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National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Old Rag Area | Shenandoah National Park 2017 I n ia nd ! n Ru Fi r or C Co rb in ail Tr Ra g rb Co d Ol Ol d Nicho lso n in Trail nta ou M bin Mou Hol low nt ain Trail Tra il in e ad Ro Hollo w Robertson Mountain il Tra ain t n ert son M o u Ro a llo We akley Ho w Fi r e W hit eo ak C eT r a il (0.8 mi from trailhead) Fi re Roa d Rob n yo an d Ri d il Tra Saddle Trail Berry Hollow Parking (end of vehicle access) Byrds Nest 1 Shelter (day use only) ge ail Tr ROCK SCRAMBLE N0 CAMPING ZONE ABOVE 2800 FT North Be rr y Ho llow Ro ad P Chain Gate Old Rag (3,291’) Old Rag Shelter (day use only) Whiteoak -Ceda r Ru n Li nk T rail 600 P Old Rag Parking Ri dg Ra g Trail Chain Gate ollow Fire Road ey H akl e W Whiteoak Entrance P Whiteoak Boundary Parking Circuit Hike Hiking Trail Unpaved Road Unpaved Road (Horses) Paved Road Park Boundary Stream P Parking Building 0 0 1 Kilometer 1 Mile Summit Emergency 1-800-732-0911 • Information 540-999-3500 • Online www.nps.gov/shen Old Rag Circuit Hike Markers & Blazes 9.2-mile circuit 7½-hrs hiking time Very strenuous 2,380-ft elevation gain Trail markers are at trailheads and intersections. The metal bands are stamped with directional and mileage information. From Old Rag Parking, walk along Route 600. Pass the Nicholson Hollow Trailhead (on the right). Take the blue-blazed Ridge Trail to the left. Continue along the Ridge Trail, across the rock scramble and descend on the Saddle Trail, which becomes a fire road after you pass Old Rag Shelter. At the T-intersection, go right and immediately right again at the fork onto Weakley Hollow Fire Road to return to your starting point. Pets are prohibited on the Ridge and Saddle Trails. Trail blazes are found on trees and rocks throughout the Park.The color identifies the trail type: Blue - Hiking trail White - Appalachian Trail Yellow - Open to horses Notice the numbers below the blue trail blazes as you hike Old Rag. In an emergency, note the closest number to the incident and include this in your report. Watch for this sign at the intersection. Be sure to go right at the fork onto Weakley Hollow Fire Road towards the Old Rag parking area. Berry Hollow Parking - Old Rag Summit Hike 5.4-mile round trip 6¼-hrs hiking time Strenuous 1,760-ft elevation gain This hike allows you to get to the summit without having to navigate the rock scramble. From Berry Hollow parking area, take the Berry Hollow Road 0.8-mile to the junction with Old Rag Fire Road. Turn right and continue 0.4-mile to the Old Rag Shelter. Turn left onto the Saddle Trail and continue the remaining 1.6 miles to the summit. Return by the same route to avoid the very strenuous and often crowded Ridge Trail rock scramble. Pets are prohibited on the Ridge and Saddle Trails. Robertson Mountain Trail - Alternate Hike for Pets 7.8-mile round trip 6½-hrs hiking time Strenuous 2,130-ft elevation gain From Old Rag parking area, walk along Rt. 600. Pass the Nicholson Hollow Trailhead and continue straight on to the Weakley Hollow Fire Road. Take Weakly Hollow Fire Road to Robertson Mountain Trail. Follow to the summit and descend to the Old Rag Fire Road. Turn left and then another left onto Weakley Hollow Fire Road. Continue on this fire road and stay straight on the intersection with Rt. 600 back to the Old Rag parking area. Nicholson Hollow Trail - Alternate Hike for Pets 8-mile round trip 7-hrs hiking time Moderately strenuous 1,240-ft elevation gain From Old Rag parking area walk along Rt. 600. Look for the Nicholson Hollow Trail (concrete marker) on the right. Follow the Nicholson Hollow Trail to Corbin Cabin and return. You’ll cross several streams along the way. Directions to Parking Areas Sperryville to Old Rag Parking - From Route 211, turn onto Route 522 and follow it south for 0.8 mile. Turn right on Route 231, follow 8 miles, turn right onto Route 601 and follow signs to the Old Rag parking area, approximately 3 miles. Madison to Old Rag Parking - From Route 29 Business, turn onto Route 231 and follow it for 12.8 miles. Turn left onto Route 602. Follow signs for the parking area. Old Rag parking is approximately 3 miles from the turn onto Route 602. Sperryville to Berry Hollow Parking - Start by taking Route 231 South past the turnoff for Nethers. From Madison, start from Route 29 Business, turning onto Route 231. Once on Route 231 (from either Sperryville or Madison), turn onto Route 670 near Banco. Turn right at Syria, then left onto Route 600. Go past the Whiteoak Canyon parking area to Berry Hollow parking area. Parking is extremely limited. Need to Know ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Do not attempt this hike unless you are physically able. Be prepared: bring sturdy footwear, flashlights, extra layers of clothing, food, and plenty of water. Be sure you know what time it gets dark and plan for extra time. There can be a significant wait to navigate certain portions of the trail. Do not attempt to hike Old Rag when rocks are wet or icy. Do not allow children to hike ahead. Cell phone service is unreliable. Even if you are hiking from the boundary, you must have an entrance permit or annual pass. Please be prepared to self-pay (correct change or credit card) at the Old Rag parking area. Backcountry camping sites are very limited in this area, and camping is prohibited above 2,800 feet. If you plan to camp, be sure you have a permit and that you understand the regulations, particularly those pertaining to site choice. Parking isn’t permitted along the road or on private property. Trail maintenance and map funded by recreation fee dollars.

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