"Buck Island Reef National Monument, Virgin Islands" by National Park Service , public domain

Virgin Islands

St. Thomas Island Map

brochure Virgin Islands - St. Thomas Island Map

Map of St. Thomas Island at Virgin Islands National Park (NP). Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

St. Thomas: Getting Your Island Bearings AT L A N T I C Pelican Cay O C E A N Little Hans Lollik Island Cricket Rock Rough Point B RAS Hans Lollik Island Outer Brass Island Cave Cove S C HA Coconut Bay NNEL Picara Point Inner Brass Island Tropaco Point e Bordeaux Point E N S BA 37 Crown Mtn 33 1556ft 474m 301 ST CHARLOTTE 40 38 ay hB l ne erg db R I Shark Island Red Hook Steven Cay Ferry Dock Coculus Point Great St James Island St James Bay erry Long Point C ha F Patrick B ay Point uz a li e r l o tte A m -C r ST J E AM S T CU Little St James Island Dog Island S E A Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge Deck Point Jersey Bay Cas Cay Capella Islands Capella Bay D Frenchman Bay Green Cay N C A R I B B E A N GE Henley Cay Cruz Bay ST JOHN Great Bay 32 30 U Flamingo Point SA o o k - C r u z B a y Fe r ry Red H Redhook Bay ay S PA Visitor Center O Hassel Island D ay Ferry Dock S WA TE W AR go C Y Lin IL W ND 32 ay National Park System lands Grass Cay 38 lus B Seagrass Smith Bay 30 Cocu Mangrove Mingo Cay R Carol Point Sprat Point P Water Bay 40 Little Coral reef E Bluebeard Castle or 2 THATCH CAY arb 1 Mile G L o v an s H 2 Kilometers A 42 oma annel B ingo rie C h Druif Bay r ege 0 1 S Coki Bay North 0 Lee Point 39 Long Bay St Th Crown Bay Submarine Base an Ch Krum rie Bay e g ND Mosquito re LA Point W G IS Flam Saba Island Montalvan Point AMALIE Kings Wharf 30 Flat Cays Turtledove Cay Tutu Bay 42 Blackbeard’s Tower EG AD S 33 Red Point RO A 39 Ferry Dock Cyril E. King Airport EST P U y THW Mandal Bay B University of the Virgin Islands Ba SOU Y 33 Congo Cay S el Fortuna Lucas Bay Point nn David Point D L Ru Barents Bay R GE 33 Perseverance Bay Black Point Brewerg Bay A Lovenlund Bay T H O M A S 35 40 30 W 40 334 30 E SA rr e G S PA Cu 37 Santa Maria Bay Botany Bay Sandy Bay Big Hull Bay Bay nt Botany Point LE A LE Hol Stumpy Bay drik Ruy Point DD West Cay Hen Mail Kastel Bay Point MI Stumpy Point Caret Point M Vluck Point

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