"Sunset over foggy mountains, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, 2015." by U.S. National Park Service , public domain

Santa Monica Mountains


brochure Santa Monica Mountains - Biking

Brochure about Mountain Biking in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (NRA) in California. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Mountain Biking in the Park T he mountain bike trails traversing the Santa Monica Mountains weave through diverse terrain. From ridgetops to canyon floors, there are many opportunities for a great ride. Challenge yourself with an exhausting ascent that yields rewarding ocean views, or leisurely pedal along an oak-shaded stream. On any trek, always ride safely and responsibly, and with minimal impact to the land. When you ride in the park, please remember: Trail Etiquette Safety Measures • Stay on designated roads and trails, and do not enter private property. Respect closures. • Always wear a helmet. • Yield the right-of-way to hikers and equestrians. Announce your approach well in advance. • Stand off to the side as oncoming horses pass, and talk to riders as they go by. Do not attempt to pass equestrians until you have alerted the riders and asked them for permission. • Park off the trail, even in remote areas, to keep trail clear for other users or emergency vehicles. Respect for Resources • Do not cut switchbacks or create new trails. • Do not disturb wildlife. • Leave gates as you found them (open or closed) or as signed. • Avoid muddy trails, avoid skidding, and reduce your speed in corners during turns. • Pack out what you pack in. • Take and drink plenty of water. Carry high-energy snack foods. • Obey all speed laws. • Carry first aid supplies. Learn to recognize and avoid poison oak, rattlesnakes, ticks and bees. • When riding alone, tell someone where you are going. Avoid traveling alone in remote areas. • Follow posted instructions. Preparation • Plan your trip carefully. Prepare to be self-sufficient at all times. • Know your ability, equipment and the area where you will ride. • Keep your bicycle in good condition. Carry tools for minor repairs. • Know local rules and park regulations. Be aware of the bicycle provisions of the California Vehicle Code. Trails Open to Mountain Bicycles in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area General rule of thumb to follow while mountain bicycling in the Santa Monica Mountains: If a trail is over 4 feet wide, it is a fire road and open, unless signed ÒClosed.Ó If a trail is less than 4 feet wide, it is a single track and closed, unless signed ÒOpen.Ó TRAIL TYPE LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY Single Track Single Track Paved Road/Fire Road Fire Road Paved Road/Fire Road Fire Road Single Track Single Track Single Track Advanced Moderate Beginner Advanced Beginner Advanced Moderate/Advanced Advanced Moderate/Advanced Fire Road Moderate Fire Road Beginner/Moderate Zuma Ridge Trail Fire Road Zuma Edison Road– Fire Road Zuma Cyn Connector Trail–Kanan Edison Road Beginner/Moderate Advanced P OINT M UGU -T HOUSAND OAKS A REA Los Robles Trail Wendy Trail Big Sycamore Canyon Fire Road Overlook Fire Road & North Overlook Fire Road Ranch Center Road Wood Canyon Fire Road Guadalasca Trail Wood Canyon Vista Trail Sage Trail C IRCLE X R ANCH Backbone Trail to Tri Peaks Junction L EO C ARRILLO A REA Yellow Hill Fire Road Z UMA C ANYON M ALIBU C REEK S TATE PARK -C ASTRO A REA Bulldog Fire Road Castro Peak Fire Road High Road Low Road Mott Road Crags Road Mesa Peak Fire Road Liberty Canyon Trail Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Road Road Road Road Road Road Road Road Moderate/Advanced Beginner/Moderate Beginner Beginner Beginner Beginner Advanced Beginner C HEESEBORO /PALO C OMADO C ANYONS Modelo Trail Cheeseboro Canyon Trail Sulphur Springs Trail Canyon View Trail Baleen Wall Trail Palo Comado Canyon Trail Ranch Center Trail Palo Comado Connector Single Track/Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Moderate Beginner Beginner/Moderate Moderate Moderate Beginner Moderate/Advanced Moderate Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Single Track Fire Road Fire Road Fire Road Single Track Moderate/Advanced Moderate/Advanced Moderate/Advanced Moderate/Advanced Moderate/Advanced Moderate Advanced Beginner Advanced TOPANGA S TATE PARK East Topanga Fire Road Eagle Springs Fire Road Eagle Rock Fire Road Fire Road 30 Caballero Canyon Trail Temescal Ridge Fire Road (North of Skull Rock) Trailer Canyon Fire Road Loop Road (Will Rogers State Historic Park) Rogers Road Trail/Backbone Trail OTHER P LACES N EAR S ANTA M ONICA M OUNTAINS Wildwood Park, Happy Camp, Rocky Peak Park, Oat Mountain, Angeles and Los Padres National Forests National Park Service Visitor Center 401 West Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 805-370-2301 http://www.nps.gov/samo/ In an emergency, dial 911. For More Information: Trail maps and guides are available at the National Park Service Visitor Center. Staff is available to answer questions seven days a week (including most holidays), 9am to 5pm. 9/99

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