Yellowstone and Grand Teton Tear-Off Maps

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Tear-Off Maps for Yellowstone National Park (NP) and Grand Teton National Park (NP). Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Emergency Dial 911 Park Information 307-344-7381 Yellowstone National Park Mammoth Hot Springs Old Faithful Canyon Village 6239 ft 1902 m 7365 ft 2245 m 7918 ft 2413 m Lower Terraces Castle Geyser R ive r Old Faithful Inn To North Entrance and Gardiner Chapel one-way Visitor Education Center Historic Fort Yellowstone Brink of Upper Falls Old Faithful Lodge Post Office Lower Falls 308 ft 94 m 0.1 0.1 To TowerRoosevelt 0.5 Mi 0 Upper Falls 109 ft 33 m 0.4 Km 0.1 To West Thumb and Grant Village 0.4 Mi D ri Clear Lake 0 0.5 Km 0 Post Office 0.5 Mi Gull Point Lodge Registration To South Entrance North To West Thumb 0 0 0.5 Km 0.5 Mi Cr eek Jardine Gardiner 5 mi 8 km ai l P la t Gar d ek n er 6270ft 1911m h Pebble Creek Yellowstone Forever Institute Northeast Entrance RO 7365ft 2245m KA RA N G to Red Lodge 69 mi/111 km to Billings 125 mi/200 km to Cody 68 mi/109km E ut M So LA AR Mount Norris 9936ft 3028m Ri EY B ar er v Chittenden Road LL da m La VA 19 mi 31 km Obsidian Cliff 7383ft 2250m Mount Washburn 10243ft 3122m Observation Peak 9397ft 2864m Museum of the National Park Ranger 191 287 EN LA Museum Information Station National Park Mountain 7500ft/2286m F i r eh YD EN VA 16 mi 26 km LL ek EY Fountain Paint Pot Mud Volcano IDAHO MONTANA WYOMING Bridge Bay Steamboat Point Natural Bridge ee Lake Butte 8348ft 2544m Stevenson Island k East Entrance 27 mi 43 km Visitor Education Center Upper Geyser Basin 21 mi 34 km Kepler Cascades Craig Pass 8262ft 2518m Lone Star Geyser THUMB 8391ft 2558m Sylvan Pass 8530ft 2600m Frank Island ABS HEA Riv er Fireh o le KA UT l st ow RT Eagle Peak 11358ft 3462m (highest point in the park) one LA R iver Mount Sheridan 10308ft 3142m A Lewis Falls r ve Ri GE Ye l Lewis Lake ar y RAN RM ST A allow 45 min. 22 mi 35 km HE River un d Arm M LEWIS LAKE Bo ntain AR e ra Mou H y undar ld 7988ft 2435m ver s Ri wi Bo Ca Flat SO Riddle Lake SOUT O KE Le SH LA Visitor Center ARO (Detail map above) Grant Village NE 14 16 Eleanor Lake West Thumb Geyser Basin O SH 20 to Cody 53 mi 85 km Sylvan Lake Dot Island WEST 17 mi 27 km 6951ft 2119m Avalanche Peak 10566ft 3221m YELLOWSTONE LAKE 7733ft 2357m (Detail map above) Black Sand Basin Cr lic Firehole Lake Drive Old Faithful Biscuit Basin n Visitor Center & Museum Lake Village Midway Geyser Basin KE Colonnade Falls r hl e Co en R Di vid e Bechler Fall Le wis Union Falls l ta r ve iver in Snake Ri nt Be c LeHardys Rapids Pe 16 mi 26 km Fairy Falls Dunanda Falls R. Fishing Bridge Fountain Flat Drive Mystic Falls er e Creek Nez Perc o le R . Firehole Canyon Drive m Al u C Bo un ree k Gibbon Falls re a v allow 30 min. 14 mi 23 km er Ri 2032m 7484ft 2281m 6806ft 2091m er C HA e on Information West Entrance Center 6667ft Ot t Norris Madison R i ve r (Detail map above) ar ison Virginia Cascade ld Visitor Education Center st Yellow M ad to Ashton 20 60 mi/97 km Canyon Village allow 30 min. 12 mi 19 km m La Artists Paintpots West Yellowstone R. y allow 30 min. 14 mi 23 km n r da KE bo a BG b Gi Information Station Ye Ca NORRIS GEYSER BASIN HE Dunraven Pass 8859ft 2700m Grebe Lake Cascade Lake ws Roaring Mountain llo 287 t on e Mount Holmes 10336ft 3150m SA Barronette Peak 10404ft 3171m Tower Fall 21 mi 34 km to Earthquake Lake Visitor Center 29 mi 47 km Roosevelt Lodge Indian Creek k ug Slough Creek Tower-Roosevelt uD r. Petrified Tree C re Swan Lake ea 212 Cooke City Silver Gate k c kt er k ee D R. Wraith Falls r ee er iv 18 mi 29 km B la ee Cr Riv R. ng d n er y li in RANGE Gr a l at Undine Falls R ar 191 G A L L AT I N Ga l Bunsen Peak 8564ft 2610m ta il Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces G re e Cr Visitor Center MONTANA WYOMING Hellroaring Mountain 8363ft 2549m ble C B B l ack (Detail map above) e A w Yello ston Mammoth Hot Springs 31 mi 50 km Pe b te 5314ft 1620m Electric Peak 10967ft 3343m k North Entrance o c Sl e Sp R. Marina-Boat tours Get real-time road status for Yellowstone National Park at en tin YELLOWSTONE LAKE Bridge Bay ve North Lake Hotel Visitor Center 89 im lla Amphitheater Amphitheater Laundry Showers To East Entrance Fishing Bridge RV Park Hard-sided camping units only Grant Village Inspiration Point Artist R i v er Point Post Office Lake Village Lake Lodge Yellowstone Live! to Bozeman, MT 90 mi/144 km Ga Showers Laundry YELLOWSTONE LAKE to Livingston 52 mi/84 km to Bozeman 84 mi/135 km to Big Sky, MT 48 mi/77 km Amphitheater Information Station ee 0 North 0 0.1 0.5 Km Museum and Visitor Center West Thumb Geyser Basin To Old Faithful To Canyon Fishing Bridge 0.5 Mi Cr 0 0.5 Km 0 e Grand View Nor t h Uncle Tom’s Trail Rim th Sou No camping or overnight recreational vehicle parking North Post Office Lookout ne Point sto Ye l l o w Snow Lodge To Old Faithful via Norris and Madison North 0 Duck Lake Showers-Laundry Canyon Lodge Geyser Hill Old Faithful Geyser To Lake Village Amphitheater Fishing Bridge, Lake Village and Bridge Bay 7735 ft 2358 m 2368 m Ri v e r Upper Terraces le Visitor Center No buses, trailers, or RVs; closed in winter To Tower/ Roosevelt Visitor Education Center ho Upper Terrace Drive To Norris Grand Geyser Fir e Driv To Madison Post Office Amphitheater Ri m Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel West Thumb and Grant Village 7770 ft s Riv Cave Falls er South Entrance 6886ft/2099m d Road closed in winter. to Ashton 26 mi 42 km Falls ssy ke La a Ro Grassy Lake Reservoir Information Station & Flagg Ranch a Gr River to Jackson 64 mi 103 km 8 Cumulative mileages 287 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway 191 Road not recommended for large trailers or RVs. Closed in winter. 89 0 Grand Teton National Park 0 (Detail map on reverse side) = Medical Clinic E Gas Station l Recycling i Ranger Station Ö Store u Self-guiding trails W Lodging − Campground I Trail rides C Food Service b Picnic Area 00mi 00km North 10 Kilometers 1 1 10 Miles One-way road Walking trail Distance indicator Boardwalk Hydrothermal feature • Upper Loop 70 mi/113 km • Lower Loop 96 mi/155 km • Grand Loop 142 mi/229 km This map is not appropriate for hiking or planning a winter trip. Most roads are closed to wheeled vehicles November–April. Most facilities are open May–September. The park is open year-round. Revised September 2016 Emergency Dial 911 Park Information 307-739-3300 Grand Teton National Park Regional Map YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK To Ashton as Gr 90 sy Butte La Grassy Lake 15 ke GRAND TETON ad Ro − Flagg Ranch Village JOHN D. 8 mi ROCKEFELLER, JR. MEMORIAL PARKWAY 287 Rexburg Idaho Falls Yellowstone National Park 191 89 287 33 31 22 Jackson 191 26 287 LAKE ON EMMA MATILDA LAKE an Roa JACKS ö e Two Oc Colter Bay Visitor Center d 5 mi RANGE TETON ad As you enjoy trails, be bear aware. You are safer hiking with groups of three or more. In areas of low visibility, make noise to avoid surprise encounters. Do not run from a bear under any circumstance. Carry bear spray and know how to use it safely. r ve 15 mi 4 Sn ak e Give wildlife a break • More than 100 large animals are killed on park roads each year. Unless posted slower, top speed here is 45 mph (72 kph). 18 mi Shadow Mountain Road North 8 mi lope Ante Flats 0 1 Kilometer 0 1 Mile Watch from pullouts. If you see wildlife while driving, do not stop in the road. Regardless of what others may do, keep moving to the next established pullout, park, and watch from a safe distance. 5 5 re nt Ve ad os Ro er on Moose Junction % -W ils Kelly v Ri se ' 287 Gr oo 2 mi 191 Ri Bradley Lake M Moran Junction 26 o k R ar n P o t Te Jenny Lake Visitor Center − * Share the road. Pass no closer than three feet (1.0 m) to bicycles and roadside pedestrians, especially if your vehicle has large, detachable side mirrors. 26 89 00mi 00km 191 Gros Ventre Junction Distance indicator Paved road Unpaved road Multi-use pathway To Wilson More Resources for Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park Lodges Lodging, activities 307-344-7311 TDD 307-344-5395 P ek Cre 26 89 3 mi Yellowstone National Park PO Box 168, Yellowstone, WY 82190 Park Info 307-344-7381 TDD 307-344-2386 fic aci Signal Mountain 9 mi String Lake Teton Village 26 Riverton Keep your distance. Stay at least 100 yards (91 m) from bears and wolves. A distance of 25 yards (23 m) is required from elk, bison, and other animals. Regardless of distance, if any wild animal changes its behavior due to your presence, you are too close. TWO OCEAN LAKE − 8 mi 20 191 287 Leigh Lake Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center Thermopolis 287 26 89 − Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Dubois 16 20 26 15 Jackson Lake Junction Phelps Lake 120 89 Taggart Lake Greybull Meeteese Grand Teton National Park 26 191 89 26 89 − 16 14 20 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. National Memorial Parkway 33 16 mi 14A 14 Cody 16 14 20 20 32 26 Lovell 310 Ashton 20 310 120 Powell 14A 296 87 − 72 Cooke City 212 47 Jenny Lake 212 Red Lodge West Yellowstone GRAND TETON N AT I O N A L PA R K 78 89 Gardiner 212 Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument 191 Big Sky Dillon Crow Agency Livingston 287 Ennis 90 Laurel 84 Norris 15 94 Billings Bozeman Social Media Free Yellowstone Apps NPS Yellowstone National Park NPS Yellowstone Geysers Discover the stories behind Discover the natural scenery as you explore wonder of the most famous Yellowstone. Learn about historic places geyser of all, Old Faithful, and other and natural features. Find visitor centers, geysers with this free app that you can use places to stay and eat, and shopping and during your visit to the park and at home. services throughout the park. For best results, download the app and associated media before you arrive. Cell service and Wi-Fi are limited in Yellowstone. 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