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Paramount Ranch

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Brochure for the Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (NRA) in California. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Paramount Ranch National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Lights! Camera! Action! Paramount Ranch Film Location List www.nps.gov/samo/planyourvisit/ paramountranch.htm Information and Safety When Paramount Pictures leased the ranch in 1923, they began an era of film production that continues today. You can experience the area where Bob Hope starred in Caught in the Draft (1941) and Sandra Bullock had a leading role in The Lake House (2006). In the 1950s, Western Town was created for television shows, such as The Cisco Kid. More recent television productions at Paramount include The Mentalist, Weeds, and Hulu’s Quickdraw. Paramount Ranch offers several miles of easy to moderate scenic hikes through chaparral, riparian, and valley oak savannah plant communities. Equestrians and mountain PERMITS may be required for certain activities such as special and group events, filming, and photography. For more info, contact the Office of Special Park Uses at 805-370-2308 or visit nps.gov/samo/planyourvisit/permits.htm TRAIL ETIQUETTE Hikers should yield to equestrians. Equestrians should communicate with passing hikers and bicyclists. Horses should not graze or leave the trail. Remove manure from parking areas. Bicyclists should ride courteously and yield to hikers and equestrians; speed limit is 15 mph unless conditions require a slower speed. Bicyclists and equestrians are allowed on designated trails only (avoid social trails). NATURAL AND CULTURAL FEATURES including rocks, plants, and animals are protected by law and may not be collected or disturbed. Do not climb on structures. Weapons, nets, and traps are not allowed in parklands. Paramount Ranch Ranger Station 2903 Cornell Rd Agoura Hills, CA, 91301 The main parking area is open from 8:00 AM – sunset. bikers may access these multi-use trails. Wildlife sightings might include red-tailed hawks, acorn woodpeckers, coyotes, and deer. Stroll through Western Town and enjoy a shaded picnic area. This real-life motion picture set is altered slightly with each production, yet retains a Western motif. Western Town is not the only icon of Paramount Ranch… be on the lookout for our two native oak species—coast live oak and valley oak. Experience the rare valley oak savannah, which may be threatened due to the effects of climate change. VEHICLES are restricted to designated roads and parking areas. BE PREPARED by taking water, food, flashlight, map, and first-aid supplies. Be alert for ticks, bees, rattlesnakes, and poison oak. FIRE is a year-round concern. Charcoal and gas stoves are permitted on the lawn 10 feet from surrounding vegetation. Smoking is prohibited on the boardwalks of the Western Town. During times of high fire danger, smoking and all fires are not permitted. TRAIL CLOSURES will be in effect during and following extreme weather or hazardous conditions. PETS must be under control and on a leash, not to exceed 6 feet, at all times. Pick up after your pet. WASPS AND BEES are plentiful during the summer. Cover food and sweet beverages while picnicking. FOR MORE INFORMATION Santa Monica Mountains Interagency Visitor Center 26876 Mulholland Hwy Calabasas CA 91302 805-370-2301 www.nps.gov/samo EMERGENCIES Call 911. For a ranger, call Angeles Dispatch at 661-723-3620. Private Pro p erty ra m ou nt Tr (u ai l nm (wet stream crossings, unmaintained) a i n t ai n e d ) Backdrop Trail Bw an a Tr ai l Public trail ends at private property ek CORNELL RD dg Ri e North Gate Med ea Cr e Pa Public trail ends at private property To Kanan Rd and Hwy 101 Med ic i n e Witches' Wood Woma nT ra il il Tra da ien ac H Radio Controlled Flyers Marco Polo Hill PARK ENTRANCE/EXIT Public trail ends at private property ed ) Coyo te C a nyon T r a il PARK EXIT ONLY Paved road Restrooms Ranger Station Gate Bridge Other Public Parklands ed M National Park Service Land Western Town Overlook ea a C r e e k Tr M Sugarloaf Peak 1515' il W H U O LH LL Private Pro p erty North 0 100 Meters 0 500 Feet 300 Meters MALIBU CREEK STATE PARK 1000 Feet Trail Information Directions to main parking lot (open 8am to sunset): Ventura Freeway (101) to Kanan Rd exit. South on Kanan 0.5 mile. Left on Cornell Way and follow to right. South 2.5 miles, entrance is on right side of the road. l Easy n Moderate t Strenuous Y VE Picnic area Trail A D RI Historic race track Western Town V IS T Parking KE Drinking water Dirt road LA intain AN D ( u nma Many of the trail names are associated with over 80 years of film and television production at Paramount Ranch. Bwana Trail l 0.75 mile—The film Bwana Devil (1952), used this valley oak savannah as a substitute for the landscape of Africa. Medea Creek Trail to Western Town Overlook n 0.5 mile—Enjoy a hike between willows and coast live oaks, then a gentle rise through chaparral to be rewarded by a stunning view of Western Town. The Backdrop Trail l 0.75 mile—This trail winds through an area often filmed as a backdrop due to the absence of human-made structures. Coyote Canyon Trail to Hacienda Trail Loop l 1.0 mile—This hike features vistas of blankets of chaparral and the splendor of a riparian coast live oak corridor. Valley Oak Savannah Loop l 2.0 miles— Combine the Hacienda Trail, Medicine Woman Trail (named for the television show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman), Backdrop Trail, and Bwana Trail for a gentle hike around the oak savannah. The Hacienda Trail l 0.25 mile—Named after a film set that featured a hacienda (ranch), this trail meanders along the perimeter of chaparral, and provides a vista of valley oak savannah landscape and surrounding hills. Other landmarks include Marco Polo Hill, named for The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938), and Witches’ Wood, where fortune tellers gathered under the oak trees during the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (1970s - 1980s). EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™ printed on 100% recycled paper

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