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Brochure for Solstice Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (NRA) in California. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Solstice Canyon Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Thousands of years ago, the Chumash discovered Solstice Canyon, and ever since, people have appreciated the beauty of this coastal delight. Early History Solstice Canyon features several options for easy, moderate, or strenuous hikes through coastal sage scrub and riparian plant communities. Visitors can enjoy a picnic, a shady stroll along the Solstice Canyon Trail, or a more challenging climb up the Rising Sun Trail. Our perennial waterfall is a popular hiking destination, and along the way you might encounter acorn woodpeckers, alligator lizards, fence lizards, or a red-tailed hawk soaring overhead. Visitors love the natural beauty of Solstice Canyon, yet wildfires have left behind the Information and Safety TRAIL ETIQUETTE Hikers should yield to equestrians. Equestrians should communicate with passing hikers and bicyclists. Horses should not graze or leave the trail. Remove manure from parking areas. Bicyclists should ride courteously and yield to hikers and equestrians; speed limit is 15 mph unless conditions require a slower speed. Bicyclists and equestrians are allowed on designated trails only (avoid social trails and fire lines). NATURAL AND CULTURAL FEATURES including rocks, plants, and animals are protected by law and may not be collected or disturbed. Do not climb on structures. Weapons, nets, and traps are not allowed in parklands. BE PREPARED by taking water, food, flashlight, map, and first-aid supplies. Be alert for ticks, bees, rattlesnakes, and poison oak. Let someone know where you are going. Solstice Canyon Intersection of Corral Canyon Road and Solstice Canyon Road Malibu, CA, 90265 The main parking area is open from 8:00 AM – sunset. Illegally parked vehicles on Corral Canyon Rd are subject to towing. architectural ruins of our recent past. While enjoying a gentle hike to the waterfall you will pass remains of the Keller House, a stone hunting cabin built over one hundred years ago, and significantly damaged by fire in 2007. Upon arriving at our most popular feature, the Solstice waterfall, you will find the stone and brick ruins of a house designed by architect Paul Revere Williams. In 1929, Williams became the first African American member of the American Institute of Architects and later designed a prominent landmark at the Los Angeles International Airport, the “LAX Theme Building (1961).” WATER that comes from streams is not safe to drink due to possible contamination or the presence of the giardia protozoan. FIRE is a year-round concern. Campfires and barbecues are prohibited. During times of high fire danger, smoking and all fires are not permitted. TRAIL CLOSURES will be in effect during and following extreme weather or hazardous conditions. PETS must be under control and on a leash, not to exceed 6 feet, at all times. Pick up after your pet. STAY ON ESTABLISHED TRAILS and off private property. Accessing Solstice Canyon from private property is prohibited. FOR MORE INFORMATION Santa Monica Mountains Interagency Visitor Center 26876 Mulholland Hwy Calabasas CA 91302 805-370-2301 www.nps.gov/samo EMERGENCIES Call 911. For a ranger, call Angeles Dispatch at 661-723-3620. Pr i vate Pro p er t y So sto m oT ra il Paved road Parking Trail Restroom Creek Picnic area National Park Service Land Amphitheater Dirt road No Outlet Gate y alle Deer V Waterfall (dogs not allowed) op Lo ail Tr Roberts Ranch House (ruins) S ol stice Cany on il Tra Pr i vate Proper t y Rising Sun Tr a il Lo op Trail TRW Overlook n a yo Dr y C TR W nT rail Keller House (ruins) Pr i vate Pro p e r t y Pr i vate Proper t y North PARK ENTRANCE RAL COR 0 0.25 0.5 miles P Trail Information Directions to main parking lot (open 8am to sunset): From Pacific Coast Highway turn inland on Corral Canyon Rd. Drive 0.25 mile to park entrance on left. l Easy n Moderate t Strenuous Solstice Canyon Trail l 2.1 miles round trip— This popular hike gently rises from the main parking area to the waterfall and Roberts Ranch House ruins (designed by Paul Williams), following the creek through riparian corridors of oak and sycamore. Look for native reptiles and birds in the coastal sage scrub. Dry Canyon Trail l 1.2 miles round trip— Walk through woodlands in a canyon that is dry most of the year. Winter rains bring a 150-foot waterfall and flowing stream. Look for wildlife, including deer, quail, and bobcats. TRW Loop Trail l 1.5 miles round trip— Begin just beyond the gate at the west end of the parking lot and continue past the TRW Overlook (refer to map) through coastal sage scrub. Enjoy an ocean view, and hike west and then south through a riparian woodland. Walk across Solstice Canyon Trail and complete the loop by hiking east past a picnic area to the parking lot. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™ FIC ACI COAST N YO C AN RD HWY Rising Sun Trail n 1.5 miles— Rise up from the canyon floor and enjoy the sunshine (be sure to bring sunblock and water) as you trace the eastern ridgeline of Solstice Canyon through coastal sage scrub. The trail descends near the waterfall and the Roberts Ranch House, providing the option of connecting with Solstice Canyon Trail for a loop hike. Sostomo Trail/Deer Valley n to t, Loop 3.9 miles—This trail extends from Solstice Canyon Trail and meanders through chaparral and coastal sage scrub to the western ridge of Solstice Canyon. You will encounter breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Keep an eye out for the ruins of several cabins burned in past wildfires. Note: Bicyclists are limited to the Solstice Canyon Trail only. Carpooling is encouraged since parking is limited. Illegally parked vehicles on Corral Canyon Rd are subject to towing. printed on 100% recycled paper

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