"Buck Island Reef National Monument, Virgin Islands" by National Park Service , public domain

Virgin Islands

St. John Island Map

brochure Virgin Islands - St. John Island Map

Map of St. John Island at Virgin Islands National Park (NP). Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

D NARROW ay - S Cruz Bay - Road Town Ferr er ee H Ba aul y ov Cr k ew Elk Bay fou nd EAST END NBay Hansen Bay ROUND BAY Blackrock Hill 499ft 152m East End Bay y BAY Privateer Bay Lo Privateer Point Pond Bay Red Point na l L NE AN E G S A Leduck Island S PA N C oral na l on um en t C A R I B B E A N N M Ram Head A FL io at 200ft 61m EAGLE SHOAL N Booby Rock A Kiddel Point Salt Drunk Bay Trail Pond Drunk Bay am G Bay Saltpond Bay d on ltp Bay Sa A t io Nanny Point Saltpond Bay Trail del Na Long Point ef National Park System lands Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument was created in 2001 by presidential proclamation from 12,708 acres of federal submerged lands. Cabritte Horn Point ef nt Seagrass Private property exists within the boundary of the park. Respect property owners’ rights; do not trespass. Re me Mangrove Johns Folly Bay Mo nu Coral reef al r Re 1 or Gowed Point Johns Folly a d Tr il ea H 1 Kilometer 0.5 Mile Sabbat Point R 0 e a ux Virgin Islands C en n Ba ebe y ck Lagoon Point Friis Bay Kid Dittlif Point D 0.5 o rd Virgin Islands National Park N 0 S ate W CORAL Minna Hill 989ft 301m Yawzi Point Trail otp a Bayn U Bovocoap Point I FF 10 Calabash Boom Lameshur CL M y Turner Point Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station (VIERS) B ITE Ba Limetree Cove Johnson Bay Gro SO RENDEZVOUS BAY WH s Otter Creek HURRICANE HOLE 107 Gr ol oc Y Devers Bay Cocoloba Cay REEF BAY Mardenboro Point es Popilleau Bay Mo u nt a i n Trai l N BE le Ho e Hart Bay at UR Ch Cocoloba Point l SB North Klein Bay ai LL IA B L U FF FISH BAY c rin Sanders Bay Tr Reef Bay Sugar Mill (ruins) P es h Ba ur y RID GE Hill y Boatman Point ta L ameshu REEF BAY Ba PI Monte Bay un BAY ek Palestina Fortsberg 426ft 130m CORAL HARBOR re Harbor Point Bordeaux Mountain 1277ft 389m Petroglyph Trail 104 GREAT CRUZ BAY Mo r E CORAL eshu r Bay Road J O H N Petroglyphs Genti Bay AR ux Gift Hill Ferry Dock 108 d Roa S T CRUZ BAY Gif t Ca ne el H h ill Camelberg Peak 1193ft 364m SI M 108 in Can ee R ea Lind ne r C ck Carolina d oa rd Tr a i l Cruz Visitor Center Bay Tu Ba r ner y e rl i Coral Bay Bo rry Margaret Hill 10 Frank Bay Cent Emmaus Moravian Church 10 Trail Caneel Hill Hill Cruz Bay Ferry Fe l 20 Hermitage Mamey Peak 1147ft 350m y nt Tr Po i l ai 10 BAY Bo Ba Biosphere Reserve Center Lind Point Catherineberg Sugar Mill (ruins) Water Catchment Trail Bay Tr a i l am Caneel Bay Salomon oon Bay ym pur ne a c S o H Be B r o wn 10 Reef Hawksnest Bay t CH Peter Peak en l B AT Trunk Bay ation a nu m l Cinn ruins ds N Brown Bay hn n 20 20 Ro a d ter B Lam Shore North Jo Annaberg a y Trail Sugar Mill (ruins) MAHO Peter CINNAMON BAY Bay TRUNK BAY Jumbie Bay Waterlemon Bay in s I slan tL Peace Hill HAWKSNEST BAY Cinnamon Cay Bay Trail on am Henley Cay ruins Underwater Trail Trunk Cay Maho Point America MAHO Point BAY Little Turtle Bay Perkins Cay Denis Bay Campground Annaberg School (ruins) Virgi n ea Hawksnest Point NG I Ramgoat Cay Cinnamon Bay Le Europ a Bay D OE Johnsons Reef FRANCIS BAY LEINSTER BAY Mary Creek CHANNEL Mo rk L UR YS CA n Francis Bay Trail al i Rata Cay B z Cru ay - i Virg ish Brit rries Coral Reef Nation s Virgin Island Threadneedle Point Pa DW S E s Fe Leinster Point Waterlemon Cay DRAKE a Tr W IN PA D AR G SA nd Isla Whistling Cay Anna Point T n y H or LOVANGO CAY P O IN FRANCIS SAB PA S MA R Y FU CON Carval Rock AY GO C SIR Virgin Islands SA GE UNITED KI NGDOM U N I T E D S TATE S y Ba THE z B TORTOLA St. John: Virgin Islands National Park and Coral Reef West Cr u West End F erry End ng G T REA N I S LA TCH THA S E A

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