ER Habitat R P ER ER Jays & Crows o gray jay o Steller’s jay* o western scrub-jay* o pinyon jay* o Clark’s nutcracker o black-billed magpie o American crow o common raven* 5 r u c Winter - r c Fall c c r u c Summer r u c c o Pacifc wren* o marsh wren* o American dipper* Spring u c c Habitat Vireos o Bell’s vireo* o gray vireo* o plumbeous vireo* o warbling vireo* Winter P - ER u R R u DR R - EPR - PR - DR - PR r D r DE Fall Winter u x c r u x r Summer Fall u u u c x c u c - Spring Summer u u u x c x u u c x r Habitat Spring o gray fycatcher* o cordilleran fycatcher* o black phoebe* o eastern phoebe o Say’s phoebe* o vermilion fycatcher o ash-throated fycatcher* o Cassin’s kingbird* o western kingbird* o eastern kingbird o northern shrike o loggerhead shrike Towhees, Sparrows, & Juncos o green-tailed towhee* o spotted towhee* o Abert’s towhee* o rufous-crowned sparrow* o American tree sparrow o chipping sparrow* o Brewer’s sparrow o black-chinned sparrow* o vesper sparrow* o lark sparrow* o black-throated sparrow* o sage sparrow o savannah sparrow o fox sparrow o song sparrow* o Lincoln’s sparrow* o swamp sparrow o white-throated sparrow o Harris’ sparrow o golden-crowned sparrow o white-crowned sparrow o dark-eyed junco* o chestnut-collard longspur o snow bunting u c r x c r r c u c r u x c u x r r r c - u c r c r r u u c x x c r c - u c r r x c r r c u r r r x c u r r r c x - x c r r r r x x x r r r c u r x r r c x DER EPR R DP DP DEP DE DP DE DR D DP D DR RW DER R DR DR DR A A D P Grosbeaks & Buntings o rose-breasted grosbeak o black-headed grosbeak* o blue brosbeak* o lazuli bunting* o indigo bunting* r c u c r r c u c r r u c - - R EPR PR PR R Blackbirds, Meadowlarks, & Orioles o red-winged blackbird* u o western meadowlark* u o yellow-headed blackbird r o rusty blackbird o Brewer’s blackbird* u o great-tailed grackle r o brown-headed cowbird* c o hooded oriole r o Bullock’s oriole* c o Scott’s oriole r u u x u r c r c r u u r u r r - r r r - RW D RW W ER DR A R R DP Finches o gray-crowned rosy-fnch o pine grosbeak o Cassin’s fnch* o house fnch* o red crossbill* o pine siskin* o lesser goldfnch* o American goldfnch o evening grosbeak x u c s u c u s u c s r c s u c s u c u s s DP x E s DE c DPR s E u EPR u A u DR s ER c c c c Weaver Finches o house sparrow* 7 DR National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Zion National Park Bird Checklist NPS/Jaimie Li

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