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Sequoia & Kings Canyon Guide

Fall 2023

brochure Sequoia & Kings Canyon Guide - Fall 2023

Fall Visitor Guide to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks (NP) in California. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Fall 2023 Trip Planner Planner Park Maps Available on Pages 4-5 Welcome to the Land of Giants Rising from 1,300 feet (396 m) to 14,494 feet (4,418 m), the highest elevation in the lower 48 states, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks protect a spectacular elevational range. Dramatic shifts from warm foothills to cool forests to the cold High Sierra can be found here. Diverse plants and animals living in extremely varied conditions call the parks home. The parks encompass steep roads, trails that climb mountains, and cold rivers that plunge down from epic heights. This is not one, but two national parks—Sequoia and Kings Canyon— managed by the National Park Service as one unit. Current Conditions Look for evidence of past fires and storms. The 2021 KNP Complex Fire burned along much of the Generals Highway. Last winter’s record-breaking precipitation fell on burned slopes that had been cleared of vegetation. The resulting mudslides caused significant damage to park highways and roads. www.nps.gov/seki/planyourvisit/conditions.htm Important Information Free Public Wi-Fi Foothills Visitor Center Kings Canyon Visitor Center Crews are working on repairs. Road construction is likely to cause driving delays into the fall. Roads leading to Cedar Grove and Mineral King will remain closed for general traffic until 2024. Please have patience as the parks work to safely restore access to the parks. EMERGENCY — DIAL 911 Emergency calls can be made on any cellular network, even if you do not have service for regular calls. Road Conditions (559) 565-3341, (press 1, then 1) Find a Visitor Center Gasoline Visitor Center Park Area September 5 to October 9 October 10 to January 1 Foothills Visitor Center Foothills 8 am to 5 pm 9 am to 4:30 pm Giant Forest Museum Giant Forest 9 am to 5 pm 9 am to 4:30 pm Lodgepole Visitor Center Lodgepole 8 am to 5 pm CLOSED Kings Canyon Visitor Center Grant Grove 8 am to 5 pm 9 am to 4:30 pm Gas may be available in the Sequoia National Forest. • Hume Lake (559) 305-7770 • Stony Creek Village (559) 565-3909 Road Closures (subject to change) • Highway 180 into Cedar Grove • Mineral King Road • Moro Rock/Crescent Meadow Road closes when snow accumulates • Crystal Cave Road Getting Around the Parks Emergency Car Repairs The parks do not tow or repair vehicles. If you are blocking traffic, call 911 or contact the emergency communications center at (559) 565-3341, ext. 9. Drive Distances and Times Grant Grove Village Grant Grove Village Lodgepole Visitor Center General Sherman Tree Giant Forest Museum 26 mi (42 km) 50 minutes 29 mi (47 km) 60 minutes 31 mi (49 km) 65 minutes 3 mi (5 km) 10 minutes 5 mi (7 km) 15 minutes Lodgepole Visitor Center 26 mi (42 km) 50 minutes General Sherman Tree 29 mi (47 km) 60 minutes 3 mi (5 km) 10 minutes Giant Forest Museum 31 mi (49 km) 65 minutes 5 mi (7 km) 15 minutes 4 mi (6 km) 15 minutes Foothills Visitor Center Vehicle Length Restrictions and Recommendations 46 mi (74 km) Allow for 170 minutes due to construction 20 mi (32 km) Allow for 100 minutes due to construction 20 mi (32 km) Allow for 100 minutes due to construction 16 mi (26 km) Allow for 90 minutes due to 4 mi (6 km) 15 minutes construction Road Length Limit Generals Highway: Foothills Visitor Center to Potwisha Campground 24 feet1 7.3 m Generals Highway: Potwisha Campground to Giant Forest 22 feet1 6.7 m Moro Rock / Crescent Meadow Road 22 feet2 6.7 m Recommendation, 2Restriction (longer vehicles not allowed) 1 Table of Contents Visitor Center Hours 1 Drive Times 1 Vehicle Length Restrictions 1 Facilities and Services 2 Campgrounds 2 Explore Wilderness 3 Sequoia National Forest Maps 4 and 5 3 Ranger Recommendations 4 and 5 Safety and Regulations 6 Accessibility in the Parks 6 Información en Español 7 Information in this newspaper can change at any time. Parking in Giant Forest 8 Driving in Snowy Conditions 8 Holiday Shuttle 8 Sequoia Parks Conservancy 8 National Park Service Sequoia and Kings Canyon U.S. Department of the Interior National Parks National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Welcome! Ask for printed information in other languages. ¡Bienvenido! Solicite información impresa en español. Bienvenue! Demandez des informations imprimées en français. Wilkommen! Fordern Sie gedruckte Informationen in deutscher Sprache an. Services and Facilities Benvenuti! Richiedi informazioni stampate in italiano. Sequoia National Park Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (559) 565-3341 Mailing Address Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs 47050 Generals Highway Three Rivers, CA 93271 NPS / BRITTANY BURNETT Kings Canyon National Park Foothills Lodgepole Village Grant Grove Village Foothills Visitor Center • Park Store (SPC) • Free public Wi-Fi • Picnic area nearby Lodgepole Visitor Center CLOSED after October 9 • Park Store (SPC) • Wilderness permits (through September 23) Kings Canyon Visitor Center • Park Store (SPC) • Free public Wi-Fi • Wilderness permits Giant Forest Village Market and Gift Shop • Open 10 am to 6 pm • Shuttle stop (holidays only) E-mail seki_information@nps.gov Web nps.gov/seki Free Public Wi-Fi Foothills Visitor Center Kings Canyon Visitor Center Giant Forest Museum • Park Store (SPC) • Shuttle stop (holidays only) • Wilderness permits (after September 23) @sequoiakingsnps Emergency - Dial 911 Wuksachi Wuksachi Lodge Lobby open 24 hours • Gift shop: 8 am to 8 pm Pay your entrance fee at park entrance stations. Annual and lifetime passes cover this fee. Pass and photo ID are required for access. 7-day Passes Single Vehicle....................... $35 Motorcycle........................... $30 Individual ............................. $20 Sequoia and Kings Canyon Pass www.nps.gov/seki/planyourvisit/fees.htm Park Fees Fare-free Park Shuttles Available in the Giant Forest, Lodgepole and Wuksachi areas. during holidays (see page 8). Ranger-led programs offered regularly. Check visitor centers for schedules. Annual Pass ......................... $70 Wuksachi Lodge’s Peaks Restaurant • Open to the public • Breakfast: 7 am to 10 am • Lunch: 12:30 am to 2:30 pm • Dinner: 5 am to 9 pm • Bar open for lunch & dinner To inquire about lodging availability call (559) 625-7700 or visit www.visitsequoia.com/lodging (access only to Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs) Interagency Annual and Lifetime Passes Annual Pass ......................... $80 Lifetime Senior Pass ............. $80 (for US Citizens aged 62+) Annual Senior Pass ............... $20 (for US Citizens aged 62+) Annual Military Pass ............. Free (for active-duty military and dependents) Lifetime Military Pass ............ Free (for Gold Star family members or veterans) Access Pass .......................... Free (for people with permanent disabilities) Other Passes Honored Golden Age, Golden Access, Volunteer, and 4th Grade (Every Kid Outdoors) The Fees You Pay Make a Difference! The parks use these funds for projects that protect and improve visitor services such as: • Maintaining campgrounds • Educating students • Improving accessibility • Fare-free Sequoia Shuttle 2 Fall Camping Reservations are required. Campsites are $28 per night. Campsites hold up to six people and each site has a picnic table, fire ring with grill, and a metal food-storage box. Check-in and checkout are at noon. Make a Reservation Recreation.gov or Recreation.gov App (877) 444-6777, (877) 833-6777 TDD (888) 448-1474 Customer Service Quiet Hours (No Generator Use) Quiet hours are 10 pm to 6 am. Lodgepole Campground ONLY: Generator use only allowed 8 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 8 pm. Roadside Camping Roadside camping is not permitted in the parks. Camp only in designated campground sites. Grant Grove Restaurant CLOSED after October 29 • Breakfast: 7 am to 10 am • Lunch: 11:30 am to 3 pm • Dinner: 4 pm to 8 pm John Muir Lodge & Cabins CLOSED after October 28 Lobby open 24 hours SPC = Sequoia Parks Conservancy Kings Canyon National Park Campground Options Campground Status Azalea Reservation-only through October 31. First-come, first­ served after Nov. 1. All other campgrounds are closed for the remainder of the 2023 season. Camping Information Toilets Open campgrounds have flush toilets. Village Shops • Market: 9 am to 5 pm • Gift shop (CLOSED after October 7): 9 am to 5 pm • Post office: weekdays, 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm Campfires (When Allowed) Campfires must be out cold before you leave your campsite. Propane and Fuel Canisters Please recycle fuel canisters at home. Dump Stations Potwisha and Lodgepole Campgrounds No Shows Sites that remain vacant by noon on the second day of a reservation may be released for new reservations. Sequoia National Park Campground Options Lodgepole Seasonal closure begins Nov. 29. Potwisha Open year-round. All other campgrounds are closed for the remainder of the 2023 season. See map on pages 4-5 for campground locations. Campgrounds are subject to closure due to weather and climate events. Experience Wilderness Wilderness Safety NPS / NATHAN PEARSEY NPS / TIMOTHY NG NPS / ERIC VICHICH Wilderness is untrammeled, natural, and undeveloped, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are 97% designated Wilderness. Magnificent glacial canyons, broad lake basins, lush meadows, and sheer granite peaks—hallmarks of the most rugged portion of the High Sierra—form the core of the largest expanse of contiguous wilderness in California, which is visited and valued by people from around the world. Get a wilderness permit and solitude is just a long hike away. Wilderness Permits Due to winter storm damage, some entry points to wilderness are different this year. During the summer quota period, May 26 to September 23, there are limits on the number of people each day that may enter the wilderness at an entry point and a fee is required. Most trailheads allow advance reservations on Recreation.gov. Unused quota permits are available first-come, first-served for walk­ ups at permit issuing stations. Wilderness Permit Station locations can be found below. Wilderness Permits for Overnight Travel Foothills Wilderness Office Follow the path south of the visitor center to the Wilderness Office across the parking lot. 8 am to 4 pm. Self-issue permitting after Sept. 23. Giant Forest/ Through Sept. 23: Lodgepole Visitor Center 7 am to 3:30 pm. Lodgepole After Sept 23: Giant Forest Museum Self-issue permitting. Grant Grove Kings Canyon Visitor Center 8 am to 4 pm. Self-issue permitting after Sept. 23. Due to road damage from 2023 winter storms, all Mineral King and Cedar Grove wilderness permit reservations have been canceled for 2023. Food Storage Store all food in a bear­ resistant storage container. These containers weigh less than 3 pounds (1.3 kg), hold up to 5 days of food, and fit in a backpack. Rent bear­ resistant storage containers at park visitor centers. Rental Cost $5 for three nights $2 per additional night Water Park waterways may contain bacteria, including Giardia. Properly filter or treat water before drinking. Hypothermia Hypothermia can occur year­ round. Stay warm and eat snacks. Symptoms include shivering, exhaustion, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, and fumbling hands. If symptoms appear, drink warm sugary drinks, and get into dry clothes, sleeping bags, or shelter. Hiking at Altitude Most trails here are above 5,000 feet (1,524 m) elevation. People not accustomed to high altitudes may need to acclimate to the low oxygen levels, which can cause shortness of breath and dehydration. Plan for a slow ascent and drink lots of water. Leave a Detailed Itinerary Create a detailed itinerary of your backpacking trip. Your itinerary should include your start date, time, name of trailhead, camping locations, and your estimated return date. Leave this itinerary with a trusted responsible person. Emergency - Dial 911 Sequoia National Forest Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument have over 1.1 million acres (4,452 sq km) of recreational opportunities. The forest offers 52 developed campgrounds, more than 1,147 miles (1,846 km) of trails, over 314,448 acres (1,273 sq km) of wilderness, 222 miles (357 km) of Wild and Scenic Rivers, 2,617 rivers and streams, world-class whitewater rapids, 158 ponds and lakes, boating, fishing, biking, horseback riding, and more. Services and Facilities Sequoia National Forest, Hume Lake District Hume Lake Office Open 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday (559) 338-2251 or visit their website: www.fs.usda.gov/sequoia Campgrounds (Closed for winter starting October 2) • Big Meadows • Stony Creek • Horse Camp • Upper Stony • Hume Lake Creek • Landslide • Fir Group • Princess • Cove Group • Tenmile Wilderness Camping Contact the Hume Lake Office. Dispersed Camping Dispersed camping is available, but restrictions apply. Contact the Hume Lake Office of Sequoia National Forest for more information. Permits for portable stoves or fires are required and are available online at: permit.preventwildfiresca.org Montecito Sequoia Lodge (559) 565-3388 This lodge has cabins, a restaurant, hotel, and Wi-Fi. Hume Lake Village (559) 305-7770 Gas station, market, and snack shop are available. Gas pumps may close. Call ahead before you travel here. Stony Creek Lodge (559) 565-3909 Closes for the season in early October This area has room rentals, a market, and gas station. Gas pumps are credit card only when market is closed. Boyden Cavern Boyden Cavern is closed for the 2023 season. Highway 180 Walking, hiking, and biking are not allowed on closed California highways, like Highway 180 past the Hume Lake Road junction. NPS / KIEL MADDOX NPS/KIEL MADDOX National Parks vs National Forests Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Sequoia National Forest Pets Pets are not allowed on trails. Pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet (1.8 m) are allowed in parking lots, picnic areas, and campgrounds. Pets are allowed in developed areas and on trails. Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet (1.8 m). Collect Resources Collecting objects is not allowed in parks. This includes natural objects, such as pine cones, rocks, plants, animals, and cultural artifacts such as arrowheads, beads, or pottery shards. You may keep a few cones or rocks for personal use. Collecting artifacts such as arrowheads, beads, or pottery shards is prohibited. Hunting Not in the parks. You are responsible for understanding & complying with all applicable state, local, and federal firearms laws before entering the parks. Only seasonally with a license. Call 559-243-4005 or learn more online: wildlife.ca.gov/hunting Not allowed. Get off-highway-vehicle (OHV) route information at USFS Hume Lake Office in Dunlap. Wood cutting is prohibited, though campers may gather downed wood when not in sequoia groves. Allowed. Please contact the nearest Forest Service office for guidance and a permit. Off-Road Driving Cutting Wood Not allowed within the parks. Dispersed Car Camping Restrictions apply. 3 Ranger Recommendations for Sequoia and Kings Can Grant Grove Area 180 Boole Tree To Hume Lake 9 mi (14.4 km) ry Nor th n se Trail t Chicago Stump 1 Azalea M nita Trail anza Grant Grove Village Sunset e Tr a rk Ridg Trail ea il s Trail o p Lo p m Stum p 180 rals High ne w Ge To Sequoia National Park and Hwy 198 4 Big Stump Park Entrance Big Stump Entrance 5 Redwood Mountain Overlook Ge ne Trail ra l Snow closure gate Key Main Road ay Monteci Lodge way gh Hi Hi t c h cock Meado w Park Ridge Lookout g Stu op Kings Canyon & 6 Overlook Buena Vista s North end of Generals Highway Lo Tenmile Sequoia Grant Grove Village National Forest/ Giant Sequoia National QUAIL FLA Monument 180 Bi Landslide 4 T al Az S E Q U N A T I O F O R E General Grant Tree Pa Bi 3 ra il (Closed) et Trail Suns BIG STUMP To SEQUOIA Fresno GROVE 2 T th Sou Boun da ry T rai l Su Columbine it a an Roa d (Closed) Hume Lake Man z Fire Park Ridge Trail Crystal Springs 1 Princess CONVERSE BASIN GROVE ail Tr p l Trail rra Loo Highway 180 to Cedar Grove is closed for repairs from 2023 storm damage. 3 Boun da Co General Grant Tree rt h No 2 GRANT GROVE NAT ION AL FOR EST NAT ION AL PAR K 180 Panoramic Point Secondary Road Closed Road Trail NATIONA L PARK NATIONA L FOREST Stony Creek Lodge (winter closure begins early October) Accessible Trail Park Boundary Ranger Recommendation Roundtrip Distance Starting Point National Park Service 1 General Grant Tree Trail 0.5 miles 0.8 km Grant Grove Parking Lot U.S. Forest Service 2 North Grove Trail (loop) 1.5 miles 2.4 km Grant Grove Bus Parking Lot 3 Panoramic Point Trail 0.5 miles 0.8 km Panoramic Point Parking Lot 3 Park Ridge Trail 5.3 miles 8.5 km Panoramic Point Parking Lot 4 Big Stump Loop Trail 1.6 mile 2.6 km Big Stump Picnic Area 5 Redwood Mountain Overlook Viewpoint Just West of Redwood Mountain Road 6 Buena Vista Trail 2.0 miles 3.2 km Kings Canyon Overlook Parking Area Features MUIR GROVE Visitor Center (year-round | seasonal) Restroom Picnic Area Market and Snacks Crystal Food Service and Drinks Closed for the 202 Post Office Accessible Area Accessible Parking 6 Kings Canyon Overlook Viewpoint Kings Canyon Overlook Parking Area 7 Lost Grove Viewpoint Rest Area along the Generals Highway Park Campground (year-round) 8 Muir Grove Trail 6.0 miles 9.7 km Dorst Creek Campground Entrance Park Campground (seasonal) 1 Ranger Recommendation National Forest Campground (seasonal closure on Oct. 2) Lodging (year-round | seasonal) Gas Stations Holiday Shuttle Stop (see pg 8) Parking Lot Tu R Wi-Fi Giant Sequoias Ash Mountain Entrance Hiking Scenic Viewpoint Point of Interest Fire Lookout Waterfall 198 NPS / SCOTT TAYLOR 4 Three Rivers To Three Rivers nyon National Parks Ranger Recommendation Roundtrip Distance Starting Point 9 Tokopah Falls 3.4 miles 5.5 km Lodgepole Campground 10 Congress Trail (loop) 2.9 miles 4.7 km Sherman Tree Parking Lot or Shuttle Stop 10 General Sherman Tree Trail 1.2 miles 1.9 km Sherman Tree Parking Lot or Shuttle Stop 11 General Sherman Tree Accessible Trail 0.5 miles 0.8 km Sherman Tree Accessible Parking Lot, or Shuttle Stop 12 11 Big Trees Trail (loop) 1.5 miles 2.4 km Giant Forest Museum Parking Lot 13 Tunnel Log On roadway Along Moro Rock and Crescent Meadow Road 14 Moro Rock Trail 0.5 miles 0.8 km Along Moro Rock and Crescent Meadow Road 15 Amphitheater Point Overlook Viewpoint Parking area along Generals Highway 16 Hospital Rock Cultural site Hospital Rock Picnic Area 17 Marble Falls Trail 6.4 miles 10.3 km Potwisha Campground, near site #14 18 Tunnel Rock 0.1 mile 0.2 km Parking area along Generals Highway Horse Camp Wolverton Road, access to General Sherman Parking Lot Giant Forest Area 10 Sherman Tree Shuttle Stop and Accessible Parking and Trail General Sherman Tree Trail (Placard Required) Co Alt ng a Tr l Tra i y a hw Pinewood Picnic Area 7 ls Rimrock Cut era Gen Trail a Alt l i Tra Tra il o Co ft he GIANT FOREST Me Tr ee ad ow Tra i l L oo p ee Tr n ashi gton W Old Bear Giant Forest Museum Hill Road and Park Store il Tra (Closed on weekends and holidays) s Tunnel Log ig hw ay Potwisha Ge ne s Sold iers Trail 13 Trail 13 Hospital Rock 16 Buckeye Flat (Closed) ut o Log C ff Tr a og sL rp w Loop High Th a o d a Sierra Me Trail Log il ra Tra Si High 14 il 14 Ro Pine Bobca t l t in Po iers M or o r ga Su i Tra Trail ck Tr ai l Moro Rock Parking Lot Sold Hanging Rock SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK Crescent Meadow Parking Lot and Trail Tunnel Log a Tr Amphitheater Point Overlook 17 l ra Hill Moro Rock 15 18 Bea r ck Crescent Meadow Huckleberry Meadow GIANT FOREST Tharps Cresc ent Loop GIANT FOREST Ro To Three Rivers and Visalia. Trail ad ow Me 12 Giant Forest Museum Marble Falls 11 Trail Crystal Cave Road is closed for repairs from 2023 storm damage. Congress Trail erry Moro Big Trees Trail 10 Huckle b er 2023) Parking for Sherman Tree Trail General Sherman Tree Sherman Tree Accessible Parking and Trail and Shuttle Stop as Circle Mea Trail Rimrock on Low er Circle il Tra gt in Hazelwood Nature Loop Beetle Rock Moro Rock and Crescent Meadow Road Wa sh oi do w B ub ht at Big Trees Trail Circle Meadow l ed os um m ck rai aT e Roa d (C l Wolverton 23 season. Ro Be ars Alt al Cryst Cav 9 Snow closure gate l Cave Tokopah Falls weah Tra il Ka Trail Lodgepole Visitor Center and Village Wuksachi Village (Closed) Sunset Dorst Creek 12 qu il 8 Se Loo p ng res s Tra il l rai aT Alt Wo lver ton Sunset Rock er LOST GROVE off Co n gr es s Hig ) ail Tra il 11 GIANT FOREST e n e Lod gep ol e -to -S KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK Fall and winter storms can produce enough snow to temporarily close Generals Highway beween Sequoia National Park and Grant Grove. Stony Creek Upper Stony Creek Cove Group Fir Group unnel Rock Sherman Tree Parking Lot and Trail h ito Sequoia To Wolverton Road ia s Big Meadows 12 uo O I A O N A L E S T 10 eS eq B yw a y Sc e n i c Trailof th yo n eadow Can Log M s res s K in g erm an Tree Trail Features ar P Sug ine Trail Moro Rock H North Foothills Visitor Center 0 0 Mineral King Road is closed at the park boundary for road repairs. 2 Kilometers 1 1 2 Miles Mineral King Ranger Station NPS 5 Lookout Point Entrance Keep Yourself and the Parks Safe Tree Hazards Branches and trees may fall, whether dead or alive, and when there is no wind. Keep eyes and ears open. Run if you hear cracks or snapping from roots, trunks, or branches. Don’t linger under dead, cracked, or broken hanging branches or trees with rotten bases. Fire Restrictions Fire restrictions may be in place at any time and at any elevation. Prohibited locations for wood or charcoal fires will be posted. Restrictions change as conditions change. Check for information on park bulletin boards or at visitor centers. Air Quality In summer months, ozone concentrations often exceed federal health standards. Ozone can have negative health effects. Ozone concentrations increase during daylight hours. Plan vigorous activity during the first half of the day to reduce exposure to the poorest air quality. Fishing Fishing is permitted in most areas of the parks, and on adjacent national forests. People 16 years of age or older are required to have a California fishing license. Get copies of park-specific regulations at any visitor center. River Safety Drowning is the primary cause of death in the parks. Rivers present a great danger due to their swift currents and slippery rocks. Do not leave children unattended. Drones Launching, landing, or operating remotely piloted aircrafts (such as model airplanes, quadcopters, or drones) is prohibited. Firearms It is illegal to discharge a firearm within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks or to bring one into any federal building. Hunting and trapping are illegal in the parks. Pets Pets are not permitted on any trails in the parks. Pets in designated areas must be kept on a maximum 6-foot (1.8 m) leash at all times. Pick up and dispose of all pet waste. Do not leave pets unattended or in vehicles where they can easily overheat. Keep Wildlife Wild You Are in Black Bear Country Bears will grab unattended food and break into cars when food is visible. Bears have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to human food as well as hand sanitizer, cosmetics, toiletries, trash, cleaning supplies, and child safety seats. Bears that have had human food can become aggressive and dangerous and have to be killed. A fed bear is a dead bear. Food storage is the key to protecting humans and bears. Wildlife Viewing Safety Wildlife Viewing Viewing wildlife is an amazing opportunity that comes with responsibility. Give animals room to move. Stay a minimum distance of 25 yards (23 m) from most wildlife and 100 yards (91 m) from predators like bears and mountain lions. In general, if a wild animal reacts to your presence, you are too close. Remember that wildlife are wild and can be unpredictable when they are disturbed or surprised. Use binoculars or a zoom lens from a safe distance and move back if an animal approaches you. Keep Wildlife Wild and observe from a safe distance. NPS / ALISON TAGGART-BARONE Black Bears If you see a black bear, don’t let it approach you, your food, picnic area, or campsite. Wave your arms, make loud noises, and throw small rocks towards it. Keep a safe distance but be persistent. Mountain Lions and Bobcats These animals normally run away when seen. However, if you see one and it does not run away, follow these tips for a safe encounter: • Do not run; running may trigger a pursuit. • Pick up children. • Try to appear as large as possible, do not crouch down. • Hold your ground, or back away slowly, while facing the animal. • If it acts aggressively, wave your hands, shout, and throw stones and sticks at it. • If attacked, fight back! • Report all sightings. 25 yards (23 m) Food Storage Metal food storage boxes are provided to properly store food and odorous items, when not in use. Store all food, coolers, and anything with an odor, including child safety seats and flavored drinks. If no food storage box is available, food items must be stored inside your car trunk or low in the vehicle, out of sight, and keep windows closed. Always keep a clean campsite and throw away all trash in dumpsters. While picnicking, never move away from coolers and tables when food is out. Stay within arm’s length of food. NPS 100 yards (91 m) 25 yards (23 m) is about two bus-lengths NPS Accessibility: Parks for All Accessibility Guide Looking for information about accessibility accommodations for people with disabilities? Ask for a free Accessibility Guide at any park visitor center or download it online. Assisted Listening Devices At Kings Canyon Visitor Center in Grant Grove, assisted listening devices and audio description are available for the park film. Ask at the information desk for a receiver. www.nps.gov/seki/planyourvisit/accessibility.htm Braille Park Map Borrow a Braille version of the official park map at park visitor centers. Outdoor exhibits along the Grant Tree Trail have Braille text and tactile features. Kings Canyon Visitor Center and Hospital Rock Picnic Area have tactile interpretive exhibits. Borrow a Wheelchair Borrow a manual wheelchair at Lodgepole or Kings Canyon Visitor Center or at Giant Forest Museum. Be prepared to provide your address and phone number. Wheelchairs may be used anywhere in the parks but must be returned where they were borrowed by closing time. UniDescription App This app translates the map of the parks into acoustic media, designed for people who are blind, visually impaired, print dyslexic, or who prefer learning through sound. Recreation.gov App This app is your on-the­ go solution for making reservations or purchasing passes. Return to your favorite spot or find a new one by searching for the location that is right for you. Exploring in the Digital Age We have an app for that! Download these apps to help plan your visit, find the perfect hike, or reserve a campsite. Need Wi-Fi to download? Find free public Wi-Fi at Foothills and Kings Canyon Visitor Centers. 6 National Park Service (NPS) App Find maps, information, and an events calendar on this app. Once downloaded, search for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, download content for offline use. Bienvenido al país de los gigantes A una altitud de 1,300 pies (396 m) a 14,494 pies (4,418 m), la mayor elevación en los 48 estados contiguos, estos parques protegen una espectacular cordillera elevada. Dentro de nuestros límites se encuentran impresionantes transiciones, desde las cálidas estribaciones hasta los bosques frescos y la fría High Sierra. En esos parques tienen su hogar diversas plantas y animales, que viven en condiciones extremadamente variadas. Los parques abarcan empinados caminos, senderos que trepan por las montañas y ríos que se desploman desde alturas épicas. En sus recorridos, busque evidencias de incendios y tormentas pasadas. El incendio KNP ardió a lo largo de casi toda el Generals Highway en 2021; después, el invierno de 2022-2023 trajo una precipitación sin precedentes. La lluvia y la nieve que cayeron en las laderas quemadas causaron daños significativos a las carreteras y caminos del parque. Ahora hay cuadrillas trabajando en la reparación pero es probable que la construcción de caminos cause demoras en el tráfico durante todo el verano. Tenga paciencia mientras trabajamos para restablecer el acceso seguro a los parques. Manténgase usted mismo y el parque a salvo Peligros con los árboles Pueden caer ramas y árboles, ya sea muertos o vivos, y cuando no haya viento. Tenga los ojos abiertos y escuche con atención. Corra si escucha crujidos o chasquidos de raíces, troncos o ramas. No se entretenga debajo de ramas muertas, rajadas o rotas y colgantes, ni de árboles con la base podrida. Armas de fuego Es ilegal disparar armas de fuego en los parques, así como introducirlas en cualquier edificio federal. Es ilegal cazar y atrapar animales en los parques. Restricciones de hacer fuego En cualquier momento y en cualquier elevación puede haber restricciones de hacer fuego. Se publicarán los lugares donde está prohibido hacer fogatas de madera o de carbón. Las restricciones cambian conforme cambien las condiciones. Busque la información en los tableros de anuncios del parque o en los centros de visitantes. Drones Está prohibido lanzar, aterrizar y operar aeronaves de piloto remoto, como modelos de avión, cuadricópteros y drones. Calidad del aire En los meses de verano, la concentración de ozono en ocasiones supera las normas federales de salud. El ozono puede tener efectos negativos en la salud. Mascotas No se permiten mascotas en ningún sendero de los parques. Pueden tenerse mascotas en las áreas designadas, con una correa de máximo 6 pies (1.8 m) en todo momento. Recoja y deseche todos los desechos de su mascota. No deje desatendidas sus mascotas ni adentro de vehículos que puedan sobrecalentarse fácilmente. Conserve la fauna silvestre Está en tierra de osos. Los osos se apoderan de la comida desatendida y entran a la fuerza en los autos donde ven alimento. Los osos tienen un refinado sentido del olfato y se sienten atraídos por la comida de los humanos, así como por el desinfectante de manos, los cosméticos, los artículos de tocador, la basura, los artículos de limpieza y los asientos de seguridad para niños. Los osos que han probado alimento humano pueden volverse agresivos y peligrosos, y tienen que ser sacrificados. Un oso alimentado es un oso muerto. Guardar los alimentos es la clave para proteger a humanos y osos. Observación de la fauna y seguridad Observar la fauna Observar la fauna es una oportunidad maravillosa que implica responsabilidades. Dé espacio a los animales. La mejor forma de estar a salvo al observar la fauna es darles a los animales espacio para moverse. Manténgase a por lo menos 25 yardas (23 m) de distancia de la mayoría de los animales y a 100 yardas (92 m) de depredadores, como osos y pumas. En general, si un animal salvaje reacciona a su presencia, usted está demasiado cerca. Recuerde que los animales salvajes pueden ser impredecibles cuando se sienten perturbados o sorprendidos. Use binoculares o una lente de zoom a una distancia prudente y retroceda si el animal se le acerca. Conserve la fauna silvestre y obsérvela desde una distancia prudente. Los osos negros

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